An Education for Amy

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Maybe one of the most significant birthdays is the 18th. It has been established as a rite of passage to early adulthood, a landmark worth celebrating. Erik Teller and his twin sister Amy were turning 18, but they had made no plans.

For Erik and Amy, birthdays tended to be a low key event. They were born on the same day, June 21, the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. Twelve years later, on the same day, their parents were killed in a tragic car accident. Since that day they had lived with their Uncle John and Aunt Martha, two of the most wonderful people on the planet. The 18th birthday gathering became even smaller when their Aunt and Uncle announced they would be going out of town for a few days, leaving the twins in charge, though “not authorized to make any decisions” as Uncle John put it.

Doing nothing for his birthday was fine with Erik. He had made plans to soak up the early summer sun beside their backyard pool. By the time he walked out there at 10 am, his sister was already stretched out in a lawn chair, reading a college chemistry book. She peered over her sunglasses at him as he walked up.

“Happy birthday my bro,” she smiled. “How does it feel to be 18?”

Erik was always overcome by her infectious smile, and he laughed. “It feels about the same, how ’bout for you?”

She put the book down and looked off into the distance. “It feels to me like it’s a brand new day, full of excitement and opportunity, everything is different and fresh. Today is the first day of the rest of my life, and I intend to make it great.”

Erik smirked at her choreographed message, probably gleaned from one of her power of positive living books. “Yeah, that’s what I meant to say,” he replied.

Although they were twins, there was little evidence of the fact. Erik was an average student, better in the creative subjects, and had aspirations to be a writer. He was tall, dark and handsome, and had dated about half the girls in high school, though none for very long. He was disorganized, cynical and lacked vision. Amy was a Golden Child, in every way. She had sandy blond hair and was fair skinned, but always seemed to have a golden glow about her, especially in the summer. She was neat, always positive, hyper-organized. Class valedictorian, perfect SAT scores, brilliant in science and math, she would be going to college to major in physics, with a goal of working for NASA. She was beautiful, athletic, and the dream of every boy in high school, but she had dated the same boy since she was 15 years old. His name was Paul; he was the quarterback of the football team, smart, voted best looking in his class. Most people expected them to marry and have incredible children.

It was a gorgeous summer day, and after a few hours Amy went in and made some sandwiches. A full belly and a warm sun sent Erik far into the throes of an afternoon nap, and he was having a sweet dream about an old girlfriend when he felt a wet ball bounce across his chest. He woke with a start and looked up to see his sister grinning down at him.

“Feel like challenging the Backyard Soccerpool World Champion?” she asked.

Erik groaned and rolled over. Backyard Soccerpool was a game they invented several years ago. One player would jump off the diving board while the other drilled a shot at them. The object was to deflect the shot before it hit your body. Amy had invented the game for practice. Amy, who held the high school state record for scoring the most goals in soccer, while Erik played second string goalkeeper. Not only was she the current Backyard Soccerpool World Champion, she was the ONLY holder of that title.

Erik felt the wet soccer ball bounce off his back. He knew that she wouldn’t stop until he agreed to play, the girl was relentless. He dragged himself over to the diving board and jumped, spread eagle across the pool, while Amy took her shot…and something happened that had never happened in the history of Backyard Soccerpool. The ball hit Erik squarely in the nuts. He hit the water gasping, and was just able to drag himself over to the side of the pool as the ache began to set in.

Amy was half giggling and half all out laughing as she gave him a hand out of the pool. “That should count double for me,” she said.

“I think it did count double for me,” he groaned. He collapsed into the chair and curled into the fetal position while he recovered.

“What is it about being hit down there?” Amy asked as she sat in the chair next to his. “Which…ah… part is it that hurts?”

“It hurts your whole body when you get hit there,” Erik said.

“So, that’s from being hit in the…p,” Amy hesitated and seemed to be nervous. “in the penis part?”

Erik looked over at her incredulously. He was trying to figure out if she was trying to be funny.

“No, it hurts from being hit in the BALLS part,” he yelled. “Haven’t you ever heard of a guy getting hit in the balls?”

Amy blushed and looked a bit flustered. “I don’t know. I guess. I never really understood poker oyna the whole….balls thing.”

