A Marriage is Arranged

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The year is 1851 and I am in the lounge when mother walks in.


“When are you going to settle down and marry Geoffrey?” Mother asked for what must have been the hundredth time.

“When I’m good and ready,” I replied.

“Only Rupert has two lovely little boys already,” she reminded me that my younger brother had already wed..

“And the ugliest wife this side of Putney Bridge,” I reminded her.

“Rebeckah is a lovely girl, she cannot help her looks,” Mother chided, “But as you know if you are not wed before you turn thirty great aunt Eleanor’s money goes to cousin James instead.”

“A few hundred pounds, Pah!” I cried knowing the old bitch’s estate was worth almost nothing.

“Actually it has done rather well since her her executors sold her country estate to the Macclesfield and Salford extension railway in exchange for shares in the company.” Mother added.

“So?” I sighed.

“And worth half a million pounds.”

“Bloody hell!” I gasped, why I could pay my bill at the whore house, pay my gambling debts and buy myself out of the damned army.

“But as you are twenty nine already dear Aunt Delilah has taken it upon herself to find you a bride and she has chosen her great friend Gertrude’s daughter, Lucinda,” Mother continued.

“Her!, dear god, she’s a servant of Lesbos, she would no sooner take me than an elephant!” I exclaimed.

“A half million is a great aphrodisiac,” she pointed out, “And you will be free to chase whores till your hearts content.”

“But Mother, she consorts with other women carnally!” I gasped.

“As does Aunt Delilah,” Mother pointed out.

“Ah, a marriage for appearances,” I declared.

“But of course Geoffrey,” Mother continued, “No one woman could conceivably absorb your passion, no if you two marry I dare say she will frighten every serving maid witless while you waste all your money on whores, rather like your poor father.”

Poor father, he had a seizure when in full passion with a whore in the back room at the Dog and Duck and it took three men to pull them apart. He still has no life in his left leg or left arm which means he needs the assistance of two footmen when he fornicates, but I am sure you do not wish to hear how he accomplishes the deed. It really does defy the imagination. Ugh!

Lucinda was the same age as I and we had met on various social occasions. She was tall and willowy, carried a revolting snappy little lap dog at all times and almost invariably has some sweet serving maid in tow. It was supposed she subjected each to every possible indignity before casting them aside for the next. Rather like I did with a new whore come to think of it.

It was widely believed that Lucinda saved her smiles for her girls, others believed her incapable of smiling. She had the charm of a rattlesnake and the wit of an Orang Outang. She smelled rather like the jungle or the monkey house at Kew Gardens with all the gallons of scent she doused herself in before venturing out.

Short dark hair scraped into a bun like our new queen, Victoria the First if you please, hardly enhanced her looks, hard cold grey eyes, need I go on.

We met briefly at Aunt Delilah’s house. Took afternoon tea together without actually commencing hostilities and took a stroll along the terrace un chaperoned.

“This most certainly was not my idea,” she hissed.

“Nor mine,” I agreed.

“Then we are agreed, separate lives.” she insisted.

“Separate beds,” I added.

“And don’t even think of consummation,” she hissed.

“No, indeed , that would be a challenge beyond even my abilities,” I admitted.

“That is a relief,” she agreed, “I think I have found a most güvenilir bahis agreeable property nearby, near enough to the flesh pots for you and yet in fashionable neighbourhood.”

“Excellent, I need stabling of course and several chambermaids.” I explained.

“Yes, lots of sweet young chambermaids, I think we might just rub along famously,” she opined and against all expectations she smiled.

The wedding was a modest affair, five hundred guests or less. I am afraid the kiss on the brides’s cheek was amongst the most perfunctory ever planted and the reception in the Assembly rooms one of the most as they say “Cost Effective” ever. Aunt Delilah paid and she was ever loath to part with her guineas. I swear she served carbonated spring water while claiming it to be Champagne.

We retired to Aunt Delilah’s residence in the early evening. We sat down to dinner, ate our fill and then Aunt Delilah announced, “Good, there remains just one small matter to resolve, Consummation.”

“We have agreed such is unnecessary,” Lucinda announced, haven’t we Geoffrey.”

“Yes,” I agreed.

“Nonsense, it must be consummated to complete the legalities, is that not right Mr Lawson?” the old witch asked.

Her weasel faced Lawyer agreed. “Consummated and witnessed My Lady.”

“I’m no damned Lady,” Delilah snapped, “I’m a Miss and always shall be, but come we must witness the deed.”

