A Christmas Dance (Rewrapped)

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Writer’s Note: This story is a re-telling of my story, A Christmas Dance. I had originally published that story, along with a couple of others, on an erotica site that didn’t allow incest. So, I had to settle for a quasi-incest story, and that was the version I transferred to Literotica.

I have finally gotten around to re-making this story in all its originally intended incestual glory.


Originally Published: 2017

Republished: June 2020


“I just don’t think it’s enough.” Cassie was unsure, as she examined the high-end headphones sitting on her friend’s couch. “It’s our first Christmas together, and I think I should get him something a little more meaningful.”

“Relax, Cass,” Julia assured, “Ryan said he wanted those when you were at the mall, right? So, obviously, you got him something he’d like.”

“I don’t know it’s just—” Cassie was cut short by a voice approaching the living room.

“Hey, I’m going to the store to get some snacks, do you two want anything?”

“We’re good, Eric, just leave us alone,” Julia snarled.

“Jeez, I’m just being nice. Cassie, how about you, do you want anything.”

“Thank you, but I’m fine, Eric,” Cassie replied sincerely, as her best friend’s brother walked past the living room on his way out of the house.

“Why are you so mean to him, Julia?” Cassie poked at her friend.

“Cass…” Julia rolled her eyes, “are you serious? Eric is the most obnoxious person to live with—”

“Well, yeah, of course you think that. You’re his sister,” Cassie countered. “You should be nice to him. He’s always nice to me.”

With another roll of the eyes, Julia patronizingly asked, “Why do you think Eric is always so nice when you’re here?”

Cassie was a little taken aback. “You mean he’s usually rude?”

“No!” Julia laughed. “He’s definitely not a jerk. He’s just— He’s all silent and awkward when you aren’t here. He’s not creepy—”

Julia got caught up in her own thoughts. She didn’t think her brother was creepy, but his eyes did tend to linger in the presence of any attractive woman, and sometimes they landed on her. He just needs to find a girl and get laid, Julia would always tell herself.

Getting back to her friend, Julia summarized, “He’s just always isolated and not really that smooth, socially.”

Curiosity hit Cassie. “I don’t get why he’s so awkward. He seems like he could be a popular person.”

“I know! I don’t get it either,” Julia shook her head. “He’s smart, but sometimes in too much of a geeky kind of way. Girls find him attractive and everything, but it’s like he doesn’t even realize they’re flirting with him. He just doesn’t get it, ya know?”

Hearing that made Cassie feel bad for Eric. He was always nice to her. She had a new appreciation for how “outgoing” he was around her. “That sucks for him. I’m sure he’ll grow out of it. I’m glad he’s comfortable around me, though.”

“Cass, seriously?” Julia sarcastically smiled. “C’mon…”

It suddenly hit Cassie. Her eyes flashed open, and she felt like an idiot. “Ohhhhhh… I, uh— Wow… That’s crazy. Are you being serious? How do you know for sure?”

“Please, he’s been in love with you since the first time I brought you over to hang out last summer. He still gets antsy when I mention you’re coming over.”

“Aww,” Cassie blushed. “That’s kind of cute.”

Julia quipped, “I bet Ryan wouldn’t think it’s cute.”

Cassie leaned back and chuckled, with a hint of seriousness. “No, no he would not, haha. He’s protective enough as it is. And I forgot to tell you — When we were at the movies last week, he got all pissed off just because of the way another guy was checking me out.”

“But anyway,” getting back to the main conversation, Cassie continued, “I kind of feel bad about your brother. He should’ve told me eight months ago before I started dating Ryan, maybe I would have given him a shot. He’s sweet, and he’s pretty good looking.”

“Yeah,” Julia nodded before laughing hysterically. “You should put, ‘I think you’re sweet and pretty good looking’ on a decorative card and send it to him. It would make his Christmas.”

Cassie threw her head back. Laughing together, Julia shook her head, “God, he’d blow his load just from that.”

The brunette friend covered her mouth as she giggled at the semi-taboo joke. “Oh my god, don’t even say that! You don’t know what he does in private.”

Abruptly holding Cassie’s arm, Julia leaned in and gossiped, “I swear to fucking god, that’s not a joke. One time I walked by his room, and the door was open. And his laptop was open on his bed, all these crumpled tissue balls were around it, and a picture of you in a bikini from that trip we took was on the screen.”


There was silence. Julia saw the stunned, dropped jaw of her friend. Cassie seemed bewildered but frightened. Julia nodded in confirmation. “Yeah… güvenilir bahis not joking at all.”

