All Girl Family Reunion Ch. 07

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A few minutes later, freshly showered and dressed for the day, the two sisters went up the stairs and joined Jess, Brittany, Jill and Candace in the kitchen just as their mothers walked in the door.

“Hi girls!” Debra called, hugging Lizzie tightly and reaching out to kiss Mal on the head.

Leslie wrapped Candace up in her arms and kissed her before turning to hug Jill.

“Where are Nikki and Tiff?” she asked.

Just then, Lizzie’s bedroom door opened, and the two sisters walked out in their sleepwear, holding hands affectionately.

“Hey Aunt Debra, what’s going on? Where’s Mum?” Tiff asked.

“Oh, she’s still with your uncle.” Debra answered. She turned to the rest of the girls. “We won’t be here long, ladies. We just wanted to come do some shopping for you guys. I’m guessing with 8 hungry girls in the house there isn’t much food left, and I can already see the wine wrack needs to be refilled.”

The girls all laughed. As they laughed Tiff stepped behind Nikki, wrapping her arms around her waist and kissing her cheek.

Jess noticed the moment between her sisters, and wondered secretly if it meant something, or if her mind had just wanted it to.

Debra continued:

“Anyhow, I thought we’d take two cars, so I brought Leslie with me, and we’re looking for some volunteers to help. Lizzie, Mal, since you’re co-hosting this gathering in my absence, I’m assuming you’ll be first to volunteer.”

“Sure thing Mom, anything you need.” Mal said with a smile.

“Yeah, of course!” Lizzie added.

“How about you girls? We can grab some lunch too if you’d like.” Leslie said, turning to her daughters.

“Ok, count us in, right Sis?” Jill responded, turning to Candace for confirmation. Candace nodded, wrapping an arm around Jill’s shoulder.


“Can I come with you guys, too? I could go for some Mcdonald’s or something.” piped in Jessica.

“Ok, sure. But I’m afraid that better be it, we’ll need some space on the seats for the groceries.” Debra answered.

“Oh, that’s fine, Tiff and I are feeling kind of lazy today.. right Tiff?” Nikki said, cuddling back against her sister. Tiff squeezed Nikki around the hips.

“Yeah, we were up kind of late last night!” she giggled. Jess gave her sisters another critical look, noting their constant closeness.

“Yeah, I think I’ll just read in the bedroom for a bit, if that’s cool.” said Brittany.

“Of course it is, Sweetie! Did you want to come back with us to visit your father later?” Debra asked.

“Oh, no! I mean, that’s fine! I’m having fun here with the girls…” Brittany answered, blushing.

“Ok, Hon, you stay and enjoy yourself, then.” Debra replied, giving the girl a motherly hug.

“I was going to wait to tell you this, Brittany, but I talked to your sister last night on the phone, and she’s flying down to see you while your Dad’s sick.”

Brittany’s face immediately brightened.

“Really? Trish is coming? I thought she was to busy with work!” she said excitedly. It had been so long since she’d seen her big sis.

The oldest cousin of the family, she had moved to California a couple of years ago and was busy trying to build a career in fashion. She didn’t visit often, and so her little sis missed her terribly. Brittany hugged her aunt tightly, grinning from ear to ear.

“Alright, then, come on girls, lets hit the road!” called Leslie, leading the way out to the cars.

As soon as they were out the door, Brittany scampered off to her aunt’s room, and Nikki and Tiff looked deeply into each other’s eyes. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed tenderly. Tiff then took Nikki by the hand and led her back to Lizzie’s bedroom.

“Oh, shit! I forgot my bag! I’ll be right back!” exclaimed Jess, unbuckling her seat belt.

She dashed back to the house, and headed for her aunt’s room. As she passed Lizzie’s bedroom door, the sound of low voices caught her attention.

She could hear her sisters, talking quietly on the other side of the door. She pressed her ear to it, and heard a soft moan.

‘I knew it!!’ she thought to herself, a grin spreading across her face. She quickly tiptoed back to the entrance, and once outside ran to the driver’s side window.

“On second thought, I’m feeling a little under the weather, Aunt Debra. I think maybe I’ll stay here after all…” she lied.

“Oh, that’s a shame, Sweetie. Anything you need from the pharmacy?”

“No no, I’ll be fine, just going to lay down for a while.” Jess answered.

“Alright, well, feel better, Hon.” Debra said, and put the car in gear.

Jess watched her pull away, following Leslie down the street, and scampered back to the house excitedly.

