A Twitching Dick on Reality TV

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Some people will do anything to get on reality TV. Not me; but I’m also not adverse to it. A friend of mine, who really, really wanted to get on a particular show, talked me into applying with her.

Let me back up a little. I’m John, 55, happily married, two grown kids. Our next door neighbors when our kids were growing up had two kids, Chip and Gail, almost the same age as our kids. I knew both of them since they were born and took them, my kids, and all the other kids on the block, to the park, to museums, and on excursions into the local woods (I was a tracker in the Special Forces so we never got lost). Our neighbors had no siblings so I was like an uncle to Chip and Gail.

Gail was always the most rambunctious of the kids on the block, a real handful, but always fun. She was always up for anything, insisted on being the one to ride next to me in the front seat of our van when we went on outings, and was always upbeat and vivacious when she was around me. Of course as part of life all the neighborhood kids eventually went off to college, enlisted in the armed forces, or just moved away, and I lost touch with them. The one I seemed to miss most was Gail.

Gail is now 30 and happily married with two little kids of her own. We reconnected when in the last 18 months or so she and her family moved back into the area where my wife and I still live, only a few miles from her childhood home. Gail has become a beautiful young woman — blond, blue eyes, about 5′ 7″, button nose, very athletic build — but I have never had any sexual feelings whatsoever toward her. I was proud as punch, however, when she gave me credit for helping her development into the great person she had become.

Another fact — despite weighing only about 130 pounds, Gail is very strong (she can actually lift me in her arms and I’m 6’3″, 210 pounds), and can run like the wind, faster than any boy I knew when they were growing up, and was the star of the girl’s track team in high school.

About a year after Gail moved back to our area she first approached me about getting on her favorite reality TV show. It’s a cable show called “Wilderness Challenge” where ten teams of two trek through various wilderness areas in North and South America. They’re given a certain amount of money at the start and are responsible for getting from one wilderness area to the next the best way that they can. In each area they perform various tasks, both individual ones and those which require teamwork. Teams are awarded points for how quickly they get from one area to the next, and for various aspects of the tasks they perform within the wilderness areas. The actual time frame for filming the show is a little more than three weeks (of course the show on TV is twelve hour long episodes, one shown each week), and after two weeks the five lowest scoring teams are sent home and the scoring re-started. Each member of the winning team gets $300,000.

Like most reality TV shows you need some kind of “hook” or public appeal to get selected. Gail thought she had the perfect scenario for that. Since her parents both have brown hair and brown eyes, I knew her mother before she got pregnant with Gail, and many times she was mistaken for my daughter when I would take the kids on excursions (my hair and eye color are almost identical to hers and our noses and ears are very similar in shape), she “jokingly” asked me to take a DNA test to see if I was her biological father. While I knew damn well I never had sex with her mother I played along and didn’t deny I was her father but said I wouldn’t take a DNA test unless we made it through the first two weeks of Wilderness Challenge.

I don’t know if it was that “hook” that got us on the show — I think it was more that she was so good looking and effervescent, and we were an odd couple — but we made it. Our spouses thought we were crazy, but were happy to have us compete for the money.

Gail and I trained intensely the entire month before we were to report for the show, 5-6 hours a day, 6 days a week. When we saw the competition the first day, we were encouraged. While looks and first impressions can be deceiving we thought we could beat them all.

There was one problem, though. One team was a pair sisters — Tami and Ginger — in their twenties that were Las Vegas showgirls, and off-the-charts sexy. God were they distracting. My 55 year old dick felt like I was 25 again every time I looked (actually it was more “ogled” than “looked”) at them. Gail thought it was funny, but playfully slapped me every time she noticed me glaring at them and said “concentrate.”

Through the first four days we were doing great in the Challenge despite my “distraction” with Tami and Ginger and even though I actually sacrificed a few of our points to help them out. Fortunately Gail even took those “lapses” with good humor, although after the third time she threatened to push me off a cliff if I did it again. On the sixth day, there was almost a disaster.