Before deciding whether she felt violated or complimented, Cassie opened the Facebook app on her phone and scrolled to the picture Julia was likely talking about. The image was a bit more risque than Cassie’s usual posts. She remembered asking Julia if it was okay to post beforehand.

In the PG-13 photo, Cassie and Julia were lying down on their stomachs on their beach towels. Their smooth, tanned figures were in the bright sun, and they were both smiling under their dark sunglasses. The friends were shoulder-to-shoulder, and the camera captured their similar, grapefruit-sized busts. Cassie noticed her friend in her aqua bikini, but she was more focused on how her round butt checks could be seen behind her head in her cheetah-pattern bikini and on how her long brown hair was held in a cute ponytail.

It was no surprise why Eric chose that photo to wank off to. Cassie was about to joke to Julia how she didn’t know Eric wasn’t jerking off to both of them, but she quickly shut down that weird thought.

Spying on her friend’s phone screen, Julia playfully smirked, “If you let him see you like that, then he’d really blow his load.”

The two girls laughed again until it was hard to breathe.

While Julia continued to amuse herself, she could see the gears turning in her friend’s head. Julia knew Cassie well. They could read each other’s minds, and they knew each other’s personalities, good and bad. It wasn’t hard for Julia to pick up on the tantalizing emotions growing within her friend. The subtle bite of her lip made it obvious.

“Cass,” Julia blankly stared. “Are you actually thinking about what I think you’re thinking about?”

Sensing she was right. Julia was suddenly entertained and highly interested.

“Well…” Cassie blushed. She ran her hands over her face, trying not to laugh again. “He’s been so sweet to me all year, and he’s always offering to do favors for me,” she rationalized, voicing with some swagger. “Maybe he deserves a meaningful present from me.”

Julia’s mind raced. Her friend’s way of thinking was enthralling. “Oh my god, you’re definitely going to do this! I’ll help. This is, like, the hottest thing ever.”

Both Cassie and Julia were surprised by how much she loved the idea.

But Julia suddenly remembered, “Wait, what about Ryan, though?”

The surge of excitement faded, and Cassie stopped to think. “Well, he doesn’t have to know… Eric’s quiet anyway — like you said. I’ll make sure he doesn’t say anything. It’s not like I’m going to cheat or anything. I just want to do something small.”

Tingling on the inside, Julia sarcastically downplayed the gift, “Yeah, you just want to give him something small and memorable that’ll make him blow his load.”

The slender brunette was taken back with how her friend was talking about her brother. “And you’re okay with this?! This isn’t weird for you at all?”

“No! I don’t care what he does. Cass, you doing something hot and fun for someone is a turn-on regardless of who it’s for,” Julia easily explained.

The humming sound of a car pulling into the driveway filled the living room. They knew it was Eric coming back from the store.

“Let’s continue this in my room.” Julia quickly tugged Cassie’s hand and led her upstairs.


Upstairs, in Julia’s room, the two young women couldn’t stop talking about Eric’s special gift.

“So, what exactly are you thinking of doing?! Like, what do you think would be good to give him?”

Cassie squirmed in her cross-legged position. “I don’t know,” she exhaled. “Maybe a new pic of me in that bikini? You said he loved that.”

“Booooo!” Julia mocked her friend. “C’mon, that’s not creative! He can already see you like that online anytime he wants. You said you wanted this to be a meaningful, special Christmas present.”

“Alright, alright,” Cassie surrendered to the taunting. She knew Julia was right.

After thinking more about what Eric would like and what would be a fun gift for her to create for him, an enthusiastic Cassie smacked the bed. “I know what would be good!”


“What if instead of a bikini, I put together a sexy little Christmas-themed outfit and give him a few photos of me? Maybe GIFs, so they’re moving a little?”

“Yes!” Julia shrieked. “That would be amazing! What could you wear?”

“Um, I don’t know. I’m sure there’s a lot of Christmas lingerie sets out there. Or, I could make my own.” Cassie shrugged and then joked, “Maybe put bows on my tits…”

While Cassie was busy laughing at her own joke, Julia was not. She stood up and started scouring her room.

“Here!” She popped up with a Cosmopolitan magazine from under her bed. She practically shoved an open page into Cassie’s face.

“What is this?” Cassie ran her eyes over the text-filled page.

