A Christmas Wish Come True

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The mistletoe was hanging from the ceiling; the Christmas tree was all light up. Christmas season was here, but Molly didn’t have what she wanted. She wanted to not be a virgin. She wanted Darrell to take her virginity for her, that Christmas, that very moment if possible. Who was Darrell? Well, Darrell was the love of her life, a love she thought she could never obtain. Darrell lived next door, all of her life. They were childhood friends. To Molly’s amazement, throughout their friendship, she had never shown Darrell her true feelings. On this night, the night before Christmas, Molly did what she did ever Christmas. She stared out her window, looking into Darrell’s window, wishing the same Christmas wish she had wished every year. She wished that this Christmas, her 26th one on this planet, he would take her virginity as she had always dreamt. This Christmas would be perfect. She had come into town from New York City to spend Christmas with her family.

But at the last minute, plans had changed. Her family decided to go to Arizona for Christmas for two weeks. Molly didn’t have that kind of time off so she decided that she’d still come home to Montana for Christmas and spend the holidays in the family house alone. It was much more Christmassy there in the house then in her drab New York City apartment. And she had Darrell next door, so she thought, but she hadn’t seen him since she returned home, just 3 days ago. She only had 2 days left after tomorrow before she had to return to New York City. Molly doubted that Darrell was home since she hadn’t heard from him at all. Hadn’t he mentioned that he wasn’t going to be home this Christmas? Molly couldn’t remember. It was hard for her to remember much that he said when she wasn’t swooning over him. Thank God they only talked online so that she wouldn’t be embarrassed. It was easier for her to hide her feelings online then it had been in real life lately.

Suddenly, there was movement in Darrell’s window. Was he there? Was he in the same room he had since he was a child? Molly shook her head. She was only dreaming. Molly looked up again and straight into the eyes of Darrell. He was there. He smiled at her when he caught her eye and waved. Suddenly the phone rang and Molly cursed as she turned away from the window to answer it. Normally she wouldn’t but it might be her parents checking up on her. They wanted her to come to Arizona with them badly but understood why she couldn’t.

“Hi Molly. I didn’t realize you were home this Christmas or I would of called sooner than just now. I thought you went to Arizona with your folks.” It was Darrell. Molly smiled to herself and was so glad now that she had picked up the phone instead of ignoring it like she had wanted to.

“No. I’m home, alone, this Christmas. I don’t have the time off to go to Arizona with my parents this year so I’m spending Christmas alone at home instead of alone in my apartment in New York City. This is more Christmassy then my New York apartment,” replied Molly. “I thought you weren’t here this year. I thought you were spending Christmas with Stacy’s parents.”

“Umm,” Darrell replied, “Stacy broke up with me in July. I’m sorry I haven’t talked to you much lately or let you know. It just hurt so badly. She broke up with me to be with a co-worker of mine. I escaped Albany to escape them.”

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry Darrell.” Molly replied, though smiling through her heartbreaking for him. She knew how much Darrell cared and loved Stacy.

“It’s okay. My parents are here doting over me and I’m starting to hate it. They told me just now that they weren’t sure if you were with your parents or not. I told them if you were home alone, I’d like to spend it with you so you wouldn’t be. Please help me escape them. They are driving me nuts. Can Income over?”

“Of course you can come over Darrell! You didn’t even have to ask,” Molly exclaimed. Her heart danced in her chest. Could this be the night? Molly shook her head. She couldn’t take advantage of Darrell. He still sounded very hurt. Little did she know, Darrell was thinking differently.

Darrell’s relationship had started to go bad with Stacy so him finding out she was cheating on him wasn’t a real shock to him. He knew in his heart that she didn’t feel the way he felt towards her back. Finding out his boss was her lover that hurt bad. Darrell didn’t want Molly to know. He just didn’t and didn’t know why. Ever since things with Stacy started going bad and after finding out what Stacy had done, all Darrell had done was think about Molly. He found out that he still reacted the same way. He grew so hard and always ended up masturbating. Hell, he came better thinking off Molly then when he actually made love to Stacy, and Stacy was the one he loved. Coming over was a way for Darrell to find out Molly’s true feelings. He hoped that he was right that she actually liked him. This was going to be the Christmas that he’d find out one way or another.