The ache in Erik’s midsection had not quite peaked yet and he didn’t feel much like discussing it, but he was having trouble understanding her.

“What do you mean, you don’t understand it?”

Amy blushed again. “Well, you know, the balls thing. Like, are they really balls, are they hard, what are they made of. How big are they. That kind of thing.”

Erik studied his sister carefully. The girl with the highest GPA in school history was asking him questions about simple anatomy. Surely she was just fucking with him, but she looked serious.

“They are about the size of a pea, really hard,” he said. “They’re made of bone.”

Amy nodded to herself and looked thoughtful. “Yeah, yeah, I knew that,” she said.

Erik couldn’t help himself, he burst out laughing. “You’ve never seen a guy’s balls have you?”

Realizing Erik had been testing her and she failed, Amy turned beet red with embarrassment.

“You’ve been dating Paul for three years, you’ve never seen his balls?” he asked.

“Yeah, of course, I’ve seen him, I just wasn’t taking notes,” she retorted.

Erik studied her closely. He knew his sister all too well. “You’re lying,” he said. “You’ve never seen him naked.”

She started to refute the claim but realized it was futile.

“Oh my God, you’ve never had sex!?” he shouted, half laughing. “You’ve been going out with Paul for three years and you’ve never had sex!”

Amy stood up and threw the ball toward Erik’s head, and he had to stop laughing to deflect the shot. “Shut up,” she yelled angrily.

Erik knew when he had pushed her too far. “Okay, take it easy, sis,” he said. “I just can’t believe you’ve been dating him all this time and never even seen him naked. I mean, he’s the captain of the football team, a total stud.”

Amy sat back down and quietly collected herself. Neither of them spoke for a few minutes, and then she broke the silence with a stunner.

“If you like him so much, maybe you should ask him out.”

“Ask him out?” he said. “What are you say…”

“Paul is gay,” she said.

Erik rolled out of his fetal position and sat up on his chair. “He’s gay?” he asked. “How long have you known?”

Amy hesitated again before answering. “I’ve always known,” she said. “He told me three years ago.”

Erik stared at his sister in utter disbelief. “Why have you been dating him for three years if he’s gay?”

“We’ve had an….arrangement,” she shrugged. “He didn’t want his parents to know he’s gay — his dad is a minister, you know. And I didn’t want guys bothering me. So we’ve been just dating, as friends.”

“Holy cow,” Erik said. “I had no idea, I thought you guys were going to get married.” He shook his head and let it all sink in. “So why don’t you want to go out with other guys.”

“I don’t know, too much trouble I guess. With school and sports, I didn’t want to be…distracted.”

Erik shook his head. “Well, I guess that’s one way to handle it. So you have never seen a guy naked in your whole life?”

“Of course I have,” she smiled. “I’ve seen you!”

Erik’s eyes opened wide.

“Back when we used to take baths together!” she laughed.

“Ha, I guess my balls WERE about pea size back then,” he said. “But aren’t you kinda curious about seeing a guy naked who is more than 6 years old?”

“Yes, I am, but at this point I guess I’m a little scared. Paul and I agreed that we would break up today, on my 18th birthday, but I don’t even know how to date. Who would want to date me?”

Erik smiled at his modest sister. “Amy, you could date any guy you wanted. There are a ton of guys out there who would be more than happy to get naked for you.”

She laughed and blushed. “Yeah, but I just don’t want the complication now, I’m going off to college in a month” she said. After a momentary pause, she continued. “Why don’t you just take off your shorts and show me?”

The words hit Erik hard. The way she said it he couldn’t tell if she was asking or joking, and he was afraid of how to respond either way. As he replayed it in his mind he couldn’t even remember exactly what she had said. Finally he formulated a response, deciding to keep it light.

“I don’t do free shows,” he smiled.

“Ha, too bad,” she laughed. “How much do you charge?”

“Too much,” he said, feeling a bit awkward at where this was going.

She let it go at that, and they sat in silence for a minute more. The sun had moved into the mid afternoon phase and the heat of the day had passed.

“So how ’bout it?” she said suddenly.

Erik felt a chill at the question. Was she asking him to get naked? The idea of being naked in front of his sister had never crossed his mind, and now that it had he was getting some weird thoughts.

