90% True Ch. 10

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Chapter 10 — The proposition

– – –

Author’s note –

Greetings to anyone joining me for the first time. I suggest going back to chapter one to get the full effect of this story. But if you’d like to read from here out to start, here’s what you need to know;

This story is mostly a true life accounting of some of the crazy sex I’d had in my youth. All the names have been changed (which is one part of the 10% of not true material) but the situations I presented are all mostly accurate. I have of course taken poetic license, including the complete absence of condoms… because come on… they’re no fun in a fantasy story in my opinion.

The main characters that you’ll need to know for this story are myself. My wife Ann, who I tell my stories too. Then going back to the mid 90s when I was eighteen, in this story we discuss my girlfriend Jen, a dusky skinned athletic girl with a mix of polish and native American heritage. Nina, Jen and my ‘girlfriend’ who was a cute and curvy blonde girl that Jen went to school with. Finally there’s Heather, another girl from Jen’s school, who thought she was a lesbian until the weekend of the story, a cute and somewhat shy redhead who’s cabin the ‘flashback’ story takes place in.

Confused? Try not to be!

Please feel free to leave any comments or constructive criticism. I love getting feedback and 5 star ratings. But if you’ve a problem and want to just kvetch, take it elsewhere please, constructive criticism is one thing, but please don’t complain that you don’t like an aspect of my story. I can’t go back and change the past after all.


– – –

I actually was able to get a few days rest out of my wife Ann. Thankfully we both became quite involved in work and by bedtime, on the nights we had sex, it was usually a quickie while a porno movie played in the background, then off to sleep. Mind you, I love my wife very much and we have a great and very active sex life. But the way she was forcing me to tell her stories to get turned on did start to get a little tiresome after a while.

But I wasn’t surprised after about a week when she cuddled up to me in bed one night and began kissing my neck. I reached for the remote to turn on the tv and dvd player, but she shook her head. “I want more stories.” she whispered.

I had quite enjoyed the rousing anal sex we’d had last time I told her a story and I decided that maybe I’d try for that again. “Another story about Jen and me?” I asked.

“No,” Ann said as her hands caressed my chest, “You kind of left the story off with you, Jen, Heather, and Nina in the hot tub. I know it didn’t just end there did it?”

I opened my mouth to answer, but then I remembered what happened that night. “Oh boy,” I said, “I can tell you, but I should probably warn you, the stuff that happened that night? I think it’s probably the reason that Jen and I eventually broke up. So it sort of ends on a bad note eventually.”

Ann kissed me and said, “No, because if you hadn’t dumped Jen, your high school sweetheart, you never would have met me. So it’s a good thing that things ended with her isn’t it?”

I chuckled, “Yes, though you’re sort of skipping over more than a decade. But I get your point. So… the hot tub then?”

Ann nodded her head, “Yeah, Jen had just told everyone about the first time you and she had anal sex, when you went camping…”

– – –

Heather and Nina were looking at Jen with their mouths slightly agape. “Wow,” Heather finally said, “So that’s why you like anal so much? Because you had such a good first experience with it?” I knew that Heather had turned to mostly lesbian sex after she’d had a very poor first experience with losing her virginity to her boyfriend at the time. So ‘firsts’ were important to her.

Jen nodded her head, her wet hair looked raven black in the dim light. We sat in a hot tub, outside on a porch of Heather’s cabin. Being February, snow gusted around us in the bubbling water, but beyond that, only darkness. There were woods out beyond the back deck of the cabin, but I couldn’t see them. The tops of the trees showed the night sky, but otherwise it was just too dark. The only light came from the glass patio door near us, the bedroom beyond lit, and the lights that were sunk into the hot tub itself.

Jen dipped a little lower in the hot water and answered, “I mean, I think I’m just built for it. It feels so good, but yeah, the first time definitely had something to do with it, I’m sure.”

Nina shrugged, “I’m not that into it. That time Rich and I did it was my first time, but it really just felt very uncomfortable. I can’t imagine it being any better than regular sex no matter how your first time went.”

I spoke up then, “Yeah, but Nina, don’t forget, you love tasting cum right?” She arched an eyebrow at me as if silently asking where I was going with that. I pointed at Jen, “But Jen isn’t into swallowing.”

Jen splashed hot water at me and yelled, “Hey, I swallow! You can’t say I don’t.”

