A Night in Old Havana

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Danny, short for Daniela stepped out of the rear seat of her Cadillac that pulled in to the entry court of the old Townsend house. She was dressed in a modern interpretation of a 1920’s flapper dress. Several cars were unloading with people rushing to enter the party. Danny was attending what the invitation said was a night in Old Havana.

It was a charity event sponsored by a rum distiller and a Cuban cigar company. Many things changed when President Margaret Patterson finally signed the legislation eliminating the final embargo of Cuba and all relations were normalized. The event organizers rented the old house in the Bayou Oaks area of the city for their event. Bayou Oaks was full of stately homes built in the 1920s for the area’s oil and gas barons. Ray Townsend, founder of Fleet Oil built the house in the 1930s but the descendants moved out. Since then it was being used as a location for parties. It sat on a large lot on an empty street.

Danny moved to the reception area and surrendered her ticket and was handed a satchel of poker chips of varying denominations. She would use them for tips and to purchase things not included. Danny was supposed to be with her significant other David Porter but he was called away on a business trip so she was flying solo. She walked through the reception hall on her way to the pool area when a waiter passed with a tray of daiquiris. She picked a glass off the tray when it was offered to her. These were not the icy slushies’ from college but real daiquiris straight and in a proper cocktail glass. She downed the drink in almost one swallow and handed the glass back to the waiter and took another drink from his tray.

Out in the patio/pool area she smelled the cigar smoke as both the women and men were tasting the company’s products. There were several large tables scattered around the pool and she found a table occupied by a couple. She sat down across from them and exchanged greetings. A waiter came by and enquired if she wanted another drink. “Strawberry daiquiris with aged rum.” The waiter left and was back with in ten minutes with her drink. It was in a tall glass with ice. It tasted good going down. In the background there was a band playing Afro-Cuban music with several couples dancing adding to the atmosphere of the party.

A young woman approached and put the humidor she was carrying on the table. She displayed the contents inviting those at the table to take a cigar. She explained the kinds of cigars she had. She noted that the cigars that were long and fat would draw slowly and would display the flavor of the tobacco. As the woman suggested Danny picked a long thick cigar the woman handed her a cutter and she nipped the end off. Danny held the cigar in her lips while the woman held a torch against the end and after a few puffs the cigar was lit. Danny reached in to her pouch and handed the woman a five-dollar chip. There was a flash as a photographer snapped a photo of her just as she was taking a puff on her cigar. She struck several poses and allowed the photographer to take several pictures. She got the woman’s business card so she could get prints.

A tall man walked by but she recognized his rear having seen it unclothed several times. “George are you looking for someone?” said Danny taking another drag of her cigar.

The man turned and leaned down and kissed Danny’s cheek “I am looking for you darling. David said that you would be here.”

“And where is Beverly?” asked Danny

“Possible in bed with David as they were both sent to that meeting in New York,” said George.

“So your saying that our significant others are banging each other on the same business trip,” said Danny.

George signaled another woman with a humidor and selected the same cigar that Danny was smoking. After getting it started he took a large drag and released a large cloud of smoke.

Danny and David were in a committed relationship going on three years. George and Beverly were also in a committed relationship. The two couples had shared several vacations together. David and Beverly worked in the same advertising agency, güvenilir bahis which is how the couples met. Danny was a bank Sr. vice president and George ran a media production shop.

A waiter came by with a tray of daiquiris and George took one and Danny pointed at the glass that was in front of her. She also took another drag from the cigar. Another waiter returned with the new Strawberry daiquiri. With the glass in her hand Danny rose and George followed they walked around the pool sipping their drinks and smoking their cigars. The band continued to play and then came to the end of a set. A man came to the microphone and identified himself as the Vice President of sales for the rum company. He welcomed folks and explained about the poker chips and mentioned the silent auction for boxes of cigars cases of rum and a painting from a Cuban American artist.

George took Danny’s hand as they toured the auction tent. She wrote several bids not expecting to win. They went into the sponsor tent and Danny took about five sample cigars for David and for her.

Danny disposed of the cigar and they both continued to walk around the party. They ran into some friends and stopped and talked but then moved on. Danny grabbed another daiquiri and sipped it slowly. Waiters were distributing different finger foods and they sampled those.

“So it is your opinion that David and Beverly are making love in New York, What do you think that we should do about that?” asked Danny who was lighting another cigar.

“You and I are smart we can figure something out?” replied George.

