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Author note: An avid fan of True Blood with a deep brooding hatred for Twilight, this was bound to happen…

My own telling of the OTHER tales of the Vampires and other supernaturals of the True Blood era, based in Southern California with some newer supernaturals and my own forming of the world around the phenomenon. You’ll see a little scroll below with a cast for my female characters, (it’s a quark, indulge me or don’t read on, your choice) I’m still quite new to this website erotica bit, so I’ll try to do a good job. You’ll note a few characters throughout my stories are children, but rest assured, no seduction, no sex, I put them in for they can be detrimental to the story, so be warned if that’s the kind of thing you’re into, you wont find it here and there are PLENTY of other story sights, knock yourselves out. Thank you for reading, and enjoy the world that spills forth from my imagination. Cast

Roran Wilder — (Lycan immortal 81 years old)

Michelle Maylene — Cleo (Vampire 500+ years old)

Cherish & Cali Milton — Nonny & Fanny Wilder (BloodBorn Lycan twins — 20 years old)

April O’Neil — Millie Wilder (BloodBorn Lycan immortal 38 years old)

Kinzie Jo — Wanda Reed (Human 18 years old)

Peach Wilder (BloodBorn 12years old)

Cherish Wilder (BloodBorn 10years old)

Penny Flame — Judy Wilder (Human, 29 years old)

Jaena — (Vampire 147 years old)

Marty Beck — (Shifter 23 years old)

Bobby Olmstreg (Were-wolf 41 years old)

*If you’re ever by way of Good Ole 29Palms, lonely, anxious, and road weary, just passin on through to the great Cities east and west of this quaint desert town. Well, there is only ONE place to be After~Dark*

The AVL had no power in these desert hobbles like 29 Palms. Too many marines, too many drug addicts, sex offenders, any and all dregs mixing with the states impoverished that needed a place to hide away from the serious rat race that existed beyond the Morongo Basin. This place was perfect for ladies like Cleo and Jaena…ladies of the dark blood that coursed through their undead veins.

The two long time friends had a small Motley brood consisting of two vampires (themselves), a handful of Lycans, a shifter, a werewolf, and two humans. Together this strange brew brought up the hottest club for Marines, Civilians, and tourists who found themselves in this armpit of a desert town in Southern California…The founder of the club was Jaena’s close friend and sometimes lover…Roran Wilder…this is his story.


“Oh God!” The white trash blonde called out as I held her pins in my palms, driving my prick hard between her wide-open milky white thighs. “FUCK!!!”

I couldn’t resist Wanda if I wanted to. This girl was one of my dirtiest desires kept deep down below for so long, that first sight could only make me fall prey to her wiles. Short, blonde, leggy, pretty, petite, young, and white trash to boot… something so arousing about trashy young white girls from the inner cities or redneck hallows that made my Cajun-Irish blood boil over!

Reaching out, I took her tummy knotted tie-dyed t-shirt and balled it in my fist tightly, my claws no doubt shredding the fabric as I continuously hammered my pelvis into hers. Wanda’s cutoff blue jean denim shorts and white cotton panties dangling off of her left ankle. Her eyes closed and mouth open in a curled smile with every heavy moaning breath she made.

My intention of this visit had been for a simple blowjob, but that’s never enough with this little hussy. If I’m not buried in her tight shorn hairless wet teenage pussy, I’m going the rest of the day with a chip on my shoulder.

“Please woofy! PLEASE!” she cried out in ecstasy. “Make me cum, I’m gonna fucking cum! FUCK!”

Goddamn it with that ‘Woofy’ shit! Nothing made my pecker want to fall off and pack its bags with a fare you well asshole wave like hearing her call me that. I would have kicked her to the curb the very moment she called me that the day Judy hired her, and I found myself behind the petite trailer park whore in the liquor storage pounding her slutty ‘I swear the first time didn’t count’ pussy (yeah that and the other fifty times “you your cherry” before me) but god be damned if I didn’t because of how sweet her twat felt around my beast.

“Knocked off the Woofy shit, hon, it’s distracting.” I told her, twisting her around on Cleo’s desk, sliding up behind her perfectly petite round bubble butt.

“Oh fuck, oh god, Woofy, fuck me Woofy, fuck me!” she yelled.

