A Day in Life of a Bimbo Pt. 02

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Tiffany Littlebottom woke up, rubbed her eyes and stretched, she had slept naked as was her custom. Last night had been a successful one, she had helped another nerdy guy, Mitch was his name, lose his virginity; she did not let him go until he had made her cum. She did not want him to stay for the night, because she had to wake up early for the morning lecture; Tiffany wondered, if Abby would make it to that lecture. Abby not only went to the same group, but was also Tiffany’s best friend and roommate. She was supposed to spend the night at some guy’s place; Abby was as big of a slut as Tiffany, over the last year they learnt how much they had in common and quickly became friends. They were the only girls in their group, with just four more on the entire year; after all not many women studied automation.

Tiffany was not in a rush, she always woke up early enough to brush her teeth, eat a decent breakfast, dress up and do the makeup; thanks to her transformations that last one did not take too much time. For today’s outfit she chose a pink mini dress, it was tight, strappy and had a deep cleavage, the middle part was made of mesh and the ham was only few centimetres below her full buttocks. Together with matching pink heels on fifteen centimetre tall stilettos it gave her a hooker look, but the Double Slutification transformation caused Tiffany’s style to be somewhat trashy. The outfit was completed by a pair of sheer black crotchless pantyhose and a pink lacy thong. She wore no bra, her breasts were huge and natural (for the lack of better word), but also perfectly firm. She liked the way they attracted attention as they bounced when she walked in her heels; the nipples poked through the thin fabric. Her long blonde hair hung loose over her bare shoulders and back.

The campus was mostly asleep when Tiffany left her room, she did not meet anyone as she walked to the staircase. Most of the fifteen stories high building was inhabited by students of the automation, electronics and electrical engineering, almost all of them men, but the bottom two floors were inhabited by the few girls of those faculties and girls from the management studies. With the men to women proportions of four to one the girls had a wide choice and did not need to compete; a campus is not a place for prudes.

When Tiffany entered the staircase she almost hit someone with the door. Fortunately Bob, because that was his name, was agile and narrowly dodged it. He was one the shy brilliant nerds who used to have problems approaching girls; used to, because Tiffany had cured him of that condition.

“Oh hi, Tiff” Bob greeted her cheerfully ignoring the fact that he almost got hit.

He approached her with the obvious intention of kissing her, his hand went around her waist and down to her buttock which he grabbed shamelessly. But Bob was barely 165 centimetres tall, so Tiffany in her heels was a head taller.

“Hello, Bob” she replied before leaning for a kiss.

The young man’s hands groped her body brazenly as their tongues mingled in their mouths. It seemed that Bob must have had a mental peg stuck somewhere inside of his head, once Tiffany had removed it, he became a real player and even his short height was not an obstacle.

When their lips eventually parted they went downstairs together, Bob’s palm still rested on the girl’s buttock; he only let it go when they reached the reception. They made small talk as they walked towards the university until the man eventually turned to his destination.

“See you later, Tiff” he squeezed her buttock for the last time before departing.

The girl had to walk few more minutes to reach the building in which her lecture took place.

Tiffany got to her lecture hall one minute to eight, the doctor was not there yet, but most of the students were already present; his lectures were really popular. There were some catcalls from the audience as the girl walked across the front of the hall, she turned her head to face the men and smiled, she added extra sway to her hips. Tiffany usually sat in the front row on the far side, when she reached her place; someone shouted:

“Walk it again!”

She smiled once more, put down her bag and walked back towards the door, this time she used the supermodel catwalk stride; the catcalls and whistling were even louder. When Tiffany approached the door they opened and doctor Max Driller walked in. He was a man in his late thirties, smart, friendly and ridiculously handsome; he also was the head of a project in which Tiffany played a crucial role. She offered him a bright smile and said:

“Good morning, doctor.”

“Good morning, miss Littlebottom” the brightness of his smile outshone Tiffany’s and must have blinded the people in the first row.

