After Hours Party

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I’d always had a sexual crush on my twin sister, Janelle. I say ‘sexual crush’ because it always turned me on looking at her but that’s all there was to it. It wasn’t like I had visions of getting her to fall in love with me or work it out somehow so we could be together forever or anything like that at all. It was purely lust. I had just always wanted to fuck her without our relationship changing.

Her ass was perfect (still is), her tits were good-sized but not huge which I’ve always preferred, her face made her a model when she was in her teens and she hadn’t lost any of those looks at all. Long summer days tanning on our deck just perfected her appearance. Simply put, she was the best looking chick in town and everyone knew it. My problem was that I probably wanted her the most because I was around her the most but couldn’t do anything about it because I was her twin brother.

We’ve always been best friends and I wouldn’t trade that for the world…it’s made life so much easier, let me tell you. We always partied together since we lived in such a small town and we’ve heard each other hooking up with other people in the after-party hours since our rooms were right next to one another. I never got to see much but I remember listening to her going at it with whomever she was dating at the time on more than a few occasions. And I’m sure she’s heard me in my room doing the same at times as well. One time in particular though, sticks out clearly in my head and it’s a memory I’ll never let go of.

We both just turned 18 and were out partying like we’d just turned 21. Kegs, smokes, bottles, the works. Our crowd wasn’t much into the bar scene with fake ID’s or dance clubs. We preferred the hang-out-and-get-lit method of hanging out with friends and we were doing it up right that night. At the time, I was dating one of Janelle’s best friends, Angel. Angel had graduated a couple years prior to us and was now going to college at a nearby university so she still lived at home. I was the envy of a lot of guys I hung out with because Angel as very popular when she was in school and had a reputation for her willingness to try and/or do anything in bed. I have to say I vouch for that…she was definitely very good at a lot of different things.

That night, Angel was particularly touchy-feely and I kept seeing Janelle’s eyes linger on us when Angel would rub me outside my jeans when she thought no one was looking. Janelle never said anything, her face never registered anything one way or the other but I do know she saw stuff like that a few times throughout the night.

We partied until the beer gave out and everyone scampered off in different directions. Some went home, some went to find another party and some stayed where they lay. We headed home. My Mom was fast asleep two stories up as she knew we weren’t going to be home until late and we weren’t. It was probably 3:30 or 4am by the time we whispered, chuckled, tripped and banged our way into the doorway and into our respective bedrooms.

I broke out the joint I had left over from earlier and lit it up next to my open window. I always like finishing myself off and it actually helped easing the hangover the next day, I thought. I got one good toke in when Angel and Janelle came quietly into my room. Their eyes lit up when they saw what I was doing so I handed it off to Angel who took a hit and handed it to Janelle. After a few minutes, the joint was gone, we were completely baked and feeling no pain. Angel and I sat with our backs to my headboard on the bed and Janelle lay at our feet sideways.

I can’t remember exactly how it started but I know Angel had moved her hand from my upper thigh to my crotch and was massaging my growing bulge as I moved my hand up her thigh to just outside her mound. I think I either forgot Janelle was there or was just in that place in my head that I didn’t care who was there. What Angel was doing felt fucking good and I wasn’t going to worry about details.

I turned my head and started kissing the nape of Angel’s neck and increasing the speed and pressure of my hand on her crotch outside her jeans. She had her legs spread pretty obscenely and was starting to breathe heavier and heavier. I went to move from kissing her neck to start on her earlobes, which I knew was an instant turn-on for her when I noticed Janelle at the end of the bed propped up on her elbow watching us.

She was wearing skin-tight black pants and a tight white top. I could see her bra through the top easily and I have to say, she looked fucking hot all night but propped up like that accentuated her figure and I got rock hard in an instant seeing her lay like that. I was going to say something but I saw her lips mouth the words, “Go ahead…” so I stole one more glance at her and went back to kissing Angel’s neck and up to her ears.

Angel had her other hand at my jeans trying to get them open and she was now moaning at the end of each heavy breath she took. I could feel her getting moist through her jeans now so poker oyna I knew she was getting very very wet. I don’t know if she remembered that Janelle was there or not. I was just going to keep going until someone objected.

