All About Leah Pt. 01

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As Leah laid in bed that morning, she thought about being penetrated anally. These feelings often came to her when she awoke. She rubbed herself through her nylon panties and pulled her legs up and open. Then she stuck her hand underneath her loose underwear and felt the rubbery skin of her newly shaved pussy before letting her fingers trail down to her asshole that was just a bit tacky from not being washed the previous night. She brought her hand up and smelled her fingers. This caused her mind to drift to her latest conquest; a girl in her sorority named Bernadette, a dark-haired, brown-eyed, Anthropology major with sultry lips and hourglass hips. She had courted her for weeks before she was able to get her alone one afternoon. She surprised her with a kiss as they were sitting on Leah’s bed studying. She remembered leaning back just afterwards and watching Bernadette’s face flush bright red. But when she didn’t retreat or protest, Leah had moved in and kissed her again in a deeper way. When Bernadette started kissing her back she felt a thrill shoot up her torso and a muscular contraction in her pussy. They were soon feasting on each other, biting lips and grasping at one another’s clothes. In the end Leah achieved her goal which was to get Bernadette’s pants down and feast on her ass. Once she had her face down on the bed and bare-assed, it didn’t take her long to lick her into a state of sexual and emotional hysteria. Bernadette came repeatedly as Leah worked on her anus and lightly fingered her bulging twat. And as Leah smelled her own scent now as she lay in bed alone she started pushing her fingers down over her cunt slit and then onto her clit. She began to diddle herself wildly after this until she climbed and stiffened, climbed and stiffened, and then was overtaken by a sudden rumbling climax.

“AAhhhhhhhh! Ewwwww!” she gasped, her face pounding red with satisfaction.

She removed her wet finger from her pussy and circled it around her asshole as she twitched and flinched and then drifted into resolution.

Leah had been charming people all her life. Especially as a doll-faced girl. She got her way with everyone, children and adults. No one could ever believe she was responsible for any mischief. So she exploited this advantage and it led her to develop certain precocious tendencies. One of these tendencies was a need to humiliate others. She once played a trick on her younger brother, David, and his friend by giving them lots of lemonade and then suspending them from a tree branch by the belt loops of their jeans. She swung them around and didn’t let them down until they had both peed their pants. But that wasn’t a good enough joke for her. She forcibly brought her brother’s friend back to his house, marching him down the sidewalk by the back of his underwear and announcing to all the neighborhood that he needed to be put back in diapers. By the time they arrived at the boy’s house and she very publicly led him up the front steps and knocked on the door, the boy was a mass of tears. The mother answered with a look of fright.

“Hello Mrs. Kramer!” she stated quite loudly, “Bobby was in our yard and he peed his pants!”

“Oh no! Thank you, Leah, for bringing him home! You are such a sweet girl!” the mother praised as she ushered the bawling boy into the house.

“My pleasure, ma’am!”

From that point on, until he was well into his teens, Bobby Kramer was teased and nicknamed “Piss Pants” by all the other kids. This greatly pleased Leah.

Another precocious and nasty thing she did was spread around rude stories about people. One classic was that Margie Willis french kissed her dog. Leah told everyone she had seen it when she was at her house one day and for some reason everyone believed it. Why would blonde-haired, blue-eyed, sweet, innocent Leah, lie?

When Leah got to high school she developed the sadistic habit of breaking up relationships by coming on to guys publicly so their girlfriends would find out. Of course, she was never the one who got blamed. She couldn’t help it if she was the girl all the guys wanted to get with.

Then when she started running track she wore these skimpy, spandex bottoms that went up her crack just to torment the boys on the team and the men in the crowd. The track team never saw such big audience turnouts, but Leah never let anyone near her treasured camel-toe. At least not until she went to college and things got a little strange.

It all started with David just after his eighteenth birthday. She came home for Spring break one Friday when her parents were gone and walked in and overheard him and another guy going at it in his room. She moved away from his door immediately in disgust and shock. When he emerged from the room ten minutes later and bid his lover good-bye, she called to him.

“So who was he?” she asked.

David blushed.

“Him? Just a buddy from work.” he explained.

“What were you guys doing in there? It was pretty loud.”

“Oh really! Ah, just watching some porn.”

“Gay porn? Sounded like butt fucking.” she charged.

“Ha! No.” he shot back nervously and poker oyna turned his face away.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were queer?” she finally confronted him.

