An Afternoon Alone

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I’ve been thinking about you almost all day, and these fashion forward boy-short undies constrain my cock from reaching any state of full hardness. Driving home my thoughts begin to wander to different scenarios, different ways of pleasure; my free hand wanders down to squeeze my cock.

Getting home I check the mail and do all those little things, my mind removed from any thoughts of sexual gratification for a short time. But when I head to change my clothes, peel off my shirt and kick off my pants, I notice the way my half-hard cock strains against the fabric, and those thoughts return.

Lying on my bed I close my eyes and imagine different things: how to play with myself, what to do with you, what to do with you and a friend, with rope, deep in a secluded forest, lots of things. My cock is pushing the waistband away from my stomach, straining to reach fullness. Sliding fingers up and down it, massaging my balls. The hunger, the desire for pleasure is delicious; building the pressure I know will be released soon enough. Hands reach for nipples, gently pressuring with one finger at first, rolling around, then rolling them between two fingers. That feels like sending electric jolts directly to the head of my cock. I must be careful not güvenilir bahis to get ahead of myself with my nipples, I don’t want to use the intensity too early.

I keep this up for a short while, until the desire for relaxation makes me toss the undies aside. The way my cock instantly swells, air hitting the smooth, shaved skin, freed from the confines, is very relaxing. I want to grab it, stroke it, go fast, but I know that going slow and enjoying things is better. My hand does reach around my cock, but very lightly, very gently, just grazing the surface up and down; pushing it forward, lightly rubbing the sensitive spot just under the head, feeling my balls hanging loose from my body in the warmth of the room. Closing my eyes, my thoughts drift back to you – how you would be touching me if you were here – running your hands along my body, exploring curves, taking in every feature, eventually focusing on my cock, noticing where to touch to get a reaction from me, how the skin slides up and down the shaft, how firm to hold it.

A drop of precum oozes from the tip. I take a firmer grasp and start sliding the skin up over my head, slowly stroking, keeping a pretty steady rhythm. My mouth opens, my breathing getting heavier. A little more türkçe bahis precum drips; I squeeze a large drop out, wipe it with my finger, and bring it to my mouth to taste the sweetness. Would you like to taste it, I wonder? My fingers tweak my nipples a little harder, adding extra pleasure as I stroke. A small moan escapes my lips. Even though I’m alone, I can’t help but make a little noise, the feelings being so exquisite.

After a while I gradually quicken the pace. Stroke a little faster for a while, then a little faster for a while, then a little faster for a while, to a pretty quick pace. Long, full strokes: as far up as possible, then down until my fist is against my hips. My other hand moves to my balls, wanting to save the nipple energy for when I cum. Also, I cum heavier when I play with my balls while stroking: squeezing them a little, rolling them around, pulling them away from my body.

Now I’m stroking as fast as I ever do. My cock has to be very hard to jerk this fast and this hard, and while thinking of you, it is that hard. Imagining you riding me, your body bouncing on mine, watching your hips, your tits, and mostly your eyes. It would be crazy to directly compare my hand to your pussy. They’re quite different, but güvenilir bahis siteleri both feel great. My body is losing control, thrashing around a bit, as my hand flies. Legs bend and straighten, hips rise and fall, chest expands and contracts. I can feel the urge to cum beginning to build, getting stronger, to the point that much longer and I’ll cover myself in it.

But I slow down a bit. Riding the edge is so intense, so good. Going to the edge, then slowing down and backing off a bit. Enough precum oozes to ad a bit of lubricant, that I spread around with my thumb, reveling in that new feeling. There’s enough that the top of my hand glides over my head, adding even more intensity. But still I ride the edge for a while longer.

By now, I think it’s time. My free hand goes back to my nipple, rolling harder but still not pinching, finding that peak pleasure. My body stiffens as I know there’s no stopping now. Small moans again escape my mouth as I cum. Thick ropes shoot out in intense spurts; one, then two, then three, and just when I thought that was all, a fourth. The cum dripping down my cock acts as lube, and I can very briefly cover my cock in it and stroke with cum-lube. It’s very intense, but lasts only a short time.

My hands slows, and I begin to come back to the world. I’m suddenly aware of the warm liquid all over my chest, and the sweet smell of sex. I lie back and enjoy it for a few minutes, before beginning to clean up and get ready for you to come over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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