2×4 Makes Great Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

Labor Day Fun

Labor Day finally has arrived, the day that Lisa and I have been waiting for since the 4th of July party at AL and Linda’s. Lisa had been spending a lot of time working on her tan lines since our outing on the fourth. She wanted to make a good showing at our next party so we bought her a micro mini bikini over the internet. It was a hot pink number with tinny patches on top that purposely didn’t quite cover all of her silver dollar size aureoles, letting just a sliver of that dark tit flesh peek out of the sides of each patch and a little thong bottom which strained to cover the lips of her pussy and left a third of her landing strip exposed above it’s top edge. She did most of her tanning in our tanning bed until the kids started back to school and she could have the back yard to herself during the day. I’m sure our sixteen year old son would have loved to see his mother lying on the pool deck in that outfit but we weren’t about to let that happen. Lisa had talked me into getting a bikini style suit, really not much more than a thong, from the same sight we bought hers. I wasn’t real keen on it at first as it was a lot more revealing than the surfer type suits I usually wore but at her urging I finally relented and added it to the order.

Lisa kept after me to get into the tanning bed as much as possible and work on my tan. At the start I didn’t have much of a tan, mostly just from the waist up but after two weeks or so I could start to see the tan lines develop and got more into it. To tell the truth it felt kinda sexy and my mind would wander as I laid in the tanning bed thinking about what the reactions of the other girls would be to my new look. After her first encounter of the bald kind with Jimmy on the 4th, Lisa insisted that I shave my pubes, and keep them smooth as a babies butt witch added to the sexy feeling along with the new suit.

The day was finally here and we both sported nice tans, though Lisa’s was much darker than mine. We wore our suits under our clothes. Lisa wore a dark pink blouse and white pleated tennis skirt that came to mid thigh and I just slipped on a simple short sleeved shirt and my surfer trunks. During the drive to Beth and Jimmy’s we were both giddy with excitement over the afternoon and evening to come. My mind was playing fantasies of what might be ahead as I drove. Upon arriving Beth greeted us and took Lisa’s side dish to the back yard with us in tow. We were the last to arrive so as soon as we walked onto the patio Jimmy told Beth to run inside and get the steaks. He handed me a beer and Lisa a margarita. When Beth came out with the steaks, he wasted no time getting them on the grill and we all raised our drinks in a toast to good friends and good times.

It wasn’t long before the steaks were done and we started to eat. Everyone was really up beat and smiles as we hurried through the meal. Soon the table was cleared and we all sat under the awning chatting and drinking for the next 45 minutes or so until Linda stood up and said

“I need to work on my tan.” She untied and opened her beach wrap to reveal a suit identical to Lisa’s, although it didn’t have near as much to cover as Lisa’s did, she was probably a 34C. Lisa had told her about the web site and Linda asked if she would mind if she bought one to match hers. It looked stunning on her and drew whistles from the guys. She dropped the wrap into her chair and walked to the pool and dove in. She only made one lap, and then climbed out to lay in one of the lounge chairs at pool side. When she exited the water she elicited another round of hoots and whistles. The little wet patches of cloth clung to her like a second skin, accenting her now stiff nipples and forming a great camel toe. We all talked about how sexy Linda looked in her suit and I couldn’t help but think, wait until they get a gander at Lisa in that suit.

Linda’s little display swung the conversation to sex and by the time one more round of drinks had been downed, Kristy said “It’s getting hot under here, let’s get into the pool and cool off.” Immediately clothes started coming off but Lisa and I held back just I bit.

Kristy had a small white bikini that we all knew would be transparent as soon as it touched the water. Don wore his Speedo type suit and Al had on a regular type pair of swim trunks. As expected, Beth and Jimmy stripped down to nothing, going au-natural.

I took my shirt off and stopped there as Lisa undid her blouse and dropped her skirt. That brought on a lot of oooooh’s and aaaah’s, even from the girls.

Al said “Wow, I thought that suit looked good on Linda but you really know how to make the most out of a bikini.”

Every one turned to go to the pool but Lisa shouted “Wait there’s more.” All heads turned back toward us as Lisa stepped behind me and yanked my surfer suit to the ground leaving me in my bright red bikini, then took my shoulders and pushed me into a slow twirl to show me off to her güvenilir bahis friends. More whistles and clapping only this time from the girls instead of the guys.

