A Whole New World Ch. 02

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Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback on the first part, I’m glad people are liking it for the most part! I understand that not everyone can be pleased but I’m going to try my best. I’ve also received a lot of feedback asking for longer parts so I’m testing that out here. If it’s too long or okay, please let me know. If you like/dislike this part please do comment below or email me at my profile and give me suggestions on where to take the story.

And now, let’s get back into it…


The next morning I’m woken up to a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday To You’ from my Dad, Anthony and Sean. Nick plops himself down on my bed with the same look of embarrassment on his face as I do. As my Dad approaches my bed, I bury my face in my pillow but, secretly loving the cheesiness of it, I grin against the fabric.

“Happy birthday, Princess.” I hear him say in my ear and then he kisses the top of my head.

The feeling of his breathe on my ear sends a shiver down my spine and the touch of his lips makes the hair on my back of my neck rise, almost as if trying to reach for him.

“Thanks, Dad,” I mumble back at him, through the pillow, “But aren’t we getting a bit old for this?”

“Old? Never! You’ll always be my special little girl.”

The thought of me being my father’s ‘special little girl’, as he calls it, brings the grin back to my face. I sit up and plant a kiss on my Dad’s cheek. And just to make it saucy enough, yet still innocent, I make sure that my lips land close enough to his mouth but still technically his cheek.

Looking around the room, I see that Anthony and Sean have already left. Anthony will have to be leaving for work soon and Sean will be leaving for school. Dad looks lovingly at myself and Nick and makes towards the door.

“Do either of you have plans for the day? I’ve a table at the Italian booked for seven tonight so make sure you’re ready for that, your uncle Brian will be there to see you both!”

“I’m just going to go catch up with my friends but that’s about it,” replies Nick.

“I’ve made plans to go shopping with Hannah, but we can finish up early,” I say.

With that, Dad leaves the room and closes the door. Nick looks over at me and grins.

“Happy birthday, Becks.”

“Happy birthday, Nicky.”

“Oh,” he winces, pretending to be in pain, “Not ‘Nicky’. I think we’re old enough now to leave that nickname behind!”

“As Dad said, we’ll never be too old,” I laugh.

Nick scoots towards me on the bed and leans down over me.

“So, did you get me a birthday present?” he asks and kisses me.

“Maybe” I respond and I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him down on top of me, bringing his lips back to mine.


A little over an hour later I get out of bed, in search of clothes. I feel Nick’s eyes raking over my body as I bend down and open back up my suitcase. I empty the contents onto the floor and, item by item, I hang or fold the clothes back into my closet and drawers.

“You know, if you keep bending over like that without any clothes on, we’ll be here for another hour,” Nick states matter-of-factly from my bed.

“Sorry, bro, but I’ve somewhere to be,” I respond as I throw on a bra and underwear, followed by a light summer dress.

I quickly run my brush through my hair to brush out all the knots, tie my hair up into a ponytail and put on a little bit of makeup. I blow a kiss at a naked, and hard, Nick and head downstairs.

In the kitchen I find a stack of envelopes. I put two slices of bread into the toaster and sort through the stack, making a pile with Nick’s cards and a pile with mine. The toast pops up in the holder and I put the slices on a plate. As I sit down at the table and apply some Nutella I hear the shower running upstairs. I eat my breakfast and make a start on my birthday cards. I’m not having a birthday party this year so the stack also has my friend’s cards and presents for me.

After breakfast I move into the living room and look outside for any sign of Hannah. The street outside is quiet, with no signs of my best friend, so I decide to poker oyna give her a ring and see if she’s all right. After what feels like an eternity, she picks up.

“Hey, girl. Happy birthday!” she exclaims. Well, that is if you can sound groggy and excited at the same time.

“Aww thanks, Sweet Cheeks, where are you?”

“Babes, I’m so sorry but I can’t make it. I’m dying in bed with a chest infection. Can we rain check for next week, I need to be looking my best for my fav girl in the world?”

Given that Hannah does have a weak immune system I forgive her and we make plans to meet up when she’s feeling better. After we finish chatting, I grab my car keys and my bag and I head to out to do a bit of shopping. When Nick asked me if I had a present for me, I genuinely hadn’t gotten him any. I didn’t have the time with studying for finals and all that. Anyways, boys are so hard to please!

I find parking reasonably easily and mentally prepare myself for the slow death both my arms and my bank card will soon be subject to. I browse through the shops, picking up some new bikini’s and summer wear. Without doing too much damage, I find myself outside of Forever 21. I head inside and go into the men’s section. I figure, you can never go wrong with a nice plain t-shirt as a present. I pick up a few items, because I’m such a loving sister, and head towards the cashiers to pay. As I’m heading up to pay I have the idea to look into buying some new lingerie. It can be a present for both me and Nick. I browse through the options and pick up a few. I head to the dressing room to try them on.

