Adam’s Family Ch. 06

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Author’s Notes:

This story is © Copyright LesLumens. Should this story be found anywhere except with this note attached, it is posted without my permission.

This tale is a follow-up to my four part story “Adam’s Aunt.” I recommend reading it first, but you can certainly just start right here, as this tale is meant to stand alone. As with that tale, this one is built more on lust than love, which is the norm in my other taboo tales. I’ll come back to those romantical type tales eventually, but I’m fighting writer’s block right now, and I needed to write some smut to try to break up that logjam.

There is a handwritten note passed within this chapter of the story, which I’ve set off as a blockquote. Unfortunately, this triggers a bug that causes the font face/size to change on Lit, currently. Apologies for the jarring change in the text. Here’s to hoping the bug gets swatted soon.

This is a seven part story, and all seven were submitted on the same day, so they should come out one a day.


“Oh — just a second. I almost forgot again.”

Christine laughed. “Marie, this is just another excuse. They’ll be back for the reunion in a month, and we really need to get going.”

“No — honestly. I’m still sorting through all the things from Mom and Dad’s house, and I have a whole box of your things I keep meaning to give you.”

Christine dropped her head into her hand and groaned as her sister hurried back into the house. “This should be scary. It’s probably full of New Kids on the Block posters.”

“No worse than N Sync,” Dan quipped, earning him a smart smack from his sister.

“Why do we fall for that stuff?” Christine asked her niece with a laugh as she leaned into the car to push the button to pop the trunk.

“They were cute,” Becky responded with mock indignity.

“Here you are,” Marie called as she exited the house with the alarmingly large box.

“Just put it in the trunk. I’ll throw it in a river later. Do you need some help?”

“I’ve got it,” Marie replied, and then deposited the box in the trunk. She mimed dusting off her hands after closing the trunk, and then said, “Well, may as well have one more hug since you’re still here.”

Christine rolled her eyes and opened the car door. Adam took the opportunity while his mother hugged Dan and Becky for the third time to take the front seat opposite Christine.

Dan and Becky finally managed to get in the car, and Marie moved to the passenger window. “You listen to Christine and don’t be trouble — you hear?”

“Okay, Mom.”

“You tell Angie that I love her, and that she needs to call more often.”

“Okay, Mom.”

Marie sighed. “Don’t be in any hurry to have kids,” she said to Christine, and then playfully backhanded Adam in the shoulder.

“Okay, Mom,” Christine said, mocking her nephew. She couldn’t keep a straight face and broke out into laughter. She then added, “No worry about that.”

“Go on then, or I’m not going to let you leave.”

Christine joined her nieces and nephews in waving as she pulled out of the drive. Once out on the road, she glanced at the clock and said, “We may as well head straight for the airport. It’s a half an hour longer than the recommended window for security, but you never know. Nothing much we could do in a half an hour, anyway.”

“I don’t know about that,” Adam said suggestively.

“Nuh uh,” Christine chuckled. “The two of you have four women to take care of. You’re going to need all the energy and cum you can muster.”

“We could start with two of them right now,” Adam argued.

“Forget it. No — actually both of you keep thinking about it. That should build up a nice big load of cum for us.”

“Why do I get the feeling we’re in for torture?” Dan asked.

“Maybe, but it will be worth it in the end,” Becky responded with a smile.

“Mmm — in the end,” Christine said with overblown sensuality, drawing laughs from all her passengers.

Something on the radio sparked Adam to tell an amusing story about a road trip, which then reminded Dan of something similar. The continuous chain of stories continued through the ride to the airport, the wait at the terminal, and on into the plane. Fortunately, first class was sparsely booked, and none of the other passengers seemed to mind the laughter or conversation.

Becky leaned in toward her aunt during a lull and whispered, “Have you noticed that flight attendant staring at me?”

Christine glanced over circumspectly and saw that her niece was correct. The flight attendant was certainly looking at Becky, and doing a poor job of hiding it. “I do now,” she whispered back.

“I know that look. I think I’ve been recognized from online again.”

Christine took a longer look when the blonde turned away to reveal a perfectly gorgeous bottom beneath her uniform. The flight attendant’s top also strained to contain her breasts. “So, do you think she’ll ask?”

