A Photo Session in the Garage

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This story is dedicated to allicat93, who encouraged me to post it. XO, Alli.

(Last summer I made a motorcycle trip down to visit a friend on the State side of the border. It was a long 10 hour ride back north, and on my return trip to Vancouver I had a lot of time to just think – you’re kinda captive in your helmet like that on those long rides. One of the things I was thinking about was an erotic fantasy about my very hot younger girlfriend, so I wanted to share it. I wrote this with her in mind, so it’s written for her as the audience – enjoy)

In my fantasy, you are coming over to my place on a Saturday afternoon, and I’m running a bit late after working in the yard all morning, so I’m late taking a shower and shaving, and I’m still in the shower when you get here. You knock on the door to let me know you are here, then tell me you’ll be upstairs once I’m all cleaned up. Before you go, you peek inside the door, and stand there watching me lather myself and shower for a while. As I soap up, the knowledge that you are watching me gets me aroused, but you give me a wink and retreat before I can suggest that you join me.

When I come upstairs, I don’t find you anywhere, so I put on some clothes, and when I come back down to the kitchen I notice that you’ve left me a note. “Meet me in the garage, and bring these”, the note reads. Beside the note are my digital camera, and the new latex toy that I got for you. Instantly my mind is turning like mad, aroused and wondering what you have in store for us. I turn on the camera to check the battery, and notice that you have already taken a few photos in the kitchen and on the couch. One is of you naked, close up, with one hand cupping your breast, and perking your nipple between thumb and forefinger to make it swell to erect. The other is of the couch, and on it is a sexy short skirt, bra and panties that you have arranged for me to see – but now there is no evidence of these garments in the room.

I’m already imagining you wearing the sexy outfit, and I waste no time heading out the door to find you, but can’t help but wonder why you’ve chosen to entice me to the garage, when there is a comfy bedroom available.

When I reach the garage, I notice that the curtains are all closed, and there is some pulsing music playing inside, which I recognize as your Lady Gaga (which is starting to grow on me, btw). I slide open the door, step in, and close it behind me, then part the curtain to get a good view of what you have prepared. The sight leaves me instantly straining in my jeans.

You are wearing the clothes you had laid out. A white see thru blouse with only one or two buttons done up, with your very sexy shelf bra visible poker oyna underneath. Below, you have a very short skirt – schoolgirl style, and a tiny black lace thong underneath. Your hair is long and let down, and you are wearing your glasses for effect. You take no notice of me at first, as you have already started to enjoy yourself on top of my motorcycle – you are sitting backwards on the seat, with your feet up on the passenger foot pegs, and laying back against the tank and handlebars. In one hand you caress your flat stomach and breasts through the sexy top, and with the other you have pulled up your skirt, and have several fingers exploring inside your sexy g-string. You are moaning slightly, and do not stop when you notice me watching. You close your eyes, and I begin to take some sexy photos of you, as I know you are putting on a show for me – posing for the camera. Then you open your eyes, and sit upright, straddled backwards on the seat, and beckon me to you. I can see how wet you are and it turns me on to have you take such an effort to arouse me.

When I am close enough, you begin to rub the engorged bulge in the front of my jeans, and you cannot take your eyes off of it. When you are satisfied with my firmness, you begin to unbutton my pants and continue stroking me through my briefs. Then you pull them down to expose my hard cock and begin to lick me slowly. First with long licks, then taking the head of my penis into your mouth and swirling your tongue around the head of my member. You take the camera from me, and take some photos of your own, then you pull up my briefs and tell me to take off just my jeans, leaving me in my t-shirt and small briefs. Then you beckon me for a longing kiss, and tell me that you want to put on a show for me, as you hand me back the camera.

You start by turning around and facing forward on the bike, and making sexy, seductive poses for me. Arching your back and looking over your shoulder. Arranging your hair. Mostly you stare straight into my eyes, but often you close them for effect, or play with licking your lips or making other sexy gestures. As I walk around you taking photos, you begin telling me how you’d fantasized about this for a while, and how you want me to fuck you in various positions on my motorcycle. You ask if I would mind obliging you, and of course I don’t mind at all.

You ask me to stand behind, and then you begin to show off your amazing ass. Hiking up your short skirt, you caress it, and then you pull your panties down your thighs so that I can see your wet pussy from behind, and you leave then stretched around your thighs as you begin to touch yourself. You ask me to take some close ups from behind, and you spread canlı poker oyna your lips, and begin to stroke your clit for me. You begin to moan, and then grind you pussy against the seat. Having your sweet juices on my bike makes me hot – I know that every time I ride it I will remember this afternoon fondly.

