A Cheerleader’s Release Ch. 02

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“Fuck!” I gasped again, digging my fingers into my palms as he pushed himself against me again, every rough fibre of his jeans increasing the amazing feeling.

“So mean of you” he drawled, moving so that only one of his hands were keeping mine above my head “running off like that, I could barely believe it. I thought you weren’t ready and that I’d taken it too far too quickly.” He chuckled, staring down at me with his piercing green eyes “then as soon as I got to my room I hear you, loud and clear through your window, moaning my name.” Jack’s last three words were accentuated with painful pleasure as he thrusted against me.

“I-I didn’t know it was open” I panted, looking up at him pleadingly, wanting him to believe me.

“You already said you would let me punish you, you’re not going back on your promise, are you?”

“I t-thought I was imagining you” I whimpered, his eyes darkening at my confession.

“So you were fantasising about me?” He asked, his lips brushing against my collar bone, growling as I nodded “about me punishing you?” I flushed in embarrassment, not able to look at him as I nodded.

“I- I swear, I didn’t know you were here.”

He chuckled at me “like that makes a difference.”

“Do you have any idea how hot you are right now?” Jack asked, his dark eyes looking down at me with a lust that was growing familiar.

“I-I” I stuttered, my mind drawing blank as he pulled away from me, getting off the bed and moving to my desk. I still didn’t move my arms though, feeling the strange need for Jack to be happy with me.

Coming back to sit next to me on the bed, he looked down at me with that look again, putting something on the bed behind him.

“I need you to say yes Hannah, I need you to tell me I can do what I want to make you feel good.”

Without even thinking, my head moved on it’s own, nodding.

“Use your words, be a good girl.”

Good girl, that again, “yes.” I whispered, “please.”

It wasn’t immediate like I hoped it would be, Jack started by sliding his finger up my legs, cupping my sex for a moment before continuing his journey up my clothed body.

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to look at you in this uniform without wanting to fuck you after today” he chuckled, running his fingers along the v-neckline of my uniform before snapping the strap of my sports bra “though over the past few games I’ve really had to hold myself back because I realised you were horny from people watching you.”

I tried to think of something to say to defend myself, I really did. But what he said was true.

With great ease, the man sitting calmly next to me made me arch my back and unclasped my bra through my uniform, pulling it off and touching my breasts through the course fabric of my uniform.

“Keeping you arms where I put them, you really know how to be a good girl don’t you? I might just give you a light punishment this time.” He mused, lightly grabbing my wrists and bringing them in front of me, grabbing the thing he had hidden behind him and showing it to me.

In front of my eyes was the rope from my robe, a soft silky fabric that made my eyes widen as I realised what he intended to do with it.

“T-this time?” I asked, biting my bottom lip as I kept my eyes on the rope, subconsciously pressing my thighs together in hopes to relieve some of the pressure.

“If you think I’m gonna leave you be after this” he chuckled, wrapping the rope slowly and tightly around my left wrist and making a knot “you have another thing coming.”

Bringing the inside of my right wrist to touch the left, Jack repeated the process of wrapping the rope around my other wrist, before wrapping the rope around both of my wrists and tying a final knot.

“Try and pull them apart” he told me, so I did, surprised that no matter how I tried, I couldn’t move my wrists at all from how he placed them.

Jack nodded in satisfaction, grabbing my waist and lifting me easily off the bed, and sat against my headboard, placing me on his lap.

“Listen carefully, alright?” I nodded submissively, keeping my eyes in his intense gaze “blue means you can handle more, green is telling me to keep doing what I’m doing and that the intensity is good, orange means slow down and lower the intensity, and red means to stop immediately. Understood?” Breathlessly, I nodded, recognising the terms from my curious research online.

Jack squeezed my ass with a tut, “good girls use their words, remember?”

“Y-yes, I understand” I panted, pressing myself harder against Jack with my hands between our chests.

“There we go” the smile he gave me made my stomach churn, feeling like butterflies weren’t just flying, but stomping around in a way that I wasn’t totally familiar with. Last time I felt like this it was when I was thirteen and discovered boys weren’t as gross as I thought they were because Jack punched a boy in class because he twanged my bra strap.

Jack’s hand slid up from my waist and rested on the back of my neck, pulling me in closer as güvenilir bahis our lips met, gently at first- making the butterflies in my stomach triple- before he ran his tongue along my bottom lip. Opening my lips obediently, his tongue entered my mouth and explored freely, pressing against mine in a demand for me to explore as well.

