Algebra 101

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It was my first year of college and my parents had saved for years, to get me there. I was there, although I was indeed broke. Being so far from home was the worst part of it I guess, being that no one could actually be with me. I was truly on my own. For the first few months, I made it, it was tough and money was tight, but I made it. Some of the classes were hard, but I had some great teachers. Algebra was the hardest, but it was also the class with the best teacher. Mr. Jemison was always willing to help, and never minded taking extra time out of non class hours to work one on one with his students.

Once my money began to run low, I knew I had to do something, and of course the answer was to find a job. Experience was definitely something I was lacking, so my options were limited. I spent the evenings going from one restaurant to the other, many of which were hiring, but none that could work with my school hours. I had not decided on a specific major, or I could work on a pre-profession program. But considering it was already mid-term, I was out of luck there. It seems like I had covered every coffee shop, and every mini-mart in the area, when I came across a tiny club called “The Toy Box”. It was pretty obvious that is was a strip club, marked with all those XXX’s on the door and sign. Believe it or not the place looked pretty cozy, and I needed a drink BAD.

When I pulled in the thoughts of going to in to a female strip club for a drink crossed my mind as weird, Okay really weird, not that I thought for a moment I wouldn’t fit in, or have even a lack of self confidence. I had never actually been with another woman, but I had kissed my best friend in high school, while the locker room of basketball players watched, of course I had never lived that one down. I didn’t consider myself Bi, but I did find the female body pretty in it’s own way. If there was any thing that my parents and family had instilled in me, it was self confidence. It was shortly after my 19th birthday, and the county where I was in school, that was legal drinking age. So in I walked, with the intentions of drinking a beer, watching a few dances and trying to devise a plan of just where I was going to get gas money for the rest of the week. Not a smart plan, but it was the plan, at the time.

The place was dark, and mostly empty, since it was a Wednesday afternoon, except for a couple guys at the bar, and one or two sitting with a dancer in the lounge area. I went directly to the bar, and after presenting my I.D. began nursing a cold draft. I took a few minutes to look around, was winked at by one of the guys at the other end of the bar, and then made my way to a table where I might find refuge in the dark.

I sat at the little corner table for an hour or so when I was approached by a man in, (of all things) a business suit. The man extended his hand and flashed a smile that spoke money. “Hi, I’m Mr. Taberson, but please call me Tony. I’m sorry it took me so long to get over for your interview.”

I cleared my throat and looked at him with what I am sure read total confusion. “um I think you have the wrong person. I’m just having a drink, and trying to relax for a while.”

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry. You just looked like a dancer.” He scratched his head, and continued to stare at me. “I mean, look at you, you are incredible.” He brushed my hair which was a natural blond, and then ran his hands over my shoulder. “Forgive me if I sound rude of come across too bold, but honey you are a knock out. You mind standin up for a minute?”

I hesitated for a moment and then thought what the hell. I stood up and just for kicks ran my hands through my own hair and down my sides. “Damn girl, I would be willing to start you out with an hourly pay, if you would dance for us.

“What do you mean an hourly pay”? I asked.

“Here, the dancers work for tips, that’s their pay, but I would pay you and hourly if you would reconsider.”

I thought for poker oyna a moment and knew my poor mother would go completely ballistic if she knew what I was considering. But I needed money, and by the way things were going, I was going to have to walk to class for the couple of weeks, until my parents could send more. It wasn’t like it would be a permanent thing, just a few weeks. “Okay,” I said reluctantly. “But only temporarily, I go to school here at Arksford and I cant let anyone find out about this.”

“Honey your secret is safe with me, let’s you get up for an audition,”

“Now, you want me to dance now?”

“Well sure, is that Okay?” I didn’t answer, and after a moment he had summonsed the waitress to bring me not a drink, but a couple of drinks. Once those were down, NOW, was just fine.

I picked out an outfit, with the help of Goldie, one of the other dancers. And within just a few minutes, I found myself taping pasties on my nipples and picking out a song. I was introduced by a voice that seemed to come from no where. And my song started. Scared was an understatement, but the alcohol helped, a lot. My body moved, I shook my ass, and titts, for several songs. And by the end of the evening I left with not only 150 dollars in tips, but a job.

I danced several nights a week, and the money was great. So far so good. One afternoon, Nancy, a good college friend of mine, caught up with me in the hall on the way to our Algebra class. “You know some of the other girls were noticing the way Mr. Jemison has been looking at you, are you like seeing him or something?”

