A New Direction

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Part 1 – Emma


Kindly edited by Cambria Rose

Renowned porn star Randy Jones was gasping wildly as the plastic blonde bimbo sucked and caressed him to orgasm. The ever present camera was zooming in closer to catch the money shot. With a final twitch, the thick cum erupts erupted into her mouth and over her face.


“That’s a wrap guys, good job Debbie you were great.” The director shouted, looking at the starlet.

Randy regained his breath and composure. Grabbed an energy drink and gulped the contents down. He watched his co-star walk off to the bathroom to clean up. She looked pretty with her cute bottom, false blonde hair, and fake tits. He thought to himself, These girls are all the same. I need a change of direction, Something different.

At his flat later in the evening, Randy started surfing the net for ideas. Flicking through various streaming tube sites, he came across “public pick-ups.” ‘Interesting. He thought. Maybe I could use a similar ploy. ‘But where to search for the talent. ‘that was the big question.

The next morning he called Bob, his usual director and friend. “Bob, I have an idea for a series of new films. Are you free for a pint so I can run through it with you?”

“I think I can squeeze it in, but not until about 3 o’clock mate.”

“Perfect, I’ll meet you at the Manor Inn.”

Bob walked into the pub to find Randy already there waiting with a pint of lager for him. “Cheers mate. I need this one its been a busy day, what’s on your mind then?”

“Well Bob, how many films have we made now?”

“Oh, I think yesterday’s shoot made ten. Why do you ask?”

“I’ve been thinking Bob although I enjoy my job. I think it’s getting stale.” “All these girls look like they have been cloned lately.”

“Didn’t you like fucking Debbie yesterday?” Bob asked, looking concerned and thinking he was getting the resignation speech from his best stud.

“No, she was fine but no different to Gemma or that other girl we had the other day. See, they are so similar I can’t even remember her name.”

‘He has a point,’ Bob thought. “So what’s your remedy to this dilemma then?”

“Reality porn.”

“Reality porn! Are you serious?”

“Yep I was looking at some on the net last night and it hit me that’s what we need to do.”

“So how are you going to get your talent? Newspaper ads, cards in windows?” Bob asked.

“No, I’m going to pick a woman randomly and talk her into making a film with me by offering her cash.” Randy replied.

“Bloody hell mate, I can see you getting arrested with this madcap scheme.” Bob said with a laugh. “It might work in Prague, but this is prudish England.”

“I’m going to try it at the weekend Bob, if you can let me use James for the camera work.”

“It’s your funeral pal of course you can have James on board, and if you pull it off don’t forget to get the paperwork straight. Remember the release forms and for Christ sake, make sure she’s eighteen.”

“Bob you worry too much Tell James to meet me at 9 am Saturday.”

“Where on earth are you going that time of the day?” Bob asked, but wasn’t expecting the reply.

“A car boot sale.”

Saturday morning James strode over to Randy smiling. “Hey, Bob says were are off to a car boot sale. He’s got to be taking the piss.”

“No James that’s where we are going, come on jump in the car I’ll explain on the way.”

“Ok James keep filming while we are here. Bob will edit it later.” Randy told him.

“Blimey there’s loads of people here.” exclaimed James as he started his camera rolling and panning the scene in front of him.

“That’s what I was hoping for. Right. Let’s start looking around.”

Joining the streams of people aimlessly milling around, Randy scanned the sellers at the first few stalls. James covertly filmed his every move with his hidden camera. Coming to the end of the first line of stalls, James said. “Bloody hell mate, it’s full of old biddies and blokes.You have excelled yourself this time!”

Randy just smiled. “Patience James, I’ll find what I’m looking for, just wait and see.”

Randy smiled to himself. About half way round he spotted his first potential target. A tall brunette whom he guessed to be around twenty-eight years old. With his fine features and build he confidently moved into her stall, James close behind him.

Picking up some Cds on the table in front of her, He started his charming patter. How much did she want for them? The idle chit chat seemed to be going fine and he felt she was warming to him. So he confidently asked her. “How much money do you normally take home from one of these boot sales?”

“That depends, last week I made about fifty quid.”

“Is that ali? It’s not worth the effort, I have a proposition for you, how would you like to make five hundred pounds this afternoon?”

“Five hundred pounds, how?” She replied with a look of concern.