My moan vibrated against his tongue and I immediately got a reaction, his hips bucking against my own making me moan again.

Jack pulled away and I panted with my tongue still poking past my lips from the abrupt ending of the kiss.

“Lie across my lap” he breathed, tugging my hands the way he wanted me to go.

Doing as he said, I let out a breathy moan when my stomach pressed against his cock, and I realised just how hard he was.

“Good girl” Jack mused, brushing my skirt off my ass and brushing his fingers over my cheeks, dipping down occasionally to my asshole and pussy.

Managing to push up to rest on my elbows, I looked back at Jack as he looked me over, analysing every inch of me. “You look so fucking hot Hannah.”

“T-thank you” I stuttered, not sure how to reply.

“I’m sure you know what’s going to happen now?” He asked, and I nodded, having a fairly good guess. “Care to share?”

“I think you’re going to spank me?” I replied, biting my lip and hoping I was right.

“Good girl” he smiled, “and I want you to count them, understand?”

I almost nodded, before I remembered that ‘good girls use their words’ “I understand.”


The first one came as a shock, my whole body jolted and squirmed until Jack gripped my upper thighs.

“No moving” he reprimanded, a scolding slap to my pussy making me lurch forward with a surprising moan, the cool air making my skin tingle after the hit to my sensitive wet sex.

“I’m sorry!” I replied, moving back to a semi-comfortable position on his lap.

I waited for a moment for the next slap to come, only to realise that it wasn’t. Looking back curiously, I met Jack’s gaze, his eyebrows raised.

“You’re not counting?”

“O-one!” I stuttered out instantly, turning back to my tied hands embarrassedly, I’d forgotten so quickly.





By seven I was panting, my face ablaze, panting and feeling more aroused than I should have.


“E-eight!” I moaned, and felt Jack pause.

“Hannah?” He asked, and I could hear the smirk in his voice “are you enjoying this?”

I buried my face in my arms, pretending not to hear him.

“Hannah” Jack sung, his finger dipping down and began sliding up and down my vagina. Gasping, I immediately raised my head and pushed back into his hand. “You are absolutely dripping, you enjoy being spanked, don’t you?”

Panting, I ignored him again.

Jack pulled his hand away with a tut “no more until you answer me.”

Whining desperately, I tried pushing back to his fingers that I could feel just brushing outside of my reach as he pushed his hand into the dip of my back, stopping me from moving how I wanted.

“Blue, blue, blue!” I begged, still struggling to back up.

“Not until you answer my question” he teased and I let out a strangled groan.

“I like it! I really, really like it! It makes me feel hot and tingly and amazing! Please keep going!”


“OOHHH!” I moaned.

“Hannah, the count!” He snapped, tugging slightly at my hair.




Jack stopped, rubbing my tingling ass and I moaned at the light touch, practically feeling the goose bumps rise where he was lightly rubbing.

“You took that so well” he congratulated, gently pulling me upright and helping me move my legs to rest on either side of him.

“T-thank you Jack” I panted, resting my head on his chest resisting the urge to grind against him, my need stronger than ever.

“I think you deserve a reward for being such a good girl” I looked up eagerly.

“A reward?” I asked, my mind racing to the possibilities.

Jack nodded with a proud smile, making my heart flutter, he was proud of me.

Shifting carefully, Jack placed me back against the bed and began kissing down my neck.

“Oh god” I breathed, my eyes falling shut as he bit softly into my neck, giving a small lick to the area once he released the skin.

Gasping, I tilted my head a little further and moaned when he hummed against my neck with appreciation “such a good girl Hannah, you are so fucking receptive to me, you can take everything I want to give you can’t you?”

“Yes, yes, please!” I nodded in reply, squirming under Jack’s touches.

“Jesus fuck you are so hot.”

Looking up needily, I watched as he sat up and pulled off his shirt.

I had to stop myself from drooling. Seeing ripped guys in porn and online was one thing, but seeing it in person, hovering over you- totally different, totally better.

“Oh my god you’re amazing” I said, my voice sounding like goo as I drank türkçe bahis in his form as he bent over me, pulling his shirt between where my wrists were tied together and yanking them towards my bed post.

“This is my favourite shirt, so you’re not allowed to rip or stretch it, got it?” he stared into my eyes with his question.

