A Somewhat Discovery Ch. 01

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“Ewww, I think your right!” Trenton gagged out as he fanned of the nasty smell of his armpits. “I guess I’ll go for a shower.”

Jana was rolling side to side on the floor next to the bed. Her loud laugh turned into a cute giggle as Trenton grabbed a shirt and a pair of boxers from the drawer next to the bathroom door just a few feet away from where the two were sitting.

“Thank goodness! I thought I’d die!” She said fanning her hand in front of her nose. He looked back to see his small [about 5″2′] slender girlfriend still giggling on the floor. He smiled then entered the restroom shutting the door behind him.

It had been a long day Trenton had went to help out with building his friends’ backyard fence while Jana stayed at their apartment awaiting his return. The working had brought upon the sweat, and also, the stinky ness!

Jana sat up as she heard the sound of the shower. She held her stomach wincing slightly in pain due to all of the laughing and no stop for air. She slowly lay back down and rested her small body. She stretched out on the floor; her left arm went under the bed while doing so. Her arm nudged something, if not, box shaped. Her curiosity overcame her and she rolled ever to find out what the object was. She managed to pull out a small sized, but about a foot long in length, black, rectangular box. Knowing that this was her boyfriend’s apartment, she knew that she shouldn’t have been rummaging through his personal stuff, yet again, her curiosity took over and she gently lifted the top off. There was such an odd sight!

Lying in box was pink tissue paper [the kind used for presents] under a slightly used bottle of K-Y lube and 4 condoms. The paper was obviously covering something. She quietly lifted the condoms, lube, and paper to find a long, thick, purple object that looked like an exact replica of a penis.

Jana’s jaw dropped as she stared into the box at the figure. The first two questions that popped into her head were; “What is this!?” and “Why does he have it?”

Now, Jana was a smart girl, but clueless when it came to sex toys. She was 19, had lost her virginity to Trenton a few months ago and the sex to her was amazing. That was that. She had never seen a porno, nor had she ever masturbated. She was a busy girl since she was 3. Always involved güvenilir bahis in something weather it be school or family. There had been no time for her innocent little head to have dirty thoughts.

Suddenly the sound of the shower shut off and she jumped in shock. She quickly shoved everything under the bed without packing it up like it was before.

Trenton had walked out of the bathroom without suspecting a single thing. She was sitting up still as he gently dropped his old clothes into the laundry basket. She watched the blue-eyed brown-haired man walk happily back to the bathroom and shut off the light. He was quite tall, standing at 5″ 9. His gray t-shirt loosely fitted over his broad shoulders and cute, but slightly pudgy stomach.

“Uhh…Jana? ” He said looking back at her.

“Oh! Uh…yea?” She said looking back at him.

“You okay?”

“Yes, just, kind of tired.”

She coyly stood up as Trenton walked towards her. He then planted a short but sweet kiss on her lips.

She untied a blue ribbon that held back her long black hair and sat on the bed. As Trenton sat down next to her she began to question her boyfriend about her new discovery. “It must be one of those ‘dildos’ my friends talk about a lot.” She thought.

“What are you thinking about?” he said as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and kissed her on her cheek.

She looked over into those beautiful blue eyes of his. She was desperate to know about her discovery.

“Close and cover your eyes!” she said squiggling out of Trenton’s arms.


“Just do it!” She giggled as she stood up.

Trenton shut his eyes and covered them. Jana knelt down and reached under the bed. Slowly and quietly, and pulled out the box and its contents. She grabbed the purple object and stood back up holding the end cautiously with her hands.

“Okay, Trenton. Tell me, what in the world is this thing?” she said with a smile on her cute face.

Trenton opened his eyes then removed his hands. His eyes widened, his face went pale, and his cheeks brushed red. His eyes darted at her then the object for a few moments until he let out a deep sigh and his head went down. Jana didn’t know he was mortified at what she had found.

“Sorry Jana, I…uh…it’s…well…a vibrator, my, türkçe bahis vibrator.” He said shyly trying to get the words out.

