A Step Mother’s Toy Ch. 01

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It wasn’t until much later that I found out what triggered the events that led to me becoming my stepmother’s plaything. It was one of my regular late night gaming sessions that, as often happened, flowed on into a late night porn session.

I must have been careless and not closed my door after taking a quick break to relieve myself; But in my defence, apparently it was well after two in the morning.

My stepmum – Sonia – must have been woken by my quick toilet break, and could see enough through my half closed door to embarrass and humiliate me if she so desired. There I was, sitting at my desk, frantically tugging at myself while watching a particularly explicit scene of a man being forced to drink another guy’s piss and cum from his girlfriend’s abused asshole. Apparently I came so hard my first spray of cum went over my head, clearly visible from across the room by the dull glow of my laptop screen.

The grooming started the following morning.

I had a late uni lecture and was shovelling some cornflakes down my throat in the kitchen when Sonia walked into the room, fresh from the shower with nothing but a small towel tucked in at her breasts. Sonia is pretty hot: definitely a Milf in almost anyone’s language. She’s a runner with a lythe, tight frame, small breasts with a shapely arse and legs. She has startling blue eyes, long dark hair, with fine features, but curiously bushy eyebrows.

Seeing my rather surprised look at her near nakedness, she smiled at me and simply said, “Oh I thought you had left already.”

I recall tearing my eyes away and staring at my cornflakes while I mumbled something in return. Sonia, for her part, trotted across the kitchen and grabbed a curiously placed bottle of moisturiser.

Turning back to me she then asked if I would mind moisturising her back before I went to uni. Before I could say much, she turned her back on me and pulled the towel down, exposing her naked back. With an uncomfortable bulge growing in my pants, I stood and gently did as instructed, rubbing in the white cream into her smooth naked back. She then just walked away, leaving me to my rampant thoughts and uncomfortable situation.

The next event happened after her run a day or two later. I was bumming round watching TV when she returned from her run in her active wear. I tried not to watch her bottom as she walked past, but the memory of her near nakedness was playing çankaya escort on my mind almost constantly. To my surprise, after the shower turned off, she appeared again – this time in a G-string and bra. With a sly grin, she presented me with the moisturiser again and turned her back to me. With great care I again did my duty, before she turned around and very deliberately looked at the tent in my shorts as she thanked me. I felt mortified – just a horny late teen, who can’t control his thoughts or his porn habit.

This teasing carried on for some time, making my porn addiction even worse than it already was, my mind constantly full of thoughts of sex and a desperate need to screw my new mum. When we were alone, she would wear skimpier clothes than normal and stare at me, looking for any movement on my pants. She would suggestively announce her need to pee, and often left the shower door open when she cleaned up after her fitness routines. Not that I noticed, but several times as I jerked myself off, my stepmum was gazing on.

My dad travels a lot for work, and it must have been his third trip since all this started when the dam broke. I was in my room, slowly masturbating to a video of a guy eating a woman’s ass and drinking her squirt while another woman was fucking him with gusto. My dick was rock hard, and dripping with pent-up precum and spit.

I had no warning, just a sudden, “Do you need a hand with that?”

I just froze. My brain wanted to find some pants and turn off the porn at the same time, but it simply overloaded and shut down in embarrassment.

With horror, I felt her presence close behind me, and she slowly spun my gaming chair round so she could see me sitting there stark naked, my wet cock growing limp in my hand.

My eyes slowly and painfully moved up from my stepmum’s panties, to her bra, and on to her beaming face. She gave me a smile, possibly a sinister smile in hindsight, and quietly said, “Let’s take care of that. Then you will have to return the favour.”

My heart was exploding in my chest as she got down on her knees and took my penis in her hand. It only took four pumps and I was rock hard again. When she took the head of dick softly in her mouth as she pumped it was all but over. I came hard in her mouth, and after swallowing the first blasts, she pulled away to watch my face as the remainder of escort çankaya my orgasm engulfed me.

With a deft move, she then took my arm and pulled me over to the bed.

Pushing me on to my back, she slipped out of her underwear and straddled my face.

