A Pool Party – The Prequel

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This story is a prequel to my story ‘The Pool Party,’ which is already published in nonconsent/reluctance. This story stands on its own, and there is no need to read ‘A Pool Party’ before you read this story.

While’s it’s primarily a first time story, it does have an element of group sex inside it, so please be forewarned. All characters in the story are over 18 years of age.


A Pool Party: The Prequel

Alexis knew from an early age what her Mom did for a living. The official line was that she was an entertainer, a dancer. She danced down at the Kinky Keg, a bar in the countryside, just outside the town’s borders. From the outside it looked a bit dilapidated, but on the inside, it gleamed. It had a smooth dance floor, a stage, and chromium plated poles extending from the floor to the ceiling. It also had one cross bar, running between two poles.

The Kinky Keg had a few pole dancers, but everyone’s favorite was a woman in her early 30s, with the body of a teenager, known as ‘Shakem Sharon.” As the evening would wear on, Sharon would lose more and clothes, little by little, until finally she was dancing in pasties and a G string. She lived up to her name, too, as her naturally large boobs bounced around with her movements.

Sharon Johnson had a good figure, healthy hair, soft, smooth, blemish free skin, a pretty face, and an incandescent smile. As if that were not enough, she was also a good dancer, with graceful moves combined with a natural acrobatic athleticism.

There was a tip jar with Sharon’s name on it, and typically it was filled with dollar bills. Sharon was paid a salary, of course, and it came with excellent health insurance, while from the tip jar she usually cleared around an extra $50 per night. This was not quite enough to support herself and her daughter, Alexis.

Usually, a half hour before closing, if nobody in authority were around, Sharon would ask a bar patron to bite off her pasties. She would get on the stage and peel off her G string. When that happened, one could hear the huge cheers even from the far end of the parking lot, outside the bar.

Sharon would then sexily climb the poles and leap onto the cross bar. She played to the all-male audience by hanging from the bar in such a way as to expose all of her charms to their raucous viewing pleasure. She never did this if there were a cop or a government agent in the audience, or if there were a woman. She never got busted for indecent exposure. The nights she was featured at the Keg, a crowd would pack the place, and management treated Sharon like the valuable asset she was.

When the show ended, men waved bills in their hands, and she would don her bra and panties and walk around the tables to accept tips and complements from the men. If the tips were big enough, she let the men put the bills wherever they wanted to put them. It was at this time she would receive several offers of ways to increase her night’s earning, and sometimes if the offer was big enough, and if the man were clean, she would accept. There was a nice room in the back for such occasions. This extra money made the difference between healthy food for herself and her daughter, or the cat food alternative.

Sharon’s teenage daughter Alexis did not explicitly know any of these details, but she understood the big picture. She was teased about it enough in school. Her mother’s occupation was a source of grief for Alexis due to her nasty classmates, but she was nevertheless proud of her Mom, who as it turned out was a clever businesswoman.

For several years now, some clients of Sharon decided to give their sons a present around their 18th birthday. The present would be an evening with Sharon at her trailer, where she and her only child, her daughter Alexis, lived. Sharon even offered a ‘student discount’ to encourage the trade. Every boy in the high school looked forward to ‘his treat’ which the boy’s father would arrange to happen shortly after his 18th birthday.

Usually Sharon would warn Alexis in advance, and she would go to a friend’s home for the night; typically she went to the home of her friend Mary, a few trailers away in the trailer park. Alexis and Mary would have fun gabbing into the early hours of the morning.

Sometimes they would get into mischief, too, as teenage girls occasionally are wont to do, such as finding out which boy was losing his virginity to Lexie’s mother that very night. The next day at school it was easy to tell whether or not they had guessed right. Boys are different the day after their first night of wild, unbridled sex. One thing was sure: Sharon gave them a night they would never, ever forget.

The boys also looked at Lexie differently, too. After all, she was the sexpot daughter of the MILF who had sent them to sexual heaven and back. If Lexie’s Mom could give them pleasure like that, what could they expect from Lexie herself?

In addition, Lexie was a near perfect replica of her poker oyna Mom, and their bodies were almost identical. Since the boys had carefully studied (and enjoyed) her naked Mom, they felt that they knew what Alexis would look like naked, and they enjoyed undressing her in their minds. It gave Alexis the creeps.

