A Lovely Afternoon!

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Laura walked back to her house. Still smiling. Still warm. Still electrified. She never would have imagined kissing her friend good bye after the lunch date they just had. Not even to mention kissing her that way… Gail has licked Laura’s lips. That was nothing like kissing her husband. It was nothing like she had ever felt. She decided that she would indeed have a terrific rest of the day off. When she went into the house, she set the security system. She certainly didn’t want her husband walking in on her. As she passed the kitchen, she picked up matches and then continued up stairs. She could here the raindrops lightly against the windows. It sounded romantic. When she reached the master bedroom, she lit her favorite scented candles and was reaching to play a soothing CD but then decided that the rain was much more the mood she wanted. She couldn’t believe how sensual and romantic she was feeling. And she also couldn’t believe she was going to try to masturbate this afternoon. She wanted to be able to so badly. Especially after hearing both her friends discuss their own sessions. Even though she has never been successful, she felt different about this afternoon… she was hopeful.

She moved the full length mirror over near the wall of over sized windows. This way she could look outside, enjoying the rain, and also look into the mirror, enjoying her own body. She was wondering how to begin. And then she just started appreciating her body… She started by running her fingers through her hair and caressing her scalp. She always enjoyed, but never could bring herself to ask her husband to do it to her. She pulled her hair back into a pony and posed for the mirror. She always did like the way she looked with her hair pulled back. Her hands went to her neck, caressing and massaging. Laura’s eyes were opening and closing. She was enjoying her sensual touching and also enjoying the raining landscape. Her hands wandered to her shoulders and upper arms… She was feeling her muscles under her touch… almost like giving herself a little massage. She could sense her body relaxing. She began to wonder why she had never been able to masturbate before. She continued to caress her arms… watching herself touch herself in the mirror.

She liked the voyeuristic nature of this. Was she scared? Is that why she could never cum when she tried to masturbate? She saw her jawbone and cheeks in the mirror. Her hands went to her face… softly following her jawbone, and then tracing her lips. This felt quite erotic to Laura. She liked her lips and sometimes wondered what they looked like as she made love to her husband. She could see them now, in the mirror… and they were pretty. Did her husband think they were pretty? Did he think she was pretty? He has only asked a few times for her to suck his cock. She wondered what she looked like when she sucking his cock. Even though they have been married many years, she has only done it a few times. She just didn’t feel comfortable doing that. Although, the other evening she had really enjoyed going down on Dan. She had actually wanted to. She did gag a few times, but it excited her. Why had she wanted to? You have to admit, that entire evening was unusual to say the least. What would her husband say when she told him about that evening? Oh my goodness. She was still looking at herself in the mirror when a flash of lightning startled her. She jumped a little. She let her fingers touch her neck and shoulders again. As the rain picked up, her hands wandered down her sides and to her tummy. Caressing, tickling, and feeling herself. She was still remembering the story Debbie had told over lunch. It sounded so natural for her… her hands just knew what to do and where to go. It always seemed like a struggle for Laura. Never knowing what to do and when to do it. She was enjoying herself now, wasn’t she? I think so. One of her hands went under her shirt to her belly… running her fingers back and forth. She stopped to tickle her belly button. She also let a finger slide under the waist band of her skirt. It felt looser. Had she lost a little weight? She liked feeling her tummy like this. She reached around and massaged her lower back. Alternating between gently teasing and more briskly squeezing her back. Mmmm, that felt good. It was always her lower back where she most felt stress and tension. Part of her wanted to lie down and massage her back more. But looking in the mirror was too exciting for her.