“I’m going to try to nudge poker oyna her,” Becky answered, and then leaned back with a wink.

Dan quietly asked, “What are you two whispering about?”

Becky grinned and wrinkled her nose as she replied, “Nothing.”

“We’re in so much trouble,” Adam interjected, and then chuckled.

A couple of minutes later, Becky stood up from her seat when the blonde was alone, away from the other passengers and crew near the restroom at the front of the plane.

Christine turned to her two nephews and harshly whispered, “Stop staring,” because the two young men couldn’t keep their eyes off Becky and the blonde chatting at the front of the plane. Only a few seconds into the conversation, Christine and her nephews could all recognize the signs of subdued arousal passing between Becky and the blonde.

“I was right,” Becky said when she sat back down. “We need to check my email tonight. There should be something very interesting in it.”

“Mmm,” Christine quietly moaned.

With her brother and cousin both almost out of their seats trying to hear the conversation, Becky shook her head and rolled her eyes. She held up a finger and mouthed, just a second, so that the two young men would sit back. She found some scrap paper in her purse and wrote a note, which she then handed to her brother after showing it to Christine first.

Adam leaned over to read as Dan did, smiles spreading across both of their faces.

She recognized me from online. She did a show with me once, and I remember it because it was HOT! She’s going to take some naked pictures for us once she settles in to her hotel room tonight, and I’m going to send her back some of us. Get nice and hard, because she’s going to come back by for a good look in a little while.

The blonde did exactly that a few minutes later when she brought drinks, and her aroused grin revealed that she liked what she saw. Not long afterward, the landing announcements started.

Christine’s anticipation spiked as the plane touched down, and she could see the same emotion playing out in her niece and nephews’ faces. All four were up before anyone else and off the plane in short order.

“Whoa — man,” Dan breathed upon recognizing his cousin Angie.

Christine had to agree with Dan’s assessment. Angie was wearing a gray t-shirt that fit her like a second skin and a pair of shorts that certainly lived up to the name. Her roommate’s skirt was even shorter, and Christine knew there was no way Jenny could have bent or sat down without giving everyone around a perfect view of her panties. The white tank she wore showed off her taut midriff and clung to her perky breasts just as much as Angie’s t-shirt did.

The hugs of greeting soon attracted stares as the four women and two men couldn’t manage to keep their hands off each other. Noticing the attention, Christine said, “Let’s get our bags and go get the rental car before we get arrested for public indecency.”

“I know I want to do some indecent things,” Jenny quipped, letting her eyes dart back and forth between Dan and Adam’s crotches.

Christine laughed and said, “Definitely time to get out of the airport,” as she shooed everyone toward the baggage claim.

Even though the last of their bags dropped early, it still felt like an eternity to Christine. The man at the car rental place also seemed to be moving in slow motion, but finally managed to get her car brought around. She pointed at her two nephews and said, “You two come with me, so I can keep an eye on you. Becky, ride with Angie and Jenny. I’ll get the card key when we get to the hotel so that we don’t attract too much attention, then the boys and girls come up separately.”

“Why would six people renting the honeymoon suite attract attention?” Becky asked with mock seriousness.

“Go on,” Christine responded with a grin, waving the redhead toward Angie’s car. Dan called shotgun before Adam could, and everyone climbed into the two cars.

Once at the hotel, the girls couldn’t manage to wait. By the time Christine checked in, her nieces and Jenny were already waiting by the elevator. Christine saw her nephews entering as she stepped into the elevator, and hit the door close button to make sure they didn’t try to squeeze in.

The adjacent elevator was already approaching the top floor when Christine passed the card key over the reader, and she’d barely urged the other girls into the room before the doors opened. Seeing that Becky and the others were in the bedroom getting things ready, Christine grabbed something out of her carry-on bag and waited at the door to admit the boys.

Dan and Adam’s eyes immediately shifted to the closed French doors of the bedroom when Christine closed the door behind them, the giggling from the other side easily attracting their attention.

Christine put her hands on her hips and said, “Now, you two are going to stay out here until we call for you.” She then pulled the two small bags from behind her back canlı poker oyna and said, “These are for you.”

Dan and Adam took the bags and opened them, finding a pair of silk boxers in each of the bags.