Julia was giddy and rapidly summarized, “It’s a story about this model who wanted to do türkçe bahis something hot for her boyfriend for Christmas, so she wrapped her body in a ribbon and bow and laid seductively under the Christmas tree, and when her boyfriend came downstairs she gave him a lap dance and let him ‘unwrap her’ afterward.”

It was a sexy story, but Cassie wanted to know the lesson of it. “Okay. That’s awesome, but why are you showing me this?”

“Obviously, you wouldn’t be in a bow under the tree, and you wouldn’t let him ‘unwrap you’, but it would be really sexy if you put on a slutty Christmas costume and gave Eric a little dance.”

“No. How would I— No—” Cassie was speechless. She was in shock. She didn’t understand how her friend could even suggest it and why she was so into the idea.

Admittedly, the more she thought about the story, the more captivating it became. But, it was a nonstarter. “I don’t think I could do that anyway. I don’t know how to give a lap dance or be sexy in that way.”

Julia was clearly locked onto the idea. “Just watch videos on YouTube. There are definitely instructional videos you can watch. It won’t take long to come up with a short dance to one song.”

Cassie could tell Julia had a vision, but she simply couldn’t bring herself to do it. “Julia, I just don’t think I can do that. It’s a bit much.”

There was no quit in Julia. She pressed, “You said you wanted to give him a special gift that he’d remember. It doesn’t get much more meaningful and memorable than a surprise lap dance in lingerie on Christmas morning. C’mon, think about how insanely hot it would be. Think about how much he’d love it. You’d love it, too.”

Julia’s persuasion pushed Cassie back onto the fence. Cassie was torn. It would be such a vulnerable and risky act, especially for a girl with a boyfriend. On the other hand, it would accomplish exactly what she wanted, and she wouldn’t be getting naked or fucking or even kissing another guy. Plus, undeniably, the idea was highly erotic.

As much as Cassie wanted to say yes, though, her mind kept stopping her. “I mean, it is just a dance. But… I just don’t know.”

Suddenly, a loud pounding sound filled the room.

Julia and Cassie jumped as if somebody had uncovered their secret talks. They calmed themselves down, and Julia finally called out, “Who is it?”

The door opened, and they saw a tall, college-aged guy with dirty-blonde hair, a broad chest under a long-sleeved t-shirt, wearing a pair of blue jeans.

“What do you want now, Eric?” Julia annoyingly scoffed at her older brother. It was incredible how quickly she could change her tone.

Cassie closed the Cosmopolitan magazine as if Eric would somehow see through it and realize what they had been discussing.

Eric stepped into the room to place a carton and a spoon on Julia’s dresser. “I just wanted to drop this off.” He glanced at Cassie and shrugged. “It’s green tea ice cream. I remember you saying you liked it, and I happened to see it at the store, so I just picked it up.”

“Thank you, Eric,” Cassie was astounded.

The shy guy closed the door and walked away.

Cassie stood up and went to the dresser. She opened the ice cream, and as she took the first cold spoonful in her mouth, she turned back to Julia with red cheeks.

Julia smugly returned her friend’s flirty grin.

“Fuck. Fine, he wins. He’s definitely gonna ‘blow his load’ after this.”


Julia and Cassie spent the rest of the day in the mall, piecing together her slutty, Christmas-themed outfit. As they shopped, they continued to discuss how Cassie would actually go about delivering the present.

They spent a lot of time perusing. There were too many options. After half an hour in Victoria’s Secret, Cassie finally stumbled upon something she liked. “Julia, look.”

Julia turned to Cassie and nodded her head in approval of what her friend was holding in front of her. It was a red, satin thong with white fur trim. Festive.

“You’re sure Eric will like this?” Cassie wanted there to be no doubts in her wardrobe decisions.

Still feeling high on the exciting adrenaline, Julia friskily chastised her friend by grabbing the thong and holding it against Cassie’s waist. “Sir?”

A man in his mid-thirties, who was in the store shopping for his wife, was startled by the two attractive young women. Cassie was stunned, as Julia tried not to laugh, “Sir, would this girl look hot giving you a lap dance in this?”

The man’s face and ears shot red. He was as off guard as Cassie was. His eyes flickered to Cassie’s frozen body and the thong held against it. He amusingly nodded his head before turning away and adjusting the front of his jeans.

“What the fuck?!” Cassie hit her friend and laughed along with her as they went up to pay.


With most of the shopping done, Cassie and Julia sat at the food court and went over the plan. They decided it was best for Cassie to perform her dance to “Santa Baby” because it güvenilir bahis siteleri was the only sultry Christmas song they knew.

