A Night to Be Remembered

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Shelli and Bob walked up the stairs to Bob’s apartment. And with every step they took, Bob’s cock grew harder and harder. He wanted Shelli so bad. Glancing over, he could see down the top of Shelli’s top, her cleavage showing nicely. As they rounded the next landing, Bob reached down and touched Shelli’s leg just beneath her mini-skirt. He grinned as he did it – Her skirt was more like a wide belt! He started running his had up her leg, wondering what she had on underneath. Shelli reached back, grabbed his arm and pushed it down. “Hold on, lover. Hold on,” she said.

Bob looked into her eyes. God, she looked hot. His cock strained against his pants, starting to ache.

As they got to his door, Shelli reached into her purse and pulled out the key Bob had given her weeks before. Her hand shook a bit as she tried to put it in, the key rattling a bit on the lock. She finally found the slot and got the door open. Bob followed her in, turning slightly to close and lock the door behind them. But as he turned back, Shelli was right there. She reached down with her right hand and grabbed his crotch, her palm pressed hard up against his cock. “You didn’t think you were the only horny one tonight, did you?” she asked.

“Well, I’m glad I’m not!” he replied, reaching around and using both hands to grab her ass through her skirt. Squeezing hard, he pulled her towards him. Parting her lips slightly Shelli lifted herself up on her toes and kissed him, very passionately.

“You might be surprised to find out I’ve been thinking about fucking you all evening,” she said, looking up at him. “Why don’t you explore a little down there and find out why.” She grinned at him and winked. Bob slid his hands down to the bottom edge of her skirt. Touching her bare legs he started sliding them up and felt her bare ass. Figuring she had on one of her thongs, he continued to work his hand around, one finger tracking up the crack between her cheeks. But he discovered she wasn’t wearing anything on at all.

Shelli obviously read his expression. “I did think you’d expect that,” she giggled. “I figured I’d surprise you tonight. But it also surprised me how much it turned me on. I’ve been fighting the feeling all night. I can feel how wet I am, but I was afraid it would become obvious with the little skirt I had on.”

Bob reached around and cupped one hand around her pussy. “Baby, you are definitely wet…and very hot,” he began. He slid a finger into her, moving it in very easily. “And you seem very ready!” Bob moved his finger around inside Shelli and then pulled it out far enough to rub it around her clit.

Shelli moaned. “You like my surprise?” she asked.

“Oh YA!” he grinned, pushing two fingers up and into her. Shelli drew in a breath.

“Time to get to the bedroom. I’ve gotta get you as ready as I am,” Shelli urged. With that she pulled away from him and started across the room. About half way across the room, she started pulling off her top. By the time she reached the bedroom door, her bra was on the floor, and she was reaching for the catch on her skirt. That fell just in time for her to reach the bed. Turning around she could see Bob walking up to her. Bob could see her pussy glistening, she was so damp.

Shelli reached forward, and pulled Bob’s shirt up and over his head. With her right hand, she tossed it across the room, while at the same time planting her lips firmly on his right nipple. She sucked hard, knowing it would have a desired effect on him. Not wasting any time, Shelli then reached down and undid Bob’s belt, followed by the button and zipper on his pants. By putting her thumbs into his pants she pushed both his jeans and his underwear down, freeing his cock. Shelli looked down and grinned. As she continued to push on his pants, she hand to lower herself to get them all the way off. Shelli dropped to her knees, getting his pants to his feet. As Bob stepped out of them, Shelli had his cock immediately in front of her face. Extending her tongue, she pressed it against the bottom of him, and licked all the way to the tip. Reaching the end, she opened her lips and took him in, briefly sucking on him. Bob’s head dropped back as he moaned.

“That’s a good start she said,” looking up.

“How ’bout I surprise you?” he asked, tentatively.

Bob put his hands on her shoulders, and Shelli pushed up on her knees, resting her head on his stomach. She ran a single finger up and down the length of his shaft. “Sure, so long as it doesn’t hurt,” she replied playfully.

“Well, you know how you’ll be away next week with your job?” he started. She nodded. Work was sending her on a course, and neither of them were looking forward to being apart and missing nights of good sex. “Well, I was kinda hoping that I could make a video recording of you fucking me.” She looked up at him, a little confused. “That way I can watch that, instead of some generic porn, and wack myself off while I think about you.”