With my intensely enhanced ability to hear, I could make out Judy’s chuckles on the other side of the door, knowing how much I hated that ‘woofy’ shit. As my red hot cock made its way in and out of the teens tight box, contemplating leaving a few “Love marks” along her back poker oyna with my ever irritated extending claws.

“Mmmmm fuck, I’m cumming woofy, ooooh woofy, woofy, WOOFY!!” Wanda’s voice cried out as her pussy clenched and milked my cock deep inside her womb.

I grasped the back of her neck, growling as my seed burst deep inside of her, annoyed by the Woofy, aroused by her naked nubile ass against my pelvis as I thrust it deep and in.

“Woofy!” she cried out alarmed “No, no, you’re suppose to take it out first!”

Wanda clenched the desk with her fingers as I emptied my load inside of her with stiff and quick thrusts, willing myself like hell not to bite down on her shoulder as I did. I instead thrust my claws into the desk on either side of her, ridding out my orgasm as it surged through her body. (Fuck, Cleo was gonna be pissed about the claw markings)

We were panting heavily as I slowly slipped my softening rod from her abused quim. Her hands reaching back to gather the semen as if that would do anything at all… looking around at me, I caught her gaze through her stringy blonde bangs, her face between half hearted smiles and utter ‘oh what the hell did you do that for’ look etching on her features.

“You’re not suppose to cum in me, woofy.” She complained.

“…And you’re not suppose to fucking call me that.” I snarled.

She just giggled and began to dress, pulling her panties and tight shorts up her messy thighs, and retying the knot in her shirt over her tummy, to expose that tiny little tummy she had before leaning down to kiss my cheek. I could only watch her bubble out the door amused and unamused at the same time, ‘I fucking hate it when she calls me that’ I kept thinking as a giggling Judy walked in after the blondie departed.

“Now that you got THAT outta your system, how bout you go a pick up our girls, ‘WOOFY'” she laughed, wrapping her arms around my shoulders from behind with a hearty hug…I love my wife, but one of these days…one of these days…

Turning to give her a kiss… “Is it 3 O’clock already?”


My name is Roran Wilder, if you’re wondering about the pronunciation just think ‘Scooby Doo trying say Warren’… I am 81 years old, and immortal. I was bitten on the new moon in 1955 when I was 23 years old, and have been a Lycan since. Before you call me a werewolf, though technically my title means such, I am not, for being a were’ is hereditary, and being a Lycan requires a bite under the once a year new moon. There are numerous differences, some of which take much explaining and some that are simple…for instance, a Werewolf changes from man to wolf and back as he pleases, Lycans unless born were’ or shifter before hand only change into the large beasts that the movies wish to hell they could emulate. Thankfully we both change, as we desire, unlike the moontailers (werewolves made from unnatural sources such as science and magic conjured out of scrap n crap). The moon cycles do hold certain sways over us from time to time. The new moon is they only moon we can make others under, the full moons make us randy as hell, but the rare blue moon is devastating…we I should say Lycans become ferocious with lust. No minds to control our actions, so be warned, the nearest gender of our desires will be mounted willing or not, we have no control, and this was I’m sad to inform you, was the reason behind my oldest three daughters being born. My niece born from my youngest sister was the first, as no others warned me of this awful moon. She forgave me, even though at times I cannot seem to forgive myself, and even birthed my first child from the result.

The twins were born from an unfortunate bank teller who was walking home the night of the blue moon when my girlfriend broke up with me, leaving me frantic to get home before anything bad could happen. No such luck there, and this woman never had a chance to say she forgave me even by explanation as supernaturals were not well known yet, and the news of being the victim of such a creature drove her to committing suicide just days after our daughters were born. I hate the blue moon with a passion because of the pain it causes so many mortals who are unfortunate to find themselves victims of our uncontrollable nature on these nights…ever wonder about the rise of rapes that go unpunished in the world on these nights? There you go…I raised my girls, and loved em all the same, they love me…

Our brood is one of love and wonder as we make new discoveries every day…but our brood, our pride wasn’t complete until I met her…Judy Conner…

She was beautiful, sixteen and sweet as a summer breeze when I first met her thirteen years ago. She bubbly and crazy in nature, wacky and jumping about like an eleven year old in serious need of Ritalin to be honest… her life wasn’t much to be happy about, but she wanted to be happy so much that she did anything and all she could to make it so…not all were good… but she tried.