“What?” I stopped dead in my tracks. “Of course not. Why?”

“It’s just a question. I mean you know he is still young for a professor, late twenties maybe, and so adorable, and we, I mean I, was just wondering.”

“Absolutely not, Nancy, you should know better than to even ask.”

“Okay, I’m sorry. Forget I asked.”

We walked on, but what she said did make me curious. So I made it a point to take notice of any out of the way looks or actions from him, and I honestly didn’t notice anything. Once class was over, Mr. Jemison asked to see me. So I waited on the classroom to empty. Nancy walked by me and winked, I rolled my eyes, but smiled a sly smile in return.

“So,” he said. “Are you still looking for a job?”

“I didn’t know others were aware that I was looking. News sure travels fast.”

He smiled, and let out a small chuckle. “I wasn’t being nosey. Just a little worried,”

“Mr. Jemison,” I started kindly.

“Call me Chuck,” He said with a smile.

“Chuck. I found a job, one that will tie me over for a while. Then next year I hope to be able to enter a program for my major, that’s once I decide on one.”

“Well good.” The room was quiet for a moment and I could tell he was about to ask me where.

“You know I have class in about 10 minutes, and really need to be going.” I didn’t give him time to ask another question, just hurried along so I wouldn’t have to come up with any answers.

It was Friday night and I was scheduled to work the 8pm to 2 am shift, I didn’t like the hours but that is when I made the most money, so to complain would only be hurting myself. It was probably 9 or so, and I had just finished my dance. I had been invited over to a table to enjoy some flirting and drinks, when I caught a glimpse of the one thing I could not believe. Mr. Jemison, was coming in around the bar, and I turned immediately in hopes that he wouldn’t see me. I risked a few glimpses to make certain I saw what I thought I had seen, and indeed it was him. He was drinking a beer, and talking to one of the other dancers.

After a few minutes, Maggie the dancer who had been enjoying his company, slipped me a note. It read, song request Nasty Dancer, I would love to buy you a drink. Mr. J. I folded it , and looked in his direction. Our eyes met, and he smiled. For the first time, I saw him in a canlı poker oyna completely different light. He winked at me, and I feel my face burn with blush. I don’t know how I summonsed the courage to put the song in line, but I did, then it happened my song was up and I was on the stage ready to show him what I had. He had moved to sit directly in front of me, money in hand, though I didn’t see how much. And so I danced and I danced.

Shook my ass directly in his face, where he placed a five in between my ass cheeks, I rubbed my own dark nipples, and he put another five in between my titts. Security was tight there, but not tight enough that he didn’t manage a quick rub up the front of my g-string, and there he slipped another bill inside. I laid on my back and spread my legs for him, raising my hips to the music in rhythm, and touched my ass underneath. I knew I needed to stop before we got caught. The song ended, and I came off the stage, and looked for Chuck. He found me instead, and told me he wanted a lap dance. “40 bucks,” I told him.

He smile, and handed me a 100 dollar bill. “A PRIVATE lap dance,” he said.

I couldn’t stop the look of shock on my face. “How private”? I asked.

“As private as I can get for my money, angel.”

I took the money, smiled and lead him to a room that no one, NO ONE, knew about except the dancers and the guys willing to pay for a PRIVATE lap dance. It was a rather small room, with scattered couches, and I led him through a door off to the side, it was locked but he and I were allowed to enter. It was a little larger, black lights lots of smoke, loud music, and A LOT of sex. There were probably 40 or so people counting the dancers and the ones who had paid for the PRIVATE dance. I stopped and looked at him, he was smiling from ear to ear. “You know I’m not sure what 100 bucks will get you.” I smiled, after all it was intended to be a joke.

To my complete surprise he pulled out another 100 bill. But I didn’t take it, just lead him to a couch and sat him down. The music was so incredibly intense, and moans from the others around us were even more intense. I began to remove the pasties from my nipples, but another dancer stopped me and said “You know you can’t do that in here.” She smiled and said “Let me do it for you.” Carla was HOT, one of the hottest dancers there, at the time the only thing she wore was her thongs and fish net, along with her 5 inch heels. My out fit was close to the same, in fact the only difference was my 4 inch heels.

I turned and saw that Mr. Jemison was stroking a hard cock in his pants. “Then maybe we can do something about that.” I told her.

“I’m sure we can handle it”, she replied and winked.