I güvenilir bahis held out my hands defensively, “No, you do, but you don’t love it like Nina. I had to convince you to swallow the first few times. You said it tastes gross, remember?”

Jen shrugged and smiled, “Well, yeah, I don’t love it like she does I guess. But you said you don’t really like blowjobs anyways, so what’s it matter.”

I shook my head, “It doesn’t, I’m just saying that different things turn different people on.

Heather muttered, loud enough for us all to hear, “I need to find me a well hung boyfriend to experiment with I guess. I really don’t think I’m getting everything I need from just dating girls.”

From there the conversation cut me out again as the three girls began talking about single boys they knew. I tuned out and sunk down into the hot water as far as I could. My head tilted back and the hot water came up around my face, with only the very front of my face floating above the water. I couldn’t even hear the girls anymore as bubbles rushed around my ears. It was idyllic, I felt like I could float there forever.

Eventually however I felt a soft touch caress my testicles, and the touch surprised me. I sat up quickly and all three girls laughed. Which one of them it had been to fondle my balls, I wasn’t sure. But Nina spoke up, “Come on Pete, were all getting out before we turn into prunes.”

I looked at my fingers and they were quite wrinkled, raisin-esque even, and agreed. I let the girls run into the house first. I’ll admit that I simply wanted to look at their naked bodies as they ran the few feet to the glass door. The cold air was shocking against my wet skin that was so used to the hot water. I felt like I’d stuck my finger in an electrical socket or something as the freezing air caressed my skin. I couldn’t imagine running more than a few feet and was glad to slide shut the patio door behind me.

The girls were all drying off with towels and their skin was covered in goose bumps, their nipples all deliciously hard. I couldn’t have managed an erection though after that bracingly cold shock, but maybe with enough time.

We all moved into the living room and Heather pulled the large cushions down off the couch to make a comfortable nest for us on the floor in front of the fireplace. We pulled comfy blankets down too and I found myself wrapped up with Jen as we stroked each other’s skin back to warmth.

Nina and Heather were under a blanket too, but they seemed a little stand offish. They weren’t as obviously comfortable as Jen and I were. Heck they didn’t even look as comfortable as Jen and Heather had earlier.

There was definitely a weird dynamic going on here. Jen and I had been dating for almost two years, having met when we were sixteen. Nina had been one of Jen’s classmates, but they weren’t exactly great friends. At least that was the case till Nina had started dating a mutual friend of ours, an older guy named Rich. Rich was a great guy, and it didn’t hurt that since he was a few years older than us, he always could buy us beer. Rich had gone to college for a semester after high school but then dropped out and done some construction work. It was only recently that he’d joined the Marines. He’d had to ship out recently, but before he did, Jen and I found out a lot about Nina and him. Apparently, Nina really enjoyed sex, and Rich was afraid that she’d cheat on him while he was gone for several months. So he convinced Jen and I, as a couple, to ‘adopt’ Nina as our mutual girlfriend.

I can still remember Rich’s voice telling me, “Keep her warm for me, that way I know she’ll be there when I get back!”

Rich, Nina, Jen, and I had some group sex before he had to leave. I even let him fuck Jen while I video taped the night before he shipped out. So now the three of us were in a weird threesome type relationship.

Heather on the other hand was a new factor. Apparently Heather was a lesbian at the all girls school that the three of them attended. Heather even had a pseudo girlfriend of her own. But I didn’t know much about that. What I did know is that the other weekend Heather, Jen, and Nina had come up to the cabin with Heather’s girlfriend and the four of them had a big lesbian orgy all weekend long. Now I had a sneaking suspicion that Jen and Heather were kind of sweet on each other. But I don’t think that Nina exactly approved of the situation.

To make things more complicated, Heather had asked me to fuck her in a scenario that was very reminiscent of the way she lost her virginity to her first and only boyfriend. Now she was looking at me with lust in her eyes and talking about finding a man.

Oh, and one last wrinkle? The other weekend, I hooked up with a friend from highschool. Keri had apparently been crushing on me hard for over a year, and had invited me over to a party she threw at her house. There she kind of seduced me and I ended up taking her virginity. Now Keri and I had some sort of relationship that was on pause. See, Keri wanted türkçe bahis me to date her, not Jen (and Nina). But I’d been with Jen for a long time and I loved her. I wasn’t willing to just dump Jen. So Keri was waiting to see if I would and if she and I would get serious.