We married a year later after she became pregnant canlı poker oyna with our first daughter, Peach, and two years later, a result of a wild blue moon (that Judy was ecstatic to be a part of) Cherish was born. Cleo and Jaena who’d been my closest friends since I was little boy were always brimming with tears at the births of all five of my children…they themselves felt as aunts to these darlings.

Now you, dear reader, caught me in the middle of a raunchy act with a blonde bimbo that was defiantly not my beloved Judy. Jude and I have always been extremely open in our relationship, although I must say that the so-called ‘open marriages’ that mortals have tends to be quite appalling. For starters, WE have rules and guidelines that help us along and make it less ghoulish than mortals do. My trysts never EVER take me away from my girls for anything. It happens it happens, no girlfriends on the side, no secret families. The two of us know our sexual natures are addiction in general so we leave it as ‘if I find this person attractive and wanna fuck em, okay’ but home is where our love belongs and we are as in love today as we were that day we met.

We sometimes talk about our sexual adventures, but not often, as I can smell others on her from a distance so no questions of her earlier where abouts are necessary, and I’ve never felt the need to go off and meet someone else. The club provides if the temptation is leading, but when I go to bed at night, there is only ONE person I ever wanna curl up beside…of God I love my wife…my girls…my friends…my whole family is all I ever wanted. Not bad for a poor bastard boy from the slums of Chicago.

Now I’m a veteran of the Korean War, being enlisted I made it to Gunnery Sergeant, and even stayed in the corps for a few years to train boys for Vietnam when that shit took place, but lost interest quickly as the Hippy movement took myself, Cleo & Jaena into its embrace. Fresh blood and love all around…peace was beautiful!

Enough about my past…for now…today the sun is almost ready to set, my eldest daughter Millie is out filling orders for TrueBlood for our ever-increasing Vampire crowd. The guys Marty Beck and Bobby O are cleaning up the After~Dark main house which opens at sundown. The small front bar room opens at 3pm for the human and daylight customers alike. Wanda is probably with another dip-stick of a ‘boyfriend’ doing what all the trampy girls (god bless her) do in 29 Palms, and that is ride around in the car all day eating fast food, parking at large store lots between here and Yucca Valley, texting, shootin the shit, and trash talking this bitch or the next, whatever.

I just got done making dinner, (Jude and I trade nights, and its mine) home made Taco’s and Burritos with hand made tortillas and browned seasoned beef with all the trimmings, my personal touch of pinco de gayo, Peach’s favorite! Only tonight when we sat down and she took one look at the dinner and turned a pasty shade of pale with a look of pure disgust near vomiting, Judy and I shared a knowing glance.

“Honey,” Judy stroked our daughters beautiful dark hair. “You feeling rather warm right now?”

Peach nodded, obviously afraid to speak for fear of regurgitating if she did. Cherish looked at her sister with concern, while the twins both comically wore the same look of ‘aw its that time’ on their faces.

“Sweety.” Judy scooted closer. “Don’t be embarrassed but I’m gonna ask some questions…first…do you feel queasy at the smell of cooked food.” Peach nodded. “Do you feel shaky around your chest and shoulders?” she nodded again. Judy purposely nicked her finger with a steak knife drawing blood “Does this smell calm you some?” An alerted Peach nodded again, not loosing her mothers gaze … “one more sweets…um…” she looked at the twins expectantly who at the same time took over and asked in unison “Does your biscuit feel like someone kicked it REAL hard.”

I couldn’t stop from chuckling; the twins and I knew what was happening but let Judy play her mommy role for the sake of decent kindness. The girls and I could smell it since this morning; it was just a few short hours from happening.

“Sugar pie.” Judy put her arm around Peach “You’re about to get your first period.”

Peach clenched her teeth with a panicked look shooting from her me to her older sisters Nonny and Fanny (I swear Jaena named em both, not me) to which we all three gave the confirmed nod.

“What…” Peach stuttered a bit. “What…whats gonna happen?”

I broke my heart to see her so fearful, but at least now after three girls I’ve come to know what to expect from the next three months. For reasons I’ll never fully understand, the difference between mortals and Bloodborn Lycans are staggering. It took a while to calm her and settle to a cold dinner (I had observed was not the case for Cherish who ate like a champ at the table while we sat explaining the coming days to her older sis) and Peach seemed to take it in stride.

