Amy and Robert

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Amy and Robert were sitting side by side at the desk in Robert’s bedroom doing their respective university assignments. Robert was nineteen and a half, and in second year Medicine. His sister, Amy was a little over eighteen and in her first year of a science degree. They had studied together for years, even before Amy had any homework of her own. She idolised her older brother and, as a little girl, just liked to follow him around, be included in what he was doing, and even now, still loved to hang out with him. As they got older she derived benefit from this custom of studying together because any school work she needed help with, Robert had already done it the year before, could help and coach her. Even now at uni, he had studied a lot of the subjects she was now doing in first year science.

“Robbie?” she said to get his attention.

“Yes sis?” he replied.

“Can I ask you something personal?” she asked.

“Personal?” he queried, looking up from his books and giving her a wry smile. “How, personal? What’s on my little sister’s mind, huh?”

“Well … it’s about sex, actually. Coming from and all girl Catholic high school I didn’t have anything to do with boys until I got to university, and I feel a bit ignorant compared with the majority of girls who went to co-ed government high schools, and who don’t come from strict, prudish, Catholic families like ours. I just wondered if you could tell me something about it?”

“Fancy that”, replied Robert with a chuckle, as he put his arm around her shoulder and gave her a fraternal squeeze. “My little sister’s suddenly become a young woman; interested in boys, huh? Anyone in particular?”

“No!” Amy was quick to chide. “It’s just that, unlike me and my girlfriends, a lot of the girls in my year at uni have boyfriends, and some of them even admit to not being virgins – even brag about what the got up to after the party last weekend … that sort of stuff. I’m not looking to do anything wicked, just want to know more about it, that’s all, and you’re my brother after all. If I can’t ask you, who can I ask?”

“Amy, Amy, Amy”, he said with a smile, swivelling his chair around to face her. “Well, you could ask Mum, or your friends at uni. I’m not sure this is a proper subject for brother and sister to be discussing.”

“I’ve had the birds and bees lesson from Mum, but I can’t ask her anything much beyond that sanitised account of where babies come from – definitely not about romantic or recreational sex! It would be too embarrassing for both of us … and as far as my friends at uni are concerned, well most of them are good little Catholic girls too, and all of them are virgins like me, so they wouldn’t have a clue. Besides, it might make them wonder why I want to know.”

“I see”, he mused, and then more positively: “Okay, sis; we’ve always talked about things in the past, so why not? – what do you want to know? Mind you, I don’t have much more experience than you do, so I’m not sure how much help I can be.”

You’ve been at uni for nearly two years and haven’t done anything? – a good looking guy like you, who all the girls lust after?” It was true – Robert was poker oyna a very handsome young man, and all of her school friends had made no secret of the fact that they were infatuated with him. If she were true to her own feelings, Amy would have admitted to herself that she too had a crush on her big brother, but that was just too wicked for words, and would be denounced by the Holy Church, so whenever those warm fuzzy feelings came over her she had always suppressed them and confined herself to enjoying the platonic aspects of being siblings who get on exceptionally well, indeed.

“No”, he replied, “… well, maybe not done nothing, but I have certainly not gone all the way, if that’s what you mean. A bit of kissing and cuddling with the occasional grope after a date, but other than that, sis, I’m still a virgin like you, so I’m not sure I can teach you much. Actually, on that point, Libby Pascoe has asked me to partner her to the Arts Faculty Ball, and she even said that she would make it worth my while if I did. I’m still thinking about it, and not sure what to do. So, since you brought the subject of sex up, I’m now asking you if I should go with her, or politely turn her down?”

“Not her!” Amy retorted.

“Why not her?” asked Robert.

“In case you didn’t know”, replied Amy, “she’s got a reputation around campus, and to my mind, not the sort of girl I want my brother going out with – and certainly not the one to give his virginity to … to be his first! Everyone would know the next day and that would ruin your chances with any of the nice girls. Why her, anyway? If you’ve decided it is time to lose it, then why not with a quality girl of good character?” What she didn’t say was the she was surprised that she also felt pangs of jealousy – a feeling that she knew was wrong, but if her brother was going to lose his virginity, as he inevitably would one day, she wanted it to be with someone worthy of him, and someone she, Amy, liked and respected.

“Calm down, little sis. I know what you say about Libby is true and I have pretty much decided to decline her invitation. The only reason I hesitated in the first place is that I am one of the only virgins left among my peer group, and my hormones are telling me: ‘it’s about time you found out what it’s all about’ … and, she was offering. As for losing it with a nice girl instead? – well, nice girls don’t come across that easily, and I’m not sure I want a long term relationship with one right now, when I am less than half way through my course, which is what I would have to commit to if I wanted to get that intimate with a ‘nice girl’. At least with Libby it wouldn’t be a serious, long term affair, but, as you say, it would also be something I wouldn’t be proud of. You seem surprised that I’m still a virgin. Like you, I’ve had a very religious upbringing, attended a single sex Catholic school, have wonderful but prudish parents, and I think all of these factors have been holding me back.”

Just then they heard the familiar footsteps of their mother mounting the stairs. She was in the habit of bringing them a cup of cocoa around bedtime.