She remembered when she had dressed this morning; she had wanted to dress sexy for lunch with her two friends. Underneath her skirt and white blouse, she was wearing a matching tank and shorts. When she thought of herself dressing, she felt her nipples tingle and her legs get a bit weak. She wanted to look at herself in the mirror just as her friend had done. She began to slowly unbutton her blouse. She turned to look outside. The rain was really coming down now. When she had two buttons left, she slowly reached inside güvenilir bahis her blouse… feeling the fabric of the tank. She reached in further and felt the small swell of her breast. She continued until she was cupping her left breast. It felt naughty. It felt tantalizing. It looked wonderful. She saw herself with her hand inside her blouse, feeling up her own breast. Laura was almost embarrassed when she noticed her nipple was hard and poking through the tank. She let her thumb graze it… back and forth. Mmmm. It felt so hard. She had occasionally looked at herself when she was showering, but never thought her nipples got that hard. She circled her nipple with her thumb as she stood and watched herself and listened to the rain. She was enjoying all her senses. She could actually feel her areola through the fabric! Her thumb was exploring the landscape of her nipple, slowly becoming one with it. As it hardened, Laura allowed her thumb and forefinger to team up and roll the nipple. She enjoyed how it felt under her touch. It continued to grow as she did, even through the fabric of the tank.

Laura didn’t realize it, but if someone was standing near her, they would be able to see Laura’s lips quivering slightly. Most anyone would be able to tell that Laura was enjoying herself just by watching her. Every once in a while, Laura would turn to the side, to look at her profile in the mirror. She liked how she looked this skirt… her butt looked attractive in it. She unbuttoned the remaining two buttons with her left hand as her right hand continued to delight her left breast. Slowly, she removed her blouse and faced the mirror. She began to smile, obviously liking what she saw. If you hadn’t been watching her the last fifteen minutes, you would have thought the sight was quite odd… As she stood there, Laura’s left nipple was hard, excited, and protruding against the tank fabric. Her areola was also quite noticeable, the perimeter was also pressing against the tank fabric. However, Laura’s right nipple appeared non-existent under the tank. Laura thought she looked pretty… still in sandals and the spring skirt and then a pretty tank showing off her boobies and toned upper body. It was turning out to be a very nice day off indeed.

Laura wanted to feel her waist and hips that were lying under her skirt. Her hands slowly caressed her waist and tummy and hips. For a bit, her fingers would trace and her palms would caress. It felt tender and exotic simultaneously. Why had it never felt like this before? Maybe she had tried just to cum, without treating herself to these pleasures. As she paid attention to her midriff, she turned to watch the storm. The rain and occasional lightning and thunder provided a relaxing ambience. Laura followed the curves of her body… tracing her hips down to her thighs. Then reaching around behind to hold her butt and then run fingers up and down her butt crack… Then back around to her front to follow her tummy down to her mound passing over what she knew was her patch of pubic hair. This reminded her of Debbie’s story… Where Debbie had mentioned (off hand, of course) that she shaves herself… down there! How did Debbie put it? …Oh yes, that she had a bald pussy that made her look like a high school girl! While remembering that, Laura could feel a tingling begin to surface as well as what felt like a slight bit of moisture between her own legs. While still running her hands gently back and forth over her muff, Laura pondered what it would be like if she shaved down there?? What would she look like? Cute? Ugly? Wow would it feel? Sexy? Slutty? Would her husband like it? Or hate it?

As Laura pondered, she was also turning back to the mirror. She was continuing to run her fingers over her own muff while imagining Debbie’s lack of one. Through her clothing of course. She allowed one finger to venture down just a tad further than the rest… to touch a most tender spot. Mmmm. Laura was surprised to find her clitoris ever so slightly swollen! That had never happened so quickly when she attempted masturbating before. She was so surprised that her finger quickly jerked away. She was quite pleased however… and wondered how that had happened? She had tried before and no swelling resulted. Maybe it was the result of thinking about her friend Debbie’s bald pussy… And what it would look like… And what Debbie would look like… completely nude in front of the mirror. This made her wonder what she would look like completely naked in front of that mirror. This is when Laura realized that she didn’t actually think she was going to go this far with herself this afternoon… And then she began to wonder how far she would actually get this afternoon… But Laura didn’t want to spoil anything by ‘planning’ it… She wanted it to just happen. Her thoughts went back to the thought of Debbie and her story…