As far as Alexis was concerned, they were destined never to know how similar or not she was to her Mom. They would never, never, never, ever know. To have a good time with her Mom meant that particular boy would never have a chance with Lexie. Alexis never made mistakes, either.

Lexie’s mother sometimes called her daughter, with affection in her voice, ‘my little mistake.’ Like all children who have a loving nickname from their parents, Lexie loved it when her Mom called her ‘My Little Mistake,’ even if now that she was older, she had a good idea of the significance of that nickname.

Lexie once had a father. He was a year older than her mother Sharon, and he volunteered for the army on his 18th birthday. He went to basic training, and then was shipped off to a foreign war when Lexie was three. He never returned. Lexie’s Mom fell into a deep depression, and Lexie was partially raised by her grandmother, until she was five. During her sixth year of life her grandfather had a bit too much to drink and both of her grandparents did not survive the messy car crash.

Lexie was five and her mother was 20 years old, and without income or resources. Sharon’s parents’ estate, such as it was, was wiped out in the subsequent lawsuits following the car crash. That was when Lexie’s Mom Sharon took the name ‘Shakem Sharon Johnson,’ and went to work dancing at the Kinky Keg just outside of town. She had been dancing there, on and off, for well-nigh thirteen long years.

Sharon made up a story for Alexis about her Dad. She could not bear to tell Lexie he had died. She said that Lexie’s Dad married another women and had a family. When Lexie got much older, she eventually told her the truth, and by that time it was easier for Lexis to handle that she could never meet her Dad again.

The family now consisted of Sharon Johnson and her daughter Alexis Johnson, and Sharon was going to make sure Alexis had every chance in life. Alexis understood this and she was determined not to let her mother down. As mothers go, it did not get better than hers, of that Alexis was sure.

Alexis handled high school with aplomb. Most of the girls shunned her, because her mother was a whore. She had three friends whom she could count on: Michelle, Mary, and Zoe. Mary lived in the same trailer court, and Michelle and Zoe lived in run down shacks at the edge of town.

The high school boys either shunned her due to her mother’s occupation, or assumed she was a slut and tried to come on to her. She had been almost date raped a few times, but each time she managed to escape. Alexis developed a low opinion of her fellow high school students, except for her three best friends.

Unlike Michelle, Mary and Zoe, Alexis was a virgin. Nevertheless, her Mom made sure she was on birth control pills, ‘to avoid little mistakes.’ Her Mom also made sure Michelle, Mary and Zoe were on birth control, too. Sharon Johnson was a bit of a den mother to the four girls.

Alexis was at Mary’s trailer the night Mike Zucker gave his virginity to Shakem Sharon. He was 18, and his Dad had taken him to the Kinky Keg, and they had watched Sharon poll dance, staying for the rather spectacular show during the last half hour. Mike’s Dad, Mr. Zucker, one of Sharon’s regular clients, explained what he wanted. Sharon had done this before. She explained the student discount, and she took an excited Mike Zucker home to her trailer.

Sharon had called Alexis, who quickly got out of the trailer, and went to Mary’s, using the special key Mary had given her to let herself in. She and Mary giggled as they imagined how nervous Mike would be, and how sweetly Shakem Sharon would treat him.

The next day it was Mike who was all smiles, and who looked at Alexis differently, undressing her in his mind constantly. It was not hard to do, since Alexis’ body was a carbon copy of her mother’s. Mike spoke to his Dad about Alexis.

His Dad gave him the go ahead. Mike got Alexis alone at one point and asked her out. Alexis said no. Every day he asked her out, and every day she said no. Mike went on a hunger strike until Alexis would go out with him. As he got thinner and sickly, Alexis finally relented. Alexis had a big heart, and even if he had slept with her Mom, she decided to make this one exception.

Alexis made sure that Mike was healthy before their date, so Mike had to wait a few weeks. He did not mind. The day finally came, and Mike was excited beyond belief. Alexis was not. Mike behaved well, and he took her to dinner and then to a movie. Alexis had thought the date out, and when Mike tried to hold her hand, she let him. She also let him kiss her goodnight outside the trailer canlı poker oyna where she and her mother lived.