But when I told Jen about Keri, she was pleased. Jen wanted a more open relationship so she could be free to date other people, like Heather for example. So the whole situation was a crazy ball of string just knotted up into a million zany kinks and knots.

But Jen’s hands under the blanket began taking a decidedly naughty turn and she seemed more interested in rubbing my cock to hardness. I was spooning her and she rubbed her butt against my crotch as she stroked me. I let out a small groan and said, “I’m a bit tapped out Jen. Don’t forget in the last few hours I’ve fucked all three of you.”

Jen laughed and flipped the blanket back, showing the other two girls that she’d already stroked my cock to hardness, “Tapped out? Tell him that!” she said laughing as she began stroking my cock faster.

I sighed, I was after all eighteen. A strong breeze caused my dick to stiffen. The girls in the other blanket laughed too. Not at me so much as at Jen’s joke. She had that sort of laugh, that when you heard it, you started laughing along with her before you even realized why she was laughing. I put one hand on her hip as she played with me, “So, I guess I’m going to have to service you again?” My voice was dripping with fake boredom. The truth was that I couldn’t wait to have sex with my girlfriend again, we’d been a bit distant since the New Years party. “Because I don’t know how many more rounds I have in me. After sex in the car with you, Nina upstairs, and then Heather in the bedroom… well… a man has his limits!”

Jen must have rolled her eyes or made a face or something, because the other two girls laughed again. I couldn’t see her as she was facing away from me and I was lightly spooning her. “Ok,” Nina said as she sat up, letting the blanket fall away from her lovely soft body. “I’m warm enough, I think I’ll go put on my jammies. Maybe we can play a game or something though?”

Heather looked almost embarrassed, “Like the other weekend?”

Nina shook her ass as she stood up and went to get her pajamas. Heather pulled the blanket around her body and smiled, her gaze trailing after the curvy blonde. Jen who continued stroking my cock said, loud enough for Nina to hear as she dug through her bag, “No, no game. I think we’ll let Pete decide what he wants to do if he agrees to what we talked about last weekend.”

Now I was intrigued. I asked, “I get to decide what to do? What do you mean by that?”

Heather chuckled, “Pete, you’re in a cabin with three hot chicks and you don’t know what to do?”

Jen and Nina laughed and I felt a little ashamed, “So I get to decide what the four of us do next, like… anything?”

Jen turned and cuddled her body against me, pressing my stiff cock between our bodies, “That depends on if you agree to what I have to say next.”

I was intrigued, what sort of proposition could Jen possibly have?

She waited for Nina to come back. The blonde sat on the couch in her flannell pajamas, and nodded to Jen. My girlfriend looked into my eyes and said, “I’m afraid to tell you, I’m afraid you’ll think I’m a deviant, a pervert.”

“Baby,” I said, “You realize that in the last few weeks you’ve discovered you’re a bisexual, you’ve had group sex with me, with rich, and with… well… I’m not sure how many girls.”

Jen cut in, “Just us here and also heather’s girlfriend, oh, and one other girl from school. But she wasn’t really sex… more like… some really heavy intense petting.”

I rolled my eyes, “Ok, and since I’m ok with all of that, and you’ve been very understanding about my friend from school,” I said referring to Keri Lions (author’s note — just a reminder, that is not the girls real name, names have been changed to protect the guilty) the girl at school I’d had sex with recently. A girl who I suspected thought we were now dating, and was hoping I’d break up with Jen and Nina to date her. “So what could you possibly say that could make me think you’re a pervert?”

Jen pursed her lips for a moment then said, uncharacteristically softly, “I want you to throw me an orgy.”

I looked around, “Uh, lets see… one, two, three, four people… isn’t that what this is?

Jen shook her head. “No, I want you to get your parents beach house for a weekend this summer. Then I want you to find a bunch of guys or couples who would come and have a proper orgy. I want to fuck three guys at once. It started when both you and Rich were fucking me, and it grew stronger the other weekend with the toys when I was playing with three girls at once. But now I want to have a proper, real, no holds barred fucking orgy.”