Next you ask if I brought the dildo – I nod and you reach out for it. You reach behind, and get it all lubed with your juices, then start to tease yourself with it. As you gyrate to the music you have selected, you begin to insert the purple shaft into you warm, moist depths – slowly at first, then with increasing tempo. With one hand stimulating your pussy with the dildo from behind, you use the other to rub your clit, and your body rocks back and forth with pleasure as you watch me taking photos from the corner of your eye. I can tell that you are enjoying this as much as I am, if not more.

You ask me if I would like to eat your pussy, already knowing what my answer would be, so you resume your original position, laying back on the bike. I come forward and start to take long licks along your outer lips, then pull and suck at your sweetness, before swirling my tongue around your swollen nub, making you moan and breath first deeply, then eventually in quick short breaths. I can tell that you are getting close as I flicker my tongue across your clit gently, but quickly – first up and down, then side to side. I feel your hands seek out my shoulders to steady yourself, and you begin to spasm with pleasure, and not long after you begin you moan that you are about to cum for me. As I ease my finger inside of you to find your g-spot, you can’t contain it anymore, and you cum onto my tongue and fingers, as your orgasmic juices begin to flow and your body tenses and relaxes in euphoric spasms.

Once you glide back down to earth, you dismount and come over to me and begin to kiss me. You guide my hand to your moistness, so I can feel how wet I have made you. You caress and stroke me, and take my shirt off, to rub your hands all over my chest, then you tell me to sit on the bike. While I obey, you place the camera where it has a good view of the coming action, and start to record a video of our lovemaking. Then you hop on as well, straddling me so that we are face to face.

You pull down my briefs as much as you can and begin to stroke my cock as you kiss me, and run your tongue into my mouth, searching and yearning. Next you use your other hand to manoeuvre your g-string off to one side to expose your amazing pussy, and now you vigorously rub your clit as you stroke my cock. I can feel your tempo working up, and you start to rub your pussy up against my shaft, getting internet casino it fully wet from your sweet juices. Only when you cannot take it anymore, you guide me with your hand inside of you, and I feel your warmth envelope me. This is my favourite part – the initial entry – and you make it last a long time as you slowly lower yourself onto my wanting erection. Once I am fully inside, you wrap your legs around me, and I feel your hands against my back, pulling my against you, and kissing me more and more. You begin to bounce up and down on my shaft, slowly at first, then with increasing tempo, and you are getting really into it. Just when I can feel myself almost beginning to come you somehow sense this, and slow your pace to prolong the experience.

You tell me that next you want me to straddle the bike behind you and give you a good fucking from behind with my hard cock, and not stop until I cum. This seems like fun to me, and so you change position, and I feel your firm ass against my hardness. You tease me by pumping your ass up and down to stroke my cock between your cheeks, and then reach down between your legs to guide the tip of my penis against your pussy, both to lubricate it and also to arouse your clit once more.

When you sense I am ready, you take my cock in your hand, and guide me to your moist entrance, but only let me in a little bit before taking me out again. My hands go to your hips, and I pull you to me, and I feel my cock slide into you again, just a bit further this time, before you pull away and leave me wanting again. This time I grab your shoulder in one hand, and your hair with the other, and pull you fully onto my hard cock, listening to you moan as I penetrate you all the way to the hilt, impaling you with my engorged ram.

My hands now move around to your breasts, and I begin to caress your lovely mounds and nipples as Lady Gaga provides us with a pulsing beat to begin our impassioned intercourse. You move against me, taking me again and again deep into you, and I use my grip on your body to control the tempo as well. It feels so good to have your body up against mine, crashing into each other, and we begin to climb the staircase towards the upper levels of our ecstasy. I can feel your fingers working your clit, and it turns me on even more as I feel my cum welling up inside of me, eager to spurt into you, filling you up with my pearly seed. But I hold back until I feel you getting closer to your own orgasm, and as I hear you telling me that you are going to cum again, I release, and let myself fall into an amazingly forceful orgasm that makes you cum in unison, together, perfectly, synchronized.

As we slow our tempo, and our bodies crash into a heap together, we both know how amazing an experience that was. You tell me that once we have recovered, we should watch the video on the big screen, and then watch it again as you return my oral favour. Once again you are full of great ideas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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