A Weekend With Three Angels Ch. 41

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The sun was shining brightly in the clear blue sky and contrasted beautifully with the red rock cliffs as we drove into the Enchantment resort property. Melinda and Lucinda were waiting as we pulled up to the valet. We all hugged and kissed when we got out of the car. We introduced the twins to Candi and headed inside to the dining room.

At the table Tracy and Teri were talking wildly about last night. They were telling Lucinda and Melinda about sleeping with Sue and all of the things that they did together. The waiter was standing by listening and hardly believing what he heard.

We ordered our meals and the conversations resumed. I was sitting at the head of the table with Lucinda and Melinda to my right. Trish was on my left. I turned to Lucinda and asked her casually how she was doing.

‘Oh Mr. Rob,’ she replied, ‘my sister says she has a secret and she won’t tell me. She says only you can tell it.’

‘Oh really?’ I mused.

‘Yes!’ she went on, ‘This morning when we woke up I kissed her between her legs and I made her cum like a crazy woman, but she still won’t tell me! Can you tell me what is the secret?’

I smiled at her and asked teasingly, ‘If I tell you, will you make me cum like crazy too?’

‘Oh Mr. Rob, you know I love to make you cum, any way you like it!’ She blushed slightly as she said it and realized that the waiter had just caught that statement as he began serving our juices and fruit.

I leaned closer to her and lowered my voice. ‘OK Lucinda, I’ll tell you the secret. And if you like it then you have to promise that you’ll make Trish cum like a crazy woman as well.’

Lucinda nodded. ‘Oh yes, just tell me what it is!’

‘All right.’ I began. ‘You’ve already agreed to help us with our wedding party and you made a note of the date, right?’

She nodded.

‘And you’ve asked to have the time off at work right?’

Again she nodded.

‘Well, we’ve asked Melinda if she could take some extra time off to join us on our two week honeymoon cruise in the Caribbean. Would you like to join us too?’

Lucinda looked at her sister, her eyes wide with glee. ‘Oh yes Mr. Rob! I would love to go on a cruise with you!’

Melinda smiled smugly knowing that there was more to come.

Sue and Candi stopped chatting with Teri and Tracy for a moment to observe Lucinda’s excitement. Our girls knew what was coming next, but it would be news to Sue and Candi as well.

‘Well there’s one more thing.’ I continued. ‘And Melinda has already said yes… We’d like you to come and work for us at our home on a full time basis.’

Lucinda thought for a moment and a smile began to grow on her face.

‘I’ll pay you ten percent more than you’re earning now and I’ll match or exceed your current benefit package. And if you can stand to live with your sister, then you can share the new house that we’re building on our property and you won’t have to pay any rent. How does that sound?’

I already knew what her answer would be, but I allowed her to let it sink in. I also noticed the poker oyna surprise and happiness for her on Candi and Sue’s faces. They smiled back at me and at Trish, knowing that we were taking in these two lovely young women and that all of us would be better with the arrangement. As Lucinda realized the magnitude of our offer she could barely contain herself. She jumped up out of her chair and came around to give Trish a hug.

‘Oh yes!’ she cried, ‘Oh this is a wonderful day!’

She turned and gave me a hug and she kissed my cheek. Then she looked up at Melinda.

‘How could you keep that secret? How long have you known?’

Melinda grinned. ‘It wasn’t easy. I’ve already given notice here that I’m leaving. How soon do want to move to Sedona? The house will be ready in about two and a half months, but you can move in with me until then.’

I looked back at Lucinda and told her, ‘If you want to do this, you need to give your employer a fair notice. If they choose to let you go right away, don’t worry, we can have you come to work for us whenever you’re ready.’

Lucinda was overwhelmed. Everyone at the table realized the impact of this plan. We were asking these two young women to become a part of our family. We’ve already shared very intimate times with them, and the work that we’re asking of them is similar to what they already do. The compensation and security that we offer is greater than what they have in their current positions, so how could they refuse?

The mood at the table was bright and happy. As we ate our breakfast the conversations shifted from what had happened last night, to what the future had in store for us all. Trish and I held hands under the table, joyful in knowing that our home would be filled with good friends and good times for many years to come.

As we finished our meal I asked Lucinda and Melinda if they wanted to come by the house and see how the construction was coming along on their new home. Of course they said yes, and so we left and caravanned back to the house.

When we walked inside I noticed the twins looking around the house in a different way. This was no longer a place they were visiting. This was where they would be living and working, hopefully for years to come. They seemed to be taking it in with that in mind. We all walked outside and I pointed to the construction site. I brought a blueprint with me, but as we stood on the freshly poured slab foundation it became clear that the girls had no sense of what a floor plan was on paper. So when we went back inside the house I took them to the computer and showed them the CAD images that the architect and interior designer had provided. The pictures got them even more excited.

‘Oh Mr. Rob, I want to move here tomorrow!’ Lucinda cried as she leaned in closer to see the images on the screen.

‘So that means you’re happy and you’ll say yes?’ I asked.

‘Oh yes! It does.’

‘Well then,’ Trish interrupted, ‘you made a promise that it’s time to keep…’

Lucinda seemed confused.

Trish reminded her by asking ‘Didn’t canlı poker oyna you say something about making us both cum like crazy?’

Lucinda grinned. ‘Oh yes I did.’

Everyone was quiet as we waited for the next person to speak. Melinda broke the silence.

