Beth’s Summer Break Pt. 11

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BETHS’ SUMMER BREAK Part 11 – Graduation

Beth graduates from the Amberdown Dirty Girls Society with flying colours


She was getting close to home now, but was it home? She wasn’t sure anymore. A few weeks ago, she would have thought that it was, but a lot of things had changed since then.

She turned off the music that had been keeping her awake for the last few hours. That and endless coffees and Cokes. It had been a long drive, and despite the BMW being top of the range with an automatic gearbox, she was not used to driving such long distances. She was shattered.

The music had been so loud she had forgotten the satnav was operating. She didn’t need it; she could have got there blindfolded.

In two hundred yards, turn left.

She wasn’t ready yet. She pulled over, turned off the engine.

She leaned her head back on the soft leather headrest and sighed. It didn’t feel like coming home. Home felt a long way away.

She sat for a long time in the gathering darkness and reflected on an eventful and turbulent summer.

After what seemed like an eternity, she turned on the engine, put the car into drive and pulled away. She turned left as instructed.

In two hundred yards, you will have reached your destination.

Chapter One

I felt completely empty as I turned and walked down the drive away from Sam. It took me back to how I had felt entering Gina’s big old house before it all changed only a few weeks ago. I turned at the door, every instinct telling me to run back down the gravel path and jump into his arms. I could barely see his outline under the streetlight for tears. I held my hand up. He returned my wave and was gone.

Just a few minutes earlier I had felt safe in his arms; my head on his shoulder, his big hand in my hair. It was a great place to be. I still tingled down below from what we had just done. The back seat of Gina’s BMW was hardly the most romantic of spots, but to me it couldn’t have been better if we had been on a Caribbean beach with the waves lapping around us.

I was going back to my University the next day and soon after that Sam was going back to his, in completely the opposite direction. We promised we’d meet in the middle somewhere, but it was still a long distance, whichever way you cut it.

We’d gone for a lovely dinner at the Albermarle Hotel. It seemed appropriate as that was where everything really started, when I caught Gina and Mike in what I thought at the time was ‘In Flagrante Delicto’.

When Sam walked me home I was cursing the fact that Gina had an evening meeting in the house with a client. I was beginning to wish we’d taken her up on her offer of a room at the hotel when I remembered I had her car keys in my bag. Luckily, they also operated the garage door. I had never been in there, and it looked as if Gina spent very little time in there as well. Not that I was paying much attention for very long. Once I had driven the car a very short distance from the drive in to the garage, the door had barely closed before I sprawled myself provocatively over the bonnet and the next thirty minutes were blissful, dirty fun where we made love in all sorts of positions in and out of the car. We pretended we were dogging through the windows as I hung out and sucked on him. I tried to straddle the gear shift, but it was an automatic, so that was no good. Even Josie would have struggled with it. We tried tangling each other in the seatbelts and I even sat on the roof with my legs over his shoulders as he worked on me. As we finished on the back seat, I never wanted to let my big old Android go.

I pulled my blouse up to reveal my tattoo and he kissed my little pixie. He ran his fingers along the words. ‘I’ll take you so high you’ll never want to come down.’

“You did, Pixie, every time.”

“You too Sam, you too.”

I thought I was going to scratch the paintwork of Gina’s front door with the key as I couldn’t see for my tears. I stumbled inside feeling numb. It had been bad enough saying goodbye to Josie and Izzy, but saying goodbye to Sam felt like my heart had been ripped out. There was another goodbye looming in the morning once I had packed my stuff into Gina’s car.

Another moment I was dreading.

As I crossed the hall, I heard muffled sounds coming from Gina’s office. Her meeting was with one of the staff from the Albermarle Hotel whom she had got to know during her frequent visits there. He was in the process of setting up a French restaurant in the town and going out on his own. Gina was advising him in the business processes.

As I heard a rather hefty bang on her office door, I realised that she was also advising him in how to fuck her up against it. I stopped in my tracks. “Oh Gerard, yes, fucking hell boy, just there. Harder, go on, oh fuck yeah!”

I heard more rattling of the door and a French accent. “Oh, Mamzelle Harcourt, you are magneeficent!”