“Oh! So that’s what it is!” she said smiling at what she had now just learned.

“You…didn’t know that?” he questioned with a confused look.

Jana was the embarrassed one now. “No.”

Trenton smiled and reached out to grab the vibrator from her hands. She sat back down next to him.

“Do you even know how to use one of these?” He said swaying it slowly in front of her face.

“Well,” she giggled. “Actually no. You’re going to make fun of me now aren’t you?” she said blushing.

He put the vibrator down and leaned over to kiss her once more.

“No, but I’d be willing to teach you!” he said as his fingers trailed softly down her arm.

“That would be…nice.” She said quietly “But why do you have this?”

“Well…” He paused. “I can show you the answer to that too.”

Trenton then wrapped his arms around Jana and held her close as he kissed her soft lips slowly and passionately. Jana felt safe in his embrace and she enjoyed every minute of it.

They both lied down with Trenton on top facing her still. He unbuttoned her gray blouse and revealed her lovely 32 — B breasts.

He kissed his way down, stopping to gently suck and lick both of her hard pink nipples. As he made his way below her navel he slipped his fingers into the top of her black miniskirt and pulled down both the skirt and her panties. She lifted her hips as he eased them off revealing her soft hairless pink mound. Taking in the sweet scent of it, he softly rubbed his index finger up and down until he could feel her opening up. His fingers continued to tease her as they got covered with her warm fluids. He then poked his finger in her tight cunt a little. She let out a soft moan of desire.

Licking his fingers he then got up and lifted his shirt over his head. Then he stood up stripping out of his boxers and reaching for a condom.

“What are you going to do?” Jana questioned as Trenton reached for the vibrator.

“I just want to keep this thing clean.” He smiled as he opened the package and slipped the condom on.

Jana became wetter as she sat up and watched him. It wasn’t long until he had rested the tip of the long figure on her bottom güvenilir bahis siteleri lip. Jana somehow took cue and wrapped her lips around the head and slowly began sucking it like she would have with a real one. She bobbed her head as Trenton kept hold of the end. His own 7-inch cock became hard as he watched her. After a few more minutes he removed it.

He then asked her to get down on all fours on the bed, and without a question she obeyed, excited for what would happen next. He then got behind her with the wet vibrator and switched it on low. He rubbed it slowly on her now almost soaking pussy. The teasing drove her over the edge, but she held back. Suddenly she felt the vibrator enter her slowly and she moaned a little louder. Finally she could feel more than half of it inside of her and the vibration a little stronger.

“Do you like that?” he said as he rubbed her lower back with his free hand.

“Yes! That feels so good.” She replied.

He then began to move the vibrator in and out slowly and she moaned louder as he set the vibrator at the highest setting. She was enjoying the wonderful feeling as he began moving it faster.

He stopped for a moment, grabbed her shoulders, and lifted her off her arms so she would be on her knees only. He placed his left arm across her stomach as the other continued to pump the vibrator in and out fast. She breathed faster and she could feel herself tighten up. Suddenly Trenton stopped, grabbed her right hand, and placed it on the vibrator. Jana, being a fast learner, took hold of it and slipped it in and out as fast as she could. She closed her eyes as she began to burst with ecstasy. Her breath heaved in and out of her small body as she slowed down and removed the vibrator out of her now soaking pussy.

She looked at the glistening object for a few seconds before Trenton grabbed it out of her hand. She giggled and softly plopped down on the bed. Rolling on her back, she was shocked to see Trenton sucking slowly on the now turned off vibrator. Their eyes were locked on one another’s’ until Trenton finished sucking all of her juices off of it.

He then smiled as he took one last suck and bent over to kiss her. After, he got off the bed and knelt down on the floor as if he were going to browse through the contents next to the box on the floor.

“What are you doing?” Jana asked as she watched him quickly grab another condom to replace the other used one.

“You wanted to know why I had this right?”

***Look out for chapter 2 soon!***

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