Kissing Mike at the doorstep of the place where he fucked her mother made Alexis feel strange. Mike began to feel her up through her clothes in the fumbling way inexperienced teenage boys are prone to do. Alexis had barely dated before and she was remarkably inexperienced in the whole boy-girl thing, but Mary, Michelle, and especially Zoe, her most slutty friend, had coached her well.

When Mike tried to get his hands under her clothes, Alexis stopped things cold. She kissed him again, saying “I had a lovely time, Mike. Thanks for dinner and the movie. I have to go now. My mother will worry.”

When Alexis said that her mother would worry, Mike broke into a bitter laugh. Alexis said, “Excuse me? Did I say something funny?”

“Do you know what I did with your Mom?” Mike said.

“Only by rumor. My Mom and I do not discuss such things,” Alexis replied. Her voice was cold.

Mike either ignored the warning signs Alexis was giving him, or he was oblivious to them. “Well, she gave me a blowjob, and we fucked in three different positions. Your Mom is an animal in bed,” Mike said.

“Do you hear yourself? Am I supposed to find such remarks seductive, or endearing? Why on Earth would I want to hear what you did with my Mom? Are you that stupid? It’s you, Mike, who is an animal incarnate,” Alexis said.

“I’m an animal in what?” Mike said, in an aggressive tone. He did not know what ‘carnate’ meant, but he was sure he had been insulted.

“It’s time for you to go, Mike,” Alexis said, and that is when Mike grabbed her. He covered her nose and face with a cloth soaked in chloroform, holding it there while she fruitlessly struggled, until she collapsed to the ground. Right there at her front door, he undressed her while she was unconscious. He had Alexis’ unconscious body stripped down to her bra and panties when the Louisville Slugger came down on his head.

Michelle and Mary gently and lovingly carried Alexis inside and lay her on her bed. They told Sharon what had happened, and then Michelle drove Mike’s car, with Mike inside it, to the emergency room, with Zoe following in her parents’ car. They left the car in front of the emergency room and called Zoe’s Mom, who was a nurse. She worked the night shift in the hospital, and she alerted the ER. Mike was badly injured, but they knew he would heal and be okay, although it might take a while, depending on the state of his skull fracture.

None of the other boys ever tried again to date Alexis, and Sharon stopped the ‘student discount program.’ Everyone universally hated Mike after that. They correctly blamed him for ruining a good thing, even a wonderful thing. The consensus was that it was his fault the ‘student discounts’ program ended.

For Spring vacation Sharon thought it would be good for Alexis to get out of town, and she sent her to her cousin’s home, on her father’s side, up in Wisconsin. There nobody knew who she was. All they knew was that she was pretty, sexy, new, and therefore exotic.

Her cousin Jane took her to a party, and she met Miguel at the party. She allowed herself a teenage crush, and soon Miguel and Alexis were making out at the party. Alexis had often seen her mother’s shows at the Kinky Keg, and she had occasionally spied on her mother’s entertaining back at the trailer. So even though she was innocent and inexperienced, she knew all of the moves.

Miguel got Alexis undressed above the waist, and he was the first boy ever to see her boobs. Alexis for her part got to see his erect cock, the first time she had seen a boy get an erection because of her, and not due to her Mom. It was thrilling.

Alexis came very close to losing her virginity that week, but at the last minute she told Miguel she was just not yet ready, and he actually listened to her and respected her. He knew that no meant no. They taught that well in the Wisconsin schools. This just made Alexis fall for him all the harder.

The next night Miguel got Alexis naked, and he fingered her to her first orgasm given to her by another person. It was so much better than the ones she had given herself! No wonder her mother liked sex! She managed, barely, to stay a virgin, but when she returned to her small Indiana home town, she knew her virginity had a short fuse. If the right man came along, she was ready to give it to him. Her virginity had a fast approaching expiration date.

Returning to her high school, and all the nonsense that came with it, cooled her ardor quickly. Having sex could wait for college. Instead she spent her evenings with her three friends, vicariously enjoying their tales of their boyfriends and their inept and awkward suitors.

It was Doug that changed things. Doug lived in the poor section of town, and he was one of them. He had no contempt for Alexis because of her mother’s job, and in fact she was the one girl he really internet casino liked. He had a teenage crush on her. Alexis shunned all boys at school, and he found no opportunity to get her alone to ask her out.