She crept back to the bedroom door, listening again. The moans were louder now, and coming more frequently.

Jess licked her lips, taking a deep breath, and marched into the room, slamming the door behind her and placing her hands on her hips.

“Well, well well!” she exclaimed.

Nikki pulled poker oyna her face from her sister’s crotch, wiping her chin before grabbing a pillow to cover herself with. Tiff scrambled out from under her sister, grabbing the other pillow and hugging it to her chest.

“Fuck! Jess!!” she cried in surprise.

“What the fuck are you doing!?” Jess yelled. “Fucking in your cousin’s bed?!? You’re both girls!! AND YOU’RE FUCKING SISTERS!!”

Nikki started to sob, tears welling up in her eyes.

“P-please, d-d-don’t tell on us..” she whimpered, before burying her face in the pillow.

“Hmm..” Jess said, tapping a finger to her chin. “Ok! On one condition..”

Nikki looked up from the pillow and sniffled. Tiff looked at her youngest sister suspiciously.

“And… what might that be?” she asked, thinking, and secretly hoping she knew where this was going.

Jess immediately lifted her shirt over her head and pushed her jeans down to the floor, then struck a pose in her bra and panties, smiling radiantly.

Tiff and Nikki looked at each other, and they both smiled. They moved aside, making room on the bed, and Tiff patted the spot between them.

Jess mewled happily, and bounded between them. Tiff and Nikki leaned in close, and both planted their lips on the edges of their younger sister’s mouth.

They planted tender kisses on her lips, and she groaned between them. They closed in, until all three girls were kissing together, their pliant lips crushing together. Jess pushed her tongue out, licking at her sister’s mouths, and they quickly joined her tongue with theirs.

The three young women slid their tongues together hungrily.

Jess felt hands on her back unclasping her bra, and fingers tugging at her panties. She lifted her butt, and let her sisters undress her.

Once she was naked, she felt each sister wrap a hand around one of her breasts, and slip another one between her legs. They guided her down to the bed, leaning forward and each taking a nipple between their lips.

Jess sighed, her hands cradling her sisters’ heads as they kissed and licked her breasts. Her pussy dribbled onto the sheets and her breathing grew heavier.

Together, Nikki and Tiff moved down Jess’s body, pressing their lips to her naked skin. Nikki dipped her tongue into her belly button, while Tiff continued down to lick around her mound.

Jess shuddered, her thighs spreading immediately. Her sisters knelt on the floor between her spread legs, and looked down at her open pussy.

Nikki licked her lips, and shared a look with her big sister, before leaning forward, her tongue running along Jess’s inner thigh until it reached her pussy. Tiff followed suit, licking her way up the other thigh, and her tongue met Nikki’s in the centre.

They started to lick, their faces brushing together. As they tasted their young sister for the first time, they pressed in harder, eager for more. They pushed her legs apart even wider, and Jess squealed, overwhelmed by the two voracious girls beneath her.

She reached for her feet, pulling them into the air, exposing herself as much as she could to her sisters. Her ass lifted slightly from the bed, and Tiff quickly licked her way down to her bottom. She pushed her tongue against Jess’s anus, sending delicious shudders along her body.

As Tiff tongued Jess’s ass, Nikki went to work harder on her pussy, lapping at the lips several times before sucking at her clit.

Having two mouths working her over, Jess was soon teetering on the brink of ecstasy. She rocked against her sisters’ faces, struggling to keep her grip on her feet. She was practically hyperventilating, her head thrashing back and forth.

Nikki ran her tongue down one last time, and shoved it as deeply as she could into Jess’s pussy. She reached up, rubbing Jess’s clit hard with her fingers, and Jess started to buck maniacally.

She lost her grip on her feet, and her legs whipped around in the air. Her hands fell to her chest, clawing at her breasts as she came, a tidal wave of pleasure inundating her senses.

She screamed. She screamed loud. She screamed so loud, the walls shook. And still, her sisters tongues were all over her. Lapping up her juices, sucking at her flesh, tonguing her spasming holes. She screamed again, her bucking hips surging with a second orgasm. Her voice was now hoarse, her lungs rasping. Her nipple throbbed as she tore at them, red and swollen.

“Please! No more! No more, I can’t take it PLEEEEEASE!!” she cried, a third orgasm overtaking her.

She sucked in air with desperate gulps, tears streaming down her reddened face. Her hair tangled and twisted across the bed as her pussy cascaded with her cum.

She reached down, pushing her sisters faces away, and covering her pussy with her hands to prevent them from continuing their assault.