She started kissing me, and it felt so incredibly right. Our tongues danced like on stage, and she rubbed the outside of my g-strings, and then sucked my nipples. I ran my hands along her body, and her head fell back and she started to press against me. Without thinking, I ran my hand inside her panties, and guided it, so that my fingers slipped inside her. God she was wet, and I wanted to taste her. I sucked her nipples for only a moment, before we dropped to the floor, and she took the initiative to lick down my stomach and into my g-strings. Her hands were on each side of my hips, and she moved them to rock to the music. Her tongue licked with intent experience on my clit. She licked until I exploded in her mouth, then she leaned over and kissed Chuck, allowing him to taste my cum from her tongue. I raised from the floor, and kissed her tasting my cum on her lips, and the only thought in my mind was that I wanted to know what SHE tasted like.

I covered her body with my own, and made my way to her clit, I looked up and saw that Mr. Jemison had removed his clothes and stroking his incredible cock. He stood over me, as I was making my way to remove her g-strings, and I sucked on his cock, while Carla, ran her fingers through my internet casino hair, and pulled with an intense wordless saying eat me before I explode. I moved her g-strings to the side with my teeth, and buried my tongue deep inside her. She rocked her hips hard to my tongue, both hands wrapped in my hair, and ate her, working my tongue hard and fast on her clit. She was delicious. Her clit was plump and throbbed with a need for release. Chuck had moved behind me and was running his tongue over my ass, fingering it, and then licking the outside of my pussy. Carla filled my mouth with her cum, and I turned to let him lick it and suck it from me, and he did with great pleasure.

Chuck moved me to the couch, on my back, and kneeled in front of me, he took my clit in his own moth and sucked the rest of the cum from me, and then slid inside me with one hard thrust. It was only my third time to have actual intercourse, and he was only the second person. He fucked me hard, then soft as he was about to cum. He pulled completely out and then slid back in and felt like I was about to cum again. He pulled from me as he was about to explode, but I wrapped my legs around him and he pushed back inside me. Sweet release, the incredible feeling of him exploding inside me, filling me with his cum. My entire body shook, and I covered his cock with my own cum.

The night was over, I walked him to his car, and said goodnight.

At class on Monday, I was a bit nervous Mr. Jemison after what had happened Friday night. But I handled it, went in, took my seat, and didn’t risk looking at him much at all during class. After class, the very thing I was afraid that was going to happen, did. “Mandy, could you I see you after class?” Damn should have known I wouldn’t get out that easy.

Once the room had emptied out, he locked the class door and came to me, where I was still in my seat “I just wanted to tell you how incredible Friday night was.” His breaths were deep and soft, he sat very close to me.

” I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it myself. I just don’t anyone to know about it, that’s all.”

“You don’t have to worry about anything. I have as much or more to loose that you do.”

I closed my eyes with relief. “Thank you.” I said softly.

“No. thank you.” He breathed and then slide his hand up my thigh and under my skirt. I couldn’t help but slide down in my seat, and his fingers moved my panties to the side, and slid inside me. I moaned softly, and found his cock hard again inside his pants. He left me for a moment and closed the shade to his room, I stood, and took a seat on his big wooden desk. He wrapped my arms around my waist and kissed me. siding his hand back inside my panties, and inside me. He knelt down in front of me and licked on my clit, until it became impossible to hold my moan to a soft level. His tongue slid in and out of me in perfect rhythm. And after only a moment I was Cumming hard in his mouth. I unzipped his fly and knelt in front of him, and sucked on his hard cock until I could taste his precum.

He stopped me just long enough for me get back on his desk. Then slid inside me. I supported myself on my hands, but was raised so I could kiss him while he fucked me. His thrusts were urgent, like he needed to be inside me, like he couldn’t get enough of my tight wet pussy. He remained inside me and lifted me from his desk and sat me on one of the smaller student desks. Mr. Jemison continued his deep thrust inside me. My moans were now loud enough to hear, had someone walked by. He stopped for just a moment, and had me lean over his big desk again, and slid inside my ass from behind. God it felt so good, his cock buried in my ass. I had never done anal sex before, but it was defiantly a favorite. It seems like we fucked forever, and how we kept from drawing a crowd I do not know. As he came, he pulled out and squirt his cum on my titts, and I rubbed them with pleasure.

It was almost time for another class to start, so we pulled ourselves together, and shared a goodbye kiss. Our afternoon delights continued for quite a while, even into my second and third year of college. We met after class every Monday and Wednesday for incredible afternoon meetings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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