Despite my tears, I couldn’t help poker oyna laughing and kept going into the kitchen. Normally I’d have stayed and listened for a while, and if it hadn’t been for the last half an hour with Sam, I may well have been tugging on the office door to let them spill out into the hall and jump on top of them. There again, I’d probably had enough of listening to Gina getting off through a hinged piece of wood to last me a lifetime.

I stood in the kitchen and ran my hand over the central table, remembering my first time with Sam as he had backed me up against it. I wished I could grab his big hand and pull him upstairs as I had done that day and spend all night in his embrace. Instead, I grabbed a beer from the fridge, trying to shut out more rattling and exhortations from Gina’s office.

As I turned to go upstairs, I glanced across to the worktop and saw my farewell cake from Josie and Izzy. I had expected all the usual sarcasm from Josie, but she had been so lovely. Izzy was her usual self, making me blub like an eight year old. I picked up the card next to the cake. It was of course a Minion, but Izzy’s skill had somehow made it look a lot like me, and there was even a little pixie embroidered in icing on its dungarees. I read the card for what seemed like the millionth time and cried for what seemed like the thousandth.

To Our Favourite Minion!

Thanks for your help with the cakes. You must have done ok as we are still in business. We still have that vacancy for as a sex-slave – maybe we can chain you to the wall in the next recess?

May the road rise with you and may every day bring your sweet pussy a thousand pleasures. Come back soon and regale us with your adventures, little Pixie – Amberdown will not be the same without you.

PS from Izzy – I wanna play when you and Allie do Cyber-Sex on Skype!

PPS from Josie – If you don’t bring Allie with you next time, I’ll set Maggie Bennet’s crew on you! Oh and Sasha misses you already.

PPPS from both of us – we miss you already too :o(

Luv J & I!!

I went upstairs and flopped onto the bed wanting a cigarette for the first time in ages. But I had been good for weeks now, and if I wanted to get back into the Uni hockey team, I needed to stay good.

Everything I did reminded me of sex. My first sip of beer reminded me of Izzy licking it off me in Josie’s smoking room. I looked at my big old bear Bruno and thought of Sam putting his sock over his button eyes before we began a blissful first night proper together. I could still hear cries from down below reminding me of my nights with Gina.

After our first feral encounter our lovemaking had been gentler, but we still had some moments when she instructed me in all sorts of darker arts. Thanks to her, Josie’s and Izzy’s expert instruction, I was now able to accommodate my lovers in all three orifices, as Sam had found out earlier. He had been almost reluctant at first, but when I assured him I was fine with it, we used a condom for the first time and he was gentle and slow and it felt so good having him in there as I softly played with my wet pussy, smelling the leather of the BMW as I sprawled across the back seat. I was beginning to like it in my back passage rather a lot.

I realised my thoughts were making me wet again and toyed once more with the idea of joining Gina and her French lover. Instead, I played a montage in my head of the last couple of months and sipped beer and worked on myself gently until I was sated.

When Gina found me an hour later, I was half asleep, cuddling Bruno with my skirt pulled up around my waist. My blouse was on the floor and a half drunk bottle of beer was dribbling onto the bed sheets.

I smiled up at her dreamily in the doorway. I loved Gina’s ‘just-fucked look.’ She glowed and oozed sex. She crooked her finger at me. “Come on you – you’ve soaked your sheets, so let’s go and soak mine.”

Chapter Two

I woke early. My stuff was packed, such as it was, and I was dreading the drive north. I lay in Gina’s oversized bed for the last time that summer, but I knew I’d be back. There were so many reasons to be back and I truly felt Amberdown was my home now.

A funny, misshapen bear gazed down at us from her dresser. He was Brighton Bear, who had found me while I was wandering the Lanes in that very town after my heady, orgiastic weekend at Josie and Izzy’s flat. He was Gina’s new guardian angel. I watched her sleeping, breathing gently and my eyes once again slid down to her bare leg which was poking out from the silk sheet that covered her.

I still couldn’t get over the fact that she had got a tattoo. Mike had been with her in Boston when she had it done, holding her hand as she winced at the pain the needle caused her. She said it was the bravest thing she had ever done, and given her reasons for hating tattoos and knowing some of the things she had been through, I could believe it.