Kristy said “Now that’s what I call one good looking swim suit, nice tight ass too.” Lisa’s face was filled with pride as she led me to the pool and we jumped in. Linda got up and joined us in the pool. As expected, Kristy’s suit went transparent as soon as she hit the water, showing off her pert tits and a pair of nipples that looked like they would tear through the thin material at any second.

We were all splashing and playing “grab ass” literally and having a lot of fun. Linda and Kristy couldn’t seem to keep their hands off my ass and kept cornering me and groping the exposed cheeks of my ass and every once in a while a feel of my crotch giving me a hard on even in the cool water. Lisa didn’t mind cuz she was getting plenty of attention from Al.

I looked over just in time to see him pull the bow at the back of Lisa’s neck and let her top drop down, then the string at her back, removing her top completely. “Hey guys, check out these tan lines.” he shouted. I think we had won him over to our side about tan lines looking sexier than no lines. With all the time Lisa had spent tanning, what little skin wasn’t tanned looked florescent white compared to the rest of her body and you could see the difference from 100 yards away. A cheer went up from the group.

The next thing I heard was Kristy as she and Linda trapped me in the shallow end of the pool. “I know what tan lines I want to see.” She said as she worked her fingers inside the sides of my suit and started pulling it down. She didn’t get it all the way off on the first try so she had to dive under the water to finish the job. It only took a few seconds to finish the job but before she surfaced she grabbed my dick and popped it into her mouth. The sensation of her lips sliding over my cock head felt like fire compared to the cool water of the pool. Breaking the surface of the water Kristy grabbed Linda by the arm and said “You’ve got to see this Linda, it’s beautiful.”

Before I knew what was happening the two of them were hauling me up the steps and out of the pool. Once I was out they hollered “Hey everybody, look at the tan lines on this stud and check out the new shave job on that dick.” With one girl on each arm they turned me around for all to inspect. I really didn’t mind and was actually reveling in the attention of these women. When I caught sight of Lisa she was in the middle of the pool with Al standing behind her, both his hands squeezing her breasts twisting her nipples. She had a look of lust on her face but more than that you could see the joy in her eyes at having made us into the stars of the group, trumping Beth and Al’s total tans via the new suits and the tanning bed, we were both very proud.

With Lisa’s eyes locked on mine Linda dropped to her knees saying “I’ve got to have some of that.” and proceeded to give me a killer blowjob like we were a stage show for the rest of the group. She licked up and down the shaft flicking her tongue at the sweet spot on the under side of my cockhead before taking half my cock into her mouth while jacking the rest of my length with her hand. When she felt my balls tighten and my cockhead swell in her mouth she pulled me back about three inches from her face and pumped me to completion, taking my cum shots in her mouth and on her face. She made a big show of licking my cock clean, then scooping the remaining cum off her face with her fingers and sucking them dry. Standing, she opened her mouth showing our audience my load, then turned to Kristy, who was still standing beside us, and pulled her head back and kissed her on the lips. She transferred the entire load of cum to Kristy’s mouth which she eagerly accepted and swallowed. I half expected her to take a bow after that performance.

By this time Kristy’s suit was starting to dry out and turn white again so I reached out and untied the top and bottoms letting them fall to the pool deck. I took note that she still had the same tinny patch of hair at the top of her pussy. Turning to Linda I took hold of the little pink patches and pulled them out to the sides, almost to her armpits, putting her beautiful breasts on display, leaning forward to suck first the left then the right nipple into my mouth and running my tongue around each as I did so. Then I reached down and moved the thong portion of her suit over to the crease where her thigh meets her pelvic mound, unveiling a completely bald pussy without the little fur patch she had back on the 4th when we partied at her house. It looked so sweet I had to drop to my knees and sample those lips with my tongue, and was rewarded with the pussy nectar that was oozing from between her cunt lips.

Looking out to the pool I saw that Don had Beth pined against the side of the shallow end fucking her as she leaned back, arms sprawled out behind her on türkçe bahis the deck. Turning a little farther my heart skipped a beat as I was greeted with another of my fantasies less than ten feet in front of me. Lisa had Jimmy sitting on the edge of the pool gulping down his eight inch cock while Al pounded her pussy from behind, driving her mouth down Jimmy’s shaft and her chin against his balls with every thrust of Al’s cock into her.

