After All These Years

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“Go out and help Granny with her bags Tommy,” his father smirked.

“Yeah,” he grunted as he slouched towards the front door. She was not his grandmother, or anyone’s for that matter, she was his father’s eldest sister Bridget. She had never been married and as far as Tommy could tell or remember she had never been in any kind of relationship with a man. She was fifty-five now but seemed to him to have always looked the same; severe, old-fashioned, and pissed-off at the world.

“Stand up straight Thomas!” she snapped at him as she struggled to pull a bag from the trunk of her car, “You’re always slouching!”

She had her hair pulled back and tied up in a bun, it was silvery with just some black streaks through it. She was tall with a wiry body and in spite of himself Tommy found himself looking at how her legs were outlined in her tweed skirt.

“And look up when someone is talking to you!” she said in exasperation as she couldn’t get the bag free so she gave up and stood up straight, in plain black shoes, and blew a strand of hair away from her face as she put a hand on a narrow hip. “It’s hot,” she complained.

Tommy also noticed how her plain white, long sleeve shirt, buttoned up all the way with pressed collar, was sticking to her body. She had virtually no breasts, just the barest inclination of bumps inside the pristine white shirt. “Hello?” she snapped.

“Oh! Sorry Aunt Bridget. I was thinking about something else.”


“I’ll get that for you,” she was a crooked old witch but apparently he was listed in her will as her sole heir so he had to be careful of that. He struggled with the bag before he was able to get it out. “It was caught on the what-do-ya-call-it,” he grunted as he pulled it out.

“Humpt. And this one.” She draped the strap of another bag over his shoulder and closed the trunk of the sedan. He followed her in. She had a straight body, without much of a figure, but he found himself examining the shape of her bum as he struggled with her bags.

“Bridge!” his father greeted her when she went in.

“You know I don’t like to be called that Tom.”

“Sorry! Tommy will take your bags to the guest room. Do you have anything else?” Her apartment was getting painted so she had to move out for a few days.

“No. It’s all in storage. Thank you for letting me stay a few days.”

“That’s what family is for!”

He got her bags to the guest room and she came in behind him. “Thank you Thomas.”


“Here’s the spare key of my car. You can use it whenever you want. Just let me know when you are taking it in case I need it later or whatever.”

“Gee thanks Aunt Bridget!”

“Take it for a drive now sure. I need to take a shower. It’s so hot out. I’m all sweaty and sticky,” she said and she leaned over a bit to get the handle of her suitcase. Again he found himself looking at the shape of the back of her legs and her bum as it was outlined in her tweed shirt and in utter amazement discovered that he was beginning to get an erection.

“Let me lift that Aunt Bridget!” he told her as it looked like she was going to try and hoist it onto the bed. He really don’t know if he planned it or not, or if it just worked out like that, but his increasingly hard cock got pushed against her tweed covered backside as he reached around her to get the handle of her suitcase.

“Oh!” she started a bit. He lifted up the suitcase to the bed, “Oh, yes, well thank you Thomas.”

“Thanks for the use of your car,” he smiled trying to ignore the awkward moment as much as she was.

“Be careful,” she told him as she felt her face get hot.

“Sure I will,” he hesitated a bit but then he went to her and hugged her, kissing her lightly on the cheek as he pulled back, “Thanks again Aunt Bridget!” and he spun and sprinted out.

She stood there for a few moments. The feel of his lean young body pressed up against hers causing her heart to flutter a bit. “You can’t think like that!” she admonished herself, forcing to admit to herself that she had become sexually excited, remembering again the feel of what unmistakably was his penis bumping into her bum.

“She told me I can use it whenever I want!” Tommy jingled the keys happily at his father as he went out.

“Don’t smash it up on her buddy.”

He got in the newer model sedan and immediately noticed a very pleasant feminine aroma, of flowers or something. His cock was now fully hard as he drove off. He didn’t think too much of it, he had frequent erections, it was just the smell in the car, and his aunt’s tweed skirt a little he reluctantly admitted. Since he saw there was some tissue in the car he pushed his hand inside his shorts and started to masturbate. Attempting to block out the image of Aunt Bridget’s legs and bum inside the tweed skirt he purposely made himself think of some girls he had gone to school with but when he came the tweed image jumped back into his mind as several blasts of cum turned the tissue poker oyna wrapped around his dick soggy. “Wow! You perv!” he laughed as he balled up the tissue and chucked it out the window, “You just rubbed one out thinking about Aunt Bridget!” he chuckled and talked to himself as he cruised, “Has anyone ever rubbed one out to old Aunt Bridget before? I might be a pioneer!”