“Yes” I replied as he pulled me a little further towards the bed post, wrapping his shirt around it before tying a knot.

Coming to hover over me again, Jack nudged my thighs apart with his knees, brushing against my pussy on purpose as he did.

Jack’s fingers came to rub against my clit, making me groan and press against his hand, clasping the bedpost tightly so I didn’t pull against his shirt.

“AH!” I squealed when his middle finger slid into me, a single one of his fingers stretching me almost as much as two of mine did, which was all I had done until now.

“Holy crap” he breathed, kissing my neck, “fuck Hannah you’re tight!”

The squelching noise that came from his finger thrusting in and out of me just made me wetter, my eyes rolling back as I began panting and rolling my hips against his hand.

“Oh god” I moaned again when Jack’s pointer finger started circling my clit, giving it a flick before sliding down and pressing into my opening.

Gasping in panic, I tried scooting away as his hand on my hip kept me in place.

“Orange, orange, r-red!!” I yelled in panic, kicking against my bed sheets in an attempt to get grip to move away.

“Woah, woah!” Jack withdrew immediately and put his hand on my cheek, taking in my panicked breathing. “What’s wrong, are you alright? I didn’t hurt you did I?”

Leaning against his calloused hand, I slowly steadied my breathing “I-I just… I don’t think I’m ready for… you know… yet.” I blushed shyly, and Jack’s eyes darkened as a humoured smile replaced the fear that he hurt me.

“Not ready for what Hannah?” He teased, making me flush darker.

“Y-you know what!” I accused.

“Hmm… no I really don’t think I do.”

“SEX!” I squealed, doing my best to sit up, ending up with arms in front of me “I-I’ve never done anything like this before, the most I’ve done is kissing, not even french, the guy kissed me for like, three seconds and ran off like the devil was chasing him!” I admit, “I’m a perv, I know I am, but I’ve never done anything before!”

Jack’s only reply was a light chuckle.

“You-you’re laughing at me!”

“No, no I’m not” he grinned, grabbing my legs and pulling me back down, leaning over me again. “I won’t do anything until you want me to, alright?” He asked carefully, “We’ll go slow, are you alright with that?”

“Yeah” I breathed, liking how he was looking at me, truly concerned about how I would react and like he really would do anything I wanted.

“You think you’re ready to continue?”

Smiling warmly, I nodded, relaxing further when his fingers ran down my sides, his head following them down, and I realised what his plan was.

I giggled when I felt his breath against my inner thigh, squirming at the ticklish feeling as Jack chuckled at my reaction.

His tongue brushed my thigh as he kissed towards my pussy, slowly moving up until his breath hit my clit.

“O-oahh!” I gasped out a moan when his tongue flicked out against my clit.

“Oh, you like that huh?” He hummed, sitting up with a smirk.

“Yes” I breathed, a white knuckled grip on my bedpost to stop myself from tugging my hands toward him.

Jack’s tongue twirled around my clit until he decided to lower his mouth fully onto me, giving a slow suck that made my world spin and stop at the same time.

“Oh holy fuck!” I moaned loudly, my back and butt lifting off the head in hopes to get Jack to be harder, “oh blue, please blue!”

Humming against me in a way that nearly made me cum right there from how intensely and how long I had been aroused, Jack opened his jaw a little wider and stuck out his tongue, slowly licking up my pussy with a curved, warm tongue that just seemed to make everything feel right.

“You taste amazing Hannah” he mumbled into me, his tongue dipping in and out in a rhythm that made my breathing quicken along with each thrust.

“Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack!” It was building, oh god, oh god oh god!!

Jack’s tongue stayed inside me and started moving around, and despite how much I tried to move my hips up to force his tongue deeper in me, Jack kept a steel grip on my hips, keeping me on the bed.

Trying desperately, I twisted my wrists around and tried to undo the knot holding me to the bed post, panting heavily as my orgasm built to a pleasure nearly incomprehensible pleasure.

“Please, please, please let me touch you!” I whimpered, pulling needily at the shirt, half of me not caring if I stretched it, but the other half desperately needing Jack to be proud and happy with me.

“Don’t rip my shirt” Jack moved away with a disappointed expression, making me cry out in desperation and look at him pleadingly. güvenilir bahis siteleri

“I’m sorry, I won’t move, promise!” I gasped, making a show of grasping the post again and moaning thankfully when he hummed in approval and moved back, going straight back to eating me out.

