A Weekend With Renata-Friday

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Authors Note:

This is the sequel to my story “Renata Gets A Ride”. The number of people that read it has really floored me and the voting on it has made it my highest scoring story. I had intended for “Renata Gets A Ride” to be a stand alone story, but because of the number of readers it accumulated I’ve decided to do a sequel because “hey I never know when to leave a good thing alone…”

[chuckle] [chuckle]

“A Weekend With Renata” will consist of three separate stories, “Friday”, “Saturday” and “Sunday”.

I won’t be spending much if any time referring back to the original Renata story, so if you haven’t read it you should do so now, just to help maintain continuity while reading the Weekend Trilogy.

~~Thanks, Lestat2k02

Epilog / Prolog

I usually know when I’m going to be receiving a package so on Saturday when the priority mail box appeared at my door my curiosity was peeked because I hadn’t ordered anything recently. The handwriting on the box definitely feminine, but no one’s that I recognized and there was no return address. I sliced the tape seal and opened the box and pulled out the entire contents of the box. I pealed off a surrounding layer of pink tissue paper and was left holding one of those gift bags by the handle; there was a small white card sitting on top of the pink tissue paper that filled the bag and the paper was giving off a faint scent of perfume which emanated from the contents of the bag, and it hung in the air around me. I didn’t need to read the card, it had only been two days ago and I would remember that scent till the day I die. and the recognition of it caused image’s of that afternoon to come flooding back. I lost myself in the most pleasant day dreams of that afternoon events, I’m not sure how long, I was in a trance as I relived that afternoon, but eventually I returned to the present, setting the bag down and removing the card.

The scent of the perfume became stronger as I held the card closer and sliced open the flap with a letter opener. I pulled out the card, flipped up the cover and read the short message….

Mr. Mason,

Thank you for the wonderfully naughty afternoon. No one has ever made me do such naughty things. I know I shouldn’t think about them, but I can’t help myself, no one has ever made me feel as good as you made me feel earlier today.

I’ve sent you something to remind you of our afternoon. Hope you enjoy them. Maybe we can get together again before I leave.


GOD! I thought to myself, she must have put this together in Ange’s dorm room after I dropped her off. And then they had to have it mailed that night for it to be here now; I hope Ange didn’t notice Renata was mailing me a package, especially if she knew what was in the package. Reading the card distracted me from these worries and as I read the words I could hear her voice and before I finished reading the note I was once again in a trance. When the note was finished I closed my eyes; the perfumes aroma hanging in the air about me allowed my imagination to hear Renata’s sweet melodic voice, to picture her beautifully petite young body and to almost feel her satiny smooth skin.

Eventually I sent the card down and dug through the tissue paper in the gift bag until I found them. My fingers recognized the feeling of the fabric and I pulled the gift free of the jumble of tissue paper in the bag. I held my gift from Renata draped over my hand, a pair of panties, Renata’s panties, and I assumed they were the panties she was wearing the afternoon we had spent together two days before. When the flowery scent of the perfume was joined by a savory musky scent I knew it had been the correct assumption. I moved the panties closer to my face and the aroma was unmistakable. I remembered the scent, the same scent had been heavy on my fingers after I finished fingering Renata’s sweet little pussy and they had been covered with the juices of her arousal.

As the memories rushed through my head the flames of my own arousal were being fanned to a roaring blaze, mentally. Physically though, as always, there was no reaction. I wished that I were alone in the house; I wanted “use” Renata’s panties. I had to keep wishing for the same thing all week; it was until Thursday afternoon before I finally got the house to myself. Because I sleep alone though I was able to pull the panties from under my pillow every night drag them across my face before I went to sleep. Every night as I fell asleep I enjoyed the fragrance that had originated in the crotch of the sweet young Renata.

As I said it was Thursday afternoon before I was alone in the house. I put together a slide show of Renata using the pictures I had taken of her by the pool the previous summer. The ones that featured her firm little breasts were duplicated many times, but there were a number of bikini shots in the mix and even some pictures of her in her prom dress. I can’t even begin to tell you how sexy she had looked in that prom dress.