Things settled down some as we recovered from our individual activities. We had a couple more drinks then Kristy said “Hey! Let’s play some games.”

“What kind of game did you have in mind” I said, “Spin the bottle, monopoly maybe?”

“How about a blowjob contest, I want to taste some cum.” Chirped Beth, “But not out here, the concrete’s too ruff on the knees, lets go down to the game room, it has nice thick carpet.” We all headed inside naked leaving our clothes strewn about the patio and pool deck, I think my suit was still at the bottom of the pool where Kristy had left it. The only one wearing anything was Linda who still had her suit on the way I had readjusted it. She said it made her feel more naughty and sensual than being completely naked. Jimmy led the way down stairs to their game room. It was a large room with two couches on one wall, a wet bar and refrigerator opposite. There was a pool table in the center and a dart board and card table were at the far end.

“Okay so how are we going to do this?” asked Don.

Beth spoke up saying “Well, we’ll all do it together and the one that finishes her man first wins, but nobody can do their own husband and you have to swallow to win. We can draw names to see who sucks who. Jimmy will you get a pen and paper and something to put the names in.” He went behind the bar and came up with pen and paper and an oversize brandy snifter to draw the names from. We tore the paper into four pieces and we each wrote our names, folded the paper and dropped them in the snifter. Beth went first and drew my name, Linda drew Al and had to put it back and draw again, pulling Don this time, then Lisa drew Jimmy’s name which left Kristy with Al. I was beginning to think there was trickery going on, it seemed like Lisa kept ending up with Jimmy’s dick in her mouth, not that I minded. I loved to see my wife take the biggest cock of the group down her throat. We lined up along the pool table leaning our asses against the side and the girls got into position on their knees in front of their prospective partner.

“Okay” said Al “Everybody ready? One two three go.” The girls went to work with a vengeance, each sucking and stroking as hard and fast as they could. Beth was going to town on my dick but I was watching Lisa as she worked Jimmy next to us. After a few minutes of pumping and sucking Lisa got her throat conditioned to Jimmy’s thick cock, she grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands and started ramming his cock down her throat. Jimmy helped her by starting to fuck her mouth. I was really getting into watching my wife perform, when suddenly without warning Beth jammed her index finger all the way into my ass hitting my prostate and making the cum gush out of my cock and into her hot mouth, she jumped up and took my load in one big swallow.

“We have a winner.” I shouted but none of the other girls stopped what they were doing until each had swallowed their mouthful of hot cum.

We moved back to the bar and had another drink while our breathing and heart rates returned to normal, “Okay so what does the winner get as a prize?” I asked. “Anything she wants.” came the reply from the whole group at once. “Well what do you want for your prize?’ I asked Beth.

“I want to suck another cock while I’m being fucked from behind, but not right now, lets rest up a bit first, I want two full loads in me.” It was getting late in the day by now so we guys took this respite to gather the clothes from outside before it got dark while the girls ran up to the kitchen to fix up some light snacks. By the time we had swept through the back yard and picked up all the discarded articles of clothing and swim wear, the girls had prepared a tray of cheese, salami, crackers and chips-n-dip.

We sat at the bar munching, chatting and having another drink. Jimmy was bragging on Lisa’s cock sucking skills and said “Your wife sure can suck a mean dick, even Beth can’t take all my meat the way Lisa does.”

“Yea I keep telling her she has a big mouth.” I quipped.

Lisa chimed in, “It’s not a big mouth you need, its gag control you have to master.”

“Lisa do you think you can teach Beth how to do that? I just love the way your throat muscles milk the head of my cock when I’m all the way in your mouth.”

“Well thank you Jimmy. I’ll get with Beth later and give her some pointers but it takes some time to control that urge to gag. I’m sure she can get it ‘down’ with practice.”

“I bet Lisa could take two cocks at once with her big mouth.” I said. güvenilir bahis siteleri

“Not like that monster Jimmy’s got, but I do love that big beef steak, it’s the biggest I’ve ever seen aside from porno flicks.”

“Hey Jimmy can you show me how to grow a dick like yours so I can keep that smile plastered on her face at home?” I joked.