“Get changed,” Christine instructed over her shoulder as she walked toward the bedroom with a sexy sway in her hips. Inside the bedroom, the other women were hurrying to change and put everything in place. Christine joined them, enjoying the view, and knowing that Dan and Adam would certainly appreciate it as well.

Once everything was ready, Christine crawled onto the huge circular bed with the other women and called out for her nephews. “You can come in now.”

Before she even managed to say now, the door opened. Christine moaned from the sight of Dan and Adam’s erections tenting their boxers, and three echoing moans joined her from the other women.

Four video cameras on tripods surrounded the bed, but that barely registered in the two men’s minds. The four women lying on the bed dominated their thoughts. All four wore satin corsets with matching panties, stockings with garter belts, and high heels. Becky wore white. Jenny had picked pink. Angie wore red, and Christine had chosen black. Christine held two digital cameras in her hand while the other three women sexily lounged around her.

Christine stretched out her arms and said, “Take a camera. Becky needs some new, sexy shots. We’re going to play a bit, and you two are going to take pictures.”

Adam already knew how the camera worked, and gave Dan a quick set of instructions. Once Dan snapped off a test shot of the four women on the bed, Christine let out a purr and took Becky’s hand.

Dan and Adam snapped picture after picture as the four women kissed and caressed each other in every imaginable combination. As the action in front of them grew more passionate by the moment, Dan and Adam had to adjust their throbbing erections frequently between shots.

Soaking wet and on the verge of foregoing the next step in her plan, Christine pulled away from an ardent kiss with Angie to turn to her nephews. “Okay, bring them here and let us see.”

The two men handed over their cameras, and Christine flipped through a few shots on both, impressed with how professional — and sultry — the pictures proved. “Purrrfect,” she said with a grin, handing back the cameras and grabbing another one lying on a nightstand next to the bed.

Becky knew what Christine wanted to do next, as her aunt had carefully scripted this part of the tease. She slipped off the bed and dropped to her knees while guiding her brother and cousin to move to either side of her.

Christine took up position in front of the action and told her nephews, “Get some good point of view pictures.”

Becky let out a moan and tugged the two men closer until the silk-clad erections framed her face while she looked up at them. She then nuzzled both men in turn with her nose, drawing groans and snaps of the camera shutters.

“Mmm — that’s real silk, isn’t it? It’s so slippery,” Becky said as she caressed both men’s cocks. “Does that feel good?”

“Uh huh.”

“God, yeah,” Adam agreed.

Christine snapped another picture as Becky splayed her index and middle fingers on either side of the two men’s cocks, adding even more definition to the already enticing bulges. Then Becky tugged down on the waistbands of both sets of boxers at once.

Jenny gasped, and then let out a purr. “When do I get to play?”

“I know what you mean,” Christine agreed as she snapped the camera shutter again. “Just a few more with the boys, and then we’ll play some more for the cameras.”

“You’re really trying to kill us, aren’t you?” Dan asked. A second later, he groaned as his sister licked him from root to tip. He and Dan both snapped pictures, but Christine had her doubts about whether Dan’s would come out.

Becky then turned toward Adam. She and Christine both noticed the drop of pre-cum oozing from him at the same time. “Hold on just a second,” Christine requested as Becky’s tongue flicked out and she leaned toward her cousin.

Christine stepped closer and knelt down, zooming in as well. “Now, do it slowly.”

Becky complied, teasing her tongue beneath the rim of Adam’s cockhead, and then tracing upward with agonizing slowness. Christine snapped picture after picture, hoping to catch the perfect shot just as Becky’s tongue touched the pearly little offering. The redhead let out a long, satisfied moan as the tangy flavor of Adam’s cum flooded her mouth.

While the two boys continued to snap pictures, Becky took turns stroking and sucking them, always looking up into their eyes. Christine quickly scrolled back through the last several pictures, and smiled wide when she saw that she’d captured that magical moment in a perfect, clear picture.

Christine switched the camera out of preview mode and brought it up again just as Becky deep-throated her brother.

“Ah! Yeah, Becca,” Dan gasped as his internet casino sister released him with a long, slow suck.

After snapping the picture, Christine glanced over at Angie and Jenny to find both women’s fingers between their legs, unable to endure the need there caused by what they were watching. Christine’s sex throbbed, in need of attention as well. “Okay, time for the boys to go back on exclusive camera duty.”

