A Virgin Wife’s First Time

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Krystal was a 25-year-old virgin, she was raised in a strict Catholic household that prayed every night, and went to church twice a week. She’d never thought of breaking her celibacy because to her it was a sin to have sex out of wed lock.

She grew up playing soccer and running track. But no matter how much she ran, she could never lose her stomach pouch, or the thick fat derriere. It was this last that got a lot of attention from boys, and she did her best to cover her assets, but to no avail.

It didn’t help that she was also blonde, with blue eyes, only standing 5’2, and had a 36c rack. But she was a good religious girl who defended herself well. Even after she met her now husband in college her sophomore year. He was a senior, and clearly going places, the top of his class he had many job offers after he’d graduate.

Krystal met Shane at a social get together to start the new school year. He was a stubby 5’7 nerdy looking boy, but something about him gave Krystal butterflies the entire time they talked. She gave him her number, and not long after started dating.

It wasn’t until the 4th date that Shane learned of Krystal’s celibacy vows. He was shocked not thinking the type existed in this day and age. However he was also intrigued, he’d never had a virgin before and thought it would be an amazing feeling to be her first.

Krystal was a little shocked to learn that Shane had been with 5 partners before. It made her kind of upset, knowing he was so nonchalant with his sexual desires. But he was so good to her that she put it out of mind.

The years passed, and although Shane tried to get Krystal to relinquish, she was a stout defender of her celibacy. Shane grew to love her determination, but also wanted to feel his gf as a whole, and popped the question on their 5th anniversary. Krystal accepted and they set a date for their 6th anniversary, a mid-fall wedding.

The wedding went perfectly, with no hiccups, and the newlyweds jumped on a plane that night to start their honeymoon in Maui, they arrived late in the night. Although Shane wanted to consummate the marriage right away Krystal was too tired, and begged him to wait one more day, as they had their whole life ahead of him.

But something else was eating at Krystal, it was Shane’s sexual conquest before her. She was scared of his experience compared to her own. She knew it was wrong but she recently been searching porn, and visiting chat sites to learn more. The peculiar thing is she would always get into discussions with older men. They seemed so sweet, or most of them did, telling her what to expect and what she might feel. The porn which was recommended by the older men, was usually older men being sensual with a younger woman. Although she did get a few rough porns that were shocking, but made her tingle down below. Some of them sent dick pics since she had never seen one, and she decided that 7″ must be the avg sized penis.

But with all that said, she was still not set at ease. She was nervous and didn’t sleep all night, and no matter how much porn she looked at she never masturbated. What she didn’t know was she had created a ticking tine bomb of frustration and crankiness that erupted the next morning.

Shane had gotten up early, and brought home breakfast. He woke her with a kiss and a pawing at her breast he was never allowed to touch before. She groaned and pushed his hand away. “It’s too early for breakfast,” she said as she pulled the blankets over her head.

Shane would not be deterred, and pulled the blankets off. “We are not going to waste our honeymoon in bed, not sleeping anyway,” he said with a smirk as he crawled up the bed over top of her.

Krystal was not impressed, “do we have to do it first thing in the morning.”

Shane, dejected, rolled off and got her breakfast and coffee. “Here this will help wake you, ” he said planting a kiss on her cheek.

Krystal ate the breakfast as they talked about the plan for the day, neither had been to Hawaii, before and both actually did want to see some of the sights in their week-long stay.

After breakfast, Krystal showered, and returned to see Shane under the covers. He convinced her to lay down with him. He started kissing and pawing at her. “I’ve waited a long time for this day Mrs. Hask.” His hand sliding under her shorts, and cupping her mound, he was surprised to feel no pubes underneath, wondering what gave her the idea.

She moaned at his touch, but was still annoyed he wanted this after she had showered. She let him feel her some more, and gave into his kisses melting into his arms.

That was until he pulled the covers down, revealing his naked self and what appeared to be maybe a 5″ penis. Nothing in the porn videos, or dick pics looked so small. She was disappointed, and feeling him try to get into her panties broke the mood. She pushed him off of her and rolled out of bed.

He was upset, and said the one thing he shouldn’t have. “How long do I have to wait, you’re my wife now, you don’t poker oyna need to be celibate anymore.”