While walking I hear a voice behind me say, “I hope you’re planning on paying for all those.” I turn around and see my uncle Brian grinning at me. My uncle is the store manager here. Brian is 33 years old, is 6ft2 and has the same dark brown hair and eyes as my Dad. Brian was kind of my grandparents’ surprise child. They had only planned on having one child, my Dad, and then just as they were settling into the idea of having a teenager, next thing a new baby came along. But my grandparents would never openly admit to all that because they love their whole family to bits.

“Hey, uncle Brian!” I respond, giving his a hug, “I like your suit, real nice!”

It actually was a very nice suit. The fitted light grey coat and trousers paired with the white shirt and navy tie really made my uncle look very attractive. And he knows it. Uncle Brian always seems to have a new woman on his arm every time I see him. He’s a reformed womanizer but still gets around.

“Why, thank you, my dear. And how is my twenty-one year old niece doing today?”

“I’m really good, thanks. You’re still coming to dinner later, right?”

“I wouldn’t miss it!”

And with a quick kiss on the cheek, my uncle hurries off to help a worker fix a display and I continue into the dressing room. I try on a sheer light blue bra and panties. The bra lifts and gives the appearance of my breasts being larger. It also ties at the front and the idea of my breasts popping out makes my concealed clit harden. Nick also loves the color blue so I decide to take them. I then try on a black thong. I take off the blue bra and look at myself in the mirror before putting on the black bra. The thong is lace and sheer so you can almost see my folds. Thinking of standing in front of Nick in just this thong really gets my juices flowing. I snake a finger down into the thong and bring my fingers to the wetness. Slipping a finger inside, I imagine my Dad coming in behind me and seeing me like this. A groan escapes my lips. I drop the thong and put it on the pile of clothes. I get down on my knees in front of the mirror and pinch my nipples, imagining it being my father. I insert two more fingers into my wet pussy and finger myself hard. I moan quietly as so that nobody hears me. With one hand buried in my pussy and another playing with my breasts, I imagine Nick fucking me while my Dad licks and plays with my nipples. The fantasy causes the pressure to build and I orgasm. I let myself come down from my sexual high and then clean myself up and make canlı poker oyna myself presentable before leaving the dressing room to go pay.

After I leave the store I feel like I need a shower to thoroughly clean myself up. It’s mid afternoon now so Sean should be home from school. I hop in my car and drive home. I pull up outside the house and get my bags from the boot. I open the door and notice straight away how quiet the house is.

‘Sean must have gone out with his friends,’I guess, noticing Sean’s bag at the foot of the stairs.

I climb the stairs and take my bags into my bedroom. I laugh to myself quietly to see that Nick has even made my bed again and put away my empty suitcases. As I begin to empty my bags of clothes, I hear the rumbling vibrations of a male’s voice coming down the hall.

‘I guess he didn’t go out, so’ I think to myself.

As I make my way into the hallway, the origin of Sean’s voice is made clear: his bedroom. As I approach his room I hear a lighter, female voice coming from his room too.

“You’re sure nobody’s home?” the girl asks.

“Nah, we have the place to ourselves. Come on, you still want to, don’t you?” he answers.

“Yes,” she responds in a seductive voice, and as she turns on his music she finishes, “Put on a show for me.”

At this point I’m standing outside his room. They’ve left the door ajar. I’m about to walk in and call quits on whatever they’re about to do but then I catch a glimpse of what’s happening in the room through the reflection in the mirror mounted on the wall next to the door. The girl, stunningly beautiful, is lying on Sean’s bed taking off the last of her clothes, her panties, and spreads her legs. She bits her lower lip and runs her finger over her clit. Sean is dancing before her, equally seductively to the music, gyrating and thrusting in time with the music. He kicks off his shoes and takes of his socks, discarding them towards his closet. He, then, starts unbuttoning his shirt. I stand, transfixed, as my younger brother rips off his shirt, revealing his nicely developed abs and pecs, whilst keeping his tie still on. My pussy starts to flow juices as he rubs his chest and thrusts against his hand. As he flexes his muscles he opens his belt and unbuttons his trousers. They drop to the ground and he steps out of them. Kicking them aside, the rubs his large bulge. I’m so aroused by this, I shove three of my fingers deep into my pussy. Sean lowers his briefs slowly, first revealing his trimmed pubic hair, then the base of his thick cock. He seems to be pushing his briefs down, constantly revealing more of his veiny shaft, before the head finally becomes free and slaps against his flat stomach. He must be at least 8″. As he walks towards the naked, moaning girl I feel my orgasm coming so I quietly make my way back to my bedroom and finish the job.