As usual, Gail poker oyna and I were in the lead that day since using my tracking skills I located all the challenge areas long before any other team, and Gail had done a couple of individual challenges with lightning speed. We were on the last task of the day — simultaneously repelling down a forty meter high cliff and swinging to the side every few meters to pick up “tokens” that we needed to collect before we got to the bottom — when Gail’s line snagged on a sharp rock prominence and started to unravel. Fortunately I had just swung sideways toward her, and grabbed her just as her line completely severed. I was essentially holding her by her legs twenty meters above rocky terrain as she spun upside down, and hit her head on the cliff. I held her as tightly as I could — I knew by the look on her face that she was hurting and scared shitless — until two of the “technical advisors” repelled down the cliff to grab her, and hook her up with a new line.

When we got to the base of the cliff I was livid, screaming at the producer, crew, and technical advisors. I probably would have killed someone if I didn’t know that we were on TV. Gail was shell-shocked as they took her to the doctor at the campsite where we would be spending the night. As I waited alone outside the medical tent for the doctor to treat her, my head in my hands, and tears in my eyes, I went from livid to distraught. My stomach turned itself inside out.

Gail finally came out of the medical tent with the doctor and a nurse. As they told me that she just had some bumps and bruises, one of the most unusual feelings of my life came over me. It was relief, joy, and deliverance — but it was something more. It was a feeling that may have been unique in my experience since I couldn’t identify it.

“We gave her a muscle relaxant and she needs some rest but she should be OK by tomorrow morning,” the doctor told me as he and the nurse departed.

After they left us alone Gail and I embraced; just standing there, squeezing each other, with her head on my shoulder, for a good five minutes. I looked around to be sure there weren’t any cameras — there weren’t supposed to be — and found not only no cameras but nobody at all within sight. Then we stared into each other’s eyes. I noticed a very subtle smile on her face, but didn’t know why it was there. Then I felt her hand on my cock.

“Tami and Ginger aren’t here, so why is this guy at attention and twitching?” Gail asked.

Instantly my brain recognized the feeling I had been unable to identify — a combination of lust and love. Instead of being embarrassed and pulling away as Gail kept her hand on my continuously twitching cock and her smile grew a little wider, I smashed my lips against hers.

As we passionately kissed my brain was in turmoil. “How in the fuck can you never have any conscious sexual feelings for someone their whole life and suddenly be overwhelmed by them? She’s married, moron — with two little kids. By the way you’ve been married more than thirty years, jackass. What in the fuck does a sexy young woman like her want with your 55 year old ass?” My brain wasn’t being easy on me, but my brain was not in control. My libido was. Apparently — I don’t know why — she had the same problem because we both continued to try and lick each other’s tonsils.

When we finally broke our kiss I looked down at her alluring jumbo azure eyes and said, “The doctor says you need some rest.” I picked her up, and carried her to our tent — fortunately at the edge of the camp away from the rest of the tents.

When we got to our tent I laid her down on one of the two mattresses (actual mattresses, not air mattresses, one of the few luxuries on the show) and with her help quickly removed her clothes; and my own. As I gazed at her exquisite tits, divine pussy with blond stubble (which had obviously been shaved before out trip started, but she had had no chance to maintain it), shapely hips and legs, and sublime face with the most enticing look I can ever remember seeing in my life, I was overwhelmed with eroticism. Gail held her arms out and in a sultry voice said “Make me feel better.”

That is exactly what I wanted to do. I gently kissed her while with one hand I rubbed her head near where she hit the rock wall, and with the other played with one of her hard nipples. She looped her arms around my neck and returned my gentle kiss. My cock was demanding attention, however — it was twitching again, and stroking her hip like it was a third hand. But I wanted this experience to be about her so I moved my mouth and hands down to her crotch.

The stubble in her pubic area was actually itself erotic — or maybe I was so charged up anything would have turned me on. I licked her slit while I rubbed the interior of both thighs. Her pussy lips were well defined, smooth, thick, and very sensitive. Before I even had really penetrated her she was mumbling “Oh yeah,” between moans. Once I did canlı poker oyna start penetrating her she let out a continuous “Aaahhhhh…”

I exposed her clit with my left hand, then alternately flicked it with my tongue and sucked it into my mouth. Simultaneously I slowly but purposefully inserted two fingers into her pussy, felt around for her G-spot, found it, then “scratched” at it. The combination of my action on her clit and G-spot brought her quickly through three small orgasms. All the while I was talking softly to her, telling her what a fantastic, gorgeous, wildly sexy, woman she was. I increased the intensity of my actions on her clit and G-spot and her fourth orgasm was a massive screaming one. I kissed her in an attempt to muffle her outcry.