“How dare you tell me when I should give up my celibacy, when you gave yours up years ago, for a fun time in the sack with some whore.” She was fuming, and couldn’t control herself “how am I supposed to come to bed with you on equal footing when you’ve had all this experience. And is that thing going to get bigger, jesus.” She stormed out the door telling him not to follow her, and praying for using Jesus’s name in vain.

Shane was puzzled. He sat in bed wondering where all that came from, and why would she think it would get bigger. He knew he wasn’t big, but thought of himself as avg at 5″. He figured she would go to the gym, run a few miles on the treadmill and come back.

However, Krystal wasn’t trying to work away her frustration, because she didn’t realize that’s what it was. She was annoyed and upset, and she just wanted a different type of release. So instead of turning left to the gym, she turned right to the Bar. Being that it was before Noon there were only a few patrons. She sat at the bar, and asked for their girliest drink.

She was dressed in a pair of short, tight, jean shorts, that made her thick ass look all the more juicy, and a halter top that put her cleavage on display. It wasn’t long before a gentleman sat down next to her and struck up a conversation. He was older, 53 as he would reveal, even though Krystal would have guessed 45 tops disregarding his hair was grey. He was tall 6’3, with a well-defined muscular frame. He was a local, and he loved to talk with the tourist. He loved to learn about them, and where they came from, so he rented out a room in the hotel year round. It also allowed him to get away from his wife and kids.

Krystal sat with him for over an hour, telling him of herself, and the more “sex on a beach she drank” the more she revealed her problems, including her virginity problem and how it was causing an issue.

It was at this moment Clark knew it was time to make a move. He laid a hand on her thigh and told her she was right 5″ is small and that a beautiful women like her deserved bigger.

She blushed at the compliment and felt his hand slide up her thigh. The tingling started in her loins, but soon spread across her body. She listened half aware as he told her he could fix her experience problem for her right now, because older men knew how to treat a woman right. His hand slid over her mound, and when she closed her eyes she seen her porn history flash before them.

He watched as she gripped the counter from his touch, her eyes closed, her teeth biting at her lips. He leaned in “let’s go to my room and get you that experience” she just nodded, and let him lead her to the first room on the first floor. He liked this room, because it didn’t give the female tourist time to change their mind.

Shane was starting to worry, it had been over an hour and Krystal still hadn’t come back. He went down stairs and took a left to the gym. As he walked down the hall he heard a moan from a woman behind him exiting the bar, but when he looked back, they were gone. He continued to the gym thinking to himself that couple sounded happy and it should be him and his new bride in their honeymoon suite.

He entered the gym, but no one was their, he looked around, called into the changing room, but nothing. He checked the outdoor pool, nothing. He asked a few passerby on his way toward the bar, but none had seen her. He entered the bar, he didn’t think she’d be there, she rarely drank. But he asked the bar tender anyway.

After a brief description, the bartender got a smirk on his face…”oh well sir, you might not be to pleased to hear this but she done left with old Clark.” The bartender chuckled. He then explained to an obvious scared and irate husband that old Clark liked to hang around the bar and sweet talk angry wives into a one night stand, that usually lasted their whole stay. “You see old Clark has been running this game for more than 30 years, and I’ve watched him take a new wife to his room almost weekly.”

Shane now furious started yelling at the bartender, who felt sorry enough for him to tell him where old Clark stayed, “but it won’t help much if he’s already penetrated your wife with his 10″ cock.”

Shane went white, thinking about what Krystal said about it getting bigger and hustled down the hall.

Clark shut the door behind him, and spun Krystal in a circle. “Damn girl you are one fine piece of meat.”

Krystal giggled at the compliment, “I’m not a piece of meat silly,”reaching down grabbing his bulge “this is a piece of meat.”

Clark smiled at her, and pulled her in for a kiss. It was soft and gentle, he knew he had to be careful not to scare the virgin wife away. His hand slid down her back and squeezed her ass, making her jump as his other hand undid the halter top strap. He stepped back and watched as Krystal’s tits were exposed. “My my my, you’ve got some sweet tits here baby.” His hand reaching canlı poker oyna out cupping her tit, his fingers going to her nipple, with a hard pinch.

Krystal let out a yelp, and then a moan. “Gentle Clark they’ve never been touched like that before.” Her smile growing big as her hand continued to work at his bulge. She couldn’t believe it was still growing in his pants. She was pulled closer to him and felt his head lower to her tit, he licked, flicked, sucked, and bit a little to hard, provoking a whimper. She pulled his head off her nipple and kissed him passionately and hard.

