A Night of Error Ch. 05

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Next day while returning in the evening, Prof.Sonali was sandwiched between two young guys. Both of them started squeezing her boobs. She also started stroking their cocks. All of them got down at Maidan station, and walked towards Victorian Memorial. The Victoria Memorial, a huge monument made of white marble located in the heart of the City of Joy, Kolkata.

They entered in the main gate of Victorian Memorial, and moved towards left side where there was a lake inside it with beautifully decorated gardens. When they reached the garden, they led her to the bench in a secluded spot, but everywhere, although it was dark, someone could see you. One of the guys pulled out his cock, and Sonali pulled down her panty, lifted the petticoat and saree together up to her knee, and sat on his dick facing him. She started to fuck him. The other guy came and stood beside her. He unzipped his pant, and took the hand of Sonali inside. Sonali felt the hard dick of him; she pulled the hard dick outside and started stroking it.

Then the first guy lay on the ground. Sonia squatted herself on the hard dick of the guy lying on the ground whose dick was inside her pussy. She moved her buttocks up and down continuously to fuck him. The guy under her was moaning as his dick was enveloped in the tight lips of Sonali’s cunt. While fucking him, Sonia in her right palm was stroking the dick of other guy who was standing beside her. She pulled down her foreskin, and started sucking the knob with her hot tongue. Both of the guys were moaning in very low voices. She then took a little peek behind her, and she saw a group of three couples staring at them.

She felt very odd, and said to them, “Hey, fellas, Listen, there are people watching us. I don’t want to be fucked like this openly.”

Then three of them got up, and shifted to other place in the garden. That area was full of bush, grasses and flowers. They took Sonia to a darker area where Sonia was knelt like a doggy. One of the guys knelt down before the mouth of Sonia. He unzipped his pant and took out his big penis. He opened the hook of her blouse, and unzipped the bra. He started fondling the boobs of Sonia, and Sonia was stroking his dick. After stroking sometimes, Sonia put the big dick in her mouth and started sucking.

The other guy, knelt down behind Sonia, lifted her saree along with petticoat up to the waist and pulled the panty down. He entered his cock in the pussy of Sonia from behind and started fucking. Both of them fucked her in mouth and in pussy for 20 minutes and came inside. She gulped down all the semen from front guy, and her pussy absorbed the sperms of the Guy who was fucking her from behind. They paid her Rs.500/-.


They left her. Sonia came out from the main gate of Victorian Memorial, and looked at the opposite, the other side of the Road passing in front of Victorian memorial; she wanted to go Kolkata Maidan. Just beside the Victoria Memorial is The Kolkata Maidan, a huge area of lush green trees and open fields, also referred to as the Brigade Parade Ground, is the largest urban park in Kolkata . It is a vast stretch of field that includes numerous play grounds, including the famous cricketing venue Eden Gardens, several football stadiums, and the Kolkata Race Course. Sonali crossed the main road, and she was just entering the maidan then she heard voices of two persons. Two persons, one was fatty and another one was tall, middle aged around 40 to 45 years was calling her.

The fat person asked, “How much you will take? We both will fuck you.”

Sonia said, “Rs.500/-.”

They paid her the money which Sonali kept in her hand bag.

They took her to maidan, and choose a place where there were a lot of bushes around along with high red flower plants, the height of which were more than 5 feet. In the middle, there was a 6 feet width and 10 feet long grassy space. The foliage was so thick that an outsider person could not be able to guess the secret space behind the shrubs and flower plants if at all he would stand close to this. Most probably, this secret place might have been discovered by the fat and tall persons previously, and they must be regular visitors to this secret area. The area was dark but things could be seen hazily due to flickering of distant lamps of the Maidan.

The fat person said, “Hey Randi, (whore) open all of your clothes.”

They made her completely naked. Sonali got nervous as in nearby were, a groups of people, families with their children were roaming about. From very near, groups of family were sitting in circle, and children were playing with balls. Due to dense bush nobody could see them, but Sonali became nervous as she was completely naked. Sonali lay on the ground on her back with spread legs.

The fat person unzipped his pants, and whipped out his cock, already fully erect. He stood up, and she lifted her legs in the air. She wrapped her legs around him, and pulled him in, driving his throbbing dick right into her sweet pussy. güvenilir bahis As the fat person entered her, she gasped.