They all had diner together that evening and his mother did her best to talk with his Aunt, who was very disagreeable about most things. They went downstairs later to watch a movie and halfway through his parents made an excuse to retire early, leaving him on the couch with Bridget. She was on one side of the couch in a plain baby blue house coat (he was unsure what was underneath but had to admit he was curious) her legs curled up and her bare feet stuck out. Tommy was on the other end in a tee shirt and sleep pants with a blanket in the middle that his parents had used. The couch was a very large cloth one, very comfortable.

In time he became aware of Bridget’s deep breathing and realized she had fallen asleep. She had slipped down so that she was leaning on the overstuffed arm rest comfortably, her pony tailed head against her curled up arm. He also realized that she had slightly rotated onto her back and her housecoat had slightly come open. He looked over at the bottom part of an exposed white leg and felt his cock start to stiffen. Very carefully he reached over and took the bottom of her house coat between his thumb and index finger. Very slowly be pulled it open a bit more exposing more of her leg up to the knee. “Je-sas,” he whispered as his cock fully stiffened and he had to adjust it. She still slept and although his good common sense told him not too his horney evil side easily won the argument and he reached over to carefully pull it aside more to uncover her legs up to mid-thigh. He looked at her sleeping face, kind of good looking as she slept he thought, even with her age lines, until he was convinced she was sound asleep, then he continued to size up her legs intently as his hand slipped inside his sleep pants.

“God!” he whispered to himself and he eased up from the couch and went to the bathroom for some tissue. When he got back very carefully he pulled back her housecoat even more until it was up over her hip and he could see her white panties. “Fuck me!” he hissed softly as he furiously pulled himself and grunted as his body spasmed and he shot his load into the tissue. “Oh God!” he whispered as he went to the bathroom to deposit the soggy tissue at the bottom of the waste basket.

He returned and continued to size her up. He reached over gingerly to pull up her house coat up and peep in at her bum “Oh wow!,” he murmured, “That is nice!” He was a thin gangly guy, almost nineteen, but he had very little experience with girls and definitely not women. He was leaning over, with his hand holding up her house coat, trying to peep in at her bum more when she stirred in her sleep and spooked him. He dropped the end of her housecoat and jumped back to his spot on the couch.

The movement must have woke her as she jumped up a bit and when seeing her house coat almost fully opened she startled further and pulled it closed as she jumped up to pull the waist cord tight again. “Oh!” she exclaimed.

“What!” he pretended to jump as well, “Oh you startled me Aunt Bridget.”

“Must have fallen asleep. Oh God!” she pushed back her already tied back hair and wiped her eyes with her hands. “My house coat was half off.”

“Ahhhh you were moving about in your sleep a bit.” He said helpfully.

“I’m sorry.”

“Oh I was just watching the last of the movie.”

“Oh. Ok.” She looked over at him a bit suspiciously before she changed positions and tucked her legs up under her and her house coat around them, facing him.

“Cold?” he asked.

“I’m fine. How’s the movie?”

“Ahhhh pretty good. Almost over I think.” She stayed while he watched the rest of the movie, curled up and occasionally looking over at him.

“That was good,” he remarked as the movie ended.

“I should turn in, it’s late,” she said.

“Me too.” He turned off the TV and she smiled at him as she went upstairs. She got to her room and after putting her housecoat at the bottom of the bed she slipped under the cool sheets. “He was pulling my house coat up,” she whispered to herself, “Dear God.”

She didn’t have anything planned for that following day. She had taken some time off work, much to the delight of her co-workers, and had planned on just taking a few days while she was here to read and be available in case the workmen at her condo needed anything. Really she had to take some time off work as required and with few friends or close family she really didn’t do anything except read when she was off. She had started running a bit to stay healthy. She went downstairs in a loose shirt and skirt.

