A Replacement for Susan Ch. 11

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Having sex with my mother was a mind blowing experience. It took me forever to get to sleep afterwards. As a consequence I slept a lot later than usual. In the kitchen at around ten I found a note from my mother saying she had gone shopping but would be back for lunch. Dad was out all day, work and then golf.

I text mom a good morning. And sat down to wonder what the day might have in store for me. I was pretty confident it would have its work cut out to improve on either of the previous two days. But I was sure it wouldn’t be a complete wash out.

Diane sent a good morning text and told me she was at home with her mom, her dad like mine was going to be out all day.

I text Mary and told her at half ten she was to stand in the middle of her lounge and remover her clothes.

I then text Diane and suggested she might like to make herself comfortable in her lounge at the same time.

At a few minutes after half ten I rang their door bell. Diane let me in smiling from ear to ear. I kissed her quickly and she led me by my hand into their lounge where I was pleased to see Mary was waiting for me. Diane settled into an arm chair as I snapped at Mary to get onto her knees. I unfastened my jeans and pulled them off along with my shorts and fed my hardening dick into her mouth. Once she had it good and hard I pulled it out and used it to slap her face. I picked up a magazine I’d seen on the coffee table, rolled it up and used it on her breasts. I told her to stand and bend over before using it a lot harder on her bum, not stopping until both cheeks were bright red.

I had her kneel where Diane could clearly see my dick as I pushed it into her mother’s arse. As I pumped it into her Mary groaned into the cushion of the chair, I figured it was from pleasure more than pain but didn’t actually care. I also used the magazine to occasionally whack her dangling boobs. My first fuck of the day left me feeling quite contented all in all.

In the kitchen a little later Diane was very reluctant to let me leave but I wanted to be home when my mother got back but I assured her I’d see her later.

As it was we both got in at the same time. My mother was looking very pleased with her self. She’d been clothes shopping and couldn’t wait to show me what she’d brought. I put some sandwiches together as she almost ran up the stairs. I followed her and waited in my room.

The first outfit, a dress was a stunner, it showed off her figure perfectly. It poker oyna was all she was wearing which I have to say always pushed my buttons. I made her take it off before going back to her room to try on the next outfit which was a blouse and skirt both of which met with my approval and both of which were removed in my room. The third ensemble was a very sexy dress which was backless and very tight. Once mom had slipped it off I bent her over and took her roughly from behind as the expression goes.

In the kitchen later mom had a very satisfied look on her face. It seemed my attentions were having the same effect on her as they were on all my other ‘girls’.

Over lunch we chatted about her shopping and me doing Mary while Diane watched which mom loved especially when I described how red her bum had been at the end. For some reason we thought of dad and mom asked me to see where he was, fully expecting him to be at his golf club. You can imagine our surprise when he appeared to be in the old part of town. I used Street view to see what was there and we saw there was nothing much but a gym. I could just make out the name and when I Googled it we got the biggest surprise of the day, it was a men only set up!

To say mom was shocked is an understatement, I’ve got to say I found it hard to believe too. I still had my phone in my hand and used it to text Mary to ask if my dad and Collin were going to a men only gym and I gave her the name.

Her reply was distinct, ‘Pick any prize off the top shelf.’

I showed mom the text but she still had difficulty believing her husband was going to gay gym. On a whim I text Simon and said I needed to borrow his car. I told mom to put something on and we’d go and stake out the gym.

Simon never asked why I wanted his car he just handed me the key. It took us less than fifteen minutes to get to the gym and we quickly spotted dads car. We parked facing the gym entrance, reclined our seats and settled back to see what the clientele was like. It evidently wasn’t a busy place, in five minutes not a single man went in or out, then five appeared together. Without a doubt two of the men were gay, the other three could have easily been my dad, I mean they looked like regular guys.

After another five minutes dad and Collin came out together. They headed for Collins car, as he got in I saw my dad lean in and I swear they kissed! I heard mom gasp and figured she thought the same.

‘I need a drink, can you take canlı poker oyna me somewhere quite.’