Laura felt a bit naughty as she was thinking of her friend Debbie while she was playing with herself. türkçe bahis Even so, her thoughts did not stop and neither did her hands. I bet she has a nice looking butt, Laura thought. It certainly looks nice in clothes. I would have liked to be hiding in her closet that night… Standing behind her… Watching her butt as she stood there, pleasing herself. Laura was imagining her profile in that dimly lit room. I guess I have always wondered… When we have been out in the summer, I have appreciated her in those shorts she likes to wear, accenting her butt and thighs. As Laura’s thoughts focused, so did her hands… They reached back and under her own skirt and began to massage her own butt… cupping her cheeks, lifting, separating, squeezing, allowing her fingers to separate and feel the shape of her butt. Laura didn’t realize how much she enjoying playing with her own butt and the pleasure it was producing. Her hands would move to her lower back and massage and then travel down lower and explore where her butt meets her thighs. Sometimes daring to let her fingers in toward her crack. Mmmm. Even through the fabric of her undies, she though she could feel the small hairs surrounding her butt hole and running up to her lips. Her fingers focused on this fur for quite awhile.

Unconsciously, she was wondering if Debbie shaved this area as well… She tried to visualize Debbie’s most private area… Does she have full lips or narrow lips? Do her labia swell when she gets excited? What does her clitoris look like? Small and hidden? Or exposed and swollen? Laura hadn’t noticed as her thoughts went to Debbie, that her fingers were paying more attention to her own butt hole. circling it, teasing it, applying slight pressure into it through her shorts, and then returning to playing with her furry area, but not going anywhere near her pussy. As she was standing there, Laura hadn’t realized that time was passing. She had already been “relaxing” for 45 minutes. This is the most time she had ever spent pleasuring herself and it didn’t even feel like work this time. What was she doing different? What had changed? Then she realized that she was “dreaming” about Debbie and that her fingers were where they were! At first, she felt naughty again. Thinking that it was inappropriate to be thinking of Debbie that way, and playing. But then, she thought it wasn’t hurting anyone. And Debbie had actually started it by telling them that story… quite vividly telling that story!

Several more minutes had passed when it appeared that her left hand had decided to try something new. While still under her skirt but outside her underwear, her left hand moved around front to explore out there. Initiating it by rubbing her tummy and tracing the elastic of her boy shorts. Then Laura’s hand wanted to feel her muff… Slowly going further down the front until… she began to feel it, through her underwear. It truly excited her. Her fingers spread out in a fan and proceeded to move up and down across her patch. Laura was surprised with the ease in which she was now stroking herself. She had to see what she looked like… She turned her head from the window to the mirror, getting a profile shot. Laura saw her right hand reaching down under the back side of her skirt as her left hand was down under her front side. Oh my! What a pretty sight, she thought! Laura felt a slight electric feeling throughout her body as she gazed at her own body treating itself in this way.

She also began to wonder… What would her husband say if he saw her like this? What would he do? She remembered what Debbie’s husband did… just come in and ravage her, spoiling all the pleasure, the sensitivity, the anticipation, the wonder. But part of her wanted her husband to see her playing and pleasuring herself in such an intimate way. She wanted him to feel a little hurt that she could pleasure when he couldn’t do it. She realized her hands were moving up and down in unison now. Her fingers raking across her muff and also up and down her butt crack. She liked the way the fabric felt between her fingers and her private areas. Finally, even though she couldn’t believe how wonderful this felt, She wanted so badly to move on… to other pleasures. Could she continue? Should she continue? When is he coming home? Do I have time to continue? Who cares. This is so wonderful, I have to keep going.