“How ’bout what?” he asked.

Amy picked up the wet soccer ball and held it in front of him. “How ’bout round two?” she said.

With canlı poker oyna a mixture of relief and confusion, Erik realized she was talking about Soccerpool. “I think I’ll pass this time, my ball-breaking sister. I’m heading for the shower.”

Erik headed into the house and back to his room, all the while thinking about what Amy had said and wondering if she was serious at all about seeing him naked. It felt kind of taboo, thinking about being naked in front of your sister, but there was also something about it that was…exciting. As he slipped out of his suit and stepped into the bathroom, he couldn’t help but catch his reflection in the mirror, and wonder what Amy would think if she did see him. The summer sun had given him a dark tan and stark tan lines, he was fit and muscular…he looked good naked. He had also had several girlfriends who had told him that he had the nicest looking cock they had ever seen.

Erik and Amy shared a bathroom that was only accessible from their rooms, each had a connecting door. Over time, they had developed a system to avoid problems. The basic rule was to not lock the door on the other sibling’s side, because if you forgot to unlock it, then the sibling would have to walk all the way through the hall and then through the other person’s bedroom to get to the bathroom. When Erik was in the bathroom, he would close, but not lock, the door on Amy’s side. When he was done he would try to remember to open the door on her side to let her know it was available, though at times this was forgotten. A closed door was much easier to deal with than a locked door.

Erik took his time in the shower, mulling things over. At some point about half way through the shower he started having a fantasy of being naked in front of his sister, and he lathered up his hand in warm soap and stroked his wet erection. In his fantasy, he stood in the candlelight, completely naked and fully aroused, and Amy was in her bikini swimsuit, walking slowly over to him. She stopped in front of him, got down on her knees, and looked at his cock. Her eyes got big as saucers, and her mouth fell open in impressed surprise. She licked her lips, just inches from his swelling erection, looked up at him and said, “nice one, bro!”

The words of his own fantasy jolted him back to reality. This is your sister dude, get a grip. He looked down at his hand, and realized what he needed to do was lose a grip.

He sighed to collect himself, rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. The room was fairly steamy, but not as much as he had expected, and he realized with a start that Amy’s door was slightly ajar. He could not remember if he had left it open or not. Standing naked, he thought he could see Amy laying on her bed in her room, in a direct line of sight into the bathroom. Instinctively, he reached over to grab the door handle to pull it shut.

Then something happened. Erik stopped with his hand on the doorknob, but didn’t pull it shut. He held it for a moment, then he let it go. It was only slightly ajar. If she wanted to look…well, she could look.

Erik loaded up his toothbrush and began brushing his teeth. He pretended to not notice the door was open, and purposely didn’t look that way, so he couldn’t know if she was looking at him or not. But he felt her eyes, and for the first time in his life, Erik became semi-aroused while brushing his teeth!

His stomach fluttered as he moved into different positions in front of the sink, giving her a variety of poses for his sister, IF she was looking. The thought of her watching him had his heart beating faster, and after ten minutes of the most erotic teeth brushing he had ever experienced, his cock had become rock hard and was pointing skyward. He set the brush down and came up with one more excuse to stand in front of the partially open door, and then he turned and went back to his room.

He stood in the middle of his room, his heart still fluttering wildly, his teeth sore, as he surged back and forth between being aroused and mortified at his exhibitionism. It wasn’t like he was aroused by her, he thought. He was only aroused at the idea of her seeing him. If she even did. He cleared his mind and decided to let it go.

He opened his cabinet drawer and looked for a pair of boxers, and just as he did he remembered that he had no clean boxers. They were in the washing machine, he had forgotten to put them in the dryer. He wrapped a towel around his waist, walked to the other side of the house to the laundry room and moved the load to the dryer. He had 30 minutes to wait for dry boxers, so he went into the den to watch some television. On the way there he passed Amy, dressed in her usual casual short shorts and tank top over her bikini.

“That’s a nice look for you,” she teased. “White towel is definitely in season.”

He smiled and struck a pose. “Its called ‘waiting on the dryer’,” he said.

Erik walked into the den and settled into a bean bag chair in front of the tv. If she had seen him naked, she sure wasn’t internet casino acting like it, he thought. He was starting to think the whole thing was in his imagination.