Once dad and Collin had driven off I drove to a pub I knew would be quiet that early on a Saturday evening and we sat in a corner staring into our drinks for ages. When Diane text I apologised and said I was busy with my mother. I’m sure she didn’t know about her dad so didn’t elaborate.

We stayed at the bar for an hour or so by which time mom had got outside three double gins. She was slowly excepting the idea of dad being gay. Maybe in a way she’d always had her doubts, she confided in me. When I asked what she intended to do she just shrugged. All of a sudden her mood lifted.

‘Besides, I have a proper man in my life now. That was Diane I guess, was she hoping to see you this evening?’

‘I had said we’d meet up but it was nothing definite.’

‘Right lets get your car back and you can drop me at home and still make an evening of it with Diane.’ I asked if she was sure before letting Diane know I’d pick her up in half an hour or so.

She and I had a great evening with her friends at the bowling alley. I’ve never enjoyed clubs which is where everyone went after. Diane and I headed out to our usual make out spot and well, made out. I dropped her off at her place close to eleven.

Mom was in the lounge still in the clothes she worn when we’d gone out to spy on dad. It looked like she’d had a few more gins after she got back and was close to passing out. There was no way she was going to make it up the stairs so I fetched the quilt off my bed, lay her on the couch and covered her. I found an old blanket and settled down to sleep on the other couch.

In the morning I woke as dad came through on his way to the kitchen. He told me he didn’t know what had got into my mother but she got completely wasted last night. Mom woke when he started talking, lifted her head, groaned and put it back onto her cushion. She didn’t get up till almost midday and that was only to go to the loo and to get into her own bed.

Dad went out after lunch and actually had a round of golf. I got mom up not long after he’d left, stripped her off and got her into the shower. The shower seemed to restore her a little but it could have been me being in the shower with her!

When she came out and I’d dried her she was more her old self, which is to say her new old self. We had some lunch together and talked about dad. Try as she might, she couldn’t internet casino see why he’d suddenly decided he was gay. They’d been married or dating for over twenty years. She realised there’d never been any great passion but she was sure he had loved her at least when they first got married.

Eventually we realised something must have happened to alter his view in life. From what Mary had hinted I figured Collin had been that way inclined for a lot longer.

While we’d been chatting I’d also managed to field texts from Anne Lin Diane and Simon. They’d all said they’d like to see me. Lin said she would get a hotel room later if I wanted to see her, always up for something new I told her to go ahead and I’d meet her in the evening at half six. She text back a few minutes later to say where she’d reserved a room. I told her to be there at half six and text me the number.

That gave me an hour to wash and change. Mom asked me to check where dad was, I told her he was still at the gold club. She said I could cheer her up before I went out so I took her by the hand and led her to my room. Peeled her bathrobe off and proceeded to make love to her, pulling out all the stops.

Lin text as I was still in the shower, I apologised and told her I’d be about fifteen mins and added she should be nude when she let me into the room. The thought of her waiting for me spurred me on and I was there in just over ten minutes.

Lin was behind the door as she opened it, I made her come out into the hall before I’d enter her room. I did toy with the idea of making her stay there while I went inside and actually locking the door… maybe next time.

Lin was very pleased to see me. She helped me remove my clothes before hungrily sucking my semi hard dick until it was hard. She wanted it inside her right away but first I wanted to taste her pussy again. Of all the women I was seeing, apart from Mary who’d I’d yet to go down on, Lin had by far the sweetest pussy. I feasted on it for a few minutes before giving into her silent pleas for me to fuck her. I lay back on the bed and let Lin sit in the driving seat, man did she make her boobs bounce. Later I did her from behind and before we left the room we did it standing in the shower which just about knackered me.

It was quite late when I got back but mom was still up. She wanted to know how I’d got on with Lin and marvelled at my stamina. As we were talking she undid my fly, pulled my dick out then sucked it for a few seconds before telling me she couldn’t taste Lin. I told her next time I’d leave a trace for her to taste, that is unless she wanted to try it straight from the source. An idea which actually made my dick twitch into life.

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