“So, are you going to lay under the Christmas tree like the model in the article?” Julia nudged.

“No, no. I was thinking about that, and there’s no way I am going to do that in your house with your parents home.”

“Wait, what? They won’t be home. Why the hell would you be willing to do any of that with them home, to begin with? Haha. Just do it in the afternoon when they’re at church. Eric isn’t religious, and I don’t go with them anymore either. You wouldn’t have to worry about anybody walking in.”

“Oh.” Cassie ran through the scenario again. “I see. Either way, I just can’t imagine myself being comfortable just all exposed like that and waiting for someone. I’d feel too self-conscious.”

Julia thought about the problem. Her teeth found their way onto her bottom lip. “Why don’t you just be a gift for him?”

“What do you mean by that? I already am, haha.”

“No.” Julia explained slowly, “Why don’t you literally come out of a wrapped box like the Christmas gift you are?”

Both friends imagined Cassie rising from a large, beautifully wrapped box in nothing but lingerie. They imagined the dumbfounded look Eric would have on his face.

Cassie was sold on the plan. When buying a pair of sexy, red heels at a shoe store, Cassie asked the manager if she could have an unused shipping box from the back.


That night, Julia and Cassie binge-watched as many lap dance tutorials as they could find online. They designed a routine to fit the length of the song that would guarantee to rock Eric’s world. Cassie couldn’t remember the last time she was so thrilled about something, and Julia encouraged her friend in any way she could.

For each of the remaining four nights before Christmas, Cassie came over Julia’s to repeatedly practice her routine on the empty wooden chair in her room. They put a long pillow in the chair to make it seem more like she was grinding in Eric’s lap. Julia gave her pointers and suggestions. It was a lot of fun.

Each night, Cassie got herself so worked up that she went over Ryan’s apartment so he could fuck her brains out. Julia, on the other hand, just kept getting caught up in all the excitement,so she naturally had to use her pink vibrator until she sweatily collapsed naked in her bed.


Finally, it was Christmas Day.

It was a unique Christmas for Cassie because it was the first time she woke up on Christmas morning more excited to give a present than to receive one. After exchanging presents with her family, Cassie made her way over to Julia and Eric’s house.

Julia led Cassie up to her bedroom upon her arrival. She was just as enthusiastic as Cassie. She went into her closet and retrieved the clothes they had purchased a week earlier.

Inside Julia’s bathroom, Cassie donned the tight, skimpy attire. She applied her gloss and mascara to make her lips and eyes pop. The final touch was a red Santa hat to tie the theme together.

Cassie spun around and examined herself in the full-length mirror hanging on the bathroom door.

She couldn’t believe how hot she looked. “He’s gonna love this!”

“Good!” Julia shouted through the door. Naughtily, she took her friend’s phone from the bed and began typing. “And I have good news for you.”


“I just sent my brother a text from your phone. ‘You’ told him there’s a little present for him, so he should come downstairs in a little bit.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah,” Julia laughed innocently, “I almost started typing the message to Ryan, at first.”

Inside the bathroom, Cassie didn’t find that last part to be as funny. She looked into the mirror, and her breath was caught in her chest. Her mentality broke and her enthusiasm popped. “What the hell am I doing?”

Julia wasn’t sure if it was a question for her, or if it was hypothetical. “What do you mean? Are you alright?”

“No,” Cassie frantically heaved. “I can’t do this.” She started forcibly tugging the lingerie from her body.

Julia could hear the commotion in the bathroom. She knew her friend was upset and losing her mind. “Cassie, stop! Open up.”

There was nothing but loud, fast breathing and the sound of heels dropping on the tile floor. Cassie then burst out from behind the door, tears in her puffy eyes. “I can’t do it.”

“It’s okay, It’s okay.” Julia held her, trying to calm her down. “What’s the matter?”

“I can’t do it. I can’t cheat on Ryan. Why did you text Eric?! Why did you make him think I was gonna do it. I don’t wanna do it,” Cassie cried.

“It’s okay,” Julia consoled. “Nobody is making you do it. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. I thought you wanted to, though. Remember how excited you were? You were all set.” On the inside, Julia was also disappointed. She wished she could satisfy her friend’s worries so she could be happy to do it again.

Cassie, though, was far from ready. She caught her breath, though, which was a positive sign. “Jules, I know you wanted me to do this, but I just can’t. I really wanna do this for your brother, but I can’t. I swear if I weren’t with Ryan, I would’ve done it.”

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