A Night Out for Fun

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So you’ve been waiting at the table in the restaurant for about 20 minutes. You’re getting a little impatient, but you know you are supposed to wait! Looking around at the full restaurant you catch glimpses of people looking at you. They are probably thinking “Poor girl, getting stood up!”

You’re wearing your favorite dress, you know the one! You have multiples of it. It forms so well to your body. Your lacy Victoria Secret bra and crotchless panties, are brand new for the occasion. Your legs are bear, but no one can see them as the table you’re at has an almost floor length tablecloth. Your feet are in a brand new pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes. The heals are 2½” high, not too high, but high enough to show off your calves, which by the way are very fine!

As you look around you hear the front door chime as your man walks in with 2 beautiful women on his arms. One is a brunette around 5′-5″ C34 breasts, tanned legs, smooth unblemished skin, full lips. The other is a Red Head 5′-6″ D36 breasts, freckles all over, reddish tinted skin, perfect teeth, same full lips. They are all laughing, a tinge of jealousy runs through you, but only for a moment, as you remember they are all here for you. Now a quick shiver runs through you!

They all see you, a smile comes over his face. You stand to greet them, he grabs your arm and twirls you once for all to see. The girls are checking you out head to toe. A slight blush comes over you.

You all sit down. The brunette on your right, the redhead on your left. He sits across from you, his blue eyes are drilling into yours. The blush continues, your ears are hot, your neck feels it too. No names are given, small talk ensues, “I love your shoes… What perfume are you wearing?”

The chatting continues, the girls are quite animated, as they talk with their hands, occasionally they start touching you ever so slightly. A finger stroke on your hand, a soft pat on your arm, a tousle of your hair. Their soft hands are electrifying, you find yourself starting to try and anticipate their touches. It’s mesmerizing for you.

“Are you guys ready to order a drink?” The waitress asks. You realize you have not even thought of a drink!

“She’ll have a glass of Zuccardi Apelacion Malbec, 2014” he points at you, “she’ll have a double Glenmorangie neat” he points at the brunette, “and she’ll have a Ceasar!” Pointing at the redhead.

“And yourself?” The waitress asks

“Just water please!”

The waitress leaves. Back to the chit chat!

The girls continue to touch you, and talk softly with you. He just sits there and watches. You’re doing your best to play along, but these girls are really quite hot! You find yourself touching them back as you talk. The freckles on the redhead are smooth as there is very little hair on her arms and body. The brunette has a bit more, but not enough to make her undesirable.

Suddenly an electric shock goes through your right leg as you realize the brunette has run a single finger up your thigh. Her nail is softly stroking back and forth along the upper leg, up to the base of your dress, back down to your knee. It’s under the table cloth and nobody can see it, but the effect is very intense.

Zap again this time on the left! The redhead is doing the same thing. “Ahhhhh!” You murmur under your breath.

You look at him. He slowly shakes his head side to side and puts his fingers to his lips “shhh! No sounds please!” He looks at the girls, nods to let them know to continue!

Both of their hands continue to softly stroke your thighs. It’s not quite a tickle, but your legs are very sensitive. The goosebumps start to multiply, down each leg and up each side.

“Here you go!” Says the waitress. She expertly places a glass in front of you, pours a bit of wine and waits for you to taste it.

The girls are still softly poker oyna stroking your legs. You grab the wine with your right hand and bring it to your lips, fingers slightly shaking. All your focus is on your legs, but you have to taste the wine to get her to leave. Your mind is split between the erotic pleasure on your legs and the power you are exerting to taste your wine.

“It’s fine!” You blurt out huskily. She pours the rest. Delivers the other drinks. The girls stop what they are doing.

He poses a cheer “To all 3 of you, your beauty only outdone by your passion!”

You clink drinks, take a sip. “Oh my! That’s a really nice glass of wine!” you think.

You realize how flushed you are. Your ears are burning, as well as your neck. Your nipples are hard and slightly poking through your dress. Your lips down below are pulsating with your heart beat.

The girls continue with the touching, every stroke pushing your dress up a bit each time. The strokes get longer, the dress rides higher and higher. Suddenly you feel a soft finger lightly stoke your outer lips of your vagina. A shudder goes through you. You also hear the soft click of what sounds like a camera. “Shtick!” You look across at him, his hands below the table.