“Yeah, how’s that feel, Bitch?” the fat person asked, taking the gasp as a sign of wild pleasure. The tall person also unzipped his pant, and was stroking his cock. Ohhh…God, Sonali witnessed a big cock of the tall person; it must be not less than 10 inches. She had never seen such a big cock in her life.

The fat person was thrusting. Or rather, Sonali’s legs, which were still wrapped around him, were slowly guiding him in and out of her. Her eyes were actually transfixed on big cock of tall person. As Sonali pulled the fat person towards her again and again however subtly it might be, her gaze was directed straight at tall person’s cock.


The fat person plunged his penis deep into her, forcing Sonali to issue another low voiced shriek.

She was lying there with him, and his cock inside her, legs still twisted around his back. The fat person nodded to Tall person. The tall person knew what to do. Slowly, he removed his pants and under wears, and an enormous bulge sprung out. The tall person exposed his rock-hard penis. Sonali was mesmerized. She stared at it, apparently at a loss for what to do next.

“Go ahead,” the fat person said, “grab it you whore.”

And she did. Sonali was holding two cocks. One was firmly clasped in her left hand, and the other was tightly held in her dripping pussy. And she wanted both, now. Immediately upon seizing the tall person’s dick, she reasserted control over fat person’s torso, pushing him deep inside of her with her legs. At the same time, she began to stroke tall person, jerking him.

The faster Sonali stroked the tall person, the harder the fat person pounded her.

After a few minutes of constant stroking, Sonali’s sensual moans had evolved into screams of joy, “Keep going, ohh! Keep fucking me! You want me to be your little slut, don’t you?”

And with that, Sonali shoved the tall person’s cock into her mouth. The fat person continued to fuck her. She was really licking the tall person’s balls, squeezing his ass, even deep throated his cock. She closed her eyes as she slowly drew herself closer and closer to his pelvis, gradually easing his dick into the back of her throat. She fought back her gag reflex, taking the tall person’s full length in her mouth. When she opened her eyes, and looked right at the fat person, he nearly blew his load.

Spitting out the tall person’s gleaming cock, she turned her attention to fat person, and asked, “Do you want your little whore to take your cock like that?” She asked, “Do you want to fuck my throat?”

The fat person nodded, removing himself from Sonali’s pussy, and offering his penis for her oral service.

“Well okay,” she said, “but I’m still going to need a cock inside of my wet pussy.”

The fat person lay down on the grass space and Sonali brought her face to his dick, smiling.

“You,” she called the tall person behind her, “fuck me.”

“Yes my little bitch,” the tall person replied, getting right behind her and entering her in doggy style.

Sonali moaned with pleasure as he began steadily pounding her, and she screamed with delight when he started slapping her ass. As he continued to ravage her pussy, and backside, the fat person quivered, feeling her warm, moist tongue on his cock. The warmth grew as she took more and more of him inside her, and the fat person almost exploded as he felt the head of penis brush against her throat. Once her mouth had engulfed his entire member, she let it back out, only to quickly take it all in once again.


Her rhythm soon began to synchronize itself with the tall person’s thrusting, and within minutes, the fat person was ready to come, but she quickly stopped her sucking, and lifted herself up off of him. The tall person removed his cock from her pussy; she grabbed their cocks, motioning for them to stand in front of her. Getting to her knees, she drew them close to her mouth, taking turns licking each of their cocks. While she sucked one of them, she would jerk off the other.

Sonali brought their cocks to her chest, and rubbed the head of each against her tits. Shiny, oozy pre-cum dripped out of their cocks as she circled those around her erect nipples.

“You guys want to come all over me?” she teased, “I’m all yours.”

She continued to play with them, teasing their cocks until they just couldn’t take it any longer. The fat person grabbed his dick out of her hands, and pounded away on himself, feeling his insides tighten as he prepared to shoot his load. Sonali opened her mouth wide, and at the same time, grabbed the tall person’s cock with both hands. The fat person sprayed his cum inside her mouth which she gulped down her throat but most of it sprinkled other than her mouth. She stroked furiously, and the tall person’s legs shook as he passed the point of no return.