“Can we wait till tomorrow?” Lucinda asked playing for time.

“No indeed not, we have witnesses here now, now is the time!” Delilah insisted.

“Er, this is awkward,” I whispered to Lucinda, “I am afraid I can’t just become aroused at will, I fear consummation may be impossible.”

“I have no desire what so ever to consummate the relationship either,” she admitted, “What do we do now?”

“Would you excuse us please?” Lucinda asked and she grasped me by the arm and hurried me from the room.

“This is a fine mess,” Lucinda hissed, “How shall we consummate a union neither of us desires.”

“Perhaps you could rouse me if you were to condescend to suckle my member?” I asked.

“Most certainly not!” she snapped, “And there is not a single thing you can do to rouse my passions. either.”

“How do you rouse them?” I asked.

“With a girl you idiot, a sweet innocent serving maid for my preference,” she admitted.

“I too am partial to the occasional sweet innocent serving maid,” I agreed, “Though they do not remain innocent for long!”

“How about if we sneak a serving wench into the bed chamber?” Lucinda asked.

“Or two, one to rouse me and one for you?” I suggested.

“Geoffrey you are entirely depraved,” Lucinda agreed, “But sweet kisses and my set of widows comforters should suffice, provided we can extract the ivory and swiftly insert your member.”

My member stirred at the thought of a widows comforter, Elephant’s tusks carved into an effigy of male members and supplied in sets from small to ridiculously large as demonstrated by ladies in the more select bordellos.

“I think we may have something there,” I agreed, we just need some privacy to give the wenches time to hide.”

“Yes, that should work,” Lucinda agreed, “I will have Maisy and you can choose your own wench. Shall we rejoin the party?”

“I think we should at least ask the maids first,” I suggested.

“Really? I thought you just upended them and had your way regardless,” she countered.

“Sometimes it is merely a look but I own they always seem willing enough, anyway I shall seek a volunteer.”

I went to the kitchen and assembled the staff and explained what I required.

Two housemaids, Maisy and Claire, Cook, Wendy the half wit scullery maid.

“I’ll do it,” Doris the big chested fat ugly cook offered, which türkçe bahis made the others laugh.

“I should like to Master,” Wendy offered, “I ant andled no cock afore.”

“That’s very kind my dear. Remind me to give you a shilling for your trouble.” I replied, “And Miss Kucinda has requested Maisy assist her.

“Why do I always get the mucky end of the stick,” she grumbled.

I rejoined Lucinda and we returned to the dining room,

“What have you love-birds been plotting?” Aunt Delilah queried.

“The consummation of course,” Lucinda announced causing several people present to blush, “We think after supper would be best.”

Supper passed in a mixture of apprehension and anticipation, a sweet maid to rouse me and the challenge to remain hard as I claimed Lucinda. I thought if I could manage two or three pokes and have her feign a climax I might just succeed.

We went upstairs, Lucinda, Maisy, Wendy and myself.

Dark haired, slim, petite Wendy, with a willing smile and rock hard teats. I had barely sat upon the bed before she had her hand down my breeches seeking my member.

It crossed my mind that she was not so stupid as she liked to pretend.

She gripped my shaft firmly, “Will you put in a word for me in town sir?” she whispered, “Only I think I should like being an arlot and doing blokes all day instead of washing dishes and that.”

“Rouse me well and I shall write you a letter of recommendation,” I promised while making a mental note to ensure that over the next few days I introduced her to the full gamut of the indignities expected of a lower orders harlot.

Rouse me she did, so much so that it was a race to drop my breeches swiftly enough before my member extended too far to easily be extracted.

Masiy had disappeared from the waist up as her head was up Lucinda’s skirts and the sounds of suckling could be plainly heard.

“Are we ready?” I asked.

Lucinda agreed.

“Leave us girls and let the lawyers in,” I ordered.

I threw off my shirt and advanced towards Lucinda, throwing her skirts high to expose her mound and quim.

The door was open, the girls departing and the lawyers entering.

“Swiftly, do it while I am still roused,” Lucinda whispered.

“Very well,” I agreed as my member was already starting to wilt.

I placed the bulbous knob end against her quim, spearing into the moistened slit and pressed him home fully, she yielded.

“Tis done!” I whispered.

“Indeed, and far less painfully that I imagined,” she confirmed.

“Shall I withdraw?” I whispered.

“No, we should try to bear it a little longer so there is no doubt,” she replied.

“Are you sure his thing is in her?” Aunt Delilah asked inna stage whisper.