I locked the wheels of my chair and stood just long enough to push my boxers poker oyna down to my knees. I sat and let them fall to my ankles, I slid down a little in my chair and stretched my legs out in front of me, I picked up Renata’s panties from my desk and clearly spoke the word ‘play’ and the software on my Powerbook began displaying the slide show.

I watched the images go by as I held Renata’s aromatic underwear near my face. My other hand was fingering my flaccid johnson as the pictures of my sweet young obsession flashed by. I was trying to fix my mind on a specific fantasy as I watched image after image pass by on the big flat screen monitor I had hooked to my Powerbook. I thought about Renata in her little blue string bikini. Then I thought about Renata’s hands under the top of her little blue string bikini. The top of Renata’s little blue string bikini falling away to reveal her small mounds of flesh and stiff pink little nipples. No all that was too obvious. My mind drifted to the hotel room and the afternoon Renata had spent with me. That wasn’t it either; there would be no wheelchair in my fantasy. In my fantasy my johnson would work just fine and would end up in the tight young pussy of the engaging young lady I was fixated on. I spoke the word ‘pause’ and the slide show halted on the picture currently being displayed. It was a picture of Renata in her prom dress. Well, dress might be a bit of an overstatement in describing this garment. I’m sure it wasn’t, but I thought that it was most likely purchased in a lingerie department. If I had seen the garment on a hanger in my daughter’s room I would have thought it was a slip and not a dress. It looked great on Renata though, held up by the thinnest of spaghetti straps that went over her shoulders, it clung to her in all the right places. Her nipples were just barely noticeable in the front and the cling of the fabric to her skin also allowed the curve of her hip and cheek of her ass to also be clearly visible. The absence of a panty line meant she was most likely panty less as well as braless. She was stunning. Her hair was up, but ringlets hanging down bracketed her lovely face. She was so sweet, innocent and above all sexy, just indescribably stunning.

I covered my flimsy dick with Renata’s panties and started fingering it with both hands. We were in the back of the limo, it was after dark and the lights of the city lit the interior of the vehicle and the privacy glass was up between the driver and us. I turned in the seat and took Renata in my arms; our mouths came together in a desperate, passionate kiss. As our tongues swirled and roiled in each other throats my hands roamed over the body of the young girl in my arms. Through the sheer fabric of her dress my hands felt her nipples, stiff with excitement just like the fabric wasn’t there. My hand slid down Renata’s body and her legs spread as her stomach passed beneath my touch. I was right, she was panty less as well as bra less, and I could feel the mound of her downy soft curls through the transparent fabric of Renata’s prom dress.

A dress like the one Renata was wearing and what she wasn’t wearing underneath it was meant to do only one thing to a man; it was meant to harden his desire and fan the fire of his lust, and mine was hard and flaming. I laid Renata down on the back seat of the limo and then ran a hand down her shapely stocking covered leg. Grasping her ankle I lifter her petite foot and suggestive high heel shoe. I draped her leg over the top of the seat; with her other foot still on the floor of the limo it put Renata in a position that spread her legs wide before me.

Renata pulled the front of her dress up revealing herself to me, silently inviting me to take her, to use her body as a repository for my lust. I could see the drops of her own arousal glistening on the silky gold curls between her legs. Renata’s firm teenage fanny was squirming with impatience on the soft leather seat, her wide spread crotch moving provocatively as it did. I kneeled on the seat between my young beauties legs, I undid my pants and pushed them down far enough to free my throbbing woody. Renata reached out, wrapped her fingers around my thumping hard-on and pulled it and me to her as her soft voice said, “take me Mr. Mason, I’m ready for you”.

She guided the head of my pulsing member to the moist lips of her lovely flower. I leaned forward pressing my throbbing hardness into her tight wet object of my desire. Renata’s virginity was long since sacrificed to her boyfriend, but she was still so very tight and warm. The walls of her vagina were wet and smooth as satin and they gripped my pulsating woody with the vibrant strength of her fresh youthful body. Renata’s hips rose to meet my thrust and I was fully sheathed in the hot tight body of the sweet young thing that lay spread wide under me.

I held myself over the delicate body that reclined on the seat beneath me with one hand on the car door and the other on the top of the back seat. Renata cooed with satisfaction as I stroked myself in and out of her. My long slow strokes were matched canlı poker oyna with the purposeful thrusting of Renata’s trim hips. Raising and falling I slid my lust hardened piece in and out of my willing young partner.

