A Visit to the Retirement Home

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This story is a work of pure fiction and based on some very perverted fantasises that I have, that have developed since reading various stories here on . However it is based on real characters mainly me, a 47 year old man from England and a lady (73) that I have become acquainted with through my mother in law, Georgie. My mother in law, who is in her mid-late 60’s and I have been enjoying each other’s bodies since 2006 and she has given me a taste for the more mature woman, hence this story.


I was just getting ready to go and pick up my mother in law when my phone started to ring.


“Hi John, it’s me,” came the familiar voice of my wife’s Mother, “I can’t make it today, I’ve got a rotten cold and don’t feel up to going out.”

“That’s a shame,” I said, “I had something naughty planned for this afternoon.”

She giggled like a school-girl and said “You naughty boy, you’ll just have to play on your own.”

I laughed “Ah but its much better when you play too.”

Another giggle, “Anyway,” she said “Can you still go and see Jean, only I promised to take her some of her favourite chocolates and take her library books back for her?”

That day had all been pre-arranged, Georgie and I would go and see an old neighbour of hers, Jean, now living in a retirement home and then out for lunch before going back to her place for an afternoon fuck.

“Yes I suppose so. Was it those Belgian chocolates you were going to take?”

“Yes,” Georgie said, “Can you pick some up for her and do the library too?”

She blew a kiss down the phone.

“Phone me when you are better then because I’m getting nothing from Liz at the moment and I feel as horny as hell,” I told her.

“I promise darling, in a couple of days Ken is going up to the Penines to do some walking, I’ll be better then and whilst Liz is at work, you can come over and I’ll be a very good girl for you.”

Half hour later I pulled up outside “The Oaks”, a warden controlled complex where older folk who were not yet ready for 24 hour a day care lived. Jean had a small flat, literally 3 rooms, a kitchen/diner/lounge + a bedroom & a small bathroom. She had lived there 2 years and enjoyed the freedom it gave her but also the comfort of knowing that someone was available 24 hours a day if she needed them.

I walked through the main entrance and followed the corridor to Jean’s flat and knocked on the door. Jean opened the door, smiling when she saw it was me.

“Oh John, how lovely to see you again,” she said

She looked past me expecting to see her friend, my mother in law.

“No Georgie?” she asked.

“No, she’s not well I’m afraid Jean, so you just got me.”

She reached out and half dragged me through the door,

“Oh well, never mind, come in, we’ll have a cuppa and a chat.”

I sat down on her small sofa whilst Jean busied herself in her small kitchen.

“I do hope Georgie is better soon,” she said as she filled the teapot with boiling water.

“I’m sure she’ll be fine, just a cold I think,” I said.

Jean came over with a tray which held 2 cups + a teapot and milk & sugar bowls. She sat it down on her coffee table and sat down next to me.

I have to say I was a bit surprised at that as she had an upright chair that she normally preferred to sit on. Her sofa was also only a two seater and Jean is on the large side and with me not being stick thin either, it was rather a cozy fit.

“Anyway I’m glad you came,” she said “And you poker oyna bought me chocolates, a man hasn’t done that for me in 20 years, that makes me feel very special.”

Jean wiggled her hips to squeeze herself in to the sofa better and I felt the warmth of her thigh next to mine.

Jean poured the tea and for the next ten minutes we chattered about different things, nothing important, just about family and the news and what she had been watching on TV. All the time Jean kept her thigh & leg pressed tightly against me and a couple of times as she was talking excitedly about something she touched my leg with her hand.

I began to feel excited about her closeness and found my eyes drifting down to her voluptuous bosom as she talked. She was wearing a blouse with the top 3 buttons undone, so as she moved, every now and then I get the brief flash of large white bra cups which completely encased her very big tits. By the time Jean had finished her second cup of tea I was trying to cover a very obvious bulge in my trousers, by holding my cup in my lap.

Jean leaned forward to put her cup down and then reached for mine,

“Let me take that dear, you can’t cuddle it alday,” she said.