In the background someone was saying that the auction was closing. Danny got up and went to the auction tent and scribbled several new bids and dropped them in the box. She returned to the table after stopping by the ladies room. She was sitting down as they began announcing the winners. “For a winning bid of $200.00 Daniela Masters wins two boxes of El Presidente Cigars.

George and Danny erupted in joy. The MC finished announcing the winners and told everyone that they could pay and pick up their prizes as they left.

“So whose house are we going to end up in yours or mine,” said Danny.

“No one’s house, I have reservations at the Twin Oak Lodge,” said George as he showed her the key card.

“So you thought I was going to be that easy,” said Danny.

“I never thought you would be easy, darling. I just thought that you would not want to go home alone,” said George.

She rose from the table and walked back to the sponsor tent; with the remaining poker chips she purchased another box of the cigars she won. She found George and kissed him and whispered to come. George rose and grabbed her arm and walked back to the entrance. Danny whipped out a credit card and paid her bid and received her prize.

They walked out and found Danny’s Cadillac. The driver held the door for them and George assisted Danny in to the car. He handed the driver a slip of paper with directions to the Twin Oaks Lodge. The woman started driving and merged into traffic.

Danny moved her hand up and down George’s leg and finally came to rest on his crotch and was happy to find it almost at attention. “I did not see your Mercedes, how were you going to get home if you and I did not hook up?”

“I would have taken a cab” replied George.

“Did you know that I was going to accept your invitation?” asked Danny.

“I had a good idea,” said George.

“Why do I feel that sometime during the night David and Beverly are going to burst in and find us?”

“Don’t worry about it we will be fine,” said George.

“Do I need to offer you a loan for some project while we are enjoying a mutual orgasm. So we can deduct the expense off our taxes as a business expense?” said Danny.

George burst out laughing, and leaned over and kissed her. Danny’s tongue explored George’s mouth, while her hand explored his crotch. Danny slipped a breath mint in her mouth and continued to massage George’s legs. The car slowed down as it entered the Twin Oaks compound and glided to a stop out side of a cabin. türkçe bahis George opened the door and assisted Danny out of the car. She went around to the driver and gave her instructions about when she needed to be picked up.

Danny followed George up the steps and waited for him to open the door. When they got in the room she embraced George and allowed him to kiss her. Danny’s hands unbuckled his belt. She pulled it out of the loops and tossed it on a chair. She was about to work on his pants when he stepped back.

“A few ground rules Danny, We are here to have a little fun; so no talk of comparing this person to that person. I think you will agree that we love our partners,” said George.

“It will be difficult because you have something that compares well with someone who is not here,” replied Danny.

George embraced Danny and fumbled until he found the zipper and pulled it down allowing her to let the dress drop to the floor and step out of it. She bent down to unbuckle her shoes. George kept looking at her Silhouette; he never realized how well developed her ass was. Danny stood in flesh colored satin bra and panties.

“Are you going to gawk or help me out of these.”

“Ms. Masters I can look at you forever dressed in that,” said George.

George embraced her again and released the bra straps and let it fall to the floor joining her dress. George moved her to the bed and with her ass in the air he pulled her panties down to her knees. He admired the nude pussy thinking that she must have had a wax job recently. George stood and took his coat off followed by his shirt. He unhitched his pants, after taking his shoes off. He was finally naked with just his socks on.

Danny sat on the edge of the bed with George’s tool at her mouth. She gently massaged his cock with her fingers. She traced the outlines of his veins and kissed the crown. When his cock entered her mouth he momentarily lost his balance and almost fell over. He let her fuck his cock with her mouth. After a few minutes he pulled out and bent down and kissed her. Danny kept her hands busy massaging his very hard tool.

“Having second thought George?” asked Danny

“We’ve done this before so I am not having second thoughts,” replied George

“But David and Beverly were in the room watching when we were in the Florida Keys,” said Danny.

“No as I remember they were banging each other senseless, while we were doing the same,” said George as he watched Danny get on all fours with her ass in the air.

He got behind her leaned over and kissed her neck. “That feels nice” said Danny.

“Are you being submissive Ms. Masters?”

“I am the alpha at the office, but every now and then I prefer being a submissive,” said Danny.

George continued to kiss her neck, but his hands began to massage her ample breasts, until he got to the nipples. He pinched and pinched hard. The pain was a surprise and George noticed the breath that Danny took and the small tear forming in her eyes.