‘Sometimes my sister makes promises very quickly. Now she must figure out how to do it. Do you need help dear sister?’

Lucinda nodded and said ‘I know how I want to make them both cum. I don’t know who should be first.’

Trish giggled. ‘Well since you made the first promise to Rob, I suppose he should be first.’

Candi was holding Tracy in her arms when she asked ‘Can we all watch?’

Everyone chuckled as Lucinda stood and pulled her top off over her head exposing her firm breasts held high in a black lace bra. As she unbuttoned her pants she looked around at the group and smiled. ‘You can watch, or you can join. I’m so happy right now I want to make love with everybody! But first is Mr. Rob. I want to suck his cock until he fills my mouth with his hot sperm.’

She unclasped her bra and shrugged it off. Then she pushed her thong down her legs and stood at my side in her naked glory. I gazed into her pussy next to my face and inhaled the sweet aroma of her horny sex. Lucinda reached down and unbuckled my belt as I leaned back to allow her access. Once she had my pants down around my ankles she took my cock in her mouth and commenced a licking and sucking that produced results rather quickly. I grew to a solid state and Lucinda bobbed up and down with a loud slurping sound.

‘I see something that looks delicious.’ I heard Sue say as she stripped and knelt behind Lucinda. She was now eye to crack with Lucinda’s ass and she pressed her face to it. I sensed a slight hesitation in Lucinda’s sucking when she felt Sue’s tongue probing her pussy. She hummed her approval on my dick and continued her work.

‘Mom if you’re going to be next, you better get undressed.’ Teri spoke up. ‘I don’t know how long Rob can last. Let me help you with your clothes.’

I turned to see Teri pulling at Trish’s shirt, lifting it and exposing her firm tits and their hard little nipples. I heard sounds on my other side and looked to see Tracy and Candi in a full embrace with their tongues in each others’ throats. The scene was getting very erotic. The only one left was Melinda and she was standing right in front of me, smiling, no, beaming, at the sight of all of the love around her. She slowly and seductively removed all of her clothes while I watched, trying to keep from cumming in her sister’s throat, wanting to prolong the enjoyment for as long as I could.

Tracy and Candi were stripping each other and their hands were probing at their crotches. Melinda leaned down and kissed me. I was licking the inside of her mouth while my dick was doing the same thing to her twin sister. Suddenly Lucinda cried out. Sue had found a sensitive spot and Lucinda was cumming. That brought me to the edge and I let go in Lucinda’s mouth. She tried to swallow it all, or maybe she didn’t. internet casino Either way she looked so sexy with my cum dripping down her chin. Melinda was stroking her sister’s hair while Sue continued to lick at her ass and pussy. Finally Lucinda stopped cumming and she stood up enough to kiss me and let me lick some of my cum from her face. Melinda joined the lickfest and together we cleaned her up pretty well.

I felt Teri’s hand on my shoulder as she spoke to Trish. ‘OK Mom, it’s your turn now. I hope Rob didn’t wear her out. And Sue! You sure did get in there, didn’t you?’

Sue looked up at Teri. ‘God I love the taste of sweet pussy! Come here baby, I want to taste you next.’

Teri let go of Trish and squatted down next to Sue. She ran her finger along her slit and then spread her lips apart as she leaned back and opened herself to Sue’s gaze and then to her tongue as Sue dove in between Teri’s legs. Melinda pulled me up out of my chair and Trish sat down in my place. She opened her legs as Lucinda knelt down in front of her and prepared to eat her pussy. I stood there with my arm around Melinda’s waist, watching as Lucinda teased Trish with her tongue. Sue was busy eating Teri’s little pussy and when I looked over at Tracy and Candi, they were on the floor, still kissing and feeling each other with their fingers in each others’ pussy! The sights and sounds of sex were all around us and I decided that Melinda and I had better join the action.

I rubbed my fingers on her pussy. The feeling of my finger stroking her puffy slit was so warm and comfortable. She was moist but not wet and I probed gently as she spread her legs apart to give me room. When I pushed my middle finger up inside her hole, she whispered to me.

‘Ooh Rob, I have to lie down.’

With my finger still inside, we laid down and assumed a sixty-nine position. I was on my back with her sleek body on top of me. She put my soft dick in her mouth and it began to grow again. I withdrew my finger and used its wetness to probe her anal hole. I covered her pussy with my mouth and drove my tongue in as far as I could. The taste was sweet and I wanted more. She ground her clit against my chin and I twisted my finger deep into her ass.

The sounds beside us got louder as Tracy and Candi were making each other cum. Not to be outdone, I heard Teri sighing with heightened pleasure as Sue brought her even closer to her orgasm. There was no way that I could cum again so soon, even with Melinda’s talented mouth working her magic, but I could tell that she was getting close. Her ass was wet and slippery and I pushed a second finger inside her tight hole to her delight. She was pushing her clit into my mouth and I teased it with my teeth.

‘Oh! Ooh!’ I heard her muffled cry as she drenched my face with her cum.

Trish was quietly sobbing in her chair as Lucinda fulfilled her promise.

The sounds and tastes and smells of orgasmic sex filled the room for the next few minutes. When it finally quieted down there were soft giggles and then louder laughter. Trish asked. ‘Is this what our life is going to be like every day after these twins move here?

Teri answered for us all. ‘I sure hope so!’

There were more giggles and then sighs of comfort and hope that she was right.

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