The rear of the limo was filled with the soft grunts and groans of a woman giving herself to a man and the earthier grunts and groans of a man satisfying himself with a woman’s body. Renata knew I wasn’t going to last long enough for her to finish. The position in the back seat of the limo wasn’t conducive to her reaching the peak of arousal and the magnitude of my lecherous craving wasn’t going to allow me to last mach longer.

Because of this Renata’s hand drifted over her firm flat gyrating tummy and to ‘the spot’ between her open legs. Her finger’s easily found and contacted her quivering, blood-engorged nub. The firm little nub was rolled between her fingers for only a few seconds before Renata’s scream signaled that the pinnacle of her desire had been reached. A few seconds of listening to Renata’s vocal orgasm and a few more strokes into the soft wet recesses of her tight young body and my own desire was about to boil over. I pressed down hard on Renata, burying myself as deep as I could into her body and pressing it into the soft leather seat of the limo. I held myself there, deep in Renata’s willing body as my engorged woody shot a glut of milky white seed into her, filling her young womb to overflowing.

My legs were jerking and spasming with each pulse of my orgasm. I was sliding lower in the seat of my wheel chair with each spasm and I fired stream after stream of warm sticky liquid into Renata’s panties. Even though the old johnson never stood up it didn’t seem to effect the amount of cum I could manufacture and the intensity of the fantasy I was currently enjoying only increased the volume I shot into the pretty white panties. This or a similar fantasy was repeated a number of times in the weeks to come. It wasn’t long before there wasn’t a spot on Renata’s panties that wasn’t stained and crusted from being soaked with cum.

The Email

On the Friday after Thanksgiving pretty much out of the blue I got the following email.

Subject: A Weekend Together?
Date: Friday, November 29, 2002 9:29 AM
From: Sweet Young Renata
To: Mister Mason

Hi Mr. Mason remember me… Renata 🙂

Did you like the little present I sent you. I hope you did and I hope you had lots of fun with them.

I was wondering if you would like to spend a weekend with me before I left. I think we would have a lot of fun [wink] [wink] [big innocent smile]

I thought Fri sat sun Dec 27,8,9.

In case you say yes I’ve found us a place to stay. Do you know how hard it is to find a bed & breakfast that is wheel chair accessible.

Blizzard Valley Inn & Cabins (555) 555-1212

If you want to get together call and make reservations for us.

Let me know


Well this was unexpected. A pleasant surprise, but definitely unexpected. The next question that went through my head was ‘I wonder what we’ll do for a whole weekend’. DOH!!! Could I be more stupid I thought to myself. The afternoon with Renata had been an intense experience, could I take a whole weekend with the sexy young siren. Oh well, if I cant I’ll die trying I thought chuckling to myself.

I called and made our reservations for one of the two wheel chair accessible cabins at “The Blizzard Valley Inn & Cabins” and sent a response to Renata telling her we were on for the weekend she suggested. We exchanged a few more notes arranging a meeting place and other such details, and then I had to take care of the hard part. How was I going to explain my absence for an entire weekend? Despite the fact that my wife still lived in the same house that I did the marriage was long over (refer to my many statements about not having been with a woman for more than two years). Still the truth didn’t seem to be a viable option. I couldn’t see myself telling her and every one that I was spending the weekend with my oldest daughter’s best friend. It would be especially hard explaining to my daughter Ange that I was having sex (such as it was) with one of her best friends.

I had a friend in the town where my daughter went to college. I could use the excuse of visiting him. I’d never spent more than one night in town visiting, but at least it was some place that I sometimes go for an over night, it would have to do. A few notes exchange with my friend and my cover was in place, not a real good cover, but like I said it would have to do. To spend a weekend with the desirable young Renata was more than worth the risk.

It was odd though that as I was leaving the house early on that Friday afternoon Ange was complaining that she had nothing to do this weekend because both Renata and Charmaine were out of town and that she couldn’t believe that on her last weekend before leaving for France Renata would be out of town. I made a few placating statements about that being too bad and then I left to spend the weekend with internet casino the “out of town” Renata.