It was on her left ankle – canlı poker oyna a perfect replica of my hummingbird. Before she had gone to Boston she had taken a phone picture of mine when I was asleep and had it done the day she arrived. It was a thank-you to me for listening to her life story, not judging her and helping her get over her tattoo phobia. I have to say I felt rather proud.

I thought of our gentle lovemaking last night after she had finished with Gerard. We were both nicely sated, me from Sam and she from her new French lover. As we recounted the tales of our respective trysts, we made out slowly and leisurely, bringing each other off for a final time as we kissed away each other’s tears of joy.

Her evening with Gerard sounded just as much fun as mine had been with Sam, and she relished the telling of it as usual.

She had been thrilled when Mel told her Gerard was planning on opening a French restaurant in town, not least because it would be a welcome addition, but also because she fancied the pants off the handsome Maitre’d at the Albermarle. Mel ‘just happened’ to mention to him in passing that Gina was a business consultant and at their next girly lunch, she had given him her business card. Two days later, she was melting down the phone line as he was arranging a meeting in his sexy French accent. As he worked anti-social hours, they arranged an evening meeting in her home office.

The big bummer for poor little Bethany in all of this was that Sam and I were having our last meeting before we went back to university on the same evening. Gina had offered to pay for a room at the Albermarle for us, but there was no way I was allowing her to do that. Sam and I would find a way and of course, we did.

As I left for my meal with Sam, Gina was in her full-on ‘fuck me’ mode; her ‘full court press’ as I call it. It wasn’t really the weather for her leather skirt and boots, but the low cut top she was almost wearing made damned sure Gerard would get a memorable view of what she had on offer. I had wished her good luck and as I kissed her, I felt that electric shock that I always seemed to get when touching leather. It felt so erotic that I decided I really needed to do something about it, and resolved to buy myself some leather trousers when I was back at college.

Gina could see Gerard was slightly uncomfortable during the business part of their meeting due to her proximity and attire. It was slightly cramped in there, as Sam had found out, but she tried to keep it as professional as possible during their discussions. Gerard had a good plan worked out and it all seemed viable to her, so she told him she’d put some proposals together and get back to him.

The best part of an hour later, she had found out what a truly impressive lover he was and one of her computers was going to have to be mended as they don’t really like having red wine poured into them, accidentally or not.

It had started by her offering him a glass of wine, and of course being polite and French, he had said yes. She made sure it was a good one – as a Maitre’d, he’d know his stuff so she chose a Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Or as I would call it, ‘Chateau de Poop’. She now knew it had been involved in my seduction of Sam in that very room, and hoped that it would have the same results tonight.

I found the whole thing so amusing because I know Gina loves to be in charge and was longing to slowly seduce Gerard and have him eating out of her hand. As she returned to the room and put the glasses on the table, he was standing by the leather chair. She closed the door behind her and made to sit down.

Gerard took her hand and looked into her blue eyes. “Madame… Gina – I have longed to do this since the first day I saw you walk into the bar at the Albermarle.”

As he slid one hand across the leather of her skirt and another cupped one of her ample breasts, Gina had gasped in delight. Their mouths closed on each other and as Gina pushed herself against him a glass of expensive red wine tipped over and found its way into one of her system boxes under the desk. It had barely registered with her at the time she was so worked up.

The crashing sound I had heard as I came in was Gerard ramming home as she had hitched her skirt up around her waist, pinning her against the door. It had been quick, feral and brutal and Gina had come hard, her hands gripping Gerard’s thighs as he pumped. She reckoned having an orgasm as a lovely Frenchman hammered into her and the doorknob pressed hard between her buttocks was just about the perfect way to fetch off. She almost had to pull the knob out she had been jammed so tight against it. By the end of her tale, I was wishing that I had either put my ear to door or joined them. I also hoped she had remembered to wash to doorknob before her cleaner came in again.

I hadn’t heard them come upstairs for a second round – I was too busy entertaining myself, but Gina said his oral skills were first class and internet casino he had given her a lovely ‘pearl necklace’ as he came between her breasts. They already had second and third meetings booked in and Gerard promised her that after their next girly lunch he would make sure one of the empty rooms in the hotel got put to good use.