I lie on my bed taking in the everything I had just seen. As I lie there, I hear the front door opening and my dad calling out. My heart stops as I picture Sean and the naked girl thrashing around for clothes. If they do, I don’t hear the commotion. The music was probably too loud for them to hear his, or else they were too caught up to hear. I leave my room to try to intercept my Dad but he’s outside Sean’s room, watching in shock the same way I was. Jaw dropped open, I approach my Dad. He doesn’t notice me until I’m standing next to him.

I look into the mirror and see Sean’s cock engulfed by the girl’s soaked pussy. They’re fucking hard in the reverse cowgirl position. I’m almost going into shock again just watching Sean’s large balls slapping all around. You can see the sweat covering them both making their bodies shiny in the sunlight.

I grab Dad’s hand and walk him back to my room. As I close the door he comes back to his senses.

“Fuck… Sean… Rebecca, Sean’s…” he gaps at me.

Just the brief exposure to Sean and the girl has made me horny again, and looking at dad’s suit-covered crotch, so has he. Lust takes over and I sit down next to him. I place my hand on his cheek and turn his face towards me. I look into my Dad’s internet casino shocked but horny eyes and I brush my lips off of his. Dad breaks the kiss quickly and just looks at me, his mind seeming to go into shock. Then, I can see the lust come back into his eyes and he kisses me hard, urgent. I open my mouth and let his tongue enter. As the kiss becomes more passionate, I move over so I’m straddling him like I did all those years ago. I feel his hands on the small of my back and I let my hands roam. I explore his chest and biceps as our tongues battle. I push the suit jacket off him and let it fall onto my bed. Dad’s hands move to my ass and he squeezes my cheeks. He moves his hands up and he pushes my dress up over my head, leaving me in just my underwear. We resume our kiss as we strip each other off.

Once I’m naked, Dad’s eyes drink in every inch of my body. His tented briefs are off within seconds. We embrace and I feel his hard 7.5″ cock pressing against our stomachs and my breasts squish between us. I push Dad onto the bed and I look him in the eyes as I grab hold of his cock, throbbing in my hand. I open my mouth and swirl my tongue around his head briefly before swallowing it whole, my nose resting on his bare pubic bone. As I suck, I take hold of his large, heavy balls and give them a gentle squeeze.

“Oh, Princess, just like that,” he moans, “Oh, yeah, just like that! Squeeze my balls!”

I grin around Dad’s cock and remove my mouth, leaving his cock well lubed with my saliva. Dad sits up and we kiss again hungrily. I move quickly so sit on his lap at the same time he lands his hands on my ass to pull me on top of him. His cock rests against my dripping pussy.

“Oh, Daddy, fuck me” I groan.

Dad grins and kisses my neck as he lifts me up. I reach down and align his cock with my entrance and he lowers me onto his hard cock. I cum almost immediately, my juices flow down his length. I ride the orgasm up and down my Dad’s cock. We fuck like wild animals, completely lost in lust.

I rest my hands on Dad’s pecs, feeling the light sprinkle of hair across them, as he slams me up and down. I watch in ecstasy as his eyes roll back into his head. I jump off of him, eager to swallow his load. I don’t make it in time and he shoots ropes of cum onto my face. I close my eyes and let my other senses heighten and feel Dad’s cum cover my face.

When he’s finished, he taps my shoulder lightly and I open my eyes. I grin at him but he looks back at me with a look of disgust and guilt. The grin dies on my face.

“What’s wrong, Dad?” I ask.

“We shouldn’t have done that,” he replies, “It’s not right!”

“But we did do that, Dad. We had amazing sex and you enjoyed it!”

“It’s not natural”

“It’s the most natural thing in the world!” I counter, “I never knew accountants could fuck like that” I laugh.

A smile appears on his face.

“And it seems to be heredity,” I continue. Dad laughs, assuming I’m referring to Sean, not realizing I’m referring to Nick too. We look at each other again, me watching Dad’s cock slip down to lie on my bed, and Dad watching his cum run down my face and onto my breasts.

“We better clean you up before Sean and Mel are done,” he says.


Later that night, we sit around the table at the local Italian restaurant we all like. Me, Nick, Anthony, Sean, with his post-sex glow, Dad, and uncle Brian. Sean keeps grinning to himself and Dad keeps shooting grins over at me.

“Time for your present, you two,” he says and takes an envelope from his suit jacket.

He places it down on the table in between me and Nick. We look at each other and Nick gestures for me to open it. I pick up the envelope and open it. Inside there is an A4 page folded over.

“Your mother would have been so proud of the adults you have become. All of you,” he says, adding the last part looking at Anthony and Sean.

I open the page and see that it’s a ticket for a cruise around Europe.

“Oh my God, Dad!” I exclaim, handing the page to Nick.

“The five of us are going. We leave at the end of the month, once Sean is graduated from school. Brian, here, said that he’ll come too. Good family bonding experience!”

To be continued…

***Once again, if you liked the story or have any ideas or suggestions please do let me know! Thanks for reading!

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