“I supposed. Just so long as you are the poker oyna only one to ever see it. “Cause if anyone ever does, you won’t be getting any more of this,” she said, then licked up his cock again, as though it were a lollipop. “Where do you want me?”

“Right where you are,” he said. Bob headed over to his living room and pulled his camera off the shelf. Shelli watched his cock bounce as he walked. She loved his dick and how it made her feel. He set up the camera on a stand and looked at the viewfinder to make sure Shelli and the bed were all in the frame. After all, it wouldn’t do to have to stop mid-way to move the camera! Based on where he put it, he should get a good side view of them going at it.

“Action,” he said as he laughed. Pushing the start button, he moved over to where he stood before.

“I assume you want me to pick up where I left off?” Shelli asked, licking up his cock again.

“Oh…ya,” he replied.

Shelli twisted around so she was now facing the camera. It let the camera see his whole cock while she worked her way up the side. As an added bonus, Bob was going to get great footage of her round tits. Starting with her mouth on the side of his shaft, right at its base, she began sliding back and forth. Reaching up with her right hand she began fondling his balls, feeling his smooth, shaved sack. As she squeezed, her mouth slid up his shaft until she reached the helmet at the end of him. Turning her head slightly to the left when she reached his end, she opened her mouth, taking him in. As her lips wrapped around the ridge on the head of his penis, she rubbed her tongue on bottom side of him. Bob moaned softly. Shelli could feel him start to push forward gently, willing her to take more of him.

Shelli could feel a burning between her legs. She let go of his bag with her hand, but kept him in her mouth. Bob couldn’t clearly see what she did next, but it didn’t matter. He’d see it on the film. This next part was for her and the camera. Still sucking hard on him, she slid her hand onto her right tit, playing with her nipple. Her left hand moved down between her legs. Using her fingers, she spread her lips apart, showing her pink to the camera. Playing with her clit made her draw in a breath, which she immediately followed by a hard suck on the head of Bob’s cock – the camera clearly showing her cheeks drawing in.

Next, Shelli shoved a pair of fingers into her glistening wet, hot, ready pussy. She knew she was horny, her fingers slid in so readily. Letting Bob pop free of her mouth, she leaned back and reached under the bed with her right hand, groping around until she found her dildo. Moving upright, she slowly pulled out her fingers, rubbing them on her clit, and then spreading her lips again. Shelli shuffled her legs a bit, widening her stance, and held the dildo, pointing straight up towards her pussy. Pulling it upwards, she felt the end of it enter her. Allowing her body to rise up a bit put her mouth level with the end of Bob’s cock. She was staring directly at the end of it with rapt attention, seeing a drop of pre-cum sitting on the end of it. She licked at the end of him, tasting him.

Loving the feeling, she wanted more – more of Bob and more of her toy. Allowing her knees to bend, she began lowering her body. This had two effects – she could feel the dildo pushing deeper into her pussy, as well as getting more and more of Bob’s cock in her mouth. Rising back up, she held the toy steady, feeling both shafts slide out of her. Rubbing her tongue on him as she slowly withdrew, Bob could feel his cum building in his balls. Shelli quickly built up a rhythm, repeatedly sliding up and down on her toy, as well as her lover. She could feel her tits bouncing, and grinned at the thought of Bob watching the video and seeing them in action.

Shelli was enjoying this action. She reached down with her left hand and began rubbing her clit. And she was rubbing hard! Her body began to shake. Bob gasped as Shelli dove down on him, driving him as deeply into her mouth as she could, sucking hard. At the same time she pushed the dildo fully into her, feeling it fill her up.

Reaching up, Shelli grabbed the base of his member with her left hand. Firmly she began pumping on him, his moans growing loader. She could feel him pushing with his hips now – knowing that he must be close to cumming.

Bob’s cock began to swell in her mouth – she could feel it growing! She was certain he was about to blow. Pulling back slightly she continued pumping with her hand, pointing his cock towards her chest. With a scream Bob unloaded, his cum spraying out in wave after wave of hot liquid, landing on her tits.

Shelli grinned as she looked at his still throbbing dick, the last of his cum clinging to the head of him, a bit still leaking out. She spread her tongue wide and licked the cum off of him. Looking up, she could see Bob watching her, his eyes fixed on the end of his cock, seeing his cum on her tongue. With a grin in her eyes, canlı poker oyna Shelli opened her mouth and took just the end of him in, pumping again on him to get the last bits. Bob’s head dropped back as she slid more of him into her mouth, her lips tightly pressed against him – cleaning his cock.