David blushed deeply again.

“You never suspected?”

“Not really.”

“Are you going to tell?”

She paused and rubbed her chin.

“I don’t know.”

“What do you want?” he asked, knowing her as well as he did.

Leah’s plan now was to flip him.

“Don’t you guys give each other rim jobs?” she questioned.

“Yeah, sometimes.”

“I always wondered how that would feel.”

“It feels pretty good.” he told her.

“Would you give one to me?”

“Uh, are you serious?!”

“Yeah! Why not! I mean, you’ve had practice, right?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Okay!” she enthused, with the plan being to bring him back to the straight world, “Let’s do it!”

She got up then and pulled him along with her to his bedroom.

“Are you sure?” he asked as he allowed himself to be led like a little boy.


They arrived in his room and she shut the door. That’s when she saw The Advocate magazine on his desk and the poster of the Village People above his bed. Sure signs of his gayness. Why hadn’t she noticed this before?

“Okay, now, this is the scenario.” she started, “I’m a girl who doesn’t know you are watching me. And then you come out of the closet and seduce me.”

“Uh, okay.”

“So you get in the closet!” she directed.

He stepped into the cramped, darkened space.

“Okay.” he said.

“Shut the door!”

He did as directed and she took off her pants. She moved to the other end of the room and pretended to be dancing to sultry music.

“Okay! Come out!” she called to him.

He emerged and saw her there in her high cut panties with her back to him, swishing her hips from side to side. He started towards her shaking like a leaf.

“Okay, now come up behind me and grab me by the waist and kiss me on the neck.” she directed again.

He did as he was told and she reacted to him with fake surprise and fear.

“Oh my god! Who are you?! What are you doing?!” she protested as she turned around and pushed him away.

“Uh… I was watching you.” he blurted lamely.

“You were watching me? Why?”

“Well, I like the way you dance.”

“But what are you doing in my room!” she exclaimed with false disgust.

“Uh, I just wanted to….”

“…dance with me?” she finished the sentence for him.


“But I’m in my underwear!”

“That’s okay. I like it!” he said as he moved back towards her and put his hands on her waist.

She put her hands against his chest and they started slow dancing.

“I guess this is okay as long as you don’t try to fuck me.” she told him.

“No! I wouldn’t do that!” he assured her.

They continued to slow dance, but David seemed lost in shyness.

“Do you like my butt?” she asked after another minute.

“Uh, sure.” he said as he looked at it quickly.

“Why don’t you squeeze it then.” she suggested.

A knot moved up into David’s throat and his head shook. He reached down and ran his hand over the smooth, pantie-covered curve of Leah’s rear.

“Yeah, it’s nice.” he told her in a quaking voice.

“Here- let me get on the bed and show it to you.”

“Oh, okay.” he said as he nervously looked around.

She knelt on the bed then on all fours and shifted her ass back and forth.

“What do you think?”

“Pretty se-sexy!” he stammered.

“I workout a lot. I do a lot of squats and sprints.”

“Nice!” he replied.

“Do you want to see my crack?” she offered.

“Uh, sure!” he replied with a bit more assertion.

“Okay, just pull my panties down.”


He knelt on the floor in back of her and put his thumbs and forefingers carefully on the waistband of the skimpy nylon garment and slid it down her melon-like gluteal muscles. He had to tug the panties out from between her cheeks and then get them free from the grip of her squeaky clean, hairless cunt before he was able to work them down her pale, full-bodied thighs. They came to rest around her knees, slightly moistened around the inside of the padded crouch. His eyes moved up to her sex then in all its glory. The curve of her butt was nectarine-like and her ass crevice shone and was slightly brown around her anus. Below that, her clit projected out and her pink inner labia sat like orchid petals between her smooth, outer labial mound. This was underscored by a dense wave of golden pubic bush just beneath. David felt himself wither at the erotic power of her sex as its well-washed scent drifted up to him. He closed his eyes and took in its fragrance.

“Do you like it?” she asked.

“Yeah!” he replied with a new sense of appreciation in his voice.

“Oh good. You can smell it if you want.”

“Yes, I did.”

“Go ahead and kiss it.” she said. “I saw you watching it.”


David leaned in and put his lips on his sister’s ass then and kissed it. It’s warm, supple, smoothness canlı poker oyna amazed him.