“Thank you!” I moaned, rubbing myself against his face as he moved his tongue fervently inside my pussy.

Moaning wantonly, my orgasm hit its peek and crashed leaving me breathless, quake after quake overcoming my body as my mouth opening in a silent scream of pleasure.

The build that had been climbing for over a half hour finally exploded and gave me the best orgasm I had ever felt, and I wondered how easy it would be to become addicted to Jack’s tongue. Easily I decided, face it, I’m half way there already.

Coming down from my high, I watched Jack quickly climb above me and untie me from the bed post, pulling my shaking form closer to him and joining me in another intense kiss, one where I could taste myself in every inch of his mouth, grinding his jean clad cock roughly against my oversensitive pussy, forcing a cry of pleasure into his mouth from mine.

He pulled away panting, his hands still on my back holding me to him as I moved my tied hands to rest behind his neck “you just came all over my face and you’re giving this reaction to my cock?” He asked, absolutely coated in lust, “you’re gonna kill me Hannah!”

“Jack, I- I want to ask” I stuttered, cutting myself off when the request became to embarrassing.

“Yes?” He hummed against my neck, delicately kissing me.

“I’d like to, umm…”

“After what I just did to you, you’re getting shy now?” Jack chuckled, nipping my ear in his amusement.

“I wanted to ask if I could return the favour” I pouted, not appreciating his teasing.

“And how would you do that?” The teasing was still fluid in his voice, “I want to hear you say it.”

Feeling daring and wanting to surprise him, I looked Jack straight in the eyes, cheeks flushed and my hair a complete mess, and said “I want to suck your cock.”

After a moment of shock, Jack frowned at me with concerned eyes “are you sure? I don’t want you doing it because you feel like you have to.”

Smiling at his concern, I shook my head, “no, it’s not because of that, I promise, I really want to make you feel good… you feel so good against me and I’ve never seen a real cock before, I just… I-I hope I’m not… bad at it…” I trailed off, my nerves getting the best of me at the end, but I continued meeting his eyes to show my seriousness.

Jack leant in and met my lips, shocking me at the softness considering every touch I had been given by him tonight.

“Anything you do will feel great” taking my hands, he moved them in front of him and untied them, “how do you want me?” For now he seemed fairly content letting me take the lead that he had grasped so tightly until now, allowing me to explore freely.

Giving him a grateful look, I gently switched us so that I was on top, my pussy undoubtedly leaking onto his jeans.

“Like this please” I requested, dipping down to kiss his neck like he had mine, gently brushing my lips along until I felt a dull pulse under his skin. Kissing down against it, I nipped lightly until he tilted his head to the side, giving me more room to explore.

Noticing the hair getting in my way, I moved my russet hair over my shoulder, meeting Jack’s hooded eyes and realising he was taking in every move I made.

Keeping the eye contact, I bit down and frowned as he stifled a moan, “that’s not nice” I muttered into his neck, running my tongue along the vein until I reached where his shoulder and neck met, giving the spot a light suck and grinned cheekily when he gave a shuddering breath, the fingers that had been rubbing encouraging circles in my hips tightening in surprise.

Feeling satisfied that I had been given a reaction, I moved down his chest, kissing my way down until I reached the top of his jeans, straining rightly against his hard on.

“Poor Jack” I pouted, looking up at him, “you’ve been this hard for so long… Your jeans must be hurting you.”

Slowly, I undid the button at the top of his pants- admittedly doing it slowly so that I wouldn’t be obviously struggling with it- and then slid down the zip, sitting up straight and pulling off his pants and underwear when he lifted his ass off my bed, leaving him completely naked before my blushing, but eager eyes, slightly concerned with how I was going to fit it in my mouth, his cock was huge!

Delicately, I ran my hand along his thigh, then his crouch, never quite touching the cock that was standing straight up in the air, swollen and begging for my attention.

Leaning down, I licked the slit of his penis, curiously tasting the precum that was leaking out at my attention.

Jack let out a shuddering response that gave me courage. Gripping his base I held Jack’s cock in position and slowly slid my mouth over the tip, pulling down the foreskin and pressing my tongue on the underside of his cock.

Looking up to make sure I was doing everything right, I met Jack’s restrained gaze, tilting my head to the side curiously, I moved his cock to be pressing against my cheek, creating a bulge in my mouth.

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