As she pulled the cup away, the bulge in my trousers certainly caught her eye. I saw her eyebrows raise sharply and I thought her eyes were going to leap from their sockets.

Jean turned away and put the cup down on her coffee table and as she turned back to me, she couldn’t help but have another quick glance at my groin.

Her cheeks were very flushed and I felt embarrassed for myself and her.

For a full minute there was complete silence. She then looked me in the eye and said,

“Well John dear, you seem to have got yourself in a bit of a predicament.” She glanced down at my groin again and I felt my cock twitch with the thought that this old lady was enjoying looking at my erection through my trousers.

I looked down too and said, “Sorry Jean, its just me, I have this thing for the more mature lady and being this close to you has been too much, perhaps I’d better go.”

I felt Jean’s hand on my arm, “You don’t have to go dear, there is no need to feel embarrassed, I know it is just natural for men to get um, what shall I say, erect. It’s just with me being so old and so big I didn’t think I’d ever have that affect again.”

“Like I said Jean, I’m afraid older ladies turn me on and well being alone like this with you and sitting so close, well as you can see,” I said nodding at my erection.

“Is that why you like spending time with Georgie dear? I always thought it was strange that you brought her but never her daughter Liz.”

I just smiled not wanting to reveal my affair with my mother in law, but desperately not wanting the moment to pass.

“Your silence is golden,” she said with a smile, “But I guessed so.”

Jean reached down with her left hand and rested it lightly on my swollen cock.

“Oh John, that feel’s good.”

Her touch was electric and before she had a chance to check herself and regain her composure I simply said,

“Do you want to see it?”

“Oh John, that’s so rude,” she replied biting her lip.

I stood up and unbuttoned and unzipped my trousers, they fell down and I pulled my boxer shorts down too. My cock sprang out, the end glistening with little globules of pre-cum which were running down my shaft.

Jean gasped a few times, trying to catch her breath as she stared at me.

I was so excited at having canlı poker oyna this fat old lady lustfully looking at my prick.

“Nice?” I asked as I reached down and just held it in front of her.

“Oh John, this is so naughty. I haven’t seen a penis for so long.”

“Why don’t you touch it Jean, kiss it if you want.”

She giggled “Oh I shouldn’t do that,” she said.

However she reached out and her large hand wrapped around my cock.

I threw my head back in ecstasy as Jean touched me and moaned,

“Yes Jean play with my cock, wank me off darling.”

She gasped again as she started to stroke me, “Oh John you are so rude, using naughty language like that,” she said.

I looked down at her and our eyes met as she looked up, “Don’t you like me talking dirty,” I said, “I’ll just be quiet if you want.”

She smiled back, “No I’m just not used to it, but it makes me tingle when you say it.”

“That’s good Jean, wank me off you old tart, play with my cock.”

She let out a little moan herself and her hand moved more furiously up and down my shaft. My pre-cum was leaking profusely and she collected some between her thumb and forefinger and rubbed it into me.

“Oh yes Jean, if you keep doing that I’m going to cum all over your face.”

“John, that is naughty,” she said, “No-one has ever said that to me before let alone done it.”

“Suck me,” I demanded.

Jean looked up again, “Suck me,” I said again more firmly.

Jean bent forward and the end of my cock passed through her wrinkled lips. I grabbed the back of her head and thrust myself forward. She resisted for a second and then relaxed as her lips and tongue went to work on my cock. Jean sucked my cock for about a minute until my spunk shot from me, and her mouth filled with the white sticky fluid. She pulled away, throwing herself back against the sofa, my spunk dribbling from the corners of her mouth. My cock jerked a couple of more times and my cum dribbled down into her lap.

Jean was panting wildly and she lifted her hand up to wipe away my cum from her lips and chin.

“That was good, Jean,” I said “Sensational.”

“Oh dear,” she muttered, “I don’t know what came over me, I feel totally dizzy & disorientated.”

She was breathing heavily and her face was bright red.

I sat down on the sofa and put my arm around her.