Simultaneously, both of them shot globs of türkçe bahis cum onto Sonali’s face. The fate person aimed for her mouth, but his cum went everywhere, her cheeks, her nose, her forehead, her neck, and her chest. As the tall person exploded, Sonali pointed him downwards onto her tits, and streams of cum dribbled down her chin and her voluptuous breasts. After every last drop of cum had left the tall person’s dick, Sonali proceeded to suck him dry, using one hand to hold the cock, and the other to spread their cum evenly across her breasts.

A minute later, she turned her attention to the fat person, rubbing his dick on her cum-soaked cheek.

“I didn’t know I could be such a cock-hungry slut,” she giggled, spitting jizz out as she spoke.

After some times, the fat person said,”Hey Bitch, listen, you have to suck our cocks once again so that we could fuck you again.”

He said, “Come on Randi (whore), suck my cock first then sit on my cock and you bitch …you fuck me…I will simply lie down…understand you bitch.”

Sonali replied, “Understand…sir.”

Sonali started sucking his cock, and he started squeezing her open breasts. In the meantime, the tall person had come, and started stroking his long cock. Now, Sonali started sucking two cocks simultaneously. After 5 minutes, she sat on the cock of the fat person. Due to her saliva, the cock of the fat person slid very easily inside her pussy. She started fucking him by moving her ass up and down.

After fucking for 5 minutes, the fat person said, “Hey Randi, (whore), now just lie on me, let my dick be inside of your pussy. My friend will fuck you behind in your ass hole.”


Now the tall person came behind her. He located her arse hole, and put a lot of his saliva inside the rectum.

Then he came near Sonali, took hold of his big throbbing cock near her mouth, and said, “Listen you whore, suck my dick and bath it with your saliva, and see that it is properly lubricated with your saliva.”

Then he caught hold of her head and pushed forcefully her mouth towards his cock, and said, “You bitch, open your mouth and suck it.”

Sonali opened her mouth and took the big cock, and started sucking it. But it was surprising of the fact that only 50% of his cock went down to her throat. She gagged, and a lot quantity of saliva was dripping from her mouth, and falling on the ground. After few minutes, he withdrew his long cock from her mouth, and came behind her.

He put his finger inside the arse hole of Sonali, and moved his finger in circle inside to spread the saliva properly which was put a while before. Now the tall man was sure that his dick, and the inside of arse were properly lubricated by saliva, then he knelt before the ass of Sonali,parted the ass cheeks, positioned his dick before the arse ring, and pushed slightly.

“Fuuuchhhhhhhhhhhhhh” a slippery sound was heard, and his dick glided through the tight passage of Sonali’s ass hole, and went deeply covering 50% of the dick.

“Ohhhhhhh…noooooooo…I am feeling pain…please do it slowly,” Sonali screamed.

“Shut up you bitch, you whore, you have already taken the money. Now don’t complain further,” said the tall man.

Then he started pushing his dick in and out of the ass hole of Sonali. Due to heavy saliva, the fucking sound of slippery could be heard very clearly. The tall man was pumping continuously more deeper in the arse hole as the inner muscles of her rectum was gripping the dick very tightly.

The fat man lying on the ground was giving upward thrust, and his dick was hitting the core hole of Sonali’s pussy.

Sonali was sandwiched between two cocks, and she was feeling a strange erotic enjoyment. Suddenly, the volcano inside her cunt erupted, and her pussy juices gushed out continuously bathing the fat man’s dick inside her cunt.

She cried, “Aaaahhhhhhhhh…I am cominggggggg.”

When she came, both the fat man and taller man could not control themselves.

Both of them cried in ecstasy, “You fucking bitch, you whore, take the hot liquid inside your hole…aaaahhhhhhhhhh.”


Both the dicks spurted and the white hot lava was spraying inside the cunt hole and ass hole of Sonali.

Three of them lay in that position for few minutes. The atmosphere was quite except the hard breathing of three persons.

Suddenly, a tall silouhotted figure appeared from nowhere. The flash of torch light fell on them. The shadowy figure kicked the tall person who was lying above Sonali. The tall person fell on the ground few feet away. The fat person under Sonali was so scared that he pushed up Sonali, and stood up. Sonali sprawled across the ground. The flash of torch centered in to her face, then to her boobs, and to her pussy area. Then the torch light shifted to half naked bodies of fat and tall persons.

A heavy voice with authority barked, “Bastards, All of you ass holes are fucking around in a public place. Don’t you know! It is an offence güvenilir bahis siteleri to do this here. This public place is visited by Gentle folks of Kolkata. I am the representative of law authority, a police man (cop). Now I have the authority to arrest all of you.”