After they hung up, Darrell told his parents he güvenilir bahis wasn’t going let Molly spend Christmas alone and that he’ll be over at her house instead of being with them. His parents didn’t object hoping that this will be the Christmas that they get together. They always thought Molly would be the perfect girl for Darrell.

Darrell came over and as soon as Molly opened the door, he pulled her into his arms and hugged her. He stepped back and admired how beautiful she was. He loved her but he would never admit that to himself, not now, not soon after he was hurt by a woman he thought he was going to marry. He was about to propose when things started to go sour with Stacy.

“Molly, you look stunning,” Darrell said as he stood back and admired her. Molly smiled.

“You look good too, Darrell,” Molly replied.

Molly led Darrell to the living room where the TV was ready to show It’s A Wonderful Life, Darrell’s favorite movie.

“I know you love this movie so I have it ready to go. Want anything to drink?” Molly asked Darrell.

“Got anything that will able us to celebrate Christmas?” Darrell replied.

“I got just what you want,” and with that Molly disappeared into the kitchen. Darrell sat down and waited Molly’s return, contemplating if he should make his move tonight or tomorrow. Molly came back with some Smirnoff Ice, a drink they both love, and turned on the movie. Before they realized it, both had a couple of drinks and had relaxed quite comfortably. Neither really watched the movie. They were too busy talking, talking abut everything, about their wants and desires. When the movie was over, they both went to bed, not quite sure of what had happened. Tomorrow would prove to be quite interesting.

The next day, Molly woke up thinking did they really talk about what they did. Did they really talk about sex and whether or not they were virgins? Molly couldn’t believe it. She just kept shaking her head and told herself never to drink that much when she was around Darrell. She was afraid of what she had and hadn’t said. She’d find out soon because there was Darrell in her doorway in his boxers, smiling slyly.

“Hi Molly,” Darrell said shyly, “I hope I didn’t offend you last night. I’m just shocked that you are still a virgin and sorry to say I’m not.”

Molly blushed and Darrell thought he just said something stupid. Maybe they hadn’t said what he thought they had said.

“So we did talk about sex,” Molly said as she looked up into Darrell’s eyes. “I thought I was dreaming. No, don’t be sorry. It’s okay. I kind of make people think I’m not a virgin. I actually wish you’d take my virginity.”

Molly stopped abruptly as she couldn’t believe she had just said that. She blushed and hid behind the blankets. Darrell’s jaw dropped. He must be dreaming. He looked at Molly to see that she was hiding and he wasn’t dreaming. She had said what he always wanted to hear. He went over to Molly and pulled the blankets away from her face and picked her face up so that she was looking into his eyes.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” he said softly and then kissed her on the lips. He stared into her eyes. “Secretly, I’ve always wanted to be with you. I’ve just never admitted it to myself till just recently. I think, no, I know that I’ve fallen in love with you a long time ago. If that is your Christmas wish, I would love to grant it.”

Molly smiled. “Please grant it,” and kissed him back.

“Then your wish is my command,” Darrell pressed a finger against Molly’s lips. “But only if I can do it my way. Stay here until I get you. I want this to be perfect.” And with that, Darrell went out the door, closing it with a sly smile and disappeared. Molly laid back, excited with anticipation. Her Christmas wish was finally, yes finally, coming true.

Darrell went down to the living room and put on a fire. He wanted to make love to Molly in front of the fire place and he wanted to do it now. He had to hurry before he burst and ruined it everything. He went to the guest room and got some blankets and pillows so that Molly would be comfortable. Then he lights some candles and stood back.

“Perfect,” Darrell thought, “this is just perfect for Molly.” With that, Darrell turned back and walked down the hallway and opened the door to Molly’s room. “Alrighty, are you ready?” Darrell said to Molly as he outstretched his hand to Molly.

“I’m ready,” Molly replied quietly as she stood up dropping the blanket to reveal Molly wearing only her underwear, just like Darrell. Molly went over to Darrell and took his hand.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take this as slow as you want. This is your Christmas present from me. I love you, Molly,” Darrell said and then kissed the top of her head as he picked Molly up into his arms. Darrell carried Molly over to the blankets and the pillows. He slowly went down onto his knees to gently place Molly on top of the pillows and blankets. He then laid down next to her and stared into her beautiful green türkçe bahis eyes.

“You have such beautiful green eyes,” Darrell whispered as he brushed his hands through Molly’s hair. Molly stared back lovingly into his brown eyes.