I was astounded. I didn’t know what to think. My girlfriend had just told me that she wanted three guys fucking her at once. I figured with Rich güvenilir bahis siteleri gone on leave he wouldn’t be back till about end of June, beginning of July. So even if I waited for him to get back, I’d still have to find a third guy I’d be willing to let fuck my girlfriend. “Ok….” I said slowly considering everything, “So if I wait for Rich to get back, then I need another guy?”

Jen shook her head, her chocolate brown hair whipping around in front of me. “No no no, I don’t want to have three guys. I want an orgy. I want like… five or six couples. I want people trading partners, I want guys lining up to fuck me, I want some guy I only just met to fucking cum on my tits and have Nina lick it off…. I want the nasty dirty stuff we’ve seen in some of your porn.”

I had to admit, my dick was so hard that it hurt just thinking about this. “Uh…. so what… you want my permission?”

Jen shrugged, “Well, yes, but I go to an all girls school. I don’t really know any guys. I know a lot of girls, and I think I even know a lot of girls who would go for it. But all the bitchy girls who have boyfriends wouldn’t go for this kind of thing. So I need you to kinda…. recruit a few guys or couples.”

I was just shocked. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I looked at Nina and Heather and they both looked perfectly calm. They’d heard this before. This wasn’t anything new to them. I looked back at Jen and opened my mouth and then closed it a few times. She must have sensed my hesitation because she added, “I can promise you that besides these two, I can bring at least…three other girls.” She looked at Nina who held out four fingers. “Maybe four girls, I’m not sure about one of them. I could probably get more than that if you’re not too picky about looks or weight. But I can’t find guys that I would trust or that I would know are clean, or that won’t be a problem. I go to an all girls school. The only guys I know are through my church youth group, and I can’t imagine that conversation going over too well. Plus those people know me too well. I want guys that don’t really know me and that I won’t have to deal with later.”

I was completely without words. It was a scenario that I wasn’t familiar with. Talking came natural to me, but I had to admit, my mind was already thinking about different guys that would possibly go for that kind of thing. It would have to be all about how I approached them with the idea.

Then Jen said something to sweeten the pot, “I would think that you’d jump at the chance too, because you’d be there, and you’d get to fuck these girls I’d be bringing.” My eyebrow raised as I honestly hadn’t considered it. Then she added something that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, “And if it makes your decision for you, we can ‘test drive’ the girls together.”

“Huh?” I asked, pulling a laugh from Nina.

“Well, if I get a girl that agrees to come to the party, I’ll tell her that we need to make sure she’s serious first. She’ll have to agree to go out with you and I first. If they don’t seem like they’d be willing to party with us this summer, we don’t invite them.”

I boggled, “So you’re saying you’re going to bring new girls out for me to have sex with if I find you guys to bring to this orgy?”

She nodded, “I have no doubt you can find guys who will be willing to go through with it. You have the easy job. I have to find girls that are willing.”

I lay there for a while considering it, but then I realized there was really only one answer. “Ok, you’ve got a deal. I’ll see when I can get my parents beach house for the summer.”

Heather and Jen both cheered, literally cheered, yelling ‘yay’ and everything. Nina on the couch just smirked, “I knew he’d say yes.”

Jen began making out with me and kissing me. “Hey hey hey,” Nina called leaning forwards on the couch. “You said Pete gets to decide what he wants to do next. Maybe he would want to do something that involves all of us.”

Heather laughed and threw a couch cushion at Jen and I, “Yeah Jen, don’t be a cock hog.”

Well, we all lost it after that. I must have laughed for a minute straight at the term ‘cock hog.’ When all four of us finally settled down Nina slid down to the floor to join us in front of the fire with the rest of us and asked, “Seriously Pete, it’s your call. What would you like to do?”

I actually did have an idea in my mind, but I wasn’t sure if the girls would go for it. “Well…” I hesitated and when I noticed that all three were looking at me interested, I thought I might have a chance. “I did have a sort of a ‘game’ in mind if you all think you’d like to play it. It’s part game, part competition.” Heather looked interested, but it was Nina that looked very eager. “Heather do you have a set of dice and an egg timer?”

Heather nodded, “There’s an egg timer in the kitchen and I can steal dice out of one of the board games on the shelf… should I go get them?”

I nodded, “Just one die and the egg timer, and a coin… a quarter or something.”

Jen was sitting up, her back to the fire, she was interested now. I waited, the blanket wrapped about my waist till Heather scampered back, her own blanket slipping from her shoulders as she sat back down and put the three items between us.

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