Adele, A Coed Story Ch. 02

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The apologetic text messages started while I was asleep and were probably what woke me. Eric got to work, confronted Rodney and, when he finally confessed everything he had said about Eric’s little sister was bullshit, he was fired. Whether Eric could really fire him or not did not seem to matter, but I guess he could. Eric was sorry for how he had talked to me like, or for ever believing that, I would strip or be a slut that sucked cock all the time and did threesomes like that. He never apologized for thinking I might be a slut, just for talking to me like I was a slut “like that.” I guess that was progress when you are dealing with someone that stupid.

Apparently he had agonized every day about his little sister stripping, and as too stupid to realize that I had no need nor desire to. Idiot. Also he apparently thought I would blow anyone with a penis and liked to have group sex. Moron. Notably he also did not apologize for putting a few tablespoons of man mucus in my mouth, or a few billion more of his baby making tadpoles in my womb.

But the more I thought about it, he had no need to. He didn’t give me my privacy, and shouldn’t have masturbated me with my vibe. Totally off base. But, he didn’t suck himself off or open his legs to receive and milk his penis. I did that. That is at least partially on me. And insofar as what I had swallowed, in me. Whatever.

I was learning though that there was a thin line in my life between pissed and aroused.

I had been right about one thing. I had brushed my teeth and washed my mouth, but as soon as the peppermint died down, I tasted sperm again. It wasn’t unpleasant though, I liked the after taste. What is more, I had washed and rinsed down there thoroughly, but still felt a dampness. I wasn’t sure if it was his moisture or mine, but I was sure that I was almost as hot and bothered now as I was when I got home. A couple hours after I had been filled with penis and injected with sperms, I was desiring more. No, I needed more. I could have gone out to a club and picked up a stray guy. Our parents were gone for the weekend and I had the place to myself, but I had a perfectly good penis on the way home at midnight, and one that I knew was effective in giving me pleasure.

Also, it was attached to a guy who had spent the last couple years preoccupied with the notion of me taking my clothes off for strangers with money. That I could have some fun with if I wanted to torture his dumb ass, but I needed some clothing with more visual impact and less comfort. I dressed quickly and went to the mall. I really was worked up, and I did want to torture his ass.

By the time I arrived home and started to get ready it occurred to me that I had no idea how to strip and was a terrible dancer. Thankfully the internet was ready to help out by giving me a few pointers, and teaching me the existence of something called a lap dance. I had heard the term of course, but videos were helpful to illustrate. I did quick run through, was satisfied that Eric wouldn’t notice that I dance for shit, and waited. A stolen glass of wine helped calm my nerves in the hour or two that I had to wait. Okay, several stolen glasses. I was tipsy when Eric’s headlights alerted me he was home.

I had dimmed the lights in the family room and slid the coffee table away from the couches. I placed my old purse with my vibes and lube at the end of one of the couches with some towels on the floor. Eric came in and turned on the switch by the door illuminating the whole room, but I whispered from my hiding place on the stairs for him to turn it off and sit on the couch. It took him a minute, but eventually he obeyed. And picked the right couch. Good boy.

“So you and your degenerate friends think I should be a stripper” I whispered as I moved towards the light.

“No, Addy, I’m sorry I ever thought tha…” Eric started to reply until he saw my outfit.

“No you’re not. I bet you were going to go to bed and whack it thinking of me up on stage getting all nasty and shit, day dreaming about me acting like a total whore for strangers while you stroke one off, that was your plan for tonight wasn’t it? How many nights have you imagined that? Don’t answer. Its disgusting. Maybe this will give you something to think of.” I nearly panted back to him.

I was in the light enough to show off my attire now. I had gone with the naughty school girl look at the suggestion of the sales clerk at the lingerie shop. A small kilt skirt that barely covered my ass, a matching bra, with a tight black cardigan over it, thigh highs also in black with a matching garter belt that he could only see the straps of so far, and the most ridiculous stripper heels imaginable. I could barely stand on them, much less walk, and I had worn heels since I was fourteen. Underneath I had a little g string thong that came with the skirt and bra. It was black satin and currently damp and itching my butt hole. I usually didn’t wear thongs simply because it is difficult to poker oyna concentrate in class when your butt hole itches.