“Well I make films, and you’re stunningly attractive. Just the kind of girl I’m looking for to star in my latest project.”

“What güvenilir bahis sort of film?” The penny dropped. “Oh my god! you can’t be serious,”

“Why not?”

She cut him off, with a slap to the face. She would have kicked him too but couldn’t because of the paste table full of her stuff.

Randy jumped back quickly and laughed. “I’ll take that as a no then.” He drop a business card onto her table.”If you change your mind give me a call.” He walked away.

It was then he realised James was still filming, although he was laughing so much the camera footage must be very shaky.

“Thanks mate, that was the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile. Wait till Bob sees this.”

Undeterred, Randy and James kept moving around the boot sale. “Let’s get a drink from that burger van over there.” James suggested.

“Good idea, an ice cold Coke would go down nicely.”

Emma Hawker looked over the counter as James arrived to buy the Cokes. “Yes Sir what can I get for you?”

“Two ice cold Cokes please, Love.” He noticed her red hair and slim build.

“One pound sixty please, Sir.”

He handed her a two pound coin. “There you are Love, keep the change.”

Handing the Coke to Randy, They sat down at the tables beside the van. “Mate you need to check out the bird serving.”

“You only want to see me get slapped again!” Randy replied.

“I’m serious she’s a cracker, aged about 20 I reckon.”

Randy stood up “Hungry? I’ll order a couple of burgers. Nothing ventured and all that.”

Randy reached the counter and saw what James was on about. He was right, she was a pretty thing. Placing his order for two burgers, Randy started chatting to her. Emma casually answering the idle chit chat thinking he seemed to be a nice bloke.

“How long have you been flipping burgers then?” He asked.

“I have been doing this about a year now, just weekends. It helps pay for things while I’m studying.”

“what are you studying?”

“I’m a student nurse.” Emma replied.

Trying a different approach than the ploy he tried earlier he said, “As a student I bet finding money for things is difficult. If you want to make some easy money give me a call later.” He handed over his card.

“Ok thanks, enjoy your burgers.” Emma said with her usual smile.

Randy was talking to James about the next move when his phone lit up.”I bet that’s the bird that slapped you.” James laughed.

“Hello, Randy Jones agency, how can I help you?” Randy answered his phone in a business kind of way.

“Oh hi my name’s Emma. You gave me your card earlier, can you give me some information on the modelling your agency does?”

Randy ran though a few of the things his agency did.”I tell you what Emma, why don’t you come down to the studio do a screen test.” “And I can show you some of the work we do. I can fit you in anytime today or Sunday.”

“A screen test? What’s one of those?”

“Oh just a few shots to see what you look like on film, nothing drastic. I promise.”

“That sounds ok, where is the studio?”

“12a Higher Street just off the main shopping centre.”

“Would five o’clock be ok or is that too late?”

“No five’s great, no problem.”

“I’ll see you then.”

“Ok, bye Emma.”

“We are in business James. Get your equipment and lights all set up.” Randy said.

“Was that the burger van girl?” James asked.

“That’s the one.”

He worked quickly getting all the cameras and lighting rigged up all across the studio. “Randy I’ve set things up for a wall shoot and the bed setting.”

“Ok, we will use the wall first and see how it goes. I don’t want to frighten the girl off.”

There was a rap on the door a short while later. James quickly opened it. “Hi, you must be Emma. My name is James and I’m the photographer for your screen test come on in.”

Randy sat behind the desk. “Hi Emma I have some paperwork here that you need to sign and also can you confirm your age for me please.”

“I’m Twenty.” she said as she looked at the paperwork Randy had handed to her. Picking up the pen and signing the documents without really looking at them closely, she handed them back to him.

“Ok Emma here’s some of the stuff we do. As you can see, it’s all glamour work. You can make one hundred to two hundred pounds doing this kind of soft shoot.” She flicked through the brochure full of swimwear and lingerie clad models. “But the real money is made with the stronger adult stuff. You can make anything from five hundred pound to a thousand, depending on what you are prepared to do.”

He turned his computer monitor around. “Do you want to see an example of some one thousand pound work?”

“Err no, I think the soft beachwear stuff is enough for me.”

“Ok that’s not a problem, are you ready for a photo test?”

“Yea I think so, but I didn’t know what to wear.”

“Don’t worry you are fine in what you have on. We do have a changing room and some swimwear for you to use later. But let’s just see how the camera likes you first.”