Driller’s charm was effortless, but he also was an excellent teacher. Tiffany turned around and began to walk towards her seat, there were no more catcalls, even though she maintained her model stride. Max followed poker oyna her as he headed towards his panel, he did not try to hide the fact that his gaze was fixed on her buttocks and legs. When Tiffany sat down and Max reached the panel, the door opened again and Abby went through them. She was wearing a little red dress, tight, short and with a deep cleavage, not unlike her friend’s, but slightly longer and without mesh. Her stiletto heels matched the colour of the dress, so did her lipstick, her legs were covered in sheer black pantyhose, as dark as her long wavy hair. She might have been slightly late to the lecture, but nothing in her appearance suggested that she had spent the night at someone else’s apartment.

“Good morning, miss Bucksom” Max offered her smile almost as bright as his previous one.

“Good morning, doctor Driller. Sorry, I’m late.”

“You barely made it in time. Please, sit down.”

Max did not act look impatient, even though Abby did not hurry to sit next to Tiffany; she also swayed her hips in a model walk as she crossed the hall. The girls kissed their cheeks as the proper educational process finally began.

The lecture was interesting and informative as always, that was why they were so popular; doctor Driller had the ability to explain even the toughest subjects to all those who were willing to focus and try to understand. When the lecture eventually ended and the students began to pack and leave Max approached Tiffany and said:

“You don’t have any classes right now, do you?”

“Nope, I got two hours to spare.”

“Good. Please, come to my office, I got some good news about the project and we need to discuss them.”

They both kept the conversation neutral, but a barely perceptible gleam in their eyes suggested that there was another layer to that affair; Abby was well aware of that layer.

“See you in the afternoon, Tiff. I got a lab in ten minutes.”

“Bye, Abby.”

The kissed their cheeks again and the raven haired girl left. They were in the same group, but both had some different extra classes.

Tiffany and Max walked to his office side by side, the man courteously opened the door for her. When they both entered he not only closed the door, but also locked it. He then wrapped his strong arm around the girl’s waist, pulled her close and kissed her passionately on the lips; Tiffany eagerly returned the kiss, their tongues began to dance inside of their mouths. When their lips eventually parted and they regained their breath, the girl was the first to speak, although she still remained in the man’s embrace:

“I like to hear such news.”

“This was just a welcoming kiss” replied Max.

He moved his hands lower to grab Tiffany’s buttocks, he continued to speak as he groped them.

“I do have actual news and they are good. I thought that I could lay them out to you, while you relieve some of my stress.”

“You don’t seem overly stressed” she replied with a smirk, at the same time she reached with her hand to his crotch “oh, now I see it. Awfully stressful situation, indeed.”

The bulge on Max’s trousers was growing rapidly. The man smiled widely, let go of Tiffany’s buttocks and turned her in his arms, so that she was with her back to him. He grabbed her breasts with both hands and pressed his crotch into her booty; she put her palms onto his, but not to object; a moan escaped her lips.

“Very stressful, indeed” said Max pressing his erection against her body harder “but I’m sure it’s nothing you can’t handle.”

As he spoke he possessively groped her huge breasts, then began to kiss her neck. Tiffany willingly offered him her body, her moans were a clear proof that she was enjoying the somewhat rough caress. Since her transformations the girl did not need much to get horny, she was already getting slightly moist between her legs.

Max eventually let go of her breasts and lead her to his desk; the thick soft rug lying on the floor was there for a purpose. The man pulled the chair back farther from the desk, so Tiffany would have more space; he sat down and she knelt in front of him. As she unzipped his trousers and pulled out his sizeable penis he began to lay out the news for her; he talked about new sponsors, wider scope of the project and necessary participation of other students, with Tiffany as a leader obviously. The girl mostly used her mouth for the fellatio, but occasionally asked a question.

Max’s penis was only slightly longer than average, but more importantly it was significantly thicker, Tiffany loved having her pussy stretched by it. But she also enjoyed running circles with her tongue around the fat head, that way she could taste it and see up close how responsive it was. She had pulled the man’s trousers lower, so she could fondle his large testicles with one of her palms, she used the other to slowly stroke the shaft. Eventually she took the head into her mouth, she pressed her lips tightly around it as canlı poker oyna it went inside. Max’s speech was occasionally interrupted be groans or inhales, he kept talking nevertheless. Tiffany soon proceeded to sucking as she took the cock deeper into her mouth. She was doing her best mostly because she enjoyed giving blowjobs, but she was also well aware that Max was an expert licker and could work wonders with his tongue; when she finished he would surely return the favor.