I would like to say my slow walk across the room to where Eric was seated was sensual, I hope it was anyway, but truthfully I couldn’t walk any faster in those stupid shoes. But I was told that regular heels wouldn’t work and I had no experience to base any disagreement with a sales person in an lingerie store upon. But I quickly noticed Eric wasn’t looking at my feet either.

I stood in front of him and did the only dance move I had really learned while waiting, a slow figure eight with my hips while my feet were apart, shifting my weight from one side to the other as I raised my hands up and down my body and slowly turned for him to see. As I did so I unbuttoned the cardigan and let it fall first from my shoulders, then my arms, and as I finally turned to face Eric again, my body. He watched it fall, but his eyes darted back up to the tartan bra that my boobs were squeezed into.

I put a knee beside him on the couch and as we stared into each others eyes, well I stared at his eyes, he stared at my tits, I straddled him.

“Today you treated me like a slut. Then you found out I wasn’t. But I found out, well, I kinda liked it. So now I’m in slut mode. Understand?” I whispered.

Now his eyes were face to face with my breasts and I could feel his hard cock struggling to be released from his pants. Hmmmm, well it worked before so why not continue? I began rubbing myself against him in that same figure eight motion, and leaned my chest right to his face.

“Yes” he finally replied.

“You liked my titties before, do you still want to suck them? You did such a good job I will let you again if you want, and you promise to fuck me like a good little slut. Do you think I am a good slut Eric?”

“I uh…”

“Don’t strain yourself. Tell me, when you fantasize about me doing a threesome, is it two girls and a guy, or two guys and me?” I asked as I slid the bra straps from my shoulders and slipped my arms out of them. “See, I’m not into girls at all, so I’m thinking two guys, but if thats the case, why stop at just two? Maybe you and all your gamer idiots could just line up and fuck me, that would be fun wouldn’t it? Would you like showing off your slut sister that way?”

“Wha… No!” He exclaimed as I slid the bra down to my mid section, exposing my boobs and turning it around to unclasp it and toss it with my sweater.

“Maybe you could sell tickets for your friends to fuck me, and you could suck my tits while they do, you could make a buck off your whore sister that way couldn’t you? Oh! You still like my tits don’t you? You are the absolute best tittie sucker I have ever had. When you and your friends get me knocked up they will fill up with milk and you can really suck them. You’d like that wouldn’t you.?” I taunted.

“Addy, I never said anything about getting you…” He started to say pregnant, but stopped when he realized that he had mentioned me getting knocked up and quitting school to marry.

“Don’t worry! Nobody has to marry me, lots of girls are just having kids on their own. Besides, I bet Tim has the best sperm. They say black guys are virile that way. Hey have you ever seen his dick? Are they as big as I’ve heard? How many of the hundreds of dicks Rod told you I sucked were black? Did he mention? Didn’t he tell you that every college girl dreams of getting fucked by a big black cock?” I didn’t really know where any of this was coming from, I was just making it up as I went along, but Eric’s face kept getting redder and his cock harder so I figured it was working. Or maybe it was that I was still dry humping him, rocking my hips back and forth and grinding my panty covered pussy against his rock hard member.

“Addy I told you, he’s gone, I’m sorry I let him under my skin like that.”

“Shut up and suck my tits Eric, you’re not getting off that easy.” The weird thing was that all afternoon, from the moment he walked in on me until I left to go shopping I had been thinking of how disgusting and gross it was to be with Eric. At some point though I had given up on self loathing and decided that he was so good I had to fuck him again, but I wouldn’t let him off so easy and the best punishment was reminding him of what had made him angry and treat me like a whore to begin with. Plus, it was kind of hot acting like a slut. It was a 180 from my usual nerdy self and I admit I was enjoying it. Plus, it made Eric squirm. And it kept my mind off the fact that I was now setting forth with the goal of fucking my brother instead of just randomly finding myself in that position. Ewwww.

“Mmmmm it feels so good when you suck my nipples Eric, ya know? But ahhhhhh mmm, thats nice, I don’t think most people grade it like they do sucking dicks. You said I was the best at it remember?”