Sliding back, Bob’s now flaccid cock dropped from her mouth. Letting go of him, Shelli brought both of her hands to her tits, her fingers tracing through the lines and gobs of cum. Bob knelt down beside Shelli, putting his left hand between her legs. Feeling how hot she still was, he began rubbing her clit, kissing her deeply at the same time. Taking a breath, he looked at her gorgeous tits, seeing a blob of his seed on each of her nipples. Leaning forward he took her right nipple into his mouth, licking his cum off her. He then moved to Shelli’s right tit, cleaning the nipple there as well. All the while, he continued to play with her pussy. Shelli leaned back onto her arms, pushing her tit up into Bob’s mouth.

“Unless you intend to clean me all up, I think I may need a wash cloth!” Shelli teased.

“OK,” replied Bob, releasing her boob. He eyed his cum, much of it in a pool between her tits. Extending his tongue, he lapped up the puddle. Shelli’s mouth was open – she was surprised by his action. Seeing this, Bob kept moving upwards, his cum coating his tongue. He shoved it into Shelli’s mouth. She started sucking on it, every bit as strongly as when she was working on his cock. Their eyes locked, both knowing they were turning each other on.

“Enjoy that?” Shelli asked.

“Ya. Oh, ya,” he gasped. He leaned back, still catching his breath.

Reaching over, Shelli grabbed a washcloth they kept near the bed to clean up. She began cleaning up the remaining cum on her chest, figuring Bob was going to need a bit of recovery time. Bob started to lean over.

“Oh no, love. Leave it going. I think I can still do some things to turn you on,” Shelli said, playfully. She grabbed a couple of her toys, and made her way onto the bed. Facing away from the camera, she rolled over on her belly. She brought her knees underneath her, and pushed her ass into the air, giving the camera a splendid view of her ass and pussy.

Shelli reached between her legs with her right hand and spread her lips for the camera. Soon, her left hand appeared in the shot, her middle finger first playing with her clit, then sliding into the hole of her snatch. In and out it pumped. But it wasn’t enough for her. After only about half a dozen pumps, a second finger entered her, then a third. She pushed them in all the way to the base of her fingers. But iIt still wasn’t going to be enough. She just had to get deeper. Shelli reached beside her, grabbing a long vibrating penis and turned it on. Rubbing the head of it around her twat, enjoying the shaking, she found her hole and began pushing it in. Slowly she pushed, feeling it stretching her open. She pushed and she pushed until just the base of it could be seen sticking out of her, just enough to hang on to. Shelli paused and then began withdrawing it, again very slowly, so she could feel the head as it slid through her. As it exited her, she felt her pussy’s lips close. Then back in it went. Shelli gasped as it re-entered her.

Bob appeared in the frame as he climbed onto the bed and knelt to Shelli’s left. He leaned forward and planted his lips on the cheek of her ass, giving her a kiss. Looking down, he took the vibrator from her with his right hand.

“Your turn,” he said. “I think I can probably work this a bit easier from back here”

“OK,” she moaned. Feeling Bob starting to slid and twist the vibrator within her.

Bob began pumping on the vibrator. She would slid it fully out of Shelli, her pussy lips smacking as it left her. But as soon as it was out, he would push it back in, all the way to the end. Slowly at first, Bob continued to work her over until he could feel the shaft moving in and out easily. Then he started speeding up, at the same time, reaching under her crotch with his left hand, rubbing her clit. Shelli began to moan uncontrollably.

Bob paused in his actions long enough to roll onto his back, he head between Shelli’s legs. She knew what she wanted him to do – the same idea he had in mind. Moving her shoulders forward, she lowered her pussy down onto his mouth. Bob worked her lips open with his tongue, rolling her clit around with it. Pushing forward, he pulled it into his mouth, sucking on it. He could feel her body tightening up, her back arching as she enjoyed what he was doing. While he licked and sucked, his left hand took hold of the vibrator, again sliding it in and out of her.

He could taste Shelli’s juices as they leaked from her, flowing from her hole and into his mouth. They stimulated him. He could feel it, as a tightening in his own groin. Reaching with his right hand, he grasped his shaft in his right hand. Squeezing it, he pulled upwards, feeling it starting to get internet casino hard again. Shelli’s body began to shake. She pulled her legs together, to squeeze her pussy on the vibrator, trying to increase the feeling yet more. As she did, she could feel Bob’s right arm moving against her left leg.