He flipped on the tv and found a soccer match, a tight game, tied in the second half. Before long Amy came in and sat on the couch. From her position she was looking toward the tv, but Erik was between her and the tv so he once again began to feel her eyes on him. It was more than a feeling though, because he could see from a reflection in a mirror that she seemed to be looking at his towel covered body as much as she was watching the game. When he had lain down on the bean bag chair he hadn’t paid much attention, and looking down now he realized the towel he was wearing was thin, and riding down pretty low on his waist. As he thought about his sister checking him out, he began to feel his cock stiffening up again, and as his cock began to form a shape under the towel he began to get even more aroused. It wasn’t long before his stiffening cock began to push the towel up a bit on his waist, and he was stuck between showcasing an obvious erection underneath his towel or making a noticeable, potentially embarrassing shift of some kind. He opted to put his hands behind his head and enjoy the “game.”

The game on the television became more and more heated, and he and Amy began pulling for different teams, even setting a wager on the outcome. Late in the game, Amy’s team scored a goal to go up one, and then Erik’s team had a wild flurry in front of the goal in the waning seconds. When their final shot to tie the game glanced off the posts, Erik forgot where he was and jumped up from his reclined position onto his knees. He screamed in the agony of defeat, looking back at his victorious sister, who had a funny grin on her face. When he gained his senses, he realized why — his towel had fallen away, and he had a half erection bobbing in front of him. He scrambled to get his towel back around him, as Amy roared in laughter.

“You really lost your shorts on that game,” she laughed. “You know what’s really funny, this game was taped yesterday, I already knew who won!”

“Ah sis, you are bad,” said Erik, still blushing and trying to get covered. “Sorry I lost my towel.”

“No need to apologize,” she smiled. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with seeing your brother naked if it’s like an accident, do you?”

“I don’t know,” Erik said. “I don’t have a brother.”

She tossed a pillow at him. “You know what I mean.”

“Uhh, no, I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, if it’s an accident and all,” he replied.

“It doesn’t matter, I really didn’t get a good look” she added, looking over her shoulder as she walked out of the room.

Erik found himself once again weighing her words. She didn’t get a good look—like she would have liked to get a better look? He sat in the den in the late afternoon light, gathering his thoughts for awhile. He had gone from being reserved about being naked in front of his sister to being obsessed with the idea, all in the course of a few hours. His cock was still hard at the thought of it. He stood up and let the towel fall away, made the conscious decision to walk through the house to the laundry room buck naked and sporting wood. If he had misread her signals he would just suffer the embarrassment.

As fate would have it, Amy was not around, so his naked adventure to the dryer was uneventful. He pulled on a pair of boxers and headed back to his room.

As he walked down the hall to his room, he saw that Amy’s door was closed, and he assumed she was in there. He went into his room, laid on his bed and tried to think of something else.

Instead, he dozed off and dreamed. He was taking a hot shower, and he had both hands around a soapy cock that was about twice as large as reality. Suddenly the shower curtain was pushed aside, and there was Amy, dressed in a bikini swimsuit, but it was shiny and glittery. She looked down at his cock and smiled. “How ’bout a round of Backdoor Shower Pool?”

He awoke with a start, in a cold sweat. He tried to gather his senses. It was nearly dark outside, and the house was dead quiet. He felt the overwhelming need to put some cold water on his face.

He walked over to the bathroom and found the door locked. He knocked softly, but there was no answer. Amy wasn’t in there, so he was going to have to go around through her room.

He stumbled out into the dark hall and moved toward her room, her door was closed but he could see that the light was on. It was only around 8 pm, so he figured she was still awake, so he knocked softly.

“Come in,” Amy sang out with exaggerated enthusiasm.

Erik opened the door and stepped in, and then remembered he was dressed only in boxers. She didn’t seemed to mind. She was sitting cross legged on her bed. She had taken off her tank top and was wearing shorts and a bikini top. It always amazed him how neat Amy kept her room, it was always perfect. His room always looked like a bomb hit it.

“Why did you lock the door on my side, you know the rule?” he asked.

“Oh, did I do that?” she asked. “I guess I just enjoy watching my studly brother walk around half-naked.”

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