Clark enjoyed the kiss, he pinched and twisted at her nipple realizing this little Virgin Mary, might be a little freak. He leaned in whispering in her ear “put your hand in my pants baby, it longs to feel your delicate touch.”

Krystal was reluctant at first, but his onslaught on her tits pinching, biting, and twisting was too much for her, she needed more. She moaned as her hand slid in his pants and wrapped around his semi-erect cock and still unable to touch fingers. Her other hand fumbled at his zipper, undoing it, and his shorts falling to the floor. She felt the spank after it landed, and was not ready for the 2nd harder one.

“Naughty girl, no one told you to take it out” he yanked on her hair tilting her head. “Is my slut that eager to get fucked” he spanked her again *SMACK* and again, and again *SMACK* *SMACK*. He listened to her moan at the spankings and watched as she nodded her head.

Her hand still jerking his long thick cock, she looked up at him with lust wanting him. She felt his hands slide to her shorts, and felt them slide down her legs, panties also. She smiled up at him “please be the first to touch me their under my clothes.”

He slipped his hand down there, and spread her pussy lips apart, running a finger in between them from her clit to her hole. Her moans, and whimpers came out loud. Her body shaked, and she collapsed into his body, still stroking him. “Tell me what you want slut, tell me what you are”

Krystal was beside herself, 3 months of built up sexual frustration was coming to a head, by the teasing fingers of this older man, just like the older men in her porns. Her legs were shaking so bad she collapsed on the bed, but her hand never leaving his cock. She heard the question and the demand. “Oh god Clark I am your slut, and I need this fucking cock!!” loud enough for people in rooms over to hear.

The knock came seconds later. Krystal couldn’t hear it as Clark was slipping his cock into her mouth. But Clark could, and he knew exactly who it was, the weak husband trying to come claim his wife. But he wasn’t going to let him in until he was finished. Then he could try the rest of the vacation to stop his wife from coming back.

Krystal’s lips parted as she heard the far away voice, calling her name, pleading…but she could only focus on the task at hand. She had never sucked a cock before, and struggled to let it in her mouth without using teeth. Clark smacked her a few times, telling her that wasn’t okay. But her 7th try she was finally able to get his head to her throat. He rammed it in trying to shove it down. Her gag reflex triggering, sending tears to her eyes, running make up down her face.

Clark didn’t care that it was choking her, he was going to penetrate this slut’s throat. He pulled out letting her get air, and told her to relax her throat. He rammed one more time and it slide down, you could see his head invading her esophagus, and sliding further and further down. He fucked her face until he was about to climax, he then pulled out, and yanked on her hair, throwing her on the bed.

He looked at this undefiled wife laying there. Hair disheveled, makeup running and smeared, bite marks on her tits, and her glistening pussy eager for cock. The pleas of her husband coming through the door, now sounding like whining and crying. What a pathetic loser he thought as he stared at Krystal lost in a world of lust.

He knelt between her legs, and bit and sucked at her pussy lips. Her moans echoed in the room, as her body quivered. He licked up to her clit as he dipped one finger in. Her body gyrating as it entered its first ever orgasm. She moaned, and cried out, begging for more, as her husband screamed no from the outside.

Krystal was lost, she thought she heard her husband but didn’t care, she ran her hands through Clark’s hair as he flicked, licked, sucked, and bit at her lips and clit. She was losing control of her body, and she wanted more “please fuck me sir, I need it, I’m such a horny slut. I’m your horny slut to use.”

Clark looked up at her and smiled, grabbing her legs and pulling her down to him. “The fist time is going to hurt, but soon it will turn to pleasure, and soon you’ll be cock crazed.” He ran his cock through her pussy juices lubing it as much as possible. He lined his cock-up with the virgin’s hole, and slowly pushed forward. She wasn’t the first virgin he had fucked, but the first that ran a internet casino lot, making her pussy the tightest he had ever had.

Krystal whimpered as she felt him slide in. It hurt so bad, and was thinking of asking him to stop, but a ping of pleasure kept hitting her brain, and she knew she just needed to make it past the first big thrust.