My jeans popped open and she went from mine to her own and practically ripped her button-fly jeans open. I shoved my hand inside them and her panties and immediately started rotating two fingers around in a circle over her clit. She was soaking wet and hot as hell down there. Her hips started humping up in time with my hand and soon she was moaning loudly as she neared orgasm.

Angel reached over and was trying to get my jeans down enough so she could get at my cock but was having trouble with the angle we were at. I took another look at Janelle because I wasn’t about to help Angel out with my jeans if my sister was going to freak out. When I looked down at Janelle, she had flopped back flat on her back, head turned towards us still and she had a hand inside her black ski pants, stroking herself as she watched us. I remember thinking, “Thank God for California King Size beds..” as I lifted my hips in the air and pushed my jeans down and off. My boxers did very little to hide my rock hard cock and even if they did, Angel had them off before I had a chance to object. I took off my t-shirt as she lowered my boxers, leaving my completely naked.

Angel peeled off her jeans and panties and I helped her with her shirt and bra. I thought I’d mention to her that Janelle was in the room still, in case she had forgotten.

“Baby, Jan’s still in here, you sure about this?” I said.

Angel was almost out of breath as she listened to me and a look of sheer disappointment crossed her face.

“Oh Janny, I’m SO sorry! I just got carried away, oh my God, I don’t even know what to say…” Angel started blabbering as she came back to the reality of the scene. It got to where she wasn’t making much sense, she was trying to talk so fast. Janelle spoke up and eased both our minds.

“Shh shhh shhh…Ang, don’t worry about it, seriously. Don’t you think I’d have left by now if I didn’t want to be here? But I’ll leave if you want me to…I don’t want to keep you two from….well, you know…” Janelle said.

My cock was deflating a bit but seeing Janelle’s hand kept it from going down too much. She was still on her back but her hand had moved back up somewhat from where it was before and now it was on her stomach with only her fingertips inside the waistband. I could sense that she wanted us to go back to forgetting she was there so she could get back to enjoying herself.

I decided to facilitate that by taking what I thought was my cue.

I leaned in close to Angel’s ear and whispered, “See baby….she doesn’t care and I don’t care…haven’t you ever wanted someone to watch you get fucked?” I started nuzzling her earlobe and kissing her neck as I whispered, “I know you want to, I can FEEL it,” as I moved my hand back down to her cunt and started slowly stroking her lips, easing my middle finger inside.

Angel started stroking the forearm of the hand that was rubbing her and I could literally feel her resistance slip away as her hips started responding to my actions and words.

I looked down at Janelle and sure enough, her hand was back down her ski pants and she was stroking herself obviously now, not caring that I was watching her. I smiled at her in silent ‘thanks’ and she smiled back at me in a silent ‘You’re welcome and thank YOU”. I went back to Angel and moved my head down and started sucking on her tits, first her left then her right, all the time slipping two fingers in and out of her in a smooth fucking motion.

Angel’s moans were getting louder and I started hearing Janelle’s grow in intensity as well. I looked down at Jan and she had her pants down to almost her knees and her underwear was down about mid-thigh while she had both hands working on her pussy. One hand was fucking two fingers in and out of herself while the other hand strummed her clit. Her head was still facing us but her eyes were now closed.

Suddenly Angel arched her back and came hard. I thought for a second that she might just wake my Mom up!

“Oh oh oh oh OH OH OH!! Ahh ha ha HUH HUH NNNnnnnn Oh my GOD! I’m cummmmmmminnnnggg!!” Angel cried as she clutched at my hand trying to get it to stop but I kept fucking her with my fingers through her orgasm. When she finally came down, Angel was spent. The night of partying and that one hugely intense orgasm was about all she could handle, I guess, cuz she flopped to her side and lay there breathing heavily still but unable to do much else. I was still rock hard and ready to go. I knew how Angel felt, I’d been there many times before.

But I needed relief this time myself BADLY. I helped Angel lie down the rest of the way and in a matter of seconds, she was out.

I looked down at Janelle who was now looking back at me. Her hands had stopped moving as she watched Angel cum and with Angel obviously canlı poker oyna beginning her trip to never-never land, her eyes had gone to me. Nothing was said. I slowly put my hand around my cock and started slowly stroking it as I looked at her. It took her a couple seconds to absorb the new situation but her hand started moving as well as her eyes locked onto my hard cock. We stayed like this for a few minutes, both just taking in the others’ body and stroking ourselves as we did.