They finally pulled back. Both of their faces were pink from the heat of Jess’s pussy. They were panting for breath. Their hair was disheveled, their lips swollen, their faces canlı poker oyna coated in pussy cream.

They turned to each other, and lunged into a desperate kiss. They shoved their hands between each other’s legs, fucking each other as hard as they could as they made out ferociously.

Jess watched them, her hands still pressing into her twitching pussy. She moaned as the remnants of her orgasm flickered, watching her sisters bring themselves to orgasm on each other’s fingers.

Nikki tore her lips from Tiff’s, letting out a warbling scream of her own, bucking her hips against her older sister’s jabbing hand. She rubbed Tiff’s clit savagely, sending the older girl into a euphoric seizure.

The two girls writhed, their bodies slamming together again and again. Then finally, they collapsed into each other, breathing hard against each other’s throats.

Once the two older girls caught their breath, they slowly climbed up onto the bed, and the three sisters kissed again, their hands scrubbing across each other’s bodies.

Tiff pulled herself back, letting her two younger sisters focus their tongues deep in each other’s mouths.

Jess’s hands slid down Nikki’s torso, eager to give pleasure to her sibling. She pushed her hand between Nikki’s legs, and started to rub at her gooey opening.

Nikki whimpered into her sister’s lips, her body trembling with growing arousal.

Jess decided to take control, flipping Nikki onto her back and shoving her face between her legs. Nikki grunted as she felt Jess’s eager tongue penetrate her gash. The younger girl was licking her excitedly, her face drenched in her juices.

Nikki pushed her hips hard against Jess’s face, gyrating salaciously as her orgasm started to build. Jess lapped greedily at Nikki’s clit, shoving fingers into the older girl’s pussy, and drove her over the edge.

Nikki unleashed a torrent of cum on her sister’s face as Jess continued to pump her fingers inside her. She howled uncontrollably, her pelvis thrashing around with Jess’s lips clamped firmly to her cunt.

Finally, she dropped back to the bed, shoving weakly at her sister’s face and begging her to stop.

Jess pulled back, and looked over to her other sister. Tiff was laying back at the foot of the bed, fingering herself like crazy as she gawked at her fucking sisters.

Jess licked her lips, then lunged at the older girl, pinning her down and grinding her own cunt down against her sister’s. Tiff groaned, humping back just as hard, and pulling Jess down into a passionate kiss.

Their sweaty bodies mashed together as they fucked energetically. The bed shook as their cunts slapped together over and over, their juices splashing across the mattress.

Jess dug her hands under Tiff’s ass, squeezing it tightly and pulling her harder into their thrusts. Their tongues dueled fiercely in their mouths, their noses crushing together with the passion behind their kiss.

Having masturbated for several minutes before Jess attacked her, it wasn’t long before Tiff exploded in orgasm, her pussy firing her ejaculate all over Jess’s already slippery mons. Her mouth gaped as pleasure overwhelmed her.

Jess continued to kiss and lick at Tiff’s face, and her pelvis continued to churn lewdly against her sister’s.

Suddenly, Jess felt a warm tongue slide against her ass crack. She looked back to see a very disheveled looking Nikki licking at her sweat soaked anus. This caused Jess to shudder, and she fucked against Tiffany even faster.

Tiff lay prone beneath her sister, exhausted from her intense orgasm, but Nikki’s wicked tongue was quickly bringing Jess to the brink of climax.

She slid her wet cunt hard against Tiff’s, pushing her spread ass back into Nikki’s face. When she felt Nikki start to push her tongue inside, Jess lost it and started gyrating uncontrollably in orgasm. She bucked her hips hard, scraping her gushing cunt against Tiff’s, her breath rasping in her throat.

After several moments, Jess’s body started to slow it’s convulsions. Nikki pulled her tongue free from the younger girl’s slippery ass crack and rose to her knees, glancing back at the bedside clock.

“Shit! They’ll probably be back soon, we better get cleaned up!” she exclaimed.

With more than a little difficulty, Tiff and Jess pulled themselves apart, and the girls stood on wobbly legs to get dressed.

Nikki peaked out the bedroom door, and when she saw the coast was clear, the three sex soaked sisters sprinted to the bathroom to wash away the evidence of their lovemaking.


Meanwhile, Brittany lay in her aunt’s bed, staring blankly at the ceiling.

Her mouth hung open, her fingers shoved deep inside her jeans. She strummed her clit hard, arcing her back and thrusting her hips as what must have been her third orgasm rippled through her body.

