Amy’s Vacation Ch. 09

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Chapter 9

As the golf cart whirred it’s electric motor, Daddy and I rode in silence down the road back to our bungalow. So much had happened tonight and I was trying to process it.

What a night it had been: an erotic photo shoot with Celeste, sex with David, a man I had only met that day- married, no less!- and then seeing my Father also having sex with a stranger. The topper had been the game of Truth Or Dare…. and seeing the man who raised me get oral sex from another man. It was nearly surreal… and yet I was beginning to think i liked it.

Tiki torches lit the track towards our area of the resort and during the ride, Daddy put his hand on my thigh. I looked at him, brought out of my internal daze. I was so lost in thought, I’d kind of tuned everything else out…

“How are you feeling, Pumpkin?”

I smiled, “Good, I guess….. Quite a night! How about you?”

“I loved it…. every minute of it. When you went upstairs with David, Celeste and I poured some drinks and started to talk about her time owning the nudist resort in Nevada. When we started hearing their bed rocking, we knew what you all were doing, and Celeste started pawing at me. Next thing I know, her mouth is on my cock, and well, you know I kind of love that….” his voice trailed off and he smiled. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Oh, no Daddy…. of course not. This is your vacation as much as it is mine. I think, if anything, I was worried a little that you’d be upset about what David and I did. I’ve been thinking about it; how everything happened so fast, but how much I enjoyed myself. Daddy- I don’t know that I want any of this to end.”

Another squeeze on my leg, “Well, hon, I don’t either, although we only have a limited amount of time here. But things can be different, at least, between us, when we go back… if you want.”

I nodded at him. My Father smiled at me and then looked down at his lap. My gaze followed.

His penis was sticking out of the fly in his shorts. He was completely erect.

I gasped in surprise! He was hard here? On the golf cart?

He slipped his hand over mine, lifted it and placed it directly on his pecker. I glanced back over my shoulder with mischievous awareness. Our driver, Carlos, was oblivious. Why not?

I started jacking Daddy.

His precum began to flow quickly, coating part of my hand. In the night air, my nipples perked up. Daddy slid down a little in the seat and hooked one of his legs over mine, the other almost off the golf cart. Trees and bushes and small huts whizzed by as I kept manually stimulating him. His erection was so nice and hard! I rolled my palm up and around his mushroom head. He let out a moan that was just audible enough over the sound of the golf cart’s engine.

The cart slowed down a little as we passed through an area with a few restaurants and beach huts. People were out and about. Honestly, the possibility of being seen only emboldened my movements.

I jacked my Dad’s cock with aplomb, almost hoping we would be seen!

Sure enough, as we passed one lady, she nudged her husband and pointed at us and he smiled. As I watched them fade in the distance, I kept manually stimulating that his manmeat, my hand curling around and around his veiny shaft, his foreskin gliding up and down over his perfect pink cockhead. If anything, it kind of turned me in even more, to have been seen.

Daddy’s hand was at the top of my thigh where it meets my lower torso, squeezing… “Oh, Amy…” he whispered, “don’t stop.”

No chance. I was going to make him pop if it killed me.

He grabbed my hand and pushed it down towards his base while his chest heaved. His dick twitched while poker oyna I held it firmly, foreskin retracted. Within mere seconds, I watched with delighted surprise as his cock shot out several long ropes of cream all over the lane behind us as we rolled down the road.

I couldn’t help myself. I burst out laughing. “Daddy! Your harpoon went off!” Daddy started laughing as well, with an obvious satisfaction at a job well done by me.

He squeezed my shoulder and exhaled. “God, I needed that!”

I had a little of his semen on my fingers. I brought my hand up and snaked my tongue out, tasting. Yep- still salty… but… not bad….

A few minutes later, Carlos delivered us to our destination. We thanked him and headed inside. Daddy headed straight to the bathroom to pee and I sought a water bottle from the fridge.

“How about a shower before bed, Princess?” he called out before flushing.

“Sure, why not?” The chlorine of the hot tub wasn’t too great for my skin, anyway. I started to head for the upstairs, but he grabbed my hand.

“You do know we have a shower on our deck, right?”

“We do? No, I had no idea…”

He stepped over to me. “Let’s go use it.”

