A Young Boy in Need Ch. 02

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Sam and I returned home, I needed help getting out of the car and into the house, and I had to pee again which went much better (or worse depending on your opinion of needing a shower that morning and where it lead). Something had changed in the way my sister touched me. Not in a bad way, but it had me wondering. She told me she needs some time to think and I said okay. She went to her room and I saw her again about lunchtime, she fed me and tenderly took care of me. I couldn’t think straight myself, I was having feelings, desires, lusts that one should not have for his sister. She helped me again in the bathroom and was a real trooper. She disappeared again into her room afterwards which also gave me time to think.

Around 4ish I had a hearing episode, it was a very short one. This time, I heard her taking care of herself again, and I heard her moan, “oh Greg, I love you” and I knew I loved her too. Just will either of us ever have the guts to tell the other? Was it a real declaration of love or just something you say as you cum? Was mine more than just love for my sister?

Around dinner time she came to my room to check to me, “How’s my favorite brother doing?”

I smiled at the joke and said, “I’m doing pretty darn good Sis considering I can’t use my hands.”

She was acting a little shy but she just came out poker oyna and said what was on her mind, “Greg, remember this morning?”

I nodded and said, “I can’t stop thinking about it.”

It was Sam’s turn to blush, and it looked co cute on her and right then I just wanted to kiss her. I leaned in to do it and she said, “Me neither, I have an idea and it’s a little weird, but I want to try something if it’s okay with you.”

I was in total lust and quickly agreed, “Anything you have in mind I’m good with.”

She leaned in and kissed me full on the lips and said, “Oh man I love you!” Not waiting for a reply from me she said, “Let’s get your clothes off then.” She proceeded to undress me rather quickly and continued, “Now lay flat on your back please.”

I did what she asked my fully erect cock stood straight up and proud as I looked over at her I smiled and said, “Sam I love you too.”

She produced a bottle of lube and proceeded to dispense I onto her hands explaining, “Since you joined me this morning and your hands started working I figured maybe you being hard and turned on had something to do with it so I want to try this.”

She took my cock into her hands, and it felt amazing, not as amazing as the shower did, but it was still very good. My hands were still not doing anything and I wasn’t really canlı poker oyna coming close cumming. I suggested, “That feels really good sis, but I had a little more motivation this morning.”

It hit her, “Oh, so if I was to..” and she took off her shirt and bra and slipped out of her shorts and was laying naked on the bed with me. Her head was laying on my shoulder, her breast on my chest, and her legs were draped over my thigh and the fell of her wet pussy on me had me really turned on. When she reached up and kissed me it was like a switch was thrown. My hands just seemed to do what they would normally do if I had a lover in my arms.

I exclaimed, “I think I know whats going on.”

She asked, “Well are you going to share?”

I excitedly started speaking while my hands fondled her sexy warm body, “I think its love, I feel it between us, I love you and I don’t mean in just a brother-sister way.” I pulled her into my arms, our mouths meeting, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouth. Her lips tasted sweet like candy. A candy that I can’t get enough of. My cock was pressing into the V between her legs, my hands were taking in the softness of her ass pulling her into me. Her nipples were like little rocks on my chest. I felt her bucking back against my cock, the length of her slit was rubbing up and down my cock. internet casino I felt her whole body clench, her arms tightened against me with her fingernails digging into my back. She was having an orgasm from just running her slit along my cock. The tightness of her thighs on the head of my cock and me shooting off between her legs, making a big mess between them that spread to the sheets.

When she could breathe again, she said, “Wow, that was something else. Greg, I love you too.”

Bringing my hands up to her breasts I said, “I love this physical therapy too. What a way to get your hands back.”

She asked, “Do you think it will last?”

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I don’t know, but we can always try it again.”

We showed, dressed and went out for dinner, It lasted a little longer this time. I made it almost through the meal, and as she was feeding me the rest her other hand found mine and placed on her thing in the dark booth. She started to squeeze my cock that hardened in her hand, and when she kissed me and nibbled a little on my earlobe, I regained the use of my hands.

We paid the check, and left, I didn’t make it home before losing the use of my hands, but we now had an idea of what was going on. Plus another side effect Sam and I have found love even though we never actually have had sex at this point, it is on both of our minds I am sure along with the questions ever lover has, “Will the Love Last?” and “What’s next?”

Note: Bear with me on grammar – This has always been an interesting scenario to me.

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