“I love your eyes, Darrell, as I love you,” Molly replied as she leaned in to kiss him.

Darrell embraced Molly and they started to passionately kiss. His hands wandered and roamed all over Molly, feeling every inch of skin that she had, wanting to touch every part of her. Soon, Darrell’s kisses trailed down her neck and to the outline of her bra. He reached around and unclasped her bra. He slowly pulled the bra down revealing Molly’s breasts to him. Darrell smiled. They were lovely, full, and luscious, everything he imagined them to be.

Darrell soon began to kiss and nibble on Molly’s breasts. Molly laid her head back and moaned. She had never before felt such pleasure as that she was getting from Darrell now. “It must be because he’s my true love,” Molly thought. Now in bliss, Molly pulled Darrell’s face up to hers and kissed his lips, parting his lips so her tongue could explore his mouth. All the while her hands slowly made their way down her body to his boxers. She felt the outside of his boxers and felt the bulge that was forming there. She smiled as she kissed Darrell and began to rub the bulge through the boxers.

Darrell moaned in pleasure as he felt Molly’s hands against his bulge. His hands began to explore her body some more and down to her panties. He soon found the wetness between her legs and smiled. He was so glad that she was happy, that he was making her that happy.

Darrell continued on and slipped his hands into her panties so he could fully feel her wetness. He smiled as he began to slip a finger over her clit and gently rub it. Shivers ran through Molly’s body as she brought him closer to her body and delve her tongue into his mouth, exploring every inch of it. This was beyond her dreams. She enjoyed every minute of it and couldn’t imagine what would come the next moment.

Darrell slowly made his strokes over her clit faster and brought his other finger into pussy. He began to move his finger in and out of her hole, finger fucking her like she had never experienced before. His movements went faster as he felt her relax under his hands and pleasure filled her body more. He continuously moved his finger in and out of her hole while his other finger moved in a circular pattern over her clit, bringing her pure ecstasy. Darrell feels her come closer and closer to climax. He looks up to see Molly, her eyes closed, enjoying every moment of the pleasure that Darrell is giving her. Slowly, her orgasm comes over her in waves, a feeling she has never felt before. Darrell continued to stroke her clit as Molly came down from her orgasm and caught her breath. Molly looked over at Darrell who was now laying next to her, propped up on an elbow just looking down at her smiling.

“Thank you,” Molly spoke, “now I must repay you.”

Darrell was about to tell her she didn’t have to when she took his breath away. In one quick movement, her hand was down his pants and on his member. Darrell eyes began to widen as Molly began to stroke his semi-hard cock. She moved her hand up and down, slowly at first but quickly picking up her pace. Darrell was amazed. He never knew she was this good. He laid back on his back and enjoyed feeling Molly’s hand on his member that was quickly growing harder with ever stroke of her hand. Suddenly, Molly did something that had Darrell shaking in pleasure. As she moved her hand up and down his hard shaft, she began twisting her fist around his cock, giving Darrell double pleasure and bringing him closer to cumming.

Darrell moaned in pure pleasure. Molly looked up to see the pleasure and joy all over his face as he began to cum in his boxers. Molly never stopped stroking his shaft until she had fully milked him empty. Darrell slowly went soft in Molly’s hand. She leaned up and kissed him as he stroked his hands through her hair and smiled. They kissed deeply and passionately.

“Molly, where did you learn that?” Darrell asked.

“Oh, I’m not telling you. Just know that I’m not as innocent as I look,” replied Molly.

“Okay, but, I have one question.”

“And that would be….”

“Since you are not as innocent as you look, does that mean you are actually not a virgin?”

Molly sat up at that and looked away. Darrell quickly got up and put a hand on her shoulder, about to apologize when Molly shook her head and got up.

“No,” Molly replied as she looked out the window. She then turned and looked into his eyes as she said, “I haven’t lost my virginity yet. You are looking at the only 26 year old virgin left on this planet. Does that change your mind about being with me?” With that, tears began to streak down Molly’s face. “My only Christmas wish has always been to lose my virginity to you. I guess that’s not going to happen.”

While Molly turned güvenilir bahis siteleri away, Darrell got up off the bed and went over to her. He wrapped around her from behind and put his head on her shoulder. He gently kissed her neck as he whispered, “actually, I was hoping I would be the one to take your virginity. It’s always been a dream of mine and I would love to grant your Christmas wish tonight.” And with that, Darrell turned Molly around and planted a loving kiss on her lips. “Will you allow me to grant your Christmas wish?”