Adam let out a pitiful moan as Becky slurped back to his tip, imploring his aunt with his eyes. She just grinned and pulled both men’s boxers back up, giving the throbbing cocks an apologetic pat afterward. “I know it’s a terrible tease, but how about this? Angie hasn’t had the chance to be with Dan yet, and you haven’t had Jenny. How about once we’re done taking pictures, the two of you fuck them both silly and fill them full of cum?”

“Sounds good to me,” Jenny piped up, her fingers still teasing her sex through a darker spot on her pink satin panties.

Christine tugged on both men’s arms. “Come on. I’ll share the torture and watch from behind a camera, too.”

While Becky climbed back up on the bed, her red-clad cousin and Jenny hurried to join her. With unspoken coordination, the two roommates tugged down the top of Becky’s corset to reveal her breasts.

Becky moaned and stroked her hands over the two women’s backs as Angie sucked her left nipple and Jenny teased the right with her fingertip. Soon enough, Jenny’s lips locked around Becky’s erect bud as well. Becky went to work freeing the other two women’s breasts while the two blondes sucked her.

Christine and her nephews snapped pictures as the three women took turns sucking each other’s nipples and kissing. When Becky broke from a kiss with Angie while rubbing the blonde’s pussy through her panties, she said, “Did you know that I thought about being with you before Dan? I made myself come so hard thinking about you licking my pussy.”

Angie blushed and shook her head. “I diddled myself thinking about you, too — and Uncle Rob.”

Christine let out a surprised gasp and dropped the camera down from her eye. “You never told me that,” she accused her niece. When Angie shrugged, the action cut off by a shudder as Becky tugged aside her panties, Christine asked, “Rob?”

“I accidentally walked in on him in the bathroom once,” Angie sheepishly answered. She then lay down at the urging of her cousin and roommate.

Christine had never thought about her brother that way, but hearing Angie talk about it got her juices flowing. At her side, Dan and Adam continued to take pictures, not even registering the conversation in light of the three women playing on the bed. “So..?” She asked, moving her hands together and apart and twitching her eyebrows up.

“It must run in the family,” Angie answered with a grin, the last word turning into a squeal as Becky’s tongue slipped into her wet heat and Jenny’s lips locked around her nipple.

“Oh my,” Christine sighed, bringing her camera back up to capture the action.

The three women writhed, moaned, gasped, and yelped in pleasure as they pleased each other. Their panties soon lay scattered around the huge bed, joined by the odd high-heeled shoe. More than one garter clip hung loose as well. The click of Dan and Adam taking pictures trailed off as the scene overwhelmed conscious thought. Christine’s shutter clicked with regularity, often for close-up shots.

Becky was plunging three fingers into each of the other two women and darting back and forth between them with her tongue when Christine’s camera indicated that it was out of storage space. From what she could see, she guessed that the two blondes were probably well on the way toward orgasm.

“Are you boys ready?” Christine asked, though she already knew the answer.

Becky released Angie’s clit with a wet pop and pulled her fingers free of the two blondes. She turned to her brother and said, “Come here and give her that big cock, Danny.”

Christine struggled to manage the two cameras suddenly thrust into her hands as the men moved toward the bed. The two roommates moaned in anticipation as silk boxers dropped to the floor, and scooted a little farther apart. Becky moved out of the way to let her brother in the bed while Christine put the cameras down and moved in beside Jenny.

Once Adam and Dan were in position, Christine angled Adam’s erection toward Jenny’s slippery folds. Becky did the same a second or two later and asked her blonde cousin, “Do you want it?”

“Oh yes,” Angie answered, thrusting her hips upward.

Becky looked into her brother’s eyes and huskily whispered, “Do it.”

Dan and Adam edged forward, slipping easily into the two women’s already well-lubricated canals.

“D-dear g-god,” Jenny cried out in broken gasps as Adam penetrated her, involuntarily clamping her walls tight enough around him that he paused.

Christine put a restraining hand on Adam’s bottom and asked Jenny, “Okay?”

Jenny took a deep breath and nodded. “It’s just been a while. The last couple of guys I was with weren’t exactly hung. Fuck, that feels good.” She then looked up at Adam and licked her upper lip. “Fuck me,” she implored.

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