“I do believe so,” Mr Peasbody the lawyer opined.

“Only he isn’t moving.” she added.

“I hear no protestations of love,” Angleby the other lawyer opined.

“I thought we’d see some serious banging,” Cook announced.

“Like a sack of spuds,” Reynolds the head gardener announced.

“Dear god how many of you are there watching us fornicate?” I asked.

“One , two,” Cook started counting.

“Fourteen sir,” Angleby announced, “This really does seem to be a sham.”

I was trying to hold myself in, but her warm quim juices were rousing me and my needs had to be assuaged.

I began to hump against her, “We had better put on a show.” I suggested.

“Kiss me,” she said, “Tell me you love me.”

“I shall not lie though your womb does seem surprisingly compliant,” I whispered.

“And your member is warm and stiff yet soft at the same time,” she admitted, “I imagined much worse.”

“If I press against you thus, shall you bear it?” I asked.

She gasped güvenilir bahis siteleri as I started to hump and grind my crotch against her clitoris, “Oh yes, yes, press harder, oh my lord!”

I found myself in full flow, humping at her and kissing her ear like she was a whore. My member was rampant, all thoughts of shrinking were banished and I forgot about who Lucinda was and concentrated on my own pleasure.

It seemed like I humped at her for hours but was probably minutes. She had not the Harlots art of making me expel before I wished so she could take another, rather she seemed shocked at her own pleasure until at length I felt the rush of climax approach.

“I must withdraw.” I whispered.

“Ah indeed not sir, we must see the seed implanted.” Angleby insisted.

“Don’t be an imbecile!” I retorted but it was too late. My balls were emptying fast. Gout after gout of silver grey cum was shooting along my shaft.

“Oh Oh Oh!” Lucinda gasped as waves of passion overcame her until we both collapsed completely spent.

“Thank you sir, thank you madam, I think that will suffice,” Angleby announced, “Shall we leave the wedded coupe to their further fornication.”

They filed from the room.

We remained locked together, then my member began to swell anew.

“What’s happening?” she asked.

“I’m getting hard again,” I smirked, “It looks like your lucky day!”

“Is this usual?” she asked.

I thought a moment. “No usually on completion a whore wriggles away to seek a new customer, but I own it is not unpleasant.”

“Oh, I suppose I must submit?” she enquired.

“Well you did promise to honour and obey,” I reminded her.

“And you to love an cherish,” she replied.

“Look this is just a fuck, no more,” I explained, “No love, no.”

She kissed my face, “So fuck me, show me what I have been missing,” she taunted.

“Damn you I will,” I declared, “Take that!” I rammed my meat into her as hard as I could.

“Harder, harder make me cum” she taunted

“You mock me at your peril,” I retorted as I slammed into her once more, “Take that!”

“Ohh!” she protested, “Harder, harder!”

I slammed into her, riding her like a two penny whore, using no compassion nor consideration what so ever.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she was taunting.

“Fuck be damned, I going to shoot my load and drown you in cum!” I warned and with that I let fly.

Her mouth was opening and closing silently like a landed fish, “Ohhhhhhhh,”she finally uttered.

“So how do you find marriage?” I taunted.

She too thought a moment, “I will decide presently, it depends if this is a flash in the pan for I own I find myself quite pleasantly surprised, it was quite intense and that gushing of fluids, well it was quite extraordinary, and yet strangely satisfying.”

“You were not entirely repulsed?” I queried.

“Indeed not, though the duration was a tad deficient, but surely you can work upon that?” she queried or was it taunted.

“Very droll,” I agreed.

“Shall we take our supper before resuming?” she asked.

“Resuming?” I replied. ” I thought we should have satisfied the lawyers long ago.”

“Not the lawyers, me, I am not finished with you yet, not by a long chalk!” she laughed.

“But I thought?” I queried, “I thought you loved other ladies?”

“As I do but your, ah, member pleases me,” she admitted, “Though I own a maids fist has more staying power.”

“What?” I demanded, “I beg your pardon.”

“A maids fist,” she explained, “Less supple, less explosive but longer lasting,” she looked me in the eye, “Oh don’t look so miserable,” she sighed.

The thought of a maids fist deep inside Lucinda shocked me to the core, fingers and thumbs I was used to seeing at the whore house but a whole fist!

The image was disturbing, my member began to swell anew.

“Oh, good, are you ready for round three?” Lucinda asked, “Do you know I think I could grow to like having a man in my life.”

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