Finally, she settled back into the bed, visions of her naked cousins filling her mind. She pictured the four she’d caught downstairs, and the three she’d been listening internet casino to just now through the wall.

Shame overwhelmed her as she admitted to herself she wanted them all. She sucked at her dripping fingers, hoping desperately she would get her chance soon.


All afternoon, as they ran errands and shopped for groceries, Candace couldn’t stop thinking about her growing family love nest.

She thought about how it had all started, back in the small home she shared with her mother and sister. The house was old, and Candace’s room would get particularly cold in the winter months.

One night, as a snow storm wailed outside, she lay shivering in her bed, trying in vain to keep warm. It was no use. There was a huge draft blowing through the edges of the window pane, and so finally, she decided to get up and see if she could bunk with Jill.

The floor was like ice on her bare feet when she stood, and she scampered quickly out into the hall, before knocking lightly on her sister’s door.

“Y-y-yess?” she heard from inside the room. She opened the door, and saw Jill wrapped up in her bed, shivering just as much as Candace was.

“It’s fucking freezing in this house. Can I climb in with you to keep warm?” she asked.

Jill nodded, lifting the comforter for her sister. Candace climbed in, and the girls cuddled close, warming themselves with each other’s bodies.

They wrapped their arms around each other, their legs intertwining as they fought to keep out the cold.

“Mmmm that’s better.” Candace sighed, nuzzling into Jill’s neck.

“Hahaha. Yeah. That tickles, Sis!”

“What does?” Candace asked, lifting her head.

“Your breath on my neck.” Jill replied, pulling the covers up over their shoulders.

“Oh, you mean this?” Candace asked devilishly.

She pushed her face against her sister’s throat, blowing her warm breath against the skin. Jill started giggling, wiggling her body to try and get away. Candace held her tightly, though, and started to rub her face against her exposed neck. Jill squealed, but didn’t push Candace away.

Eventually, Candace’s rubbing face turned into rubbing lips. She started to plant wet kisses all over her sister’s skin, and Jill sighed. The two girls slowed their wriggling bodies, holding their embrace in silence as they wondered to themselves what was happening.

They could both feel an almost electric energy passing between them. Candace was holding her moist lips against Jill’s neck, just below her ear. Both girls were starting to breath harder, and they pressed their bodies tightly together.

Candace’s leg was draped across her sister’s hip, and she started to gently grind herself against it. Jill could feel what her sister was doing, but couldn’t bring herself to stop her. Instead, she tentatively grabbed Candace’s leg, pulling it further against her, and pushing her own crotch against it.

Candace began kissing Jill’s neck again, but this time the kisses were tender and purposeful. Her hands slid around Jill’s torso, and the two girls began to writhe against one another in complete silence.

“Candace… we… we should stop… thiiiiisss” Jill hissed as her sister shoved her tongue in her ear. The feeling drove her wild, and she grabbed Candace’s face, pulling her down for a passionate kiss.

Their lips crushed together wantonly, their hands groping and their bodies grinding with unbridled passion. Candace slid on top of her sister, their groins pumping against each other’s thighs as they made out with each other.

The heat they were producing transformed the small bedroom from freezing to sweltering, and they kicked the blankets away, reaching to pull off each other’s pajamas as well.

They pulled apart long enough to strip completely nude, then fell back into each other’s arms, tongues exploring each other’s hungry mouths. Their hands slid down over their damp stomachs, reaching for each other’s dripping cunts.

As they began to touch one another, they both shuddered, their cunts thrusting down against each other’s invading fingers. They rubbed and fingered each other energetically, their tongues dueling and their bodies writhing.

Soon, they couldn’t hold back their pleasure, and they both came, their pussies bursting with their sweet juices. They screamed against each other’s lips, thankful their mother slept on the first floor of the house.

As their orgasms faded, their fingers slowed, gently pumping inside each other for a few more strokes before sliding free. They pulled apart, staring incredulously at each other. The reality of what they’d just done was beginning to dawn on them.

Jill smiled nervously at her sister, and all she could think to say was:

“Well… Um… We should probably get some sleep now…”

Candace nodded, and they both lay back, pulling the covers over their naked bodies. They both felt so dirty suddenly, and made sure to stick to their own side of the bed. They each quietly promised themselves they would never do this again, and eventually, they fell into a restless sleep.

They did do it again, though, and not long afterward. Candace smiled at the memories, staring longingly at her sister as she selected apples in the produce section.

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