He’s looking down at his lap, a nice smile on his face. He looks up at you, pulls his phone up onto the table, rests it there for you to see. It’s a picture of your crotch. A freckled set of fingers is mid stroke over your pussy. The edges of your panties are visible. The other set of hands are on your thigh. You can see the glisten of moisture on your bits.

The fingers return to your lips, a soft stroke… And another… The redhead lifts one of her hands to her lips. You can see the moisture on her fingers. For the first time you notice her green eyes! She slowly tastes those fingers. As she does this another set of fingers start to touch you down there.

You look over at the brunette, her brown eyes meet yours. A soft smile on her lips, she does the same thing with her fingers. A long sensual lick of your juices of her fingers.

The girls continue trading touches and licks…”Shtick”… Another picture is taken. You spread your legs wider to give everyone more access… The redhead offers you a finger, you gingerly taste it… Salty, smooth, slight musky scent. A soft moan escapes your lips. “Mmmm!”

“Are you guys ready to order?” A bubbly voice asks.

You realize your eyes have been closed for a while. You face is burning, ears on fire, neck flushed, nipples hard, goosebumps up and down your body. You’re hungry, just not for food!

The girls remove their hands and grab the menus. Red says “Oysters on the shell, please, oh and extra hot sauce!” The brunette says “Shrimp cocktail, Caesar salad!” Your man says, as he points at you “We’ll both have Filet mignon, medium rare, extra pepper in the garlic butter sauce!”

You use this opportunity to say “I have to go to the ladies room.” As you stand up, both girls do the same “we’ll join you”

You look at your guy, he’s looking at the redhead. He gives her a bag, whispers something in her ear. She nods, takes the bag and the 3 of you head off to the washroom.

In the washroom, the redhead approaches you with the bag. “He wants you to put these on & in” She smiles as she gives you the bag “You’re going to need some help with one of them”

She pulls out a small white club shaped item and a small tube of lube. The brunette locks the door. The redhead says “You’ll need to bend over for this part” as she pushes you over the counter for the sinks.

The brunette kneels down behind you and starts to rub the lips of your wet pussy. The feeling are pretty strong, as your lips have become quite swollen. “Ahhhhh!” You purr as she continues.

The redhead opens the lube, squeezes a blob on two fingers canlı poker oyna and starts to rub your butt hole. Around and around. Both sensations are very sensual.

You feel a pressure at your butt. Then “Pop!” You feel plugged. You realize that she has inserted a butt plug in your ass. The brunette continues to stroke your lips. The pressure in your butt adds to the pleasure. The redhead, fingers still slippery with lube, starts to stroke your clit. One, two, three… Your pussy starts to contract, the first of many more orgasms starts to shake your tummy and pelvis area “Oh my God!” You shudder. Your eyes squeeze shut as the sensations course through your whole body “God Almighty!!” You pant through it.

After a few minutes the spasms subside. The girls stop to let you catch your breath. They both kiss you full on the lips. The redhead holds up the bag “You need to put this on.” She shakes the bag.

With shaking hands you grab it and look inside. It’s an odd looking pair of panties. You pull them out. They are like normal underwear, but thicker and heavier. You notice the crotch area is rounded on the inside. “Ah!” You exclaim “Vibrating panties! Fuck! he’s going to kill me tonight!”

You slip into the panties. They feel bulky, but not uncomfortable. The bulging part, obviously the vibrator, presses against your pussy from your clitoris back past the backside of your swollen lips. As they are already wet, they wrap nicely over the sides of the vibrator. You think to yourself “This is going to be intense, I hope I can handle it”.

All three of you come out of the bathroom together. You notice that there are eyes on you all as you parade through the restaurant back to your table. He stands up to greet you with a kiss on the cheek. You notice his cell phone on the table. It seems there is an app open to what looks like a dial on the screen. You take a deep breath and return to your seat.

You notice your seat has been replaced with a nice cloth upholstered seat with arms on the side.

You all sit down, and immediately the server is there at the table with your meal. She tops up your wine. The meal is served. You all dig in.

As soon as the first piece hits your tongue, you feel a smooth vibration start in your crotch. You look up at him his finger is on the dial. His eyes are staring right through you. As you watch he slowly turns the dial with his finger. The sensations become stronger and stronger as the dial goes up. He’s at about halfway when a small moan escapes your lips and your eyes start to involuntary close. “Oh my god!” You think “that’s only half way!”