“Yes… you were amazing.” He whispered as he continued to slobber all over my chest. His hands were at the canlı poker oyna top of my stockings, but he slid them the few inches to my hips and tried to hold me in place while he ground his hard meat into my groin. I figured he was moments away from blowing a load in his pants, and I just couldn’t have that! I took his head in my hands and

he lifted up away from my breasts as I directed. Good boy! Then I kissed him deeply, letting him slip his tongue into my mouth. He was a good kisser, a little too wet, but nice just the same. Then my mind told me to move on, because I was frenching my brother.

“I just thought of something.” I whispered.

“What’s that?”

“I’m supposed to be stripping for you, but I still have my skirt on. I better finish up before the boss fires me.” I said as I slid off him and stood. First thing was to kick off the heels before I fell and broke my neck. Then I opened my legs and bit and unclasped the closure on the side of my skirt, then slid my hands inside the front to push the elastic holding it up it over my hips and letting it fall. Now Eric’s eyes were gazed on the thong, which covered about as much as an eye patch.

I turned away from him, bent over just a bit and bent my knees a little as I had seen on a video an hour or so before, and tugged the thong down, slowly exposing my pussy to him. Well, my ass too, but the string wasn’t really covering much of that.

I felt a hand grasp both sides of my hips firmly before I could even step out of the thong all the way. A tongue darted into my molten hot fuck hole from behind and I gasped.

“Somebody likes to do oral” I giggled, just as his tongue rode up my body and swirled around my asshole.

“Ohhhhh” I said, surprised at this new sensation. That was all the approval he needed to pull my cheeks apart and bury his face in my ass. I had heard about this, even heard the Niki Minaj song, but never really thought anyone would… “Ohhhh damn that’s…mmmmmm, eat it! Eat my asshole Eric, that feels so good!”

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long Addy, your ass is amazing…”

“Uhhhh glad you like it?” I finally answered back between my heavy gasps. Great. Now my brother was sucking on my asshole. Gross. And why did it have to feel so fucking great?

“Put your foot on the table” he whispered as a hand went between my thighs and a thumb entered my birth canal, with the first couple fingers resting on my clit. I gasped as he touched me, and even more as he pressed his thumb forward putting pressure on the front wall of my birth canal. I lost my breath as his tongue returned to my saliva wetted anus, this time pushing into my rectum. It couldn’t go far, my anus was quite constricted and, well I have big gluts. Eric fixed this by using his other hand to pull my right cheek off to the side and sticking his face deep into the crack of my butt. Now his tongue swirled around my asshole and its tip forced it’s way in before wiggling around and driving me crazy. I was back to feeling grossed out and excited.

“Mmmm” he mumbled as he raked his teeth across my butt and returned to licking my ass hole. “you like that shit don’t you Addy?”

“Mmmmm” I whispered as he began to rock his hand back and forth across my pussy, his thumb hitting just the right spot inside me, his fingers slowly rubbing clit to the point it felt like electricity running through me.

When I didn’t answer he slapped my butt playfully to get my attention and asked again, “Addy, do you like that shit?”

“Ohhhh, mmm, the question is, do you?” I asked as I reached behind me, bent over, and spread my cheeks apart.

He kept rocking his hand in and out of me, and now didn’t hesitate to eat my butt. It felt amazing! I never realized how sensitive I was back there but between his fingers, his thumb and his tongue swishing around and stabbing into my rectum, I was moments from cumming.

Then he gently sucked on my butt and I lost it! I shook and trembled all over, groaned at the top of my lungs so loud I probably woke the neighbors. I squeezed down on his hand and my juice dripped down his arm. He was massaging me inside, and rubbing my clit on the outside and sucking my butt hole. I couldn’t stand up and dropped to the floor, I was on my knees pushing my booty back into his face and my pussy onto his hand as I bent over the coffee table I had moved earlier. I came and came, and when I couldn’t take it anymore, gasping, telling him to eat my ass and fuck my pussy, he finally slowed and my orgasm began to wane.

I heard his zipper come down and him say “After all this time I’m finally going to fuck that ass.”

“What? Did he say that? I wondered in my half delirious state as I recovered from my climax. I mean, I knew girls that had done that and said it was okay, and it wasn’t uncommon anymore but not me. No, that sounded painful and gross, no, not going that route, sorry” I thought to myself as I felt him behind me, starting to hover over me, and finally, internet casino the head of his cock pressing against my back door.