“George, all I wanted was a good …”

“I will tell you this once you are not good enough to use that word. I will tell you when you can ask for that. Do you understand?” demanded George.

Danny was silent and waited for what comes next. George massaged Danny’s flanks. “I never realized how well developed your ass is Danny? Your cheeks are so round and perfect, and perfectly spank able,” said George.

“No, No don’t you dare,” said Danny

“Who did I say was in-charge, Ms. Masters.”

George raised his hand and brought it down on the left cheek with a sharp snap. It was followed by three more. “Good you are not crying out, that is what I want.”

George maneuvered his cock to the entrance of Danny’s nude pussy. He pushed in and then pulled out. He leaned down and kissed her neck again and finally inserted his tool in to her wet pussy.

“You can say it, tell me what you want?” said George.

“Fuck me George please fuck me,” said Danny.

George withdrew his cock and maneuvered Danny on her back. “Yes I will fuck you but we will do it normally.”

George güvenilir bahis siteleri leaned down and kissed her. He brought his cock to her pussy and gently inserted until he was fully lodged. He then moved his cock in and out. He felt her vagina grip his cock. His hand massaged her pleasure center and be felt an orgasm move through her.

Danny reached up and brought their lips together and they engaged in a long kiss. Danny encouraged him to cum by moving her pussy up and down his cock. George strained and felt his cum filling her. Both relaxed as the pleasure came over and waned.

“Quite a Jeckle and Hyde performance George?”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes I did, I loved it when you squeezed my boobs.

“I saw the tears from my torture, I know that you didn’t know how to react. You’ve always been the controlling factor.”

“I want to …”

“Remember you are not good enough to use that word, only when I tell you,” said George in a commanding tone.

George lay on his back and allowed Danny to take his flaccid tool in her mouth. Her hand massaged his balls. It responded to her becoming hard. She straddled him and guided his cock into her pussy.

“You say I can’t use the word but I sure as hell can do it,” said Danny as she move up and down his glistening pole.

She took his hands and placed them on her breasts. He began to pinch her nipples again and again. Finally Danny brought their lips together in another long kiss. George took over and rammed his cock into her pussy until he felt her go stiff. With one last push he felt his cum flood her. Danny collapsed into George’s arms and they both fell asleep.

George awakened feeling his morning wood. He moved over and kissed Danny until she came around. Her hand moved to his crotch and felt his hard cock. She kissed him and slid down and continued to massage his tool. She thought about kissing his erection but decided that he needed a little torture, before she relieved his pain.

“When you have them by cock their hearts and mind will follow. Wasn’t that someone said?” said George.

“Close “When you have them by the balls,” is the exact quote,” replied Danny who was still manipulating Georges cock.

“What will it take for you to give me a blow job?”

“Take me from behind and I will let you come in my mouth,” said Danny

Danny got up and put her ass in the air. She felt George come from behind and he positioned his cock at entrance to her pussy and thrust forward. His hands gently massaged her breasts. When he thrust forward she moved back. There was a Thwack when they came together. George pushed her down on the bed and moved to her head. Danny took his cock in her mouth. He started to fuck her mouth. She used her tongue to encourage him to climax. George jerked and flooded her mouth with a load of warm salty cum.

Danny kissed George and let him taste his cum. His hands moved down and massaged her flanks. They stayed in the kiss for what felt like forever. They finally parted and settled back on the bed. Danny checked the clock and saw that it was 6:00 am. George rose and moved to the bathroom. Danny heard the toilet flush followed by the shower. He stepped out wrapped in a towel and announced that Danny could clean up. She decided to dress and bathe at home.

“This was fun George, I hope you had a good time?”

“I would say it was a success.”

George started to put on his clothes. Danny opened her purse and pulled her phone and found the number to her house manager.

“Clair, … Yes we’re ready to be picked up… Great see you in a few minutes.”

She ended the call and asked George if he wanted a ride.

“No my car is here, I think that I am sober enough to drive.”

Danny again moved to George and embraced him and kissed him.

“So should we schedule this next quarter?” asked Danny.

“No this was a one time event. Remember it as a good time, no commitments.”

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. Danny opened the door and found Clair standing at the entrance. “Are we going to drop off Mr. George.”

“No he has already left,” said Danny as she gathered up her things and walked out to the car. She waited for Clair to open the door. She settled into the back seat and waited for Clair to drive her home.

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