“Good morning Bridget,” he sister-in-law greeted her, “Coffee? There’s fruit, canlı poker oyna muffins, and yogurt on the table. Cereal. Toast.”

“Lovely thank-you. Don’t you go out of your way for me. I can fend for myself. Thomas, I’m just going to lounge and read in the back today I think. You can use my car anytime you need to.”

“We’ll have a lovey barbequed diner this evening!” Tommy’s mother exclaimed.

Bridget sat down and forced herself to eat. Tommy looked at her occasionally while spooning back cereal. She tried to smile at him. Smiling always felt forced and wrong to her.

“That movie we watched last night has a sequel. We could watch that tonight?” he suggested.

“Ok,” she agreed while thinking of him pulling up her house coat. Does he want another opportunity she wondered? “I want a re-match at chess later too! You beat me last time.”

“Sure,” he grinned.

The day came and went and after a big diner she found herself back down on the couch with Tommy. It was just them tonight as her brother said he had some work to do and his wife followed him to their bedroom. They settled on the couch, in the opposite corners like the evening before. She gave it sometime and then closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Time passed and she could feel him move and shift on the couch. She felt him get up and then sit down again and she wondered if he was looking at her, seeing if she was asleep. She heard him walk away and then the sound of several tissues being pulled from their box in the bathroom and her heart started to beat faster.

Tommy studied his aunt’s sleeping face and then went to the bathroom for tissue before returning to the couch. He studied her white feet and lower legs as his hand slipped inside his sleep pants and he began to masturbate. As he had done the evening before he carefully reached over and pulled her house coat aside revealing almost the full expanse of a leg. “Oh yeah, that’s nice” he muttered to himself and he pulled himself even harder.

She felt her house coat getting pulled aside. I knew it she thought excitedly as her heart raced. Then she heard him softly mumble “That’s nice” and her heart absolutely soared. Having a man appreciate her body, even if it was her nephew, was like an intoxicant to her. Then she began to hear another sound, it confused her a bit at first, then she suddenly knew what it was and she jumped up in surprise to gap at him!

He looked at her, momentarily frozen in shock, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open … and his erect cock firmly in the grip of his right hand, the head swollen and purple. She gaped at him in surprise, looking at his gripped cock, up to his shocked face, and back to his cock again. Then he stuffed it back into his sleep pants and put his hand up to cover his face, “Oh my God I’m sorry! Aunt Bridget I’m sorry! Please I’m sorry!” He blurted and started to sob as he tried to rise but she was faster and jumped on him, wrapping her arms around him and holding him on the couch. “No! No! It’s ok! Tommy! It’s all right!”

He was crying, looking away from her, and started trying to get up. She held him down forcefully and pushed her cheek up against his. “Let me go Aunt Bridget!” he sniffed.

“No I’m not! Not while you’re upset!” He continued to struggle a bit and she found she was almost wrestling with him, he wasn’t being overly forceful with her but was trying to get away. She ended up pushing him back down on the couch and getting on top of him, her legs straddling him, sitting on his crotch and lying on him with her face into the crook of his neck.

“Aunt Bridget,” he sniffed confused.

“Shhhh,” she whispered into his ear, “Just calm down.” She panted into his ear, extremely sexually aroused now.

“I’m so embarrassed,” he whispered, sniffing and very confused about what was happening. His aunt was on top of him, straddling him, and her crotch was pushing down on his.

“Don’t be. I was pretending to be asleep. I shouldn’t have tricked you like that. It’s all my fault.”

“You won’t tell …”

“No …” Her breath was wet and warm as she whispered directly into his ear. He found his arms had gone around her waist. They lay there in the dim rec room, the movie still playing, sunk into the soft couch. His neck was wet with her heavy breathing. His cock started getting hard again and he started to squirm underneath her, embarrassed.

“Aunt Bridget … I … I … can’t help that.” His cock was almost fully hard now.


They just lay there, not saying anything, breathing heavy. He held her, not knowing what to do, it seemed to him that it was not just consolation that kept her there. Then he felt her push her hips into him a bit.