Lemme break it down internet casino for you mortal readers: I am not a Bloodborn so it was not the case for me, but for my girls it was utter hell, for both of us. Lycans can breed with mortals but not other Lycans (Don’t ask why, I don’t know) that’s just the way it is. All I know about coming of age Bloodborn boys is from what I read in the Alistair Almanac of Supernatural beings (A conversation for another time)…but for girls I, I got the first hand experience with mine. Lycan born girls only have monthly cycles for thirteen years, start to finish…each month the cycle lasts for two maybe three days and that’s it, after the thirteen years, no more chance of mothering children, its done. However, the first and last cycles are the worst two… the first begins with unbelievable cramps that mortals would blow their own brains out over, and then bleeding that lasts for three whole months…(seven days, mortals? Try having my sense of smell and putting up with this for three months, that’s hell that ammonia won’t cure)… plus that first cycle with Millie when she turned fourteen was a nightmare. I didn’t know what was going, the Almanac wasn’t at my disposal yet, so when she reached fevers of nearly 300 degrees I FLIPPED the fuck out. Only to learn that this is perfectly normal for the change of a Bloodborn girl.

That third month I have to tell you was unbelievably strange to boot. In that time a Lycan girl becomes a sheer and utter HORNDOG! I was at the sink finishing the dishes when Millie put her fourteen-year-old arms around me for a wonderfully innocent father daughter embrace. Then her senses kicked in and her sense of smell took over…

Now she’s got her nose rummaging all over my back while her nails are clawing my front and I’m pushing her away unable to even grasp the reality. Turning to face her I was taken back with the image of my daughter panting like a crazed animal with glazed eyes that seem to say “I’m about to murder someone and like it”, before ripping her cloths off and dropping face first to the floor with her ass up and seeking me out, whimpers not unlike that of a begging bitch in heat, imploring me to mount. Which before you get any perverse ideas, did NOT happen, thanks due in part to the fact that I was still once a mortal, and this was my pride and joy, my baby girl.

The Almanac however did explain that incest is a recurring normality amongst our kind for various reasons and that it would be prudent for me to just give in and not suffer my children to the outrageous burning that swelled with every night they were denied. So yes, around the time the twins were almost sixteen and finally hit their cycles I gave in and did as I was instructed by the expert on Lycan lifestyles if that makes any sense at all…yeah, I don’t get it either sometimes…my only problem right now is…well…for god sake, Peach is hitting it early at age twelve so we’re gonna have to figure this one out cause there are just some places a good father, wolf like or no, does not go.

Peach blushed, Cherish made an ‘ick’ face, and the twins giggled uncontrollably when THAT part of the talk came into play. Its so sad that sex seems to be the forefront of our thoughts, as when Judy asked if Peach had any questions she just looked at me blushing and curled her chin to her tiny chest looking down trying not to break into a sickly fit of giggles herself…

“Will…well…will daddy and I?” she tried to get it out but stuttered hard.

Jude (bless her wacky spirit) helped me out “No baby, not so soon, but someday when your older you’ll come bumbling down the stairs and notice ‘wow, my daddy sure is a woofy…” she shot me a giggling glance as I gave a low snarl “…and then you say to yourself ‘I sure wish we could dance nekky with no jammy jams on’ and I’ll be some other place doing my own thing when you two go up to your room and do the thing that makes mortal girls cry cause their daddies suck.”

Hey reader, you got that same WTF look I’m having right now? Jesus Christ.

My wife, my beloved is more in tuned to the wolf like nature my girls and I have than I am…our family has always been open and able to talk about anything without the bullshit puritan poison that the Christians would have us all swallow. Don’t get me wrong, we pray to god and Christ, and for reasons I’ll later explain, we’re bound by the laws of God as Wolves to protect the innocent from harm.

After a nice long conversation with my girls, the twins got up to go with me to work at the club. I kissed my little once good night, and the daddies girl of the bunch, Cherish, threw her arms around me and whispered “I don’t really think its icky, I’m just jealous cause WE’RE suppose to get married, member?” setting her down so she could run up to bed, I smiled and shook my head…I love girls, they can be so weird sometimes. Especially when you promise to marry them when they are going through their daddy crush phase. Millie had it, the twins had it, Peach had it more for her uncle Marty than me, so I’ll jealously kick his ass later for it haha, and now Cherish is having it… oh well, at least its not that uncomfortable boy crush crap I got from a few of my nephews back in the day, goddamn.

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