“Sorry buddy, it’s all in the genes, too late for you now.”

“Well yours isn’t in your jeans, it’s just hanging there out in the open.” We all had a good time picking at each other for a while as we rested. Linda was the first to show signs of recovery, I guess she did feel more sensual wearing that suit the way it was. She was sitting at the bar munching chips-n-dip with one hand and strumming her nipples with the other. As I watched her I noticed a dab of lady juice seeping out between the lips of her pussy, so I bent down and removed it with the tip of my tongue, sending a shiver up her spine.

Kristy elbowed me in the ribs saying “Hey Bobby, you little piggy, I wanted that,”

“Don’t worry I’m sure there will be more, here there’s still a bit on my lips you can lick it off.”

“I don’t want to lick it off your lips I wanted to lick it off Linda’s lips.”

We were pretty well rejuvenated after the snacks and the joking so Beth said “It’s time for me to claim my prize. I want Al and Don, I already tasted Bobby and I can have Jimmy anytime. Okay boys you can flip a coin to see who gets ‘heads’ and who gets ‘tails’, I don’t care as long as I get filled at both ends.” Don got heads and Al got tails.

Beth got down on her hands and knees and Al spread he cheeks and eased his cock into her wet pussy. “Oh that feels good, give it to me baby, give it to me hard. Now get that other cock over here so I can taste it.” Don kneeled in front of her face and fed his cock into her hungry mouth. It didn’t take long for the three of them to work up a good rhythm as the rest of us stood around cheering them on. After about five minutes Beth raised one hand between Don’s legs and pulled off another sneak attack like she did to me, jamming that finger up his rectum and hitting his prostate, sending a flood of sperm rushing into her Hoover mouth. Don fell to the side spent while Al continued to pump her from behind. “Come on baby, harder, harder, give it to me.” A minute or so later Al was ready to explode. When Beth felt his cockhead swell, she spun around and engulfed his shaft with her lips pumping him with her hand till she was rewarded with yet another mouthful of white nectar. This time she opened her mouth wide and turned in a circle showing off her mouth full of cum, then tilted her head back, letting it slide down her gullet, smacking her lips loudly.

“That’s my little cum bucket.” Jimmy said.

Linda and Kristy were getting into it on the couch, finger fucking each other while they played with one another’s tits, kissing, sucking and pulling the others nipples, lost in their own little world.

We guys just stood watching and stroking our cocks until Lisa broke the trance saying “I need some attention too.” The four of us grabbed her by the arms and legs and laid her face up on the pool table with her head hanging back off the end of the table and her legs spread wide, feet dangling off each side. Jimmy moved to the end of the table and offered Lisa his cock witch she readily accepted into her warm watering mouth. I squeezed in beside Jimmy and said, “Got room for one more?”

“No way, not with Jimmy’s monster filling my mouth.” I told Jimmy to take her pussy and we’ll see if she can get two normal size dicks in her mouth. As Jimmy climbed up on the table between her legs I waved Don over to help me stuff my wife’s big mouth with cock. Jimmy was ramming away at her pussy as we tried to get our dicks in her mouth, finally Lisa grabbed both our cocks in her hands and pressed them together and managed to get us both in at the same time.

We couldn’t go very deep, only about two inches so we had to short stroke it, but her tongue was working magic on the under side of our cock heads as we jacked ourselves off into her mouth. Lisa played with her nipples as the three of us pumped away at her. I was in seventh heaven watching Lisa take the three of us and loving it, watching that big cock ramming in and out of her stimulating places that had never been touched before. Don came first, spraying his seed in her mouth and on her face, setting me off. I pulled out to shoot cum over her hands and tits which she rubbed all over her chest and stomach. Jimmy gave three or four more hard thrusts and filled her with cum.

Jimmy was just getting off the table when Kristy came over. She looked at Lisa and said “Now that’s what I’ve been waiting for.” She grabbed Lisa’s legs pulling her till her ass was to the edge of the table, then dived in head first and started lapping away until she had every drop of cum and pussy juice sucked out of Lisa’s pussy, taking her to three more orgasms in the process.

That pretty much brought things to an end for the night; we were all ‘petered out’ (pun intended). I don’t know when or were the next party will be but it’s going to be hard to top this one.

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