“No!” I shouted, “Not there!” but he continued to press into me. My asshole wasn’t going down without a fight, but neither was my asshole brother. He was set on sodomizing me. The pain was no where near what I expected, all I really felt was the strong pressure of his head trying to press into me, but I was finally able sort of roll to one side and land on the floor with my legs wide and a sore backside. I did’t think he really got it in, maybe just the tip of the head, but it still was sore. And, okay, very taboo and erotic. I think I liked him licking it better though. No, I know I did.

“Come on Addy, let me tap that, you know… You’re in slut mode, a good slut would let me!”

“No. That’s uh, off limits. Unless its your mouth. You can do that again if you want.” I grinned.

“Come on, with an ass like that its only a matter of time before some dude taps it, why not let it be me? I’ve been dreaming about it for… well a long time.”

It was true I suppose. Before I exited this mortal coil I would give up and get sodomized by some lucky guy. And If I liked it, I would do it again. But not tonight. Incest was taboo enough, incest and sodomy was just more than I could cope with.

“No. And stop asking. The first rule of slut mode is don’t piss off the girl that is about to suck your weiner. She has teeth. You don’t want to piss her off do you?” I asked as I crawled up to my knees in front of him. I was short, he was tall and his manhood was at about eye level. Not a bad elevation to suck from.

“Uh no, its just” was all he got out before I took his manhood into my grasp and began my oral attentions. In the romantically low light his cock just glistened, and a small drop of what looked like honey was oozing from the tip. My mouth watered and my tummy tingled, he looked delicious!

I stuck out my tongue, placed him on it, made an “O” with my lips and sucked him in as he pushed himself down into my mouth and throat. He smelled like ass, but tasted even sweeter than he had when he put himself in my mouth that afternoon. It was nasty and sweaty and degrading and just what I needed. He slid all the way down until his pubic bone was pressed against my nose and his penis was all the way in me. His balls were literally resting on my chin.

I had heard girls, well slutty girls, on campus talk about deep throating and their various skills at it, but none had mentioned how to, or how cool it was to have a guy’s six to eight of love sausage in your mouth and throat. I had still never seen it from the side and could only guess his length.

Eric gasped, then pulled back out and slid back in, fucking my face and throat, apparently in disbelief that I could swallow all of him. I learned that I no gag reflex at all during this, and since I couldn’t lick his head, tongue fuck his cum hole or any of the other tricks I had read about, I simply wiggled my tongue under his shaft, savoring his sweet goodness, and tried to swallow whenever he was really deep. He seemed to like the contractions when I did that.

“Oh fuck Addy! Shit! I never… oh… Never thought… ughhhh, you would do ass to mouth… or… where,,, how did… how did you learn to ughhhhh oh fuck deep throat?! Clearly he wasn’t going to last as long as he had this afternoon, probably because I was just that damn good. Oh, and I give a great lap dance apparently.

This time I knew what was coming when he pulled almost out of my mouth and began to slid back in. I grasped his penis to hold the head in my mouth. I licked and sucked it, and then tried to put the pointed tip of my tongue into the little hole on the tip, and I awarded a nice gusher of hot cum into my mouth. It tasted just like before, but now I wanted it and that made it better. It was also more liquid and less clingy and easier to swallow, and I slurped the first load down just as the second one arrived. I released my grip on his shaft and he began almost violently fucking my mouth and spewing his jism into me. It was degrading, nasty, disgusting and wonderful! I felt both abased and elated at the same time.

Finally he stopped, pulled himself from me and collapsed on the couch. His cum filled my mouth, and some had been shot directly into my throat. That was the part that was hard to swallow and I almost wretched it back up, but when I swallowed what was in my mouth, it went down too. I had the yummlicious taste in my mouth again. I had full strength dick breath, and ewwww, I just willingly gave my brother a blow job. Gross. I wanted to do it again.

No doubt, I was in slut mode.

Eric relaxed on the couch and tried to catch his breath as I coaxed the last few drops of his goodness from him by licking his penis tip and gently stroking him. He never really went soft all the way, but he wasn’t getting any harder right now either.

“Mmmmm, that feels so good” he whispered. “You.,.. that was amazing. Why didn’t you tell me you could deep throat?”

“I didn’t know I could. This was the second time I’ve given head. The first was this afternoon. I had no idea, did you like it?”

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