Then it got to the point that I just wanted to see more. “Fuck it,” I thought, “why should she have any clothes on when I don’t?” was the way I was thinking.

I slowly swung both feet off the bed and went down to my knees alongside it. I ‘walked’ down to the end of the bed where Jan’s legs still hung off the side and took her feet in my hands. I brought them up level and slowly grasped the thin material of her pants at her ankles and very slowly began to slide them down and off. By the time I had removed her pants and tossed them aside, she had already pushed her panties down for me to take off the rest of the way, too. She now lay there before me, naked from the waist down and gloriously beautiful. I ran my hands up her legs, inside her thighs and back out to her hips and up her sides as I moved my body up in time with my hands.

I caught her shirt with my hands on the way up and pushed it as I went. Janelle raised her arms above her head to help as I took it over her head and off. She did me the favor of reaching behind her and unclasping her bra before she settled back on the bed. I drew my hands back down her arms to her shoulders and slid the straps of her bra down her arms and off as she placed her hands on my back. I started kissing the tops of her gorgeous tits as I slowly revealed those wonderful globes by finally tossing her bra aside. They were as perfect as I had always imagined…small dark aureoles and eraser-sized nipples, both hard as rocks.

I sucked on one breast then the other as I ran my hands all over her wonderful body. I brought my head up and she grabbed it and brought her mouth to my own and like that, we were kissing. Deep, wet and passionate kissing. Our tongues met and dueled savagely as our desires started to really take hold. I could feel it radiate from her…she as at that moment at least as turned on as I was.

“Oh shit…I can’t believe this…we’re doing this…Jeff…” was what came out of her mouth between breaths when we finally broke the kiss.

I moved my hand down to her pussy and started stroking her clit. She was sopping wet and immediately started hunching her hips to meet my hand.

I whispered in her ear, “I want you so bad…I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long, please don’t make me stop…”

She was digging her nails into my back and I was dry-humping her upper thigh as I fingered my sister. It wasn’t long before she moved one of her hands to my ass while the other latched on to my hardon and started pumping it madly.

Her mouth found mine again and she literally pulled me up to her by my dick and started rubbing her lips with the head. My sister had my cock aimed at her cunt and was hunching her hips, stroking herself with my eight inch cock.

I could feel her juices coat the head of my dick and I wanted to force it in right there but didn’t want to do it until I was certain she wanted to go all the way. I didn’t have to wait long.

“Oh Jesus, Jeff….I’m so wet right now…God, I want you….if you want to…..please..?…just put it in a little…” Jan panted as she continued to slide my cock along her slit. It hit me then that she thought I had reservations about fucking her. ME!

I was so excited I thought I was going to explode all over the outside of her red hot lips just hearing her tell me she wanted me. I managed to force myself to calm down long enough to dip my hips a bit and with her help, pushed my cock into my sister’s pussy.

I’d only gone in a couple-three inches when I felt her cunt clamp down. “Uhhnnnnggghh…” she moaned as her pussy reacted to her brothers’ cock sliding inside her. I just held it there a few seconds to let her get used to me and also to keep myself from cumming in the first five seconds.

Her breathing calmed a bit but she was still panting as she looked up in my eyes. “You’re…I can feel your cock inside me…oh, Jeff, this is…mmMM…God, it feels SOOoooo goooOOOood….SOoooOOO naughty…MMmmm…oh yeSSSsssss…” her voice trailed off as she started rotating her hips in a wide circle, literally stirring her pussy with my dick.

I kept my hips still and watched her beneath me, her eyes closed and her tongue licked her lips repeatedly as she worked on getting herself off. I felt a releasing sensation in my dick and the feeling that I was going to cum passed. I knew then that I was good to go. I knew I was going to give my twin sister the fucking of her life.

I rose up so I could take in the entire scene below me. My gorgeous sister naked below internet casino me, her beautiful face contorted in pure pleasure, her perfect 36C tits barely sagging at all, her flat stomach raising up and down with each deep breath she took and finally, her neatly trimmed bush surrounding her wet pussy with the tip of my dick firmly entrenched in its lips. I wanted to burn this image into my brain, it was so sexy.

Slowly, I brought my hips back to the point that the head of my cock was now outside her pussy, just the tip of its mushroom head inside her. Her eyes opened in near-disappointment before I pushed forward again, lodging my cock half-way into her cunt.