“Oops!” said Amy, and without anything canlı poker oyna further being said they swivelled their chairs so they were once again facing their books, and pretended to be deep in study mode when their mother entered the room with a steaming mug in each hand.

—– oOo —–

The next night their mother kissed both of them goodnight and said, “We won’t be too late – home around midnight. You can always phone if there’s an emergency. Love you both.”

Their Dad shook Robert’s hand and kissed Amy on the forehead and said, “See you in the morning. We’ll try and not wake you up when we come home.”

After they had gone, Robert and Amy decided to watch the end of the TV show that was currently screening, and then go upstairs and do some study before bed.

After they had been sitting on the couch for a while, Amy said during the advertisements: “Robert, I have been thinking …”

Robert smiled and said in an amused tone of voice, “What about, little sis? Libby Pascoe, or do you still want a sex education lesson from your virgin brother?”

“Well, I hope you’ve definitely decided not to bonk Libby Pascoe – I absolutely wouldn’t like that … at all! – and, yes, a bit more about sex, if that’s okay with you? As I say, I’ve been thinking … I want to know what it’s all about, and what my acquaintances at uni think is so special about it, but preferably without actually having to do it to find out, and getting the reputation on campus of being a slut; … and you said it was about time you found out, too …”

“Y-e-s?” queried Robert, drawing out the word because he wondered what was coming next.

“Well, we are brother and sister, right?” He nodded, and she went on, “Well. you can talk about things in a family without it going any further, like it would do at uni, right?” He nodded again, slightly amused, and also a little concerned at where this might be going. She continued: “Well … instead of you losing face by doing it with Libby, or having to go steady with a nicer girl just to find out what it’s all about, and instead of me getting a bad reputation, well … um … er … well, I was wondering if we could experiment on each other and find out that way, so no one would ever know?” she finished in a rush, wondering how she had the courage to say it all.

“What?! Robert both queried and exclaimed. “But, Amy, that’d be incest! We’re bother and sister. It would not only be illegal but also a sin.”

“Incest, yes”, she replied, regaining her composure and now willing to argue this one out, “but not illegal if we didn’t go all the way – besides, as I said, no one would ever know. And as far as the Holy Church is concerned, there are examples of incest in the Bible that everyone accepts, and it definitely is not as much of a concern in biblical terms, it seems, as is fornication, adultery, or other forms of non-familial sex. Sure, the modern priest wouldn’t condone it, but history does, and as for the law, well, as I said, no one would every know. But, if you don’t find me attractive, then I’ll totally understand”, she concluded with a pout.

“Oh, sis”, he said, softening and giving internet casino her a hug. “It’s not that. Of course I find you attractive. Ever since I got interested in girls, and since you grew breasts, I’ve been of the opinion that my little sister is both the prettiest and nicest natured girl I know, and that’s another reason I haven’t got serious with any other girl – they just don’t measure up to you … but I’ve never had any lustful thoughts about you, or if I have, I’ve managed to suppress them as quickly as they entered my mind. No, it’s definitely not that; it’s just that for all these years I’ve been your big brother, your coach, your protector, and your best friend, and I’m a bit uncomfortable about the thought of now becoming your lover – that’s all. I’m really flattered, but I don’t want to do anything you might regret later in life.”

“This is the way I see it, Rob: first, I’m not a kid any more – I’m 18 and a legal adult; your hormones are making you want to ‘loose it’ – enough to even consider Libby Pascoe’s proposition; my hormones are making me want to loose it too, but with no reasonable way for me to do so; we both want to know what it’s all about; we have all the elements to make our first time a wonderful experience – a lot of girls say their first time was the worst time; the only negative is the incest factor, but that’s only a contemporary social and legal consideration; so, what do you say to each of us being the other’s first, and then we’ll have the advantage, when we each meet someone special, of at least knowing what to do, and how to make it a celebration rather than a regret. Please, Rob, say you will.”

“You really mean it, don’t you, love?” he replied.

“I really do”, she replied, “… and, as in so many other things, my big brother, who I love and adore, is the only one I can turn to. Don’t even think about the Libby Pascoes of this world when you have a cute little sister who loves and needs you.”

He pondered for a moment and then said, “Okay”, with an expansive smile. “Come here and give me a hug”, and she was in his arms in a heartbeat. After a long and meaningful hug he said, “Now, the next thing is that neither of us knows where to start – any suggestions?”

“Well, I’ve been doing a bit of reading, and, by your own admission, you’ve had some cuddles and gropes, so why don’t we sit down and make a list of the things we have read about, or want to try, and go about it in some sort of orderly fashion.”

Robert laughed. “I can see why you chose to do Science at uni – you’re a natural when it comes to designing experiments. Okay, let’s go up stairs and make a list.”

Half an hour later they had their list. They left out intercourse, as that still seemed to be a bit too wicked to contemplate. However, they decided to not make it a hard limit, but rather something they could review at the appropriate time.

Now, seeing his sister in a new and different light, warming to the idea of the experiment they were planning, and looking at his watch, Robert said, “We’ve got about four hours before Mum and Dad are due home, or 2-3 hours if we want to play it very safe, so I suggest we start working through our list.”

“I agree”, she replied as she wrapped her arms around his waist, pressed her cheek against his chest, and hugged him tightly.

—– oOo —–

The story continues in Chapter 2 …

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