With tears still streaking down her cheeks, Molly smiled and replied softly, “Yes, Darrell, please grant me my Christmas wish. It would make this Christmas perfect.”

Without saying another word, Darrell picked Molly up and carried her over to her bed. He gently placed her down and laid down next to her while planting loving kisses on her lips and all over her face.

“I love you,” he whispered as his kisses trailed down her body.

“I love you too,” Molly replied as she lifted off the bed a little to allow Darrell to first unclasp her bra and then slowly take it off to reveal her breasts to him.

Darrell moved down her neck as he slowly revealed her breasts fully to him. As he nibbled at her tits, he slowly pulled off her panties. Suddenly, one thing came rushing to Darrell’s mind.

“Um, Molly, are you on any sort of pill?” Darrell asked.

“Hmm?” Molly looked up at Darrell quizzically.

Darrell felt embarrassed. Of course he would ruin the moment thinking of not wanting to get her pregnant right now. Stuttering, Darrell tried to find the right words to express his concern to Molly.

Darrell spoke awkwardly. “You…ah…know…birth control? I want this to be the perfect night for you but, I, um, don’t want to get you pregnant at the same time. Not on our first night together. Not only would your parents kill me, my parents would kill me.”

Molly relaxed and just smiled. “Well, no, I’m not on any birth control. But,” Molly said as she began to blush, “I do have some condoms in my suitcase.”

Darrell’s eyes got large. “You, a virgin, have condoms?”

“Hey!” Molly exclaimed, “I never knew when you’d come to your senses so I had to be prepared.” Molly pouted.

Darrell moved over as Molly went to get up. Molly got up and walked over to her suitcase. Darrell stared lovingly at Molly’s back as she dug her way through her suitcase that was by her dresser, her tight little as shaking to and fro as she searched her suitcase.

“There they are!” Molly exclaimed as she turned around and showed a handful of condoms to Darrell. “Think they’ll fit?”

“Let’s try it out,” and with that Darrell took one of the condoms Molly had in her outstretched hand and unwrapped it. Darrell put it on while Molly came to the bed and sat down. “Tis fits!” Darrell said smiling up at Molly. He reached over and kissed her. “Now where were we,” he said seductively.

Molly giggled and laid back as Darrell’s hands wandered down to once again slowly pull down her panties as he passionately kiss her. As he slowly moved her panties down, Darrell kissed down her body. He reached her stomach and pulled her panties fully off. He kissed up and down each leg before once again preceding back up her body. He spread her legs apart so that he could be in between them. A passionate kiss was shared between the lips as Darrell put his cock at her entrance.

He looked deeply into her eyes and asked, “Are you ready to lose your virginity?”

“Yes,” she responded and nervously added “please don’t let it hurt too much.”

“I’ll try my best,” and with that, Darrell slowly entered Molly, trying to cause as little pain as possible. He soon reached her virginal barrier and looked deeply into Molly’s eyes as he broke it. Molly let out a little gasp of pain as Darrell quickened his pace so that he was soon fully inside of her after he broke her barrier. He stayed there until her breathing evened out and she was used to the feeling of him being inside her. He then kissed her and whispered into her ear, “I love you, Molly.”

Darrell slowly started to thrust in and out of Molly, allowing Molly to get used to the sensation of his dick moving in and out of her. He was sure that he went slow, not knowing how Molly would react or how sensitive she was. He didn’t want her first time to be scary or painful. He wanted it to be perfect for her. Slowly, as he could feel Molly’s body reacting positively to his motions, he increased his speed. All the while, Darrell continued to passionately kiss and tongue Molly, making love not only to her body but to her lips too. He loved the feeling of having his cock move in and out of her tight pussy. God, how he loved how her tight pussy hugged every inch of his hard cock. It took everything in him not to explode after a couple of thrusts. It felt that good to him. He loved every minute of this and, after stealing a couple of glances between kisses at Molly’s face, he knew she was enjoying it too.

Small moans escaped Molly’s lips and felt good against Darrell’s as he kissed her lovingly. Slowly, Darrell quickened his pace. He felt Molly’s walls clutch at his cock as the waves of pleasure were building within her.

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