The Meeting & Drive

We had agreed to meet at the toll station. Picking her up at her house wasn’t an option; I don’t think that Renata’s parents would understand her going away for the weekend with the father of her best friend. Neither was Renata meeting me at my house a workable option for a number of reasons that should be obvious.

I arrived first, but shortly after that a white Volkswagen Golf parked in the row of cars across from me. The door opened and a pretty young girl in an ankle length black leather coat sprang from the car. She retrieved a suitcase on wheels and a shoulder bag from the trunk of the car and started across the parking lot to my Caravan. Grabbing the extended handle she rolled the one suit case, had the shoulder bag over one shoulder, her purse over the other and because even though it was well below freezing it hadn’t started snowing yet so she was carrying instead of wearing her winter boots. Renata’s breath clouded around her as she walked and her pig tails, yes pigtails bounced off her shoulders as her bouncing walk carried her across the parking lot. “Pigtails?” I thought to myself. What a foxy little troublemaker she was. The young looking Renata looked even younger with the pigtails; to be honest she didn’t appear to be old enough to drive the car she had just gotten out of even though she had been 18 for more than five months now.

The passenger side sliding door flew open and she tossed her stuff on to the back seat of the van, “Hi Mr. Mason, good to see you again”. “It’s great to see you Renata”, I replied trying to sound calm and nonchalant. “I like your hair”, I said with a smile, “it makes you look younger”. She was still giggling as she got in the front seat and leaned over to kiss me on the cheek, “ya but we both know you like the younger look Mr. Mason” she said as her sly smile brightened her face. After a quick pause she continued, “and you look just the same Mr. Mason, you’re a comfortable old cuddly bear” she said as her smile faded from sly to just plain sweet. God but she was beautiful, I thought to myself. So sweet, so young and so beautiful; elegantly beautiful in her long black leather coat, innocently beautiful with her intoxicating smile and pretty sweet face, she was so young and full of life, I still was having a hard time believing it, but I again just thanked God mentally that she wanted to spend the weekend with me.

It was a nice drive to the Inn, the scenery (inside the van) was outstanding. I wasn’t counting on my iPod filled with music to kill the time of this trip, but neither had I become a brilliant conversationalist since our last trip either. Fortunately I got to take advantage of Renata’s chattiness to mask my inability to make small talk. I just drove along and enjoyed the view inside the van and the sound of her sweet voice. As she chatted she untied the belt of her coat and opened the front of it. It was toasty warm in the van as we drove through the sharp cold of late December weather. Renata could have easily done without the coat, but it probably was too difficult to remove while sitting in the front seat of the van. The scenery inside the van improved as the expensive black leather coat opened I got to see what my companion was wearing.

I had seen the shiny black leather shoes and white stockings as she crossed the parking lot; at least I thought that’s what I had seen. It wasn’t shiny black leather shoes and white stockings though; it was shiny black leather shoes and white knee socks. Holy Cow I thought as my eyes moved up past the knee socks and across those cute bare knees, she’s playing the young girl to the hilt today. And then my vision continued to move up those lovely young legs until I saw the wool skirt, a mostly white/gray/green plaid with wide box pleats. Man I thought again, knee shocks and a pleated skirt, but there was more. Yup, there it was, a matching vest of the same plaid material and same color. Then to top things off, under the vest was a sharply pressed white cotton blouse a dark green almost black neck tie. Jesus she looked sexy and young, so deliciously naughty and young, she was a beautiful young sexy girl. I thought to my self that it was going to be a very enjoyable weekend.

I did manage to hold up my end of the conversation for the most part as we drove along, but only because mine was the very short end of the conversation. It was a lot easier to take in the scenery inside the van than to make conversation and cruising down an almost empty interstate gave me plenty of opportunity to glance over at my passenger. Renata had slid the front seat all the way back and reclined it a notch or two. Her legs were crossed and stretched, the shoes, knee socks and exposed skin of those shapely young legs drew my gaze with their seductive innocence and my gaze followed them until they disappeared up under that unbelievable plaid wool skirt. Up from the legs and skirt Renata’s chest was flattened under her blouse and vest. The lack of cleavage was accentuated by the fact that she had an arm stretched up over the back of the seat and the lack of cleavage added more than everything to the illusion that Renata appeared much younger than she actually was.

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