“Go ahead and do it again! Don’t be shy! I know you were watching it!”

He kissed her other butt cheek and then went down and kissed her pussy.

“Do you like it?” she asked again.

“Yes.” he replied as he planted a kiss on her budding clitoris.

“Ew! That felt good!” she reported.

“It did?”


“Okay, tell me what you think of this.” he said before going in with his tongue and stabbing several times at her anus with it.

“Oh my! That was wonderful!” she said, her body jolting slightly from the surprise of it.

After this he kissed and licked at her freely, moving from her anus to her vaginal opening to her clit and then back again. Leah closed her eyes and started to forget about her role playing.

“Oh yeah! That feels soo good!” she cooed.

At this time in her life Leah had been playing with herself once or twice a week, but this was something altogether different! David stopped jumping around then and concentrated on her ass. He pulled her cheeks apart and started to lick at her asshole in a targeted precise way. Leah let her head come to rest on the bed as sensations traveled up her spine like she had never known.

“Oh yeah! That’s so good!” she blurted, “Keep doing that!”

David dove into her crack and started tongue whipping her dark anal skin with more abandon. Leah arched her head up as the pleasure impulses flooded in. He started lightly brushing his thumb along the length of her clit at this point.

“Oh David!” she opined as her sex meat began to throb, “That’s the spot!”

Then she felt a trembling rise up in her that was thrilling. The warmth and slickness of his tongue was overwhelming her senses. It was direct stimulation to a place from which she had not felt pleasure before. Her clit was extremely sensitive, but nothing close to the sensitivity of her ass now. She gripped at the sheets.

“Oh, you’re gonna make me come!” she blurted suddenly as his tongue danced on a single spot atop her anus.

She released with a sustained shout that could be heard throughout the entire house as her climax broke and kept rolling and growing. Her anal muscles pounded as if they were the heart of her body. She couldn’t believe the complete loss of control as she rode the waves of pulsations that were in full possession of her. David kept working her ass with his mouth the whole time, ignoring the brine-like cum shooting from her and dripping down his chest.

After he lifted his tongue from her she continued to shiver and jump for another minute. Then she fell over onto her side and stared off at a distant vanishing point. David looked down at her in amazement. He had never seen an orgasm of that magnitude before.

“Sis?” he said.

“Yeah.” came her weakened voice.

“That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!” he admitted to her.

“Yeah.” she agreed, lethargically.

He pulled his pants down then and his erection sprang out. He moved onto the bed.

“What are you…” she started to ask.

He pushed her down flat on her stomach, lengthwise on the bed, and moved over her then.

“God, Sis! I need you!” he said as he pulled her panties the rest of the way off and guided his hard prick down into her saliva soaked ass crack.

“Oh David!” was all she could say before her ass was roughly penetrated and filled by him.

This was the first time a man had ever breached her in any way and she winced from the pain. David’s cock was big and she bit her lower lip as he withdrew it halfway and then thrust it back in. Not only did it fill her rectum, but it felt like it was pounding up into her gut. She spread her legs a bit wider and pulled his pillow in under her chin. She loved the feeling of helplessness that David’s cock was giving her. Besides, she had no strength to resist him anyway. She could only concentrate on the sensation of deep ownership she was experiencing.

The frequency of his thrusts quickened and so did the intensity of the pain as her anus stretched to accommodate his ever growing, vein engorged member.

“Oh yeah!” he exclaimed then.

Leah sank her teeth into his pillow and shut her eyes as her butt was pounded like a piston. Then her brother began to moan and vocalize loudly as Leah let out a low scream into the foam. His cock began to balloon and pulse in rhythmic orgasm at that point. His face went almost purple as he shot his semen into her. He roared and groaned like a beast as Leah’s face became distorted in her distress. She moved her mouth away from the pillow and struggled for breath when he stopped. The intensity of the experience was that strong. Finally he collapsed onto her, dripping with sweat. She lay under him with her mouth agape until his cock was expelled from her ass involuntarily by her rectal muscles. Then he got off of her, pulled up his pants, and left the room.

They didn’t speak for days after that until one afternoon he surprised her from behind and started kissing her neck. She jumped at first, but then froze. internet casino He continued to kiss her until she sighed and reached back and caressed his head. Then she angled her neck out for him and closed her eyes. He pulled her down next and made her come right there on the living room carpet.