James türkçe bahis made Emma stand near the wall and turned on the lights, gently directing her in to simple poses.

“Well you look really pretty, but how tall are you?” Randy asked.

“Five foot three without my heels on.” replied Emma.

James asked her to turn around and bend down taking shots of her denim clad backside as she bent over. “Look back at me Emma.” James directed her. “That’s great ok straighten up and turn around.”

“I have the basic shots, would you be comfortable in continuing the shoot with a little less clothes on?”


“Just so we can see what kind of body you have for the swimwear.”

“Right, start off by kicking off those heels and unbuttoning your blouse a little.” Again she did as she was instructed. “That’s nice, now undo one more button.” James carried on clicking away with his camera.

Randy looked over from his desk adding. “If you are happy Emma, do you want to try on the swimwear?”

She thought about it and replied. “Yea ok I’ll try it.”

Randy got up and led her to a room along the corridor from the wall she was posing by. “There you go, have a rummage through that lot, find one you like and come out when you are ready.” Randy exited the room and closed the door behind him.

While she was changing, James had switched on the video cameras and had put a fresh memory stick into his camera. As Emma entered the room Randy took in her swimwear clad body. Looking her up and down, he admired her modest natural breasts, Which he guessed were about 34c. Her flat stomach and nice shapely legs added to her appeal. Again James expertly directed her into innocent poses. After taking about twenty shots he called a break.

“Emma it’s quite hot in front of all these lights, would you care for a cold drink and a break. I have some water or Coke in the fridge.”

“Water’s fine, thanks James.”

While she drank her drink and James replaced the batteries in his camera, Randy decided to up the ante. “Emma, I have printed off some of the pictures we have taken, care to take a look?” he said as he handed her some glossy snaps.

“As you can see, you look really good in front of the camera.” “But for the fashion industry you’re, shall we say, vertically challenged.” pausing he added. “They require taller models so it would be difficult to get you work in that field.”

“Oh.” Emma said disappointed.

Randy then remarked. “But if you would consider the adult side of things I guarantee you plenty of work and cash.”

“What does adult work entail?”

“Well nude pictures and if you really want to make some cash, video work.”

Randy could see the cogs turning in Emma’s head, As she weighed up the suggestion. “I tell you what, why don’t you have a go. We will guide you through it and if you aren’t happy, Just call a halt and we will stop filming.”

James chipped in with. “We don’t usually pay anything for a screen test, but if you give it a go we will pay you cash on the spot.”

Emma thought about it. “How much cash?”

“Depends on how far you are prepared to go. A full scene with another model and you are looking at a grand.”

James again piped up. “What have you got to lose Emma, will love it.”

“Who will be the other model?”

“That’s me.” replied Randy.

“Oh.” She stood there transfixed at his words.

“Look, we won’t make you do anything you are not happy with, just go with the flow.” Randy coaxed.

She took a deep breath and murmured. “Ok, I’ll try it.”

“Great you won’t regret it, I promise. We will take it slow, follow me Emma.” Leading her back to the changing room she was in earlier, Randy opened a chest of drawers full of lingerie. “Take your pick from that little selection and come into the studio, opposite this room when you are ready.”

Closing the door behind him Randy went into the studio, a nicely set bedroom scene, to prepare for the next stage of the photo shoot.

Randy grinned as he noticed her enter the room. “Ok Emma, just as before listen to James’s instructions, take your time and enjoy yourself.”

James told her to sit on the edge of the bed. He panned the video camera over her pretty face and down her body, lingering around her boobs and crotch area. Moving away he then started giving the instructions. Again nothing too untoward, as he had her reclining back and then sitting up. He complimented her all the time.

Emma started to relax and pose more naturally. James decided it was time to get her to caress herself over her bra. Seeing her comply he added. “Slowly undo the bra and slip it off”

Emma hesitated.

Randy thought she was going to bail. But she did as James had requested and her pert tits were now there in all their glory. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Emma said in a croaky, nervous voice.

“I am going to join you on the bed, now don’t be alarmed just go with it. You’ll be fine I promise.” Randy said as he sat down next to her.