“No babe. NO,” she panted. “Don’t jack yourself off. I want your cum inside me, filling me up,” she added, almost pleading.

“Not yet,” Bob said, sitting up. “I think you can take some more and I’m still a ways off.” He reached to the floor, searching for something. As he did, the vibrator slid out of Shelli, her pussy nowhere near tight enough to hold it in now. That was OK, Bob knew it needed to come out anyway for what he was going to do. As he straightened up, Shelli would have noticed he had a bottle and a small vibrator in his hand – noticed, if she was facing the right way and if she didn’t have her eyes closed, revelling in the feelings she was having.

But all Shelli knew was that she was now empty. “Again, get in me again,” she commanded.

Bob leaned forward, again kissing Shelli’s cheek. “OK,” he said. With that he uncapped the bottle of baby oil he had in his hand. Turning it over, he let several drops fall in the crack of her ass. As it reached her hole, he started up the small vibrator, and put it against her rim. Sliding it around, he worked it into her ass, sliding it a bit deeper with each plunge.

“Yes,” Shelli groaned. “YES!”

Once the vibrator was fully into her, Bob grabbed the penis vibrator again, and thrust it into her pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh,” she screamed.

“You want me to stop?” Bob asked, concerned he had gone too far.

“No….No…..,” she continued. “FUCK ME. FUCK ME IN BOTH HOLES!”

Bob started to work both vibrators, alternately sliding them in and out, making room for the one in Shelli’s ass. Shelli’s shaking took on a new urgency. She started pushing back with body, trying to get the toys into her ass and pussy deeper and deeper. Bob was now fully hard and could feel the cum building inside him again. He knew he was almost ready.

It was almost as if Shelli could sense the state of his cock. “That… feels… sooooooooo… good… Bob… oh… Bob…”

“Time for you to get filled up,” Bob said.

“Yes…oh…yes,” she panted.

Bob positioned his cock at the opening of Shelli’s pussy and pushed fully into her. She was so hot and wet and stretched out, there was almost no resistance at all. He started pumping. As he did, his gaze dropped down towards her ass. He stared fixedly at it as she shook, an idea forming in his mind.

Bob put a couple of more drops of oil on Shelli’s ass. He slid the small vibrator in, feeling it shake through her against his member. He wanted to surprise her again. Pulling his rock hard cock from her pussy, he also slid the vibrator from her ass.

“More…MORE!” she screamed at him.

He took his shaft in his hand, and positioned it against her ass hole. Pushing forward with his hips and his hand, he entered her. She groaned loudly.

“You want me to pull out?” Bob asked.

“No. No. Give me more,” she replied. He could feel her reach down and grind her hand against her clit, making her body quiver. Reaching beside her, he again picked up the vibrating dick, and reached under his bag to find her opening. He let it sit there shaking the edge of her opening. He then pushed with his own cock, sinking it into her more. As he stopped pushing with his cock, he began pushing with the vibrator, feeling it sliding into her as it pushed inside against his own shaft. Again, he alternately pushed on her two openings, feeling her reach her climax, every muscle in her body tightening and her ass clamping down on his cock. Her ass was so tight around his shaft. It felt so good.

As she began to relax, he slid his dick partially out of her, and put a drop of oil on his shaft. Letting go of the vibrator, he grabbed Shelli by her hips and began repeated thrusting against her ass. After only a brief time, he knew he was getting extremely close to cumming and could only last a push or two more.

“You wanted me to fill you up!” Bob said as he pushed in again. He couldn’t hold out much longer – this was it.

“What?” Shelli gasped between breaths just as he was pulling back. She wasn’t sure what he was referring to.

“NOW!” he cried as he pushed in and his cock started to unload into her ass. He usually wore a condom, so she had never felt hot cum spraying into her this way. Shelli shook again as she rubbed her own clit. Clamping the cheeks of her ass around Bob, she held him tight, not letting him go. The feeling was terrific. It felt like his cock would split her open and must have been pouring gallons into her!

As Bob’s spasms subsided, Shelli slid her shoulders forward on the bed, lowering her hips and letting both of them collapse to the bed. They lay there, panting – trying to catch their breath. As Bob’s cock became flaccid again, he withdrew from her. She could feel a trickle of his cum draining from her, unfamiliar with the feeling of it coming from there, but not disliking it. She enjoyed surprises, and this night certainly had a couple!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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