Clark pushed until he met resistance, he pushed a little more, hoping to loosen it. He pulled out, and went in a little faster. He continued this repetition, listening to her whimpers turn to moans. Then without warning, he went at it hard and fast slamming through the hyman. Krystal letting out a gasp of air, with a cry of pain. Clark went back to slow thrust, but much longer now.

Krystal looked up at him, as he fucked her. She could feel him go deeper and deeper each forward thrust. Her whimpers of pain had subsided turning to moans of pleasure. She heard her pussy squishing from the juices, and her husband crying on the other side of the door. She didn’t care, she only cared about the 2nd orgasm building in her loins. She wrapped her arms around Clark’s neck, and kissed him deep as he picked up his pace, thrusting faster and harder.

Clark felt her moans in his mouth. Felt her 2nd orgasm erupt through her mouth. He pounded her, making her scream. He then pulled out looking down at her, his 10″ cock fully erect, and clearly not done. He saw her staring at it. “You want more it huh slut, 2 orgasms not enough for you?” He watched as she shook her head. He flipped her over, and started sliding his cock between her lips, hitting her clit each time. “Then beg for it slut, and tell me who owns you”

Krystal didn’t hesitate, she needed him to fill the void left in her pussy. “Oh god please Clark, don’t tease this slut, I can’t take it. I need your big fucking cock in my pussy, I feel so empty without it. I’m your slut Clark, you own me, please cum in your slut.” She pushed her ass back hoping she could get him to renter her.

Clark slapped her ass, and continued to tease her “now tell your husband.”

Again Krystal didn’t hesitate “oh God Shane, he’s so fucking big, more than double your size. I need his cock in me, I’m so empty. God your wife is a slut for his cock.”

With that Clark slammed his cock into her pussy, her already close to another orgasm from all the teasing. Shane begging them to stop, crying. Clark smiled as he pounded the young wife’s eager pussy, reaching even further, pounding against her cervix. He fucked harder and faster. Gripping her hair and tugging as he slammed into her. Her moans too much for him as he tensed and slammed into her, shooting a long stream of cum deep into her pussy. Pulling out and another hard slam in, and another stream. Her 3rd orgasm coming from the feeling of the cum. He slams another load into her, then collapses on top of her. They pant and lay there for a while.

Krystal loving the feeling of him on top of her as his cock going soft plops out of her. He finally rolls off of her. She’s exhausted and just wants to sleep, but he tells her to leave. When she begs, he picks her up cradle style opens the door and dumps her outside “Take your slut wife home, I’m done with her for today.” Looking down at Krystal, “but I’ll see you tomorrow slut.” Krystal just smiles and nods

Shane looks up in shock, his naked wife dumped in front if him, and this guy clearly twice her age naked standing over her, with a flaccid cock bigger than his erect. He stands up to confront him, but he knows he’ll never win. He wraps his gf in her clothes and heads to the elevator. He gets on and another couple looks at him with sadness. They were warned of Old Clark, and this is the 2nd wife they’ve seen him use.

Shane enters the room and lays Krystal in bed. She lays there, still exhausted still cock drunk. Shane tries to be sweet and nice, but gets no answers. Finally he starts yelling, calling her a whore, among other names, demanding to know why.

Finally, Krystal looks at him, “because I wanted experience, so that we could come to the bed as equals, but you’re right I made a mistake” she pauses as she stares at him. “I should have let you make love to me with that tiny dick so I could have gone to his monster cock with a little practice.”

Shane is beside himself and storms out. He returns later and tries to claim his marital rights. Krystal still to exhausted to care, opens her legs for him. He enters her, but she doesn’t feel him, and he can’t feel her. She falls asleep, and he continues to fuck her, but with no friction his dick goes flaccid and falls out just as he’s cumming shooting his load on her bald pussy.

He rolls over and falls asleep. He wakes up the next morning and finds a note. “Hey went to breakfast with Clark, he’s going to show me sites today. Don’t wait up, I’ll probably be back late. PS you don’t need to ljerk off on my pussy, I’m your wife silly, you can have sex with me too.”

Shane breaks down, he sits, and evaluates his life. He thinks its only 6 more days, then she’ll be all his. And he is right the rest of the week goes the same, Clark sends her home stretched and exhausted. Shane barely feels her, and she always falls asleep. This time he remembers to clean up his mess.

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