A Night Out With Mellisa

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I’ve had this friend named Mellisa for a long time. She’s one of those great people who you can hang out with and always have fun. I never really thought of her as possible dating material because she was a little on the big side and she had a real prick of a boyfriend.

Anyway to get the story started: One day we were hanging out at her apartment when her boyfriend was working swingshift at the plant. We were watching a movie and when it was over we decided to go out. She told me she wanted to take a shower so I went to have a cigarette.

A few minutes later as I was finishing my cigarette Mellisa started screaming and yelling so I came on the run to the bathroom to see what the fuck was going on. As I neared the bathroom I saw a big rat come running out. I walked down the hall a little further and Mellisa came out of the bathroom stark naked. I always thought Mellisa was chubby but what I saw that afternoon shook me of that notion real quick. She had the most beautiful double E breasts topped off by large prominent brown nipples. She actually had a somewhat slender waist she just always hid it with baggy clothes. She also had poker oyna a great ass and a beautiful dark bush.

Needles to say I started to grow hard instantly. I was about to get all embarrassed when I noticed she didn’t seem to mind me looking at her. In fact I swear she lingered in the hall on purpose. Then she rushed into her room and asked from behind the door if I could get rid of the rat.

I told her O.K. and went on through the rest of the day with the vision of those gigantic tits in my head. We ended up going to a bar and smoking a little weed in her car on the way back to her apartment.

We pulled into the parking lot and maybe it was the booze and the pot but I just had to tell her how beautiful I thought she was. I told her I wanted to have sex with her and that I was sorry if I was offending her. She just sat there for a few seconds and then she said ” Well you know there are other things we can do besides sex. She then pulled down her shirt and her bra and showed me her hard nipple. Then she got out of the car and left me wondering exactly what she had meant. So I got out and followed her to the apartment. canlı poker oyna

We went inside smoked a few cigarettes and I went to the bathroom. When I came out she told me to sit down on the floor and that she’d be right back. She went back to the bedroom and was gone for quite a while and by now my head had cleared up somewhat.

When Mellisa came out she had a video and a towel and was wearing a button down plaid short sleeved shirt that clung to her boobs. She also had on a pair of white satin panties.

She went to the V.C.R. and put the tape in. It turned out to be a softcore porn And as the movie started Mellisa slowly pulled down her panties and then she unbuttoned her shirt. She moved closer and stood in front of me and then moved directly over me putting her perfect mound right in my face. The smell was fantastic and I had to have a taste So I lashed out with my tongue and licked her clit. Her knees buckled and she backed away and said” No you can’t touch you can only look.”

I sat back dejected but then I thought to myself what the hell it might be fun. She laid down in front of me with her internet casino legs spread and once again gave me a view of her full pouting pussy lips. Mellisa put a nearby pillow under her head and said ” take off your pants and play with yourself, masturbating by myself isn’t very much fun.

I pulled off my clothes and Mellisa looked at my dick surprised by the size and told me “you’re a lot bigger than glen!” She motioned for me to start so I started moving my hand up and down my shaft.

She stared at my dick the entire time while rubbing her pussy with one hand and massaging her nipples with the other she started to moan loudly and shortly thereafter had a tremendous shuttering orgasm

She moved her hand away and was buttoning her shirt when I stopped. Mellisa asked me what was wrong and I told her I wasn’t even watching the movie and wanted to watch her. She blushed and unbuttoned her shirt and started to stroke her clit again.

Soon she was having another orgasm and then she was hitting multiple climaxes I got so turned on I started stroking faster and then I was cumming in long thick ropes that shot all the way over my shoulder.

I got dressed and went out on the patio to smoke and when we came back in she said I had to go home because her prick boyfriend would be home soon and that she’d see me tomorrow I smiled and said I’m looking forward to it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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