She slowly pulled her hands out from under her skirt and turned to the mirror. Her hands naturally went to her breasts feeling and cupping. She didn’t notice, but she was actually cooing and moaning ever so quietly. The cupping transitioned into a bit more pleasure from the rolling and twisting of her nipples… which produced a bit more moaning and less cooing. Laura was exciting herself by just watching herself play while standing in front of the mirror. A thought popped into her head, Laura wanted to call up Gail and invite her over to see what she was doing… And how well she was doing it. But that would güvenilir bahis siteleri be to forward and inappropriate. Wouldn’t it? What would her neighbor think?? She stood looking into the mirror… sexually heightened. Anticipating more. Wondering when the last time it was when she felt this aroused. Certainly not for years. Well, before that adventure a few nights ago. You see, Laura and her husband do not experience any sexual activity together very often, if at all. Laura doesn’t really feel the need any longer and he has stopped trying. A shame. But reality. Would he try if he saw her like this? Doing this? Or would he just walk out of the room? Hard to guess. And sad… She felt badly. What had happened? With that small lapse, Laura almost felt like stopping. Her emotional feelings were overriding her physical feelings. Wait, not just physical feelings. Today’s feelings were emotional feeling too. She remembered what it felt like to cum and she so very badly wanted to feel that again. With that, her hands went to the zipper of her skirt and paused. Almost waiting for approval to continue with the task… And almost as a response, she felt a tingling through her body… hardening her nipples and making her lips quiver… she had to continue…

Laura slowly unzipped the zipper over her hips. Her skirt loosened. Laura stood looking at herself. She certainly did not have the body of a twenty year old any longer. She always thought that if she worked out and kept her weight in check, she would be okay. She thought she looked decent still. As she watched her herself, Laura gently wiggled her hips to allow her skirt to fall to the floor. Laura stepped out of the skirt, leaning down, watching her body in the mirror. The muscles in her legs were toned and showed nicely. Her hands ran the length of her bent leg, front and back. Her leg felt strong under her touch. When she stood back up, she allowed her fingers to trace her butt crack and twat, tingling her privates. Laura enjoyed looking at her body standing in just underwear. It was difficult to control her thoughts now. She liked the underwear and the way it looked on her. The tank and boy short combo was kinda cute… kinda macho… and kinda athletic. She actually pranced around a bit in front of the mirror. Watching herself all the while. Laura sensually “adjusted” them. When she pulled the shorts up a little, using both hands on the elastic waistband. Laura stared and the outline of her lips showing very obviously through the fabric. Her left hand released the waistband and felt at the showing mound.

Softly at first and lightly using all four fingers together. Laura then pressed more with her middle finger into her slit through the fabric and lightly flicking her clit at the end. While her clit was sensitive to the touch, it certainly very noticeable. Usually hiding under the thick fold of skin covering it. That was probably why it has always been difficult to orgasm when having intercourse with a guy, she thought. With the attention of her finger though, her clit began to scream for more attention. That’s unusual, she thought. So Laura rubbed her fingers side to side over her clit. Her usual delicate clit was reacting by swelling to a size not felt before by Laura. She was able to take it between her thumb and finger and stroke it. The cooing she made rose again. And Laura this time heard her own moaning as a response to the manipulation. She couldn’t stop… Laura’s hand was jerking off her clit slowly and methodically. When she squeezed the sides of her clit, her entire body shivered. Her breathing transitioned to shorter, quicker breaths. The fabric of her shorts was being stretched more and more… tighter and tighter around her clit. Laura was now trying to get another finger under her clit to enhance her stroking. On the down stroke, it almost dips into her lips. And on the up stroke, Laura is able to gather her thumb and first two fingers squeezing her swollen clit. The third finger also traced the outline of her outer lips… feeling the slow swelling there as well. She enjoyed the feel of her lips in her fingers. So much so that both hands went there to provide service… Her left hand diddling her left lip and her right hand diddling her right lip. She was actually pulling each out through her underwear. She could feel her undies getting quite moist as she did. Her forefingers ran up and then down her lips. Even though there was fabric there, she was able to separate her lips. When she did, even more moisture was released onto her undies. Her second fingers got into the act… They took over for where Laura’s forefingers were and her forefingers went to tantalizing her inner lips. Her legs bowed, knees spread, allowing her hands to maintain their effort. Her legs were getting weaker and weaker. But her hands wouldn’t stop. Afterwards, Laura would think back and wish she had thought to record herself this afternoon. Hearing the sounds she made was making her even more excited. As her first two fingers were manipulating those precious lips, her thumbs positioned themselves with that clitoris between and began moving up and down it’s small but swollen shaft. Laura’s breathing was joined with moaning sounds now.

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