He put his hand on her güvenilir bahis siteleri shoulder. He felt her tense up as she gasped at his contact. Randy held her for a while then started slowly caressing her shoulder. Feeling and hearing no resistance, he lowered his head and softly kissed her neck. Emma held her breath as the caressing hand left her shoulder. It gently brushed her nipples sending sparks flying in her head. Randy quickly moved his head down and clamped his mouth over her right breast, flicking the nipple with his expert tongue.

Her eyes closed and she let out a soft moan as the expert flicked and licked the now excited nipple. Randy lowered his hand down and started caressing her leg causing her to tense up again. He moved off her breast, looked straight in her eyes, and gave her a full kiss on the lips. Surprising her, gently he pushed her back onto the bed. He started playing with her nipples again all the while caressing her legs with his free hand.

Randy moved his caressing hand over the front of her panties. Gently cupping her mound and feeling a damp patch forming, he knew he had her where he wanted her.

Slowly he slipped his finger under the gusset of the panties and felt the soft ginger hair. Still feeling no resistance to the intruding finger, he gently pushed it further under the lace until he felt her wet slit.

Reaching down he deftly ripped the panties off. Tossing them onto the floor as Emma gasped again. She realised she was now totally naked but again raised no protest. Randy resumed his caressing of her slit locating Emma’s tiny clit. He flicked it lightly with his finger sending more sparks into her overloading pleasure senses. He moved down her body and spread her slim legs wide. He gazed longingly at her lightly ginger haired pussy and lowered his mouth onto her clit.

Emma jumped at the new sensations, let out a strangled cry and started bucking as her first orgasm hit her. Randy lapped her juices and inserted a finger into her pussy.

‘Bloody hell she’s tight, I’m going to enjoy fucking this.’ He thought. Letting her get her breath back he moved away and got rid of his clothes.

Emma felt his weight lift from the bed. Bringing her head up she came face to face with Randy’s big twelve inch cock. “Oh my god.” she exclaimed. Her previous boyfriend had six inches and she thought that was big!

“Its ok. Emma just gently stroke it.” As if in a trance she did just that feeling its power. “Just give it a small kiss.” Again she complied. After a while, she opened her mouth and Randy pushed slowly in.

About half way she started gagging Randy pulled back let her get some air, then pushed forward again. As she gagged again he didn’t try to force the issue, the deep throat technique could be taught another day.

Randy pulled away from Emma. And then he pushed her back down onto the bed. Taking hold of her ankles he pulled her to the edge of the bed. He spread her legs and in one movement jumped in between them. Grabbing his large cock still coated in her saliva, Randy slowly pressed the tip onto her clit and rubbed up and down her tight slit.

Emma moaned and shivered as the cock caress continued. James moved the camera down behind Randy so he had a perfect view for when the first penetration occurred.

James didn’t have to wait long. Again looking Emma straight in the eye Randy slipped the head into her tight hole. Emma squealed as Randy kept the slow pressure on. His big cock gently went deeper and deeper. He reached the five inch mark and started bucking in and out at that depth. As he felt Emma responding, he slipped another inch. Hitting untouched territory Randy marvelled at the sensation around his cock as her pussy clamped tight around him.

He had been slowly fucking her for about ten minutes, when Randy grabbed her legs and pushed them up onto his shoulders. He pulled right back and plunged in to the hilt. Emma’s eyes flew open. A scream emitted from her mouth. He held there deep in her, the tip of his cock snug against her cervix. His large balls rested tight against her arse. As she calmed down Randy started moving. In and out, making the strokes longer and longer, Until he was pulling all the way out and all the way back in.

Emma was bucking underneath him she never knew sex could be so good. Or last so long. Randy ploughed on and on. Soon she started to cum as massive orgasm hit her in waves. As she calmed down, Randy slowed the thrusts down.

“I told you, you wouldn’t regret it.” He said and without pulling out. He rolled over onto his back “Come on ride that big cock” Emma now on top of him, she started to move on his cock.

“Oh christ that’s so big.” she cried. After ten minutes of riding his cock and two orgasms later Emma slowed down.

Sensing her tiredness Randy rolled over again so he was on top and started drilling her again really fast. He felt his big balls churning, he was getting close. His long strokes were getting ragged and Emma too knew he was close. He pitched into her hard shaking and let out a loud moan.

“Fuck yea take it all.” He unloaded into her, giving Emma her first ever creampie. She felt it flood into her deep like a dam burst. His cock twitched inside her as more cum spewed out, then when the twitching stopped he pulled out with a plop.

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