Amanda , George

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George stared hard at Jenny’s beautiful body, clad in tight denim shorts that showed off the perfect globes of her ass, and separated her pussy lips at the front and a tee-shirt that was straining to keep her voluptuous breasts in, and the cowboy hat and boots was what got George going every time. She slowly swayed in time to the music playing in the background, as she did she threw the cowboy hat away like a Frisbee, with a sinister grin, as she continued to dance she slowly eased the tee-shirt upwards revealing her firm stomach and sexy pierced belly button, she turned her back to George as she eased the tee-shirt over her head and threw it aside.

She continued to dance with her back to George showing off her very fuckable ass, then she turned to face George once again cupping her firm breasts in her hands, teasing him even more, as she danced George parted the dressing gown he was wearing and started massaging his semi-erect member. After playing with her dark brown nipples, which were as hard as rocks by now, Jenny slowly started to undo the buttons to her shorts one button at a time, dancing all the while. George had sped up his hand movements and by now was breathing very heavily, and as Jenny slid her shorts down her fabulous legs to reveal her neatly shaved mound, George blew his load all over his stomach and couch, he the reached for the remote control and pressed stop on the video recorder.

George wiped himself off with some tissue and went to the liquor cabinet to fix himself a drink, Jack Daniels and coke then he settled himself back on the couch to watch a game of football. As he sat and watched the game he heard the front door open, it was Amanda his 20 year old daughter. “Hey Hon’, how was work today?” George inquired, “It was O.K.” she sighed ” A few of the kids at the crèche were a hand full, so I’m just going to have a long soak in the bath then go to bed.”

“Hon’ do you want me to fix you a snack?”

“Nah, I had a burger not so long ago” she said as she made her way up the stairs. George watched the remaining 3 quarters of the game, and by the time it was over it was well after midnight, so he plugged out the TV and made his way quietly upstairs so as not wake Amanda. As he reached the top of the stairs he noticed that Amanda’s door poker oyna was ajar so he decided to close it to prevent it banging later in the night as they left the landing window open for fresh air.

As George approached the door he noticed a dim light coming from inside, ” It must be one of those aromatherapy candles she’s burning again, damn that girl is gonna burn this house down so day.” So he peeked in through the opening in the door and his jaw must have hit the floor, there laying completely naked was his daughter, no longer a girl but a fully fledged woman. Amanda lay there eyes closed as she caressed her lovely firm breasts, whimpering as she pinched the big dark nipples to erection, then slowly she moved her left hand slowly over her stomach and down between her legs. She slowly bent her knees slightly and spread her legs, and let her fingers lightly touch her already moist slit.

George knew he shouldn’t be watching this but he couldn’t resist, he suddenly became aware of the monster erection he was sporting and as the continued to watch he gently undid his dressing gown and let it slide to the floor, along with is boxers, he wrapped his hand around his throbbing cock and slowly started to stroke it. As he laid his shoulder against the jamb of the door he gazed with awe at the beautiful creature he saw inside, Amanda still laid with her long tanned legs apart as she teased her pussy lips, using her index finger to stroke them lightly from top to bottom, occasionally she stopped to play with her clit. Amanda now started using her long blonde hair to tickle her nipples, and as she did so she slipped the index finger of her left hand into her now soaking wet pussy, using the palm of her hand to stimulate her clit.

By now George was working up a sweat but still was a long time from cumming due to his earlier fun, he took time out from jerking off and removed his tee-shirt, using it to wipe the sweat off his face and upper body, he then rolled it into a ball and threw it up the hallway and it landed on his bedroom floor. He then turned his attention back to Amanda who was now on the brink of orgasm, George started to resume his previous position, cock in hand he started to lay up against the door jamb again… but slipped and ended up standing stark naked in Amanda’s canlı poker oyna room.

Amanda immediately sat bolt upright in the bed and pulled the covers over herself, “Oh my God, Dad what do you think your doing spying on me?” she screamed. ” I know, I know I got carried away when I saw you like that, I’m so, so sorry” he pleaded now with his hands holding his head, completely forgetting about his nakedness. ” It’s just that when I saw you there I realized that your no longer my little girl, you’ve grown up so much into an incredibly attractive woman.” With his hands still covering his face he began to sob, suddenly he noticed something warm and moist brushing his still erect cock, he took his hands away from his face and looked down, only to see his own daughter licking his dick. “Amanda what are you doing?”

“Well dad I can’t just leave you it this hard-on, since I was the one who gave it to you.” George tried to fight the urge but failed, so he placed his hands behind his daughters head and started to face fuck her, he was amazed at how good a cocksucker she was, he always thought she was the quite type but now he knew she had a lot of practice to be this good. She bobbed her head up and down his shaft, stopping every so often to lick the head of his dick, then she’d start bobbing again. After a while, to George’s amazement, she started to deep throat his 7 inch dick, as she did so she reached up and started squeezing his balls, this all became to much and George screamed “I’m cummming!!!!!!” expecting Amanda to pull away but instead she increased her head bobbing and sucked him for all he was worth. With that George exploded into Amanda’s mouth with a loud groan, Amanda moaned slightly as she swallowed her fathers creamy load.

After a few minutes of Amanda sucking him clean, George grabbed her and pushed her on her back, he put her knees over his shoulders and nestled his face into her completely shaved mound and started lapping his tongue up and down her slit, sometimes nibbling the edges, as he did this he used his fingers to play with her clit which her licked lightly on every up stroke. Amanda soon started rocking back to her fathers tongue movement; she then grabbed her father by the hair and forced his face deeper into her muff, within a few minutes her internet casino breathing became shallow and very rapid, and her body became tense as an orgasm rocked through her body and she screamed in ecstasy. Her father remained between her legs for at least ten minutes lapping up her juices.

After a while he rolled from between her legs and moved up the bed to lie down beside her. ” Jeeze, dad you sure are good with your tongue” Amanda exclaimed. “I’m a bit rusty because I haven’t had a woman since you mother died 5 years ago.”

” You haven’t had anyone since mom?” she said shocked. “No.” With that Amanda swung her leg over her fathers torso and straddled him, the sight of his beautiful slim daughter staring down at him combined with the warmth of her pussy on his stomach brought his cock back to life as it sprung up and rubbed Amanda’s firm ass. She smiled down at him and brought her face down to his and kissed him square on the mouth, letting her tongue probe deep into his warm mouth. Amanda then positioned herself over her fathers cock and used her hand to slowly guide herself down onto his erect mast, as her entered her tight warm fuck hole they both moaned with pleasure.

George could not believe how tight his daughter was, and he was afraid of shooting his load straight away. When George was completely inside Amanda she stopped so he could regain his composure, then when he was ready she began to slide up and down his shaft, sliding very slowly enjoying the bliss they were both experiencing. As Amanda slowly fucked him George cupped her smooth tits in his hands, her tits weren’t massive yet weren’t small, they comfortably rested in each of his hands. He caressed his daughters tits and pinched the nipples remembering how much she moaned earlier on that night when she did it herself, true enough she began to moan loudly as her hip movement grew faster and harder.

George grabbed her by the hips and turned her to face away from him, from there he managed to get her into the doggy style position without exiting her, he then started pulling her hips back to meet his every thrust. They picked up speed and were soon fucking as hard as they could, Georges balls could be heard slapping against her with every pelvic thrust. Suddenly both their bodies tensed as they both came closer to orgasm, as they both came George rammed deep into Amanda’s cavity. They collapsed in a loving embrace, kissed each other and fell fast asleep, George still buried deep inside Amanda.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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