She finished her tale wistfully. “Oh Beth, if only I could persuade Mel to join us!”

Gina stirred and rolled over and I cuddled into her. Tomorrow it would be Allie and I in this position but the bed would be a lot smaller.

She smiled at me. “Hey kid, you ok? Ready for the off?”

I shook my head sadly. “No, not really.” I resorted to silly Beth, as I had done so many times over the summer. I pouted and put on a sad voice. “Beff no wanna go. Beff wanna stay here.”

Gina smiled and kissed me on the nose. “Beff gotta go. Beff no stay here no more. Beff got a degree to finish. Beffny’s got a world to take by storm. And then Beffny’s going to come back here in the autumn break with Allie and they are going to fuck her silly old lover until she can’t walk.”

I grinned. “Ooh yeah. Can we get a five up with Izzy and Josie? All of us upstairs in the Panic Room, wearing out the machinery for a fortnight!”

She was smiling at the thought. She brushed my hair back from my face and held it between her hands. “Thanks Beth – it’s been an amazing few weeks. You’ve changed a lot kid, and for the better.”

I stroked her cheek. “No – thank you. I still don’t know quite who I am but I’ve got a better idea. And most of that is down to Georgina Harcourt and I’ll never be able to thank you enough.”

I was starting to get emotional and my voice began to tremble. “Gina – I was completely lost when I came here, but thanks to you, Josie, Izzy, Sam… ” I tailed off and began to cry.

“Hey, come on – we said no tears. You promised.”

I hugged her. “Sorry. It’s been so wonderful.” I really let go and began sobbing as everything from the last few weeks washed over me in a tidal wave. I could barely gasp out the words. “But I let you down over Bonnie’s party and I feel utterly shitty for it.”

Three nights ago, we had been getting ready for the party up in Gina’s London apartment. Gina had persuaded Angela, with whom she co-owned the Agency, to let me attend. She had been so excited at the thought of me attending Bonnie and Frank’s party. The American couple lived for part of the year in London and always used Gina’s agency to provide girls and sometimes boys for their guests. The parties had achieved legendary status at the agency, and a girl called Caitlin, who was their PA in England, organised them. Caitlin had been so successful and thrown herself into the parties with such gusto that Bonnie had suggested she would be perfect for the agency. Gina had “auditioned” her after the previous party and taken her on board immediately.

The problem was that whilst Gina was getting more and more excited, I was getting less and less enthusiastic. I didn’t have cold feet – my toes were positively frozen. The thought of being paid for it was niggling at me and I didn’t feel right with it at all. So at Gina’s suggestion my fee was going as an anonymous donation to a wildlife park I had worked at a few summers ago.

I was putting on some of Jen’s lingerie and waiting for Gina to do my makeup. I’d been having second thoughts for a few days and now I was having third and fourth thoughts. Since the orgy at Josie’s I had been thinking more and more about what was likely to happen. There would be a lot more people. I’d not know anyone except Gina, and it being a paid job, I’d be expected to do anything to anyone. I’d be a piece of meat; a plaything passed around for anyone’s gratification.

I’d done a lot of things that summer that would shock many people, but in the main I had been in control. Even with Josie calling the shots in the Panic Room and Brighton and Gina leading the threesomes with Sam and Mick, there had always been a safe way out. I thought of my momentary panic at the press of bodies around me in Brighton when Josie had removed my blindfold and I knew I couldn’t go through with it.

I knew Gina had put her faith in me and was offering me the chance for all the right reasons, but I wanted my memories of the summer to be of the people I had come to love.

The people who mattered to me, not a load of nameless, faceless bodies.

Gina walked into the bedroom to help me finish off. She looked stunning in a simple black dress. She eyed my half hearted attempts at getting dressed. “Looking great, kid. You’ll knock ’em dead! God, you suit those suspenders!”

I hung my head and began to cry, my hair covering my face. For a second Gina thought I was laughing, but soon realised that my shoulders were shaking because I was sobbing. She knew immediately what was up and came to hug me.

I felt her arms go around me, her breasts pressing against mine, the slick fabric of her black dress against my bare nipples. She held me for a long time, her hands in my hair, neither of us saying a word as my tears and shaking subsided.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I whispered, “Sorry…”

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