Accidentally Screwing my Mom Pt. 06

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Oh boy, it felt so good.

Slowly waking in my own bed, my cock buried in tight pussy. Spooning in my little single bed, wrapped up under the covers, I couldn’t believe I was waking up with a hard cock, yet more than that, I couldn’t believe it was already buried deep inside a wet wanton vagina.

I didn’t remember much about the night before. I couldn’t remember anything about it. The last thing I remember was the taste of alcohol. After that, there was nothing. Feeling up the beautiful ass I was pressed up against, I ran over it, enjoying its shape, its curves, it’s rounded, heavenly beauty.

Then, a realisation hit me. This didn’t feel like moms ass. And by the tightness of the ultra-tight vagina around my thick cock, it couldn’t possibly be her. Running my hands over the tender skin of her ass, I realised how young and smooth it was.

This body was slim and she had a slim waist, I realised, running my hands up to feel her there and then to her tummy, my cock already starting to fuck away at her. My juicy wet morning glory was going to meet up with her morning glory and things were about to get wild.

Fucking her harder and harder, almost like I was in a dream, I figured, maybe I must be in a dream, and perhaps I was imagining I was screwing my mom when she was the same age as me.

My hands now on her breasts, they were small, pert, tiny things, very different from mom’s huge jugs. These were teen tits. Was this real? If it was, by the feel of this body, poker oyna my cock might be inside a teenage girl of any age. There was no way I could know. Fucking on her harder and harder, I then realised a shocking reality!

If this wasn’t a dream, and I actually was fucking a teenage girl, then she could be any age.

Holy shit! I realised. I didn’t know how old she was! What had I done! What was I doing? But before I could pull myself out, lost in the sensation I shot the hugest wad of cum ever into her tiny tight snatch.

Holy shit.

What had I done?

Who had I done?

For all, I knew I could be heading to jail for this?

Opening my eyes, to see who I was inside, to see who I had just fucked and cum in. I got the shock of my life when I realised who it was.

Nuzzling her ass into me, urging my cock deeper into her cum filled tight pussy, my eyes realising who had been fucking, I realised it was a dream, this WAS the younger version of my mom.

“Hey baby,” she said turning her head back towards me. “Good morning. You really fucked me hard last night. I didn’t think you would have anything left for me when you woke up. But boy was I wrong,” she smiled as she slowly pulled her wet pussy of my thick cock.

Like a cork on a bottle of fine wine, my cum was released and trailed down her ass. Slipping a finger inside herself, she pulled it back out and slid it into her mouth, hungrily swallowing my white seamen.

“Oh you taste really good,” canlı poker oyna she smiled.

“So how did you like fucking your sister?” She asked.

“What the hell,” I gasped, realising who it was. The younger version of my mom was none other than Cindy, my big sister, a nineteen-year-old college fresher.

“You’re my sister,” I exclaimed, “We can’t be doing…” I began before she snapped back.

“You’ve been fucking mom. Now I want my share,” she demanded.

“How did you now…” I attempted again before she cut me off.

“How do I know? How do I know? Oh boy you boys really are stupid aren’t you?” She laughed at me.

“You know nothing about women, do you? I’ve known about your little incestuous relationship for a long time. And I know all about you and aunty too.” She admitted to my shock.

“But how…” I begged.

“How?” She asked incredulously. “Girls know everything, we work together, we’re a team. If you cheat on a girl she’ll know and she’ll be fucking your best friend before your cum’s dry.” She laughed.

“You talked about it? With mom? Mom talked about it?” I asked in shock.

“You mean did she tell me how your cock accidentally slid in her open pussy when she asked you to help her with the sink?” She said accusingly.

“It was a total accident,” I promised her.

“Oh, sure! Like when you fucked me in my bed last night, and how you just fucked me.” She said, a woman clearly with a mission to get cock. “I wanted your hot cock too internet casino stupid, and when I want something, it’s mine. No questions asked. Understand brother?” She snapped back.

Now turning around in the bed and facing me. She took my wet cock in her hand.

“Now we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. The easy is way, is you get to fuck me, my tight teenage pussy whenever and wherever you want, just like you fuck moms, which will be fun right. Or we can do it the hard way, where you don’t want to fuck me, but I make you fuck me,” she said squeezing my cock so hard I thought she was gonna crush it.

“So which is it gonna be little-brother?” She whispered, releasing her Vader like grip on my cock and instead gently caressing it like it was a cute little abandoned kitty she’d just found.

It was the easiest option of my life of course. Sis was super hot and now I knew she wanted me just as much as mom did, thinking about fucking her, and knowing I was fucking her, was gonna be the hottest thing yet. And hey, if I played my cards right, I might even get to do a mom and sister 3P too.

“Sis,” I said, “why don’t you roll back over and if you have some lubricant I’ll fuck you in the ass.” I grinned.

Her eyes alight, clearly ecstatic that I was eager and ready to submit, she gave me a sweet little sisterly peck on the cheek.

“Go get yours from your top drawer,” she snapped back like a spoilt kid who had already gotten what she wanted and knew she could just lie back and enjoy it. “Mom told me where you keep it cos you fucked her up the ass in here last night. Now hurry the fuck up brat, I’ve never been fucked in the ass before. I want my turn, and I want it now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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