We snuggled as I let her come down from her high. She looked at me with the softest, most loving, look I could imagine, as I smiled back. She was well aware that my cock was still fluttering against her hip when she reached down and stroked it. She drew my head close to hers, our lips barely touched, and as she squeezed my cock she said “Stick this thing in me and don’t pull it out until you’ve flooded my pussy.”

I straddled Gail, slowly lifted her legs up so that her heels were on my shoulders, plunged my prick into her soaking wet cunt, and started stroking away. Having no idea whether she liked it gentle or rough, and not sure how much her head hurt, I continued to almost sluggishly move completely into, then out of, her snatch. As I did she cupped her breasts in her hands and continuously talked to me in a steamy voice. “God, John, you feel great in me; oh you’re treating me so nicely; it’s so pleasant; so sweet. Oh, yes.”

Gail’s cunt was snug, and it was live too. She seemed to be able to massage my dick as it moved back and forth in her. I was so turned on I could feel my entire body flush. My balls wanted to empty so badly I couldn’t wait any longer. “I’m going to have to start pumping hard…..Oh shit!”

“Pump me full!”

I pumped very hard four times then ejaculated stream after stream into Gail, each pump causing a shriek from her. My mind was so flooded with endorphins I felt like I was floating above the ground. I gently moved her legs off my shoulders and onto the mattress while remaining in her, then collapsed on top of her.

We regained consciousness when someone shouted “Dinnertime,” into our tent, thankfully without entering or looking in. Gail was in no mood to get up. “Do you want me to bring you some food?” I asked.

“Sure. Just a little something; maybe a couple of yogurts, a roll, some crudités,” she cooed.

I quickly got dressed, and went to the dining tent. All the other contestants had heard about Gail’s mishap and seemed genuinely concerned. I ate quickly while answering their questions, told them Gail was lethargic from the muscle relaxant she had been given, grabbed the grub she wanted, and brought it back to her. I rubbed her naked back and chatted with her as she ate. When she was finished it was clear that the combination of her relaxant and our wonderful and extensive sexual encounter had made her completely serene.

“John. I really need to sleep. Can you wake me up in the middle of the night and fuck me again? Please.”

As I got a shit-eating grin on my face I responded, “No problem; my cock will probably be on full alert the whole night.”

She leaned over and gave me a kiss, then lay down on her pillow. As I stroked her head I said “At some point we need to talk about what the hell happened.”

She smiled and replied “You finally figured out that I am a sexy, available woman, that’s all. What’s there to talk about?” She then closed her eyes and was shortly in dreamland.

I had no desire to interact with anyone else — I simply wanted to stay with this goddess. So after I dumped the remains of her dinner I set a “fuck alarm” and snuggled up next to her, emotionally drained myself.

My alarm rang at 3 a.m. My dick was rock hard in seconds. Of course GG (I decided that was her new nickname, short for “Goddess Gail”) was still naked, lying on her left side. When I nuzzled up to her my dick moved into her ass crack and was redirected toward her cunt.

“Mmmm. Is it time for my early morning fuck?” she asked.

“At your service,” I replied as I fingered her as she still lay on her side. I only fingered her for about 30 seconds before she became soaking wet. My dick was more than ready. I penetrated her and started gently pumping again. In this position, with her still lying on her side, her cunt was even snugger than during our first fuck. What a sensational feeling!

I wasn’t sure about whether her head still hurt and I hoped she wouldn’t scream anyone awake so I just kept unhurriedly stroking away. While I easily could have been ready to blow immediately I wanted it to last as long as possible. However, GG’s moans were so sweet and she felt so goddamn good I blasted an enormous load into her internet casino within five minutes.