Hearing this, the fat person as well as tall person were so scared and nervous that they touched the feet of police man, and requested him in a very humble and politeness to not arrest them. After much persuasion and bargaining, they made agree the policeman to free them by paying Rs.100/- each to him.

After paying bribe to the police man, the Duo virtually ran away, and vanished from the place. Now, the torch light again flashed directly to the face of Sonali. Sonali was blinded by the dazzling light falling directly on her face; she closed her eyes for a second. Then she noticed, the flash of light shifted to her boobs for few minutes then the light shifted to her pussy area, and stayed there for some times. Then the flash of light was off, and there was complete darkness. She could see the policeman through hazy lights coming from distance. He was a tall, strong and stout figure with big moustache on his face and a rough personality in white uniform.

The police man said, “Ohhh…God, Hey lady, what a mess you have made yourself. Semen is dripping out all over your boobs, pussy, and ass hole. Take this water bottle and get yourself washed, and cleaned then we will talk.”

He handed over her a water bottle and waited nearer her. Sonali washed inside her pussy, boobs and ass hole properly then came, and stood near the police man with dropping eyes in shame. Still she was completely naked.

The police man said in a harsh voice, “Now tell me Lady, what is to be done with you?”

Sonali was very cool; she was a sophisticated and educated lady. Without any nervousness, she was thinking to find a way from this problem.

She said, “Sir, Don’t arrest me. I will let you fuck me as long as you want.”


The policeman unzipped his pant and Sonali was struck dumb to see a huge monstrous cock coming out which must be 10 inches length. Then without saying anything, the police man removed all of his clothes below his waist.

Sonali just sat there silent for several minutes watching him. She watched him stroke his cock, she looked him in the eyes, and she looked down at her lap and closed her eyes. Finally she sighed.

Sonali stared at policeman’s muscular thighs settling briefly on his hand stroking the full length of his monstrous dick.

He stepped towards Sonali to reveal the unhindered glory of his size. Sonali just watched as with each step it came closer to her face, standing straight as an arrow, Stiff as granite, and radiating sexual heat like a forest fire. The policeman put both hands on Sonali’s head to pull her forward.

He aimed the massive dick at her gorgeous little mouth. As the fist sized head of dick pressed up against her lips, Sonali opened her mouth to grant entrance to the large shaft. As the police man slowly slid in further Sonali began to gag, spit blew out around her lips and the shaft of his giant dick. When she gagged, he slowed his advance, but never stopped. Steadily with each gentle thrust of his hips, the police man got an inch or so deeper into her throat until he had nearly all of his length beyond Sonali’s full pink lips.

The police man softly and comfortingly praised Sonali for how good she was with a dick in her throat. That’s as sweet as the black bastard ever got after he had caught his prey. He was an animal, sly and cunning.

With her mouth stretched beyond what she thought possible, and a mouth, and throat full of huge black dick, the policeman zoomed in on Sonali’s face. She had a look of disbelief in her beautiful black angel eyes. It was like she couldn’t figure out how she got herself into this situation or maybe she couldn’t believe that a man could be that well endowed, and that she could engulf the entire length between her lips.

Her eyes were watering from the choking and gagging. The police man took her by her hair, and began to fuck her face with a faster pace than before. It was a relentless pace that police man set. Each powerful thrust caused Sonali to grunt and gag.

“Yeah bitch, I told you, I would show you things you never knew were possible. Oh…fuck! Take that big dick, take it!” moaned the police man.

Sonali couldn’t respond even if she wanted to. Almost in rhythm, the police man’s thrusts got erotic, and then he pulled back, and left just the head in Sonali’s mouth. He stroked the exposed length a few times.


“I’m going to fill your mouth with my nut! Swallow it baby. Yeah…that’s it. That’s my girl. I bet nobody ever fucked your face like that, “he said, “I need a short rest and then we’ll get to the real fun, I’m going to give you the best dick you’ve ever had.”

The police man got down on his knees in front of her; a little moan escaped Sonali’s lips as he reached up and pinched her perky, rounded breasts. When aroused, her nipples gave her breasts a nice pointy shape. As hard as they were, the police man tweaked them both between his thumbs and fingers resulted they grew even longer.

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