My poor brain was too mortified and too horny to really cope with what was happening. Before I knew it, my stepmother’s pussy was pressed against my mouth and she commanded, “Lick just there.”

I did as I was instructed, tasting and smelling her musk as I liked her clit. All I could do was focus on trying to breathe and licking while my dick shrunk, dripping cum on my pale stomach.

Soon she asked me to start sucking as she forcefully shoved her pelvis into my face, pinning my lips painfully to my teeth. I’m not sure if she came then, but she slipped sideways off me, lay on her back, and pulled my head back towards her dripping snatch.

This time she grabbed the back of my head and moved my mouth from her clit to her dripping hole back and forth for several minutes. She then settled and forced me to focus on her clit, while she gasped, “Put two fingers in.”

Yet again, I did as I was instructed, feeling the glorious softness of her I slid my fingers half way in.

Sonia grunted in satisfaction, then adjusted her pelvis so that my third finger pressed against her anus. Embarrassed, I was about to try and move it, when she again instructed me to put a finger in her.

Her asshole was wet from her pussy juices, so my finger began its journey more easily than I expected. Soon I was fingering her deeply, while sucking her clit as she ground my face. This time I felt the waves of her orgasm in her pussy. It tightened and released, spilling new fluids over my fingers while her breathing turned to gasps. She hung on to my head for a few more seconds and eventually let me go, allowing me to kneel by the bed. To my surprise, she slowly gasped, “That was a good start.” Then with horror I watched as she slipped from the bed and went back to my computer, announcing on the way, “Let’s see what we’ve got here.”

My pornhub history was not a pretty sight, lots of ass eating, pee play, anal sex and so on. I was mortified, sitting there like a naught child as she scrolled through my pet perversions.

After what seemed like an eternity of humiliation, she got up and simply said, “Come çankaya escort bayan with me.”

She took my hand, and the two of us moved silently and naked through the house to the bathroom.

Smiling her devious smile she then said, “If you don’t spill any, next time we can stay in your room.”

Despite myself, the sight of my naked stepmum was stirring my cock, much to Sonia’s undisguised amusement. She kissed me hard and deep, then pushed my head towards her groin once more.

My pathetic mind had begun to catch up but was still a whir of incomprehensible random thoughts: Mostly an overwhelming panic.

My mouth was again positioned over her slit, and without warning was flooded with her pee. Seeing me struggling, she stopped her flow and instructed me to swallow. I disparagingly drank down her salty urine, appreciating the fact it was quite mild to the taste.

I could feel my dick getting bigger by the second as Sonia flooded my mouth with more pee, again stopping as I tried to swallow.

Five times she followed the same process, sighing contentedly the final time. Then, holding my head where it was, she turned around and guided me to her bottom.

I looked up to see her lean forward against the vanity unit, presenting me with a view of her puckered brown hole.

Partly reluctantly, partly excitedly, I leaned in to lick her ass. She groaned as I tentatively put my tongue on her asshole and wriggled it round. It didn’t taste as expected, just a vague bitterness without the sensation one would expect.

With her expert hand on my head I then licked back and forth, before she pulled me toward her, commanding me to enter her ass.

I pushed my tongue against her tight hole, surprised that something so soft could gain any entry.

I licked and probed while I felt her rub her clit.

My jaw and tongue were dying by the time she came again, but finally I was pushed back and allowed to breathe.

By now my dick was rock hard and I desperately wanted to fuck any hole she would let me, even if she was my dad’s wife. However, with an amused grin, she just said, “Jerk off for me.”

I stood for a second not moving, but she held my gaze and just repeated, “Jerk off for me.”

Mortified, I grabbed my dick and pumped away, while my forty year old stepmum watched. The thoughts of what we had done and the sight of her naked body made it quick at least, and I shot a load right across the bathroom.

Smiling, she then just turned away and said, “I’ll see you in the morning,” leaving me to finish off and clean up on my own while wondering what the hell had just happened. The only thing I was sure was that things had just significantly changed, and possibly not for the better.

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