By the time Tiffany took Max’s penis into her throat the man had already stopped talking, he sat back and simply enjoyed the blowjob. The girl was pretty decent at deepthroating, but also aware that she needed to practice a lot more; her ambitions were not purely professional and scientific, she aimed at being the best at everything that was important to her and all forms of sex were high on that list. Tiffany swapped between deepthroating, sucking and licking, she never ceased to fondle the balls. Max’s stamina was as impressive as his girth and she knew she would need to work hard to receive his load. Finally after many pleasurable minutes she sensed the man’s body stiffening as he issued a low grunt. She withdrew the penis so that only the head remained beyond her lips, she squeezed them hard as she continued to lick it, she stroked the shaft as well, harder this time. Soon Max’s seed shot at the back of her mouth and began to fill it, his testicles were large and so were his cumshots; Tiffany had to swallow as she continued to stimulate the cock.

When the last drop eventually went down her throat, Tiffany licked the cock clean and stood up. She put her hands on the chair’s armrests and leaned to Max’s face, he was one of those guys who always kissed their girls after sex, even if it was a blowjob. This kiss was not as long as the welcoming one, but was equally passionate; the man’s hands ventured under Tiffany’s dress and rubbed her pussy through the now moist panties. When their kiss ended Max hiked up the dress, pulled the thong to the side, then commenced to rub the wet pussy. Tiffany again started to moan, Max’s fingers were almost as good as his tongue.

A knock on the door interrupted their bliss.

“Just a minute” said Max aloud and added in a quiet voice “fix yourself, we’ll need to finish this later. Soon.”

Tiffany had a reason to be angry, she had gotten so horny and now was refused the relief, but she understood the situation and knew that the waiting would be worth it in the end. Max stood up from his desk and slowly walked to the door giving the girl the time to fix her appearance. When he reached and unlocked the door, Tiffany looked as decent as she could in her slutty outfit. Max opened the door for the guest.

“Oh, hi Mark” he greeted the man in the corridor.

It was Mark Dien, the dean of the Electrical faculty.

“Hi, Max. I see that you have a visitor.”

“Good morning, sir.”

“Good morning, miss Littlebottom. I’m sorry for interrupting you…”

“You’re not interrupting, Mark” replied Max “we were talking about the project.”

“Of course” said the dean as he locked the door “mind if I join the conversation?”

“Not as all… sir” replied Tiffany.

She had had sex with the dean in the past and both men knew about her affairs with the other one. Neither was jealous, because she was not in a relationship with them and they were both married; but they had never had a threesome either. Max’s office might not have been the best place to do that, but Tiffany was not the one to object.

“How about you return to your conversation” said Mark “and I’ll see where I can fit in, huh?”

A doctor does not receive a threesome proposal from the dean everyday, so it would be rude to decline it.

“Sounds reasonable” replied Max with a grin “help me clean the desk. We’re past the documents phase.”

The three of them quickly removed all the things from the desk and Tiffany laid down on top of it, her head on one edge, her booty on the other. Max knelt down in the spot that was only recently occupied by the girl, he hiked up her dress again, took off the panies, spread her nylon covered legs and finally dived between them, tongue first. The dean did not need to search for an opening too long, Tiffany’s head hanging off the edge of the desk was a perfect opportunity for her to practice deepthroating; it would be a difficult lesson because Mark was really well endowed. The girl was not given the chance to moan from the pleasure that Max’s skillful tongue was bringing her, because the deans large penis soon entered her mouth; it was not something she would complain about though. Mark was not forcing himself on Tiffany, he placed his cock on her lips and let her pick the pace. She licked and sucked him for a while until his penis got fully hard, then took him deeper; she placed her hands on the dean’s thighs, so she could give him signs regarding the pace.