His hands were on my shoulders and he leaned in, giving me a long, lingering kiss. As our tongues danced, the man who gave me life slowly unzipped my dress. As he tugged gently downward, he gave just enough space for it to slide down my body. I hadn’t bothered with putting on my bra and panties at the Anderson’s for the journey home, nor had I bothered with my high heels, opting to go barefoot. I found myself nude against my Father, but that suited me just fine.

Daddy opened his shirt and his shorts soon dropped to the floor as well. He finished by stepping out of his sandals and then took my hand once more towards the patio.

In the few days I’d been at the bungalow, I hadn’t even bothered to go out on our back deck. I’d glimpsed our upstairs bedroom’s veranda and the view beyond, but that was it. Our patio was an acceptable size, with various furnishings, attractive landscaping and toward the far corner, a shower built partially into the natural-looking rock wall, with what seemed to be a glass-mosaic tile floor.

Daddy grabbed a box of matches nearby and proceeded to light a few candles strategically placed around the area. It added a truly romantic feeling, and the fragrances from the beautiful blooms around the patio only added to my senses.

The water was run and I joined Daddy in the shower. It felt so invigorating, and a tad naughty, to be showering outside: no shower curtain, no privacy, just the open air and sky above us!

Daddy pumped one of the bottles nestled in a nook in the shower’s wall as I slid under one of the three different shower heads, allowing the warm water to trickle into my body and run down. He reached to me and slicked back my hair while applying shampoo. I smiled in bemused surprise as he started lathering my hair for me. I stood still as he moved close, our bodies touching, and washed my hair for the first time since I was a child.

It felt amazing.

His strong fingers kneaded their way through my tresses, massaging my skull as he worked. I closed my eyes and savored the experience. I put my hands on his hips to steady myself and to my delight, found our bodies sliding against each other. I could feel his dick slapping gently against my tummy. I’m not sure if he was doing that on purpose or not, but I didn’t stop him.

“Rinse, baby,” he said as his hands withdrew from my head. I put myself into the nexus of the three shower heads and felt the shampoo wash away. As I emerged slowly from the water and opened my eyes, I saw him canlı poker oyna rubbing his hands together with an oozing gel.

“Body wash, Mademoiselle?” my Father asked with a playful, crooked eyebrow.

“Why yes, kind Sir,” I replied with a matched smile.

His hands went to my shoulders as he lathered my skin, working quickly to my breasts, where he lingered far longer than necessary- not that I minded. His hands circles my feminine globes several times, teasing my nipples with his palms and fingertips. He hefted my breasts and squeezed playfully, knowing just how to delight his daughter, and from the look of his once-again engorging penis, himself.

He slid down my sides, washing each leg in turn. “Your thighs… god, they’re so strong….” he mentioned as I felt his hands work their was down my defined muscles. His hands on my calves felt so wonderful and I lifted each foot to be washed; his fingers tickling as they slid between my toes. He squeezed my feet in turn and worked the balls of the foot, then the arch, then the heel. His fingers danced around my feet, almost as if worshipping them. He finished by giving a delicate kiss to the end of one of my big toes.

“Turn around, Amy…” he suggested as he reached to the bottle and pumped more body wash into his hands. I obeyed and braced my hands against the shower, bent somewhat at the waist.

Daddy stood behind me, his abdomen right against my ass, his cock playfully wedging itself against my soft tushy. He once again started at my shoulders and gave me a short, deep massage. My thoughts flashes briefly to my Mom. I imagine she just have loved Daddy rubbing her like this.

His hands were magic.

As he rubbed and massaged my shoulders, I was pulled back in towards him. I felt the thickness of his manhood. I kept expecting to be penetrated at any moment and my body was responding to its own animal urges by quickly preparing itself with my own feminine wetness.

Down my back and around my butt, his strong hands continued to wash me. As he’d already washed my legs, he soon backed off. “Rinse!” he suggested and I did.

My eyes must have been demure, because as I finished rinsing my body, he stepped into the water as well. Face to face, he leaned down and kissed me with passion. I put my arms around his neck, standing on my tip toes. He returned my embrace and I felt him lift me some- I could barely touch the floor. God, was he strong! He gently backed me up until I found the bumpy rock of the shower wall against my back.