“Don’t worry Jean, I enjoyed that, I hope you did too.”

She smiled back, “Well yes dear, but I have really shocked myself. I’m 73 you know and I can assure you I’ve never done anything like that before.”

I pulled her closer with my right arm and gently laid my left hand on her right breast.

“Jean, sex is wonderful, you just have to let yourself go and enjoy it,” I said softly trying to re-assure her.

Her tit was lovely and soft and big under my hand and I fondled her tenderly.

“Oh John, you make me feel so naughty.”

“Mmm,” I murmured and leaned forward kissing her softly on the lips.

The kiss took me back nearly 40 years having to kiss my grandmother before she left our house. Jean’s tightly closed creased lips pressed against mine for just a moment and then she pulled away.

She shook involuntarily, “Oh John, I mustn’t, this is so bad.”

I leaned forward again pressing my lips against hers, mine were slightly parted and she followed suit in order for our lips to actually touch. I could taste my cum & smell it on her breath as I continued to kiss her passionately. Jean followed internet casino my lead and our lips were soon moving together in short tender kisses.

I moved my hand off her tit and unbuttoned the rest of her blouse.

Jean didn’t resist at all and I fondled her through her bra.

I moved my lips from hers and kissed her cheek and neck and then moved down towards her chest. I looked down at Jeans’ large tits still encased in her bra and also down to her flabby belly and felt my cock twitch back into life again as I thought about fucking this fat old granny.

I kissed her through her bra and she just moaned as I did so.

“Take your bra off Jean darling, I want to suck your titties,” I said.

I looked up and our eyes met again, “John,” was all she said biting her lip. But then she leaned forward and deftly unfastened her bra. I pulled it away from her and her tits sagged down onto her stomach. Her nipples were large and flat and I made straight for her right one with my mouth. I started to tease it into life with my lips and tongue and felt it grow slightly against my mouth.

“Mmmm Jean, that is good,” I said softly.

I felt her hand against my head and she just continued to moan softly as I licked and sucked her nipple. I alternated between each flabby breast, kissing and sucking her nipples and making her squirm with pleasure.

I then moved down to her stomach and slid completely off the sofa as I made for more delectable areas. I continued to massage one tit with my left hand whilst kissing her fat belly and I started to ease her skirt up with my right hand. I soon had it bunched around her waist and moved down to kiss her through her skin coloured tights and white panties.

She started to say “No” softly as I tried to ease her tights down, but at the same time she held my face against her. With her tights around her ankles I could smell her sex through her knickers. Her white panties covered her completely but I could feel her pubic hair through them with my tongue and as I moved further south I pushed the material against her pussy lips which gave me a lovely outline of her cunt through her knickers.

“John, no, you mustn’t,” she said softly but still her wrinkled right hand pressed against the back of my head.

I slowly eased the gusset of her panties to one side and strands of grey & black pubic hair came into view followed by her soft pink labia.

She let out an almighty groan as I flicked my tongue against her and then as I parted her lips with my tongue to delve in, she let out a long sigh.

I moved my tongue up and down, working at getting her wet to start with, then after a bit I went to work on her clitoris. Jean rocked her hips back & forth as I tongued her and just groaned every now and then “Don’t stop,” she whispered, “Don’t stop.”

My cock had hardened once more and I was desperate to release the tension in my balls again.

I thus moved up over her pubic hair with my tongue and up to her belly, back to her tits and then to her lips. As she returned my kiss, I slowly eased my cock into Jean’s waiting open pussy.

She gasped just once, moved her head to one side and simply said,

“Yes John I need you to make love to me.”

I humped Jean making long strokes. Both my wife and my mother in law scream & shout out things like “Fuck me, fuck me,” but Jean remained quiet throughout until my spunk shot into her and she let out a little yelp of delight.

I collapsed on top of her after our coupling and she ran her fingers through my hair and told me how wonderful I was.

When I had cleaned up and she had also dressed again, we spent some time just cuddling and I promised that I would be back another time on my own.

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