While GG didn’t scream like last time it was clear from her moans and the shuddering of her entire body that she probably enjoyed it as much as I did. When I went flaccid and withdrew from her, she flipped over to her right side, stroked my face, smiled, and said “That was really, really nice. I love early morning sex. Thank you.” Then she kissed me, closed her eyes, and went back to sleep.

When I woke up about 7:30 a.m., GG was dressed, looking down at me, smiling, and bushy-tailed. “Wake up Rip Van Winkle, we’ve got 600 grand to win!”

“How are you feeling, GG?”

“I feel great — and by the way I like my new nickname, even though you can never tell anyone what it means.”

“I promise not to as long as you remain a goddess,” I laughed back at her.

I couldn’t believe she had recovered as quickly as she did, but except for the bump on her head and a few scrapes on her arms and face, you would never have been able to tell that she was injured. She was as hyper the day after her injury as the day before it.

I never fucked her again during the trip. She fucked me. Twice a day, at bedtime and early in the morning (and even two “nooners”); she virtually fucked my brains out. Nothing gentle anymore. Wild, crazy, intense, wanton, animal fucks. In addition to bouncing up and down on me she pulsed her pubococcygeus muscle, squeezed her thighs, and cursed like a sailor. Even when we doggy fucked she was in control, banging back at me harder than I was banging her as I massaged her tits and she reached between her legs and stroked my balls.

We never did actually talk about what the hell was happening between us. I tried to engage GG two more times about it but she had the same smiling response as the first time — “You simply finally figured it out!” One night after an especially delicious fuck (each one with her was better than any other one in my life) she did reveal something “You know that you were my first love, don’t you, even though I was too young to do anything about it?” “Whaaaat?” I asked. She just smiled and went to sleep.

I decided that I was acting like the chic in the relationship — wanting to talk about it — and she was the dude — trying to avoid it. So after her “First love” comment I dropped the subject.

The producers were happy with the “theater” of my DNA test once we made it past the two week point. GG acted like she was disappointed when the DNA results came back that we were no relation. I just shrugged my shoulders and pretended that I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out.

You would think that our fuck fest would have sapped our energy. The opposite was true. I honestly had the energy (sexual, physical and mental) I had when I was 25. GG was like the Energizer Bunny, not just when fucking, but in all of the challenges, trips between wilderness areas, you name it. We absolutely psyched out all the other teams, and easily won.

We had one last mega-fuck session, virtually the entire last night and morning in a hotel, once the competition was over. On the plane back we resolved to return to our normal lives, and never, ever, ever tell anyone about our sexual relationship during the trip.

For me it had been three weeks of heaven — actually probably the best three consecutive weeks of my life. From GG’s reaction, including the tears she shed on the plane, I was lead to believe it was for her too — go figure!

As is common with reality shows, we had signed contracts not to tell anyone that we won until the final episode aired on TV, but our spouses could sense our excitement and recognized a new-found lack of concern for some monetary things that had bothered us before.

The only contact GG and I had with each other — I would not have been able to resist attacking her if I had one-on-one contact with her so soon after the trip no matter what we had resolved — was getting together with our families and friends to watch ourselves star in Wilderness Challenge. We’d make a simple dinner, pop some popcorn, distribute some beers for the adults and lemonade for the kids, and have some good laughs.

As I earlier indicated, I was sure that our activities on the sixth day had not been caught by the camera since I never saw a cameraman, and they weren’t supposed to film injury treatment, so I wasn’t worried when the episode with that day was to air. Our normal collection of spectators moaned at GG’s injury, and marveled when I went ballistic. GG’s husband said “Holy cow (kids were around which is why it wasn’t ‘Holy shit’), John, I thought you were going to kill someone.” I simply shrugged.

As the episode returned from commercial, however, there on the screen was GG being led over to me by the doctor and nurse, and the doctor moving his lips (you couldn’t really hear what he was saying) when giving me the word about her condition and muscle relaxant treatment.

As we watched, GG and I exchanged furtive terrified glances.

Then, cutting away at the long pauses in “action,” on the big screen TV we saw (until the fourth “event” all obviously shot with a telephoto lens, and with little sound) in sequence:

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