All in the Family Ch. 02

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The days dragged by in mind numbing routine. Every week day I rolled out of bed, went through the motions of getting ready for the day and went to work only to come home and go through the motions of being a loving, caring fiancé and force myself to stay excited as Mikey flirted and seduced me. Weekends were worse, trapped with Mikey all day. Where had the passion gone? Where was the love?

I almost exploded with joy when he announced he’d be going back to visit his parents. I didn’t understand it. If I was falling out of love with Mikey I should not be getting attached to his family. And I should not be going to see Kevin.

The dreams had been getting worse, dreams of Kevin and the delightful fire he seemed to light in me. I dreamt of him kissing me, of being held so close to him, and more than that. I was dreaming dangerous dreams and I couldn’t stop them. This certainly wouldn’t help.

Luckily Kevin’s hand had healed and I got to spend the day having coffee with their mom. When the boys came in from the shop we were laughing over a photo album in the living room.

“Good, you’re both here,” Mikey said. “I need to talk to you.” He sat on the couch with us. “I have a business trip coming up in a few weeks and I was hoping Mandy could stay here while I was away.”

“What!?” I said.

“Kevin thought it was a good idea.”

I shot Kevin a dirty look. “I can stay home by myself. I am a big girl you know.”

“I know, I wasn’t implying that. I thought it would be a nice chance for you to hang out here for longer than a day.”

“What about work?”

“You always have more vacation time banked than I do. And you’ll probably have a chance to bank more before the honeymoon.”

His mom said, “It would be a nice treat to have another girl in the house. You’d be more than welcome. The boys can squeeze into two rooms so we have the space.”

“Yeah,” Kevin said, “We don’t mind sharing at all.”

I was defeated. “Sure.” I smiled. “I’d love to.”

I made the arrangements with work and a week later poker oyna I was back on the farm, this time with two big bags in hand. I got Mikey’s old room, Kevin was bunking with Drew who was back from his camping trip.

I settled in before joining the family for dinner. After dinner I hid in “my” room and read. It didn’t help. Kevin soon joined me.

“What are you reading?” he asked.

I showed him the cover of the book and kept reading.

“Silent treatment? I haven’t made you angry, have I?”

“I’m ignoring you. Last time was a mistake, and I won’t repeat it. We can’t do … stuff like that.” It was weak, I knew it. All that mattered was that he believed it.

He joined me on the couch. “But Amanda, your heart was pounding so hard last time.” His voice dropped to a whisper. “I was sure you liked it.”

“Go away.”

“You don’t mean that.” He slid closer.

“Go away,” I repeated but it was weaker than the first time.

He slid a hand behind my neck. “No, Amanda, not yet.” He yanked me forward and kissed me, knocking my book to the floor. When he released the pressure I pulled back in shock. He was grinning.

He kissed me again, this time his tongue parted my lips, roughly darting across my gums and tongue. I was breathing hard and I knew he could feel it. I fought to keep my hands away from him and lost. Soon we were kissing in earnest. I didn’t realize his hands were wandering until one of them slid under my shirt. I pulled away.

“No.” I shook my head, violently. “No. We can’t.”

“Amanda.” He stared into my eyes with such force that the breath caught in my force. “Kiss me.”

The pull was rough, demanding, but I complied and kissed him, enjoying it. He broke it off this time, smiling again. “I’ll see you later, Amanda.”

I shuddered as he walked out and dashed to the door when he was gone. Just my luck there was no lock. I only hoped later would be tomorow.

I changed into comfy pajamas, turned off the lights, and crawled into bed. It was terrifying. I never camped, I never spent canlı poker oyna the night outside of the city. What if there were creepy crawlies? Or mice? What if Kevin came back?

I shuddered and tried to sleep.

The door opened in the night, I could sense it and woke from my half sleep.

“Hello?” I whispered.


I shuddered again, this time in anticipation. He slipped into the bed with me, but remained on top of the covers. He found my lips quickly and began to devour them.

I fell apart. My arms struggled to be free of the blankets, to reach for his hair, his body. As the blanket fell away his kisses inched lower falling first on my jaw, then my neck, my collar bone … my back arched slightly.

“Ask,” he said, his voice low and dangerous.

“For what?” Though I whispered too my voice was thin with desire.

“Ask me to join you.”

I shook my head. To be taken, to be seduced, my mind and body could rationalize that, but to ask … No. I couldn’t … I …

“Kevin …”

“Amanda. Ask.”




“That’s not enough.”


“Please. Please …” my mind struggled to find words. “Please Kevin, come to bed with me.”

His body was under the covers in one smooth motion. We were kissing, warm, desperate kisses that only fuelled my desire for him. His chest was bare beneath my hands. Very quickly his hands began playing with the hem of my shirt, tugging at it, twisting it. He made desperate, animal sounds against my mouth.

I pulled away from him and pulled my shirt over my head. He closed the gap between us and began touching my breasts. I moaned, his hands were amazing, so strong and the perfect size. He dropped his lips to one, taking the nipple into his mouth. He sucked and nipped and flicked it with his tongue until I had to bury my teeth in my lip to silence myself.

He stopped suddenly, his hand grabbing my hair again. I tried to pull away, the electric rush of his action scaring me. “Amanda.” internet casino His voice was strong as iron. “Kiss me.” He pulled my head to his chest and I kissed him. My lips moved along his skin. I trailed my tongue along his muscle lines, down to his bellybutton. My hands reached his hips and I realized he was naked beside me. Naked, and warm, and already hard.

Before I could move away he was pushing me lower. “Do it. Take it.” I licked my lips once before the tip of his cock brushed them. He pushed me down, forcing me to open my mouth or have my nose buried in his pubic hair.

Once my mouth opened he stopped pushing, but his hand remained on the back of my head with enough pressure to stop me from escaping. He was bigger than Mikey and that thought turned me on.

I licked him, my tongue flicking over that most sensitive fold of skin. He groaned. “Yes. Amanda.”

The sound of my name spoken with such lust made me shudder and swallowed him. His back arched with the sudden pleasure as I deep throated him, taking his full length into my mouth and sucking. I gagged a few times but it only made him groan. He pulled out suddenly, his precum and my saliva leaving a wet string between his tip and my lips.

“You whore,” he hissed, his voice forceful. The word made me shudder with desire. He pulled me up close to him, kissing my lips with no regard for what I had just been doing. I kissed him back. The heat was building inside of me. My pussy was becoming wet, I could feel it as my legs moved. The only comfortable way to lay was to straddle him.

He flipped me on my back. “Perfect.” He pulled my pyjama pants off with forceful tugs. The blankets had been pushed back, forgotten. He sat back for a moment, admiring my naked body in the shadows. I felt suddenly self-conscious as his eyes roamed down to my neatly shaved pussy. I covered my self with a hand but he pulled it away.

He slid his hand between my legs. “Wet little whore.” He threw my legs apart and slammed into me. My back arched and I fought back a scream of pleasure. He fucked me hard and fast, coming long before I reached my peak.

He was out of me and out of bed just as fast. “See you later,” he whispered, leaving me sprawled out on the bed, naked and panting.

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