The girl had already been internet casino really horny when Mark knocked on the door, so by the time Max’s tongue, lips and fingers brought her to a climax the dean was barely (wooah) halfway there. He pulled the cock out of Tiffany’s throat, so she could breath freely, but kept it in her mouth, so that her cries would not be too loud. Max continued to lick and finger her, as her young body trembled with ecstasy. The man knew her well enough to recognize when to stop, when he finally did so, the dean pulled his cock out of the girl’s mouth so she could take a deep breath; he held her head so it would not hang off the edge.

Mark helped Tiffany to get off the desk and kissed her, he was not as good of a kisser as Max, but he also did not mind kissing lips that had sucked his cock. Max gave her a short kiss as well and that was all for her rest; after all the dean still had an erection. Mark pulled Tiffany’s dress over her head, groped her breasts for a moment, gave her another short kiss, then bent her over the desk; she eagerly offered him her wet pussy. The dean’s cock might not have been as thick as Mark’s, but it was longer and overall significantly larger than average; Tiffany was not a size queen, but if penis size went together with skill then it was all the better. Before Mark put his penis to work he fingered the girl’s pussy to check how ready she was, just as he had expected she was soaking wet and basically craving cock, despite the recent orgasm. He placed the head of his penis at the pussy lips, grabbed her hips with both hands, then shoved it in decisively; a high-pitched cry escaped her lips.

Max was not idle either, he was standing by the side of his desk and caressing Tiffany’s smooth tanned skin, but more importantly he was getting closer to being ready for a second round. Sloppy seconds after the dean might not have been something that one would write in their resume, but Max’s male pride was not going to get hurt by it either.

Mark quickly reached the desired fast pace, his thrusts were hard, but luckily for the lovers the desk was solid and stable. Tiffany’s moans were mixing with the slapping of their skin and the dean’s occasional grunts. Max continued to caress the girl’s body, he mostly played with her huge breasts, sometimes he silenced her with a kiss. Mark’s stamina was not as impressive as that of his subordinate, although he still could last decently long; but Tiffany had climaxed only recently and she did not reach a second orgasm before he shot his load. He did not fill her pussy though, instead he pulled out and took her off the desk, the girl went to her knees right away, she took the head his cock into her mouth and began to suck it at the same time vigorously stroking the shaft; she swallowed a second load that day and it was still morning. When he emptied his balls Mark sat down in Max’s chair, breathing hard. The doctor took the advantage of the kneeling Tiffany and offered his cock for sucking, obviously she did not oppose. But the blowjob’s purpose was only to get him hard, so soon the girl was back on the desk, but in a different position this time, her booty was on the edge, her torso up resting on the elbows; finally she would have Max’s fat cock stretching her tight pussy. Mark was good, but Max was a lot better.

The first shove was not as hard, he instead pushed the fat head of his cock slowly, letting it spread the pussy lips and stretch the entrance as it gently proceeded in. Tiffany issued a long loud moan which did not stop until Max’s whole penis was in. The man then grabbed her hips and withdrew his own, he started slowly and gradually increased the pace; the girl soon resumed her moaning.

The dean watched them for a while, but eventually hid his cock, zipped up his pants and stood up.

“I came here to talk” he said nonchalantly “but that can wait. But I still have other work to do, so I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone. Thank you, miss Littlebottom, it’s always a pleasure to meet you. You better lock the door behind me, Max.”

The dean left and the doctor had to interrupt the intercourse to lock the door, but he resumed without delay. He managed to bring Tiffany to a second orgasm that morning before he reach his own second climax; the girl tried not to be too loud, but succeeded only partially. When Max finally crossed the point of no return he also pulled out and shot it into Tiffany’s mouth; she was more than happy to swallow. They shared one more passionate kiss, then she cleaned herself up a bit, dressed and left. The first place she visited was a bathroom, where she cleaned herself up some more and fixed the makeup; fortunately thanks to the transformations not much work was necessary.

Tiffany had one more lecture and a laboratory, when they were done she decided to hit the gym before going to a dinner. Maintaining a fit body did not require much effort on her part, again thanks to the transformations, but she learnt that she actually enjoyed exercises as well as extending the bimbo image to the gym. She returned to the campus to pick up her workout clothes, these were white opaque pantyhose and a pink thong leotard; the vintage style was perfect for showing off and teasing.

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