After the second encounter Leah walked around the house as if in a dream. What were they doing? She doubted it would change David’s mind about homosexuality anyway. He was who he was, even if she didn’t approve. But it also caused her to think about her own sexuality. Why did being a passive victim excite her so much?

Back at school her life returned to normal. That is, until she had a strange encounter with the girl who was serving as dorm monitor. It seemed this girl, Debbie, had a problem with her. Her room was not meeting her inspection standards. That was what she was told each time no matter how clean it was. Leah recognized Debbie’s “type” right away. She was an authoritarian. So she decided to play to that streak in her. She provoked her in any way she could, until one day Debbie knocked on her door and announced a surprise inspection. She went through her things and made a long list of the violations and handed it to her. Leah looked at the list and scoffed.

“Wire coat hangers? Tacks in the walls? Come on! What really is the issue here?” she complained.

“The issue? It’s mostly your attitude!” Debbie rejoined.

“Really? No, that’s not it. I think you just like to harass people!”

“Well, if that’s true- you really do have a problem, don’t you!”

Leah decided to test her then. She walked up to her and got in her face and smiled.

“I bet you like to spank people, don’t you!” she charged.

Debbie flushed for a second, but recovered quickly.

“Sure do!”

“Okay, tell you what, I’ll let you do a full cavity search and we’ll call it even! What do you say?”

Debbie gave her a searing look.

“I didn’t bring my rubber gloves today, sorry!”

“Well- bring them next time so we can end this nonsense!”

“Just get your room in regs or I’ll get them to revoke your campus housing rights!” she threatened before storming out.

Leah wasn’t surprised, therefore, when Debbie returned the next day.

“Bring your gloves?” Leah jabbed when she answered the door.

“No, something better. A photo of you stealing a book from the campus store!”

She handed Leah the grainy, surveillance camera photo and folded her arms in victory.

“If this is real, why didn’t they arrest me or stop me at the time?” Leah questioned.

“I don’t know. I guess some people can just get away with anything. But if this photo goes to the Dean- say good-bye to your scholarship!”

Leah knew this was probably true.

“Okay, Bitch! What do you want from me?” Leah challenged.

Debbie walked into the room and sat down, her big body easily filling Leah’s studio chair.

“I want you to kiss my feet!” she demanded.


“You heard me!” she said as she pushed off her topsiders and curled her bare toes.

Leah walked to her and stared at her fat toes.

“No, on second thought- I want to see all these toes in your mouth at once!” Debbie revised.

Leah looked at her with disgust.

“You’re a psycho!”

Debbie raised one of her feet in the air.

“Kiss it!”

Leah tried to think of any way to get out of this.

“Look, I have a brother who would love to meet you! He’s really cute! And he’s a really good lover!” Leah pitched.

Debbie only sneered at her.

“Suck them!” she commanded, continuing to hold her foot aloft.

Leah stepped in and took her foot in her hand and quickly kissed it. Then she wiped her mouth.

“There! Happy?” Leah asked.

“Awww! Is the precious girl afraid of germs?! Kiss it again!”

“No! I’m not going to do it again! Fuck you!”

“Then pull your pants down and get ready to be spanked!” Debbie threatened as she rose up from the chair.

“Bite me!”

Get your pants down or I go to the Dean!”

Leah was fuming, but she knew Debbie would do it. She yanked her yoga pants down and stepped out of them.

“Panties too, Miss Priss!” Debbie ordered.

Leah slid her underwear off and kicked them away. She folded her arms in front of her and watched as Debbie ate up the sight of her partially clad form. She seemed especially pleased by Leah’s prominent shock of golden/blonde pubic hair.

“Wow! A natural blonde! How refreshing!” she quipped.

She walked towards her and circled her then. She stopped halfway and took in the view of Leah’s pale, round buttocks.

“Nice ass, too! I bet that thing has never been spanked in your life! Has it?”

“Are you done?” Leah asked with exasperation.

“Oh no! Bend forward and put your hands on your knees!”

Leah followed the instructions with trepidation. As she did, she felt a hand come from underneath and land on her twat. She flinched, but maintained her position.

“And she keeps that pussy nice and shaved! Wow!” Debbie cracked again as she rubbed at Leah’s bald twat.

Leah felt the flushed heat of her humiliation now burning in her neck and face. But there was an aspect of titillation as well. She kept her gaze straight ahead.

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