Bridget lay on her nephew not knowing what to do. She was confused, confused and extremely aroused. She could feel his erection, he had got that erection for her and she desperately wanted it. She wanted to be with a man desperately and she had never been this close with someone, internet casino after all these years. She had been painfully shy as a teenager and as a young woman and as she matured a relationship never happened with anyone. The years just fell by the wayside. She had even seriously considered going on a vacation to a country with legal prostitution, to pay for it, just once so she wouldn’t be a virgin, but she chickened out every time she tried to book. All that she had been able to do was buy a sex toy on line. Now seeing that he had been masturbating to her, and lying on top of him now feeling that his erection had returned regardless of his mortification of having been caught, she couldn’t allow him to get up.

She was consumed with desire, didn’t know what to say to him, and knew this was wrong but the sensible part of her mind was banished at the moment. She would worry about all fall out later. The only thing that mattered now was having that erection inside her. So she pushed down on it with her hips. Even the stimulation she received by his bulge rubbing up between her legs was intoxicating and clouded her mind with lust.

Did she want to do it? He couldn’t believe it! He was confused. She was his Aunt. His fifty-five year old aunt that his father had called Granny. Yet the images of her white shapely leg when he had pulled aside the house coat and the shape of her ass and legs outlined in that tweet skirt were still vivid in his mind. God her little ass had looked hot, he couldn’t not take the chance now to get a little more acquainted with it even if she jumped up and ran upstairs so he moved his hand down. And God he was right! Her little round ass felt so good even through the house coat. She didn’t jump up, if fact if anything she gave a little moan as he moved his hand around her backside.

When he squeezed her bum she actually shivered with pleasure and anticipation. She cursed her inexperience now. What should she do? What could she say? She didn’t know so she just stayed on top of him. He was the man so she’d let him take charge.

He was clueless as to what to do next. He knew he wanted to fuck her and it seemed she wanted to but it still felt so awkward and strange. She had him pinned pretty well though so he held her with one hand around her slender waist and pushed up with his other hand to roll inward causing her to roll on her side as well and slide between the back of the sofa and him. She gave a small grunt and they both tried to adjust to get confortable. She put an arm over him and put her face into his neck again. He pulled back her housecoat and put his hand on her bum again. He could feel her soft cotton panties and slid his hand under them to squeeze her bare backside.

Her heart jumped when he rolled them to the side. She waited for him to get up so she could get on her back and he could finally take her but they stayed in that position. His hand continued to stimulate her by squeezing her bare backside and she breathed heavy into his ear. She wanted to whisper to him, to tell him to take off her panties, to make love to her, but she couldn’t find the words.

I have to get inside her! He thought desperately to himself. I’ve got to get laid! That she was his aunt and over thirty years his elder made absolutely no difference to him. So he got hold of her panties by the waist band, he only had one hand to work with as the other was pinned under her, and started trying to tug them off her. He knew it was going to happen when he felt her arm grip into him as she tried to lift her hip up a bit to make it easier for him. He got them to her knees. She was still just clutching him with her face buried, not saying anything and he couldn’t pull them down any farther. Then in a stroke of brilliance he cocked up his long leg and got hold of the panties with his toe and down over her knees and shins they came!

He had her panties off! She was going to be bedded! She was terrified now to do anything to stop that from happening so she clutched him close and waited.

Panties off! He cheered internally as he felt them come clear of her feet. Ok. Ok. What next? Roll her on her back? Jesus! What if she got cold feet then and wanted to stop? If she jumped up and ran upstairs when he got up to pull off his sleep pants? So instead he reached between then and with his nimble free hand found the button of the fly of his sleep pants and unfastened it. He reached in to pull down his boxers somewhat and then pull out his hard erect and so ready cock.

“Oh God!” she gave a little exclamation as he reached around to take her top leg just up from the knee and pull it over him with a grunt as he wiggled into her a bit more. He pushed with his cock and felt it bumping up against her. He probed and pushed, not having a clue how close he was to where it had to go. Then miraculously he felt his head start to squeeze inside and she gasped into the dim lit room and gripped him harder. He would never forget that moment, the sensation as he penetrated her. Not fully but he was inside her.

Bridget gasped as Thomas entered her. After all these years she was actually having sex! She tried to wiggle closer to him as he tried to pull back for another thrust and it slipped out.

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