Daddy broke our kiss and went to my ear, nibbling it and whispering, “My baby… my angel…. how I love you…”

His motions went down my ear and onto my neck. Long, slow sucks with a little bit of his teeth on my neck’s muscle forced my eyes closed in a blossoming feeling of ecstasy. It hurt and tickled and stimulated and aroused simultaneously. His hands were cupping my breasts, feeling them again, squeezing them. My nipples were hard and he was making sure they got the attention they craved. His mouth dipped further down, and he took each nipple in turn, sucking it hungrily. He even growled. He was in Daddy Bear mode and I was not about to stop him.

Water bounced off his shoulders as he continued to enjoy my boobs. His hands were at my hips, his thumbs sliding back and forth over the hip bones that just barely protruded from my fleshy curves. Steadied, he kissed his way down my torso, pausing to slip his tongue into my belly button. It invaded and prodded playfully, tickling me and eliciting a laugh from my mouth. My fingernails curled in his hair as I watched him kneel and kiss further.

One of his hands slid around my thigh and coaxed it to part. I followed internet casino his lead and to my shock, he lifted my left thigh and placed it over his shoulder! With a quick glance upward, I noticed a devilish grin from him before he turned his attention to my kitty-slit!

His tongue moved all over my outer labia, like a cat bathing a kitten. From there, it slid stealthily into the valley of my folds. I felt his warm tongue’s tip prod for my clitoris, and upon finding it, start to flitter up and down over it. The sensation drove me wild with desire. It felt amazing and I didn’t want it to stop. I slid my leg a little farther towards his shoulder, opening my most intimate area to him and allowing him deeper access. He took full advantage.

His tongue really is quite expert, if I may say so. I was quickly feeling on the edge of an orgasm… a tingling deep within that was fast spreading electricity throughout my body. My eyes screwed shut as I let out gasp after gasp, my chest heaving, breasts rising and falling as my body demanded more air to compensate for my ecstatic enjoyment.

He dipped his tongue a little lower and I felt it start to prod the opening to my vagina. I heard a moan from him as he tasted my now-flowing nectar. I was wet for my Father and he was quite literally lapping it up! His tongue ran slow stabs inside me, gently fucking me and allowing me to feel his intrusion. My stomach started to quiver and small body spasms started erupting throughout my limbs and torso. I was helpless to stop them.

My own moans became louder, parsed with tiny whimpers of joy and sensual pleasure.

“Daddy…. Daddy, please…… please don’t stop….. god, I want to cum…..”

His hands were now reaching up between my parted thighs, grasping my thick ass and squeezing, like a lion holding it’s still-live prey during a kill.

I was actively bucking now… my body beyond self-control as my orgasm took command and priority. My eyes rolled back into my head.

“Ohhhhh…ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk!” I moaned, leaving behind all sensibility and manners and enjoying the beautiful oral orgasm my Father was giving me.

I erupted.

My body dazzled with tingling sensations and I’m sure that I would have gone blind from what must have been a personal radiance of a thousand suns… or at least, it felt that way.

I felt lighter than air.

I felt beautiful.

I felt young.

I felt LOVED.

Daddy slowed his tongue to match my body, careful not to push me so far over the edge that my pleasure approached any sort of discomfort.

The Man is an expert.

Hesitant to open my eyes, at last they parted slowly as my chest sucked in some much-needed oxygen. I came down from the ecstatic high and looked carefully down at Daddy, who was giving light kisses to my pussy’s outer lips, as if thanking them for the privilege of being responsible for my orgasm. He smiled up at me and carefully moved my thigh off his shoulder. He stood, holding me close and steadying my suddenly very weak knees.

His smile communicated everything:

You are beautiful.

You are sexy.

You are desired.

You are wonderful.

You are mine.

Words weren’t necessary. I knew what he meant.

We embraced and he held me so tight, I thought I would pop. He turned the shower off with his free hand and I felt the water slow to a truckle, dancing on our bodies one last time before extinguishing.

We stood there a long moment, entwined as if we were one entity.

The warm air was already starting to dry our skin when he kissed my head.

“We should go inside and get you dried off properly. Heaven knows what the humidity might do to that beautiful brunette hair of yours if we don’t.”

I giggled and slid my arm around his waist.

We strode off to the bungalow, to a towel for my head and a warm bed for two lovers to share in peaceful slumber.

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