“Ooohh….Godddddd…” she moaned as she felt me re-enter her. I pulled back again only a little and this time, I drove myself in all the way to the hilt in one long, smooth stroke and just like that, I was buried in my sister’s pussy all the way.

“MMMMmmmm!! OH! Oh, Jeff…GOD YES, FUCK YES, Ohmigod…MMmm! FUCK, oh FUCK!” Jan repeated as my cock slid into her. Her pussy felt better than any I’d ever been in before. It was quite honestly, the perfect fit. Maybe the taboo of it all made it all the more exciting but I could not get over how awesome my sister’s pussy felt.

“Oh Jan, your pussy feels SOOooo good….so hot…” I whispered in her ear.

She smiled up at me and said, “Then fuck me….I want you to fuck the shit out of me, Jeff….your cock feels sooooo good inside me.”

I fell into a nice rhythm fucking my twin sister. I was using long, smooth, slow strokes mixed with hard, fast and powerful thrusts. Jan met me stroke for stroke, fuck for fuck, as we went on and on…for a good fifteen or twenty minutes we rutted against each other, fucking each other as hard as we could.

I would slow when I felt I was getting too close to climax and Jan would slow right with me. I didn’t want it to end, to be honest. Jan had orgasmed several times and didn’t seem like she could get enough either.

We were making out during one of our ‘slow downs’ when she stopped kissing me and whispered, “Can I ask you a question?”

I kept fucking her and answered, “Sure,” and her smile widened. Her hips hadn’t stopped moving either…we were still fucking as we spoke.

“You ever fuck anyone in the butt?” Jan asked, almost embarrassed.

I kept stroking in and out of her and replied, “No, but not from lack of wanting to try…why? Have you?” I sped up the pace a bit at that and her eyes fluttered as her pussy gushed even more juice as she matched my pace.

“No…but I really want to try it…” she said. With that, she brought her right leg up and brought between us, forcing my dick out of her cunt as she turned over and brought her knees up to the edge of the bed. I was now standing at the edge of the bed behind her, her perfect ass raised in the air before me.

“Come on, Jeff….fuck me in the ass…please, I want you to….” she said looking back at me.

I leaned in and started licking at her completely exposed pussy.

“OH MY..! OH oh yes, eat my pussy! MMmmm, that feels SOOooo nice…MMmmm huh huh huh, eat me oh yes, eat that pussy, MMmm…” Jan moaned as I assaulted her pussy from behind.

From this angle, she was wide open to me and I was letting her have it. I licked up and down her pussy, tasting her juices as she started rotating her hips and fucking my mouth with her cunt. She had another mini-orgasm and I backed away, replacing my tongue with three fingers, fucking her with them.

She was moaning louder than ever now as I smeared her juices from her pussy up to her anus. I could just about scoop juices out of her pussy it was so wet and use them to lubricate her backdoor. It wasn’t a minute before I had my middle finger buried up her butt to the second knuckle and was moving it in and out, getting her used to it.

“OH! Ohmygod, that nasty! Mmmm…fuck my ass, Jeff…MMmmm..yes, just like that, huh huh, oh oh,” she kept saying over and over. Soon I had my whole finger up her and was moving it in and out very easily.

I then moved up to the edge of the bed and slid my cock in her pussy again. It looked so delicious from behind I really did want to fuck her doggy-style for a while but I was just doing it to lubricate my cock.

My cock came out of her cunt with an audible plop and I lined it up to her ass. I removed my finger from her anus and replaced it with the head of my cock. It took a lot more pressure to get the head in than I had anticipated and when it finally slipped past the initial ring of resistance, Jan gasped.

“AHHH! HMMph, OH SHIT, IT HURTS, Mmm…OH Jeeez, Gahh…oh oh,” she said as she tried to get used to me inside her. I only had the first few inches of my cock in her butt so I wasn’t sure she wanted to keep going or not. I was rock hard though and I could not get over how awesome it looked to have my cock buried halfway into Jan’s ass. I couldn’t help myself and without waiting, I started to pump in and out VERY slowly.

“Wait…Jeff stop a minute…oh shit…MMmmm..” Jan started to say as I started to rock against her upturned ass. By now, her face was sideways on the bed and I was pumping more than half my dick in and out of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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