One night, around 9pm, Alexis heard a knock at the door of her trailer. Her Mom was out, giving some man ‘the girlfriend experience,’ by spending the night with him. On such occasions her Mom spent the whole night with a man and she would return flush with cash, and happy. This meant Alexis was alone. She went to get the door, hoping Mary was dropping by. Instead she found Doug there.

Amused, Alexis said, “Oh Doug, I’m afraid my mother’s not home. She’ll be back tomorrow. Did you have an appointment to see her tonight?” Alexis always tried to be nice to her mother’s clients, no matter how much contempt she might have had for them. Alexis’ voice was sweet, and comforting.

Doug understood the misunderstanding. “I did not come for your Mom,” he said, “It’s you I want to see.”

“Oh,” Alexis said. She was taken aback. Never before had a male come to the door looking for her! Not knowing how to respond, she said, “Well then, would you like to come in?”

Doug entered and Alexis ran around to find some peanuts to offer him, and even though they were both only 18, she offered him some wine. They sat and talked. Alexis was charming, and full of giggles, and Doug’s crush became hopeless. He was hooked on the girl. Alexis was reflecting on how much fun she had enjoyed with Miguel, and she began to feel the same way towards Doug.

Alexis had not been expecting company, and she was wearing short shorts and a halter top, fortunately with a bra. She noticed that Doug seemed to be fascinated by her legs that extended all the way to her crotch, and the cleavage her halter top revealed. She always dressed much more conservatively when at school. Doug’s eyes had the same look about them as Miguel’s eyes had, during her week in Wisconsin.

When Alexis got up to get a second glass of wine for each of them, she returned to find Doug had moved to the couch. She smiled to herself and also to Doug, and joined him on the couch, sitting so close to him that their bodies were almost melded into one. Alexis had decided to have some fun and to tease Doug the way she had teased Miguel before him.

Doug read her signals slightly wrong and tried to kiss her. Alexis turned her head at the surprise of his head coming to crash into hers. Feeling bad, she said, “Doug, did you just make a pass at me?”

“A rather pathetic one, yes,” Doug said.

Alexis smiled at his frank admission. She liked his honesty. She liked his fit, taut body, and remembered that Doug ran track. She took his head in her two hands, held it still, and kissed him gently on the lips. Doug kissed back, and they began to kiss, and to kiss, and to kiss. Eventually their mouths opened and their tongues became friends. Alexis noticed Doug had a large lump in his pants, and she smiled. For that matter, she also knew she was becoming wet down there.

“It’s getting late. I think maybe you should go home now,” Alexis said at some point. Doug went to kiss her again, and he accidentally spilled some wine. It went all over Lexie’s halter top and shorts.

“Oh my!” Alexis said. “I’d best soak these clothes right away. Otherwise the red wine will stain.” Alexis ran to the bathroom while Doug yelled apologies after her retreating body. An evil smile crossed her face, and Alexis left the bathroom door wide open. She stripped off her halter top and her shorts, to soak them in the sink.

She left the bathroom in her bra and panties and had to walk right by Doug on her way to the bedroom. He took in the sight of Alexis in her lingerie with surprise and glee. Alexis next saw wine on her bra, and bras are expensive, so she took it off and returned to the bathroom and added it to the clothes soaking in the sink. She grabbed a towel to cover herself, blushed when she saw Doug watching her, and said, “Excuse me, Doug, I need to get dressed again.”

“Not on my account, you don’t” Doug teased, and he put her arms around her and kissed her. Alexis melted with the affection of Doug’s kiss, and she stood there in panties and a towel and kissed him back. As they stood kissing, Doug put his hands on her panties, massaging her ass, and Alexis moaned, just as she had done with Miguel.

Alexis raised her hands around Doug’s neck and ran her hands through his hair, turning Doug on all the more. Doug had the same reaction as Alexis had seen with Miguel. Her hands were no longer holding her towel in place, and the friction of the two teenagers’ bodies slowly undid the tuck-wrap of the towel and it slipped down between them, eventually falling to the floor as Doug and Alexis kissed.

Alexis of course was well aware of her exposure, but it took longer for Doug to realize it. Suddenly Doug realized Alexis was kissing him topless, and in fact dressed only in her panties. He slipped his hands inside Alexis’ panties to massage the bare skin of Alexis’ perfect bubble butt, and Alexis became alarmed. She pushed him away, grabbing her panties to hold them up. She was not angry. She had a smile on her face.

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