Alisha’s Journey

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All people in this story are over 18. This is pure fantasy.


Chapter 1: The Reunion

Alisha was riding in the backseat of the car thinking, “just great here I am going to a family reunion when I could be getting fucked tonight.” Alisha and her boyfriend Mike were suppose to go out, but her parents changed there plans. Alisha had been horny for 2 weeks straight now, and had promised Mike the time of his life that night.

Alisha and her family arrive at the reunion she sees all her little cousins running around playing, and her brothers go off with them. The only person that would be around her age here is Jenny her 18 year old cousin.

Just then Alisha hears a voice say’ “Hey Lish.”

It was Jenny. Jenny was about the same height as Alisha and the layout of there bodies were exactly the same. So much that they could be twins. They were both beautiful. Both of them had blonde hair, blue eyes, 32d tits, and a very nice ass.

“Oh hey Jen.” Alisha replied.

“Lets get away from all these old people and talk.” Laughed Jenny

“Sounds like a very good idea to me.” Agreed Alisha.

So Alisha and Jenny walked around the house to the front door. They walked up to the bed room where Jenny was staying and sat down on the bed. They started talking about how school was, and all the girl talk. Then Jenny ask a question Alisha wasn’t ready poker oyna for.

“Hey Lish are you horny?” Jenny asked with a devilish grin.

“Ummm….I…no…not really.” Alisha replied.

“I bet you are” Lish says.

“Oh and how would you know if I was anyways?” Lish ask.

“Cause I can see a wet spot on your skirt.” Jen replied.

At that moment Alisha turned beat red. She thought to herself, “Hell yes I’m horny I’ve been this way for 2 weeks, and I could have been getting fucked tonight.”

“Earth to Alisha. Hello.” Yelled Jen getting Alisha out of her daze.

“Oh I’m sorry.” Alisha apologized.

“It’s ok.” Jen laughs.

“So what do you want to talk about now? We’ve talked about everything.” Lish ask.

“Not Everything.” Jen paused and then says….., ” SEX!”

“Sex?” Lish ask with a confused look on her face.

“Yeah Sex.” Jen said confidently.

“OK. Lets talk.” says Lish.

They talk about their sexual fantasies for about 30 minutes and then Jen says.

“Truth or Dare?”

“Truth.” Alisha answers.

“How many fingers can you get in your cunt?” Jen ask.

“I can fist myself if I’m really horny, but mostly about 4.” Lish replied honestly. “OK now you. Truth or Dare?”

“Dare.” Jen answers with a smile.

“Ummm…I dare you to take off your top.” dared Lish.

Jen takes canlı poker oyna her top off and is left in a blue bra, and her tight jean shorts. “Lets speed this up a little bit what do you say?” Jen ask.

“What do you have in mind?” ask Lish

“Well how about dares only?” ask Jen.

” Sure why not.” Lish replied. In the back of her mind she thought, “Hell I need to be naked, and I wouldn’t mind seeing you naked either. I wonder how far this will go?”

“Ok your dare is to take off your skirt.” Dared Jen.

Alisha stands up and pushes her white shirt down her silky smooth legs to show her whit g-string. Alisha was left in her blue tank top. “Ok I dare you to Take you Bra off.”

Jen takes her bra off, and lets her 32ds fall out. “Now your shirt.” Off comes Alica’s shirt, and out pops an other set of beautiful round 32ds. “Now those jean shorts.”

Jen stands up turns around bends over and removes her jean shorts. She was now standing naked in front of Alisha. She then spins around and showed off her nicely shaven pussy. “OK now the g-string.”

Alisha lays back puts her legs in the air and removes her g-string. She sets back up her legs spread just a bit, and shows her pussy with just a “V” patch of hair at the top. “OK we’re done now.”

“Oh no we aren’t. You think that when I’ve got a hot bitch like you naked in the same bed as me that internet casino I’m not getting a taste of that pussy you are crazy.”

Just then Jen puts her head between Alica’s legs, and flicks her tongue on Lish’s clit. Lish can’t set still, and holds Jenny’s head there. Jen takes her tongue and pushes it up Alica’s cunt. That got Alisha to cum. Alisha sat back after she had cum.

“Oh you don’t think we are done do you?” ask Jen

“What do you mean?” Alisha ask.

“I did you. Now you do me.” Jen replied.

Without waiting Alisha jumped at Jenny’s pussy. She was licking her clit and cunt then put her mouth over her pussy and sucked. She had Jenny Cumming in no time at all.

They both smiled at each other and started playing with one an others tits. Alisha started sucking at Jenny’s nipples. Lish started flicking her tongue over Jen’s nipples as fast as she could. She then took her fingers, and began moving them in and out of Jenny’s cunt.

Alisha worked 2 fingers into Jenny’s cunt. After about 5 minutes Lish had 4 fingers into Jen’s cunt. She then took her fingers out, and made a fist. She then plunged her fist into her cousins cunt. She fucked her cunt with her fist for 20 minutes.

“OHMYGODDDD. Keep going Lish I’m almost there!” Jenny exclaimed.

Right as Jenny was yelling this Alisha took her fist out of her cunt, and plunged it back into Jen’s cunt. Right as Lish did this Jenny was Cumming all over Alisha’s hand. After she was done cumming she passed out. Alisha then laid down beside her cousin, and started licking Jen’s pussy juices off of her hand.

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