A Wife’s Secret Pleasure

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I listen for the familiar click, cluck, of the door, then the steps on the gravel. The car alarm blips and then the soft thud as the car door closes. The engine starts and I hear my husband’s car back off the driveway. I watch his car move out of view from behind the blinds and carry on watching for a second or two to make sure he doesn’t come back for something. Once satisfied that he has gone I climb the stairs and quietly open the door to my room, sitting on the edge of my bed I slowly start to undress.

I let my hands peel the clothes from my skin and gently my finger tips trace my curves. Unhooking my bra I slip the soft lace off my shoulders and let my fingers stroke the smooth gentle curve of my breasts. Closing my eyes I let my hands explore as if they belong to someone else. I run a finger tip gently around one darkening nipple until it becomes hard and sensitive, I move to the other one and gently pulled on the tip as my other hand undoes the buckle on my jeans.

My breath quickens as the excitement in my body builds. Using both hands I slip off my jeans and my underwear, swiftly leaving me naked, my hands free to roam my silky smooth skin. I lie back on the bed and swing my legs round so I am now stretched out on the bed, eyes closed, totally lost güvenilir bahis in the world that exists at the end of my finger tips. I allow myself to squeeze and fondle my breasts in turn until I can’t take the heat any longer.

My left hand starts to travel south and my fingers reach the soft skin at the bottom of my belly. The skin is totally smooth and soft, cleanly shaven that morning, the sensation of feeling my sex totally exposed excites me further and I can feel the moisture building inside. I push my index finger up and down the outside spreading the natural lubrication around being careful not too touch the ever hardening nub of my clitoris. I want to savour the sensation that is building inside me and I know to go there too soon would end this journey too quickly.

Slowly I insert one finger, so slowly, in and out. My other hand remains at my chest, stroking and pulling from one to the other, then a second finger. I can feel the heat rising my breath quickens more and I know nothing can stop me now. My hand now comes down from my breast and pulls my lips apart allowing my thumb to press against my swollen, erect clit. My hips buck upwards and press against my hand as the waves of pleasure grip my body. I rub back and forth with my thumb as my fingers plunge türkçe bahis deeper in and out of my pussy. I slow the pace as my orgasm subsides and gently bring myself to a stop. Lying on the bed panting my body shaking slightly from the excitement I open my eyes and look up at the ceiling.

But I am not satisfied; I am still feeling horny as I feel my body come down from its familiar quivering to just a tingle in my fingers and toes. I reach down the side of the bed and pull open my bedside table draw. Inside resides my little box of tricks, I roll over to sift through the contents. I select a real feel 8 inch cock and a small clit stimulator. I turn the latter on and run small circles around my nipples. Not getting too close as the skin is still too sensitive from my earlier orgasm. Each time I get too close my body jerks, trying to get away form the sensation. I trail it down my stomach and let it slid along my wet folds, being careful to not touch my swollen throbbing clit. I smile as I tease myself, making my vibrator and hand wet with my arousal. I reach over and take the fake cock in my other hand, no need for lube I smile to myself as I slowly part my lips and take its length all the way in. I pull it out, the veins and ribs gently massaging my inner walls, then güvenilir bahis siteleri back in again. Speeding the pace a little I can feel the sensation rising again, I don’t want to come yet though, this feels too good to be over too quickly, so I slow the pace again, imagining the cock is actually an exotic lover, thrusting into me for my own pleasure. This image makes my clit throb with desire and longing, I bring my other hand from where it had been clutching the bedclothes below me and placed the buzzing stimulator directly onto my clit.

My hips buck upwards as the sensation is too much for my body to bear. My inner walls grip the cock, I am almost unable to move it as I try and thrust the plastic deeper, harder faster into the now soaking wet hole. I move the small, pink plastic stimulator around my pussy, each time it touches my clit I buck again causing contractions through my body. Suddenly I feel hot, sweat prickling my aroused body as once again I forget my surroundings and let my plastic lovers work their magic, as I feel the wave hit I cry out. Biting on my lip to stifle any further noise I tip my head back and stretch my body out feeling the electricity travel through every inch of my body.

I let my arms fall to the sides and I roll over onto my belly to relax fully once my body allows me to. I know I could sleep now all afternoon in this pool of sunshine from the window, covered in my own juices with my toys lying discarded around me; but I know my husband won’t be gone all day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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