The dial goes down to ? of the way. That’s tolerable. You start to eat your fillet. The vibration continues in the background. Every few minutes the dial goes back up. “Ahhhhh” you sigh each time, under your breath. The girls are talking again, and touching your legs again. You keep eating. You’re not really sure what they are talking about, as you are have trouble concentrating.

You look up at him, then at the phone. The dial seems to be sitting at a constant ½ now. You realize the bugger has been slowly increasing it. You’re finding it harder and harder to concentrate. The touches on your legs the constant vibration between your legs. The moisture building in your pussy. The feel of the fabric on your legs. You find you’re having to grip the arms of the chair, as you’re starting to squirm in it. The moisture is building too. You look at him with pleading eyes. He nods to you and turns the dial up again.

It’s too much! You immediately start to cum. As soon as you go over the edge he turns the dial down. You can feel this, but not see it, as your eyes are closed tight in the paroxysmal bliss you’re feeling. You try to focus on not making a scene. No loud noises, no moans, just straight pleasure.

You open your eyes. internet casino He’s smiling at you. You’re flushed. You look around the restaurant. Nobody seems to have noticed your ecstasy.

You notice that the brunette has gone. The redhead is still there, she’s talking softly with your man. There are still hands on your legs softly stroking them, but something’s not quite right. You can see both of the redheads hands.

“Shit!” You think to yourself “she’s under the table!”

The hands on your legs start to stroke from your thighs down to your ankles. Then back up over your calves, behind your knees. Then back up the outside of your thighs, across the tops and back down again. The vibrator turns up again

Her fingers continue to stroke, but now they are running up the sides of your hips and across your belly. Then repeating the whole process.

You look pleadingly at him “Please no!” you mouth “I can’t do this again and keep quiet!”

He turns the dial up a bit again. A moan escapes. Your hips start to thrust involuntarily. You feel it starting to build again. A new sensation starts at the inside of your thighs. You spread your legs wider, as you know what this is, a tongue and lips.

Flick, flick, lick, kiss. The combined feelings are overwhelming. The vibrator, the fingers caressing your legs, the kisses, the licks. You force your eyes open, to look at him. You start to orgasm. A shudder goes through you. He smiles, leans in to give the redhead a deep kiss. Their tongues meet. He’s still looking at you, savouring the look on your face as you cum. It’s too much, you reach under the table and softly push her face away from your thighs. She acquiesces slowly. Your body is still shuddering, but you can control it a bit. His hand reaches for the dial. He slowly turns it down. Reality slowly returns.

You notice the brunette is once again sitting beside you. “How did she get back up here again?”

The rest of the meal goes by in a blur! The 2 girls continue to touch and tease you, keeping you in a constant state of arousal. He keeps subtly playing with the dial, but nothing to send you over the edge again. The check comes. He pays. The girls get up first, the redhead brings your jacket over and puts it on your shoulders. You are grateful for this as it’s long enough to cover the bottom of your dress. For sure it’s soaked with your juices.

On week legs they guide you out to the waiting limousine. You all pile in the back. A girl on each side of you, and he’s sitting across from you.

Champagne is served by him, and you all clink glasses. You take a sip of your champagne, as do the girls, but they also both drizzle a small bit of it on your neck and shoulders. It’s cold, very cold as it runs down your breasts. Your nipples immediately pucker so hard.

The girls both lean in and start to suckle the champagne away. Of course he turns up the dial once more.

Their hands are also busy peeling the top of your dress down. Snap your bra is also undone. Within seconds your breasts are free and two sets of teeth, warm lips and hands are nipping, sucking and fondling away on your breasts, around your areolas, and your incredibly hard nipples.

You feel a larger set of hands in your legs and look down to see his face inches away from your pussy. He pushes the lower part of the panties to the side. You feel his warm tongue slide slowly into you vagina.

In and out, in and out. The lips on your breasts. The hands all over your upper body. The vibration going continuously. The teeth nipping here and there. It’s too much! You feel the scream before you hear it “Oh my fucking GOD! Ahhhhh!” Your body goes rigid. The intensity of this orgasm is extreme. Time stands still.

After what seems like hours, you gasp for a breath “Ohhhhh!!” They just keep doing what they’ve been doing all along “Ahhhhh!” Another orgasm shudders through you! The muscles of your body are all firing. It’s so intense. You feel.like your going to explode. Time again stands still. Everything fades to a black circle, then to blackness!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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