An Uncomfortable Situation Ch. 03

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Lisa looked at the sketches sitting on the easels spread out around her.

At age 28, she was managing to make a living with her God given talent, even if her work was far from spiritual. An art degree and many long hours had finally translated into a reputation for sincere and well presented personal sketches. Several sets of her sketches had been bought for the purpose of decorating halls in various places.

Off to the side, sitting on the table, leaned back against the wall, was the best of the bunch so far. Ali was a natural. She was very pretty, and yet she still exuded a unique innocence and sensuality at the same time. That was rare.

Like so many, she’d been uncomfortable at posing nude to begin with, but she’d quickly gotten over that.

Lisa stepped back and bit her lip as she compared angles on two of the sketches. Light shading could make a profound difference if it was done differently, and Lisa didn’t want to waste these drawings. Her newest young model had served to inspire some beautiful nude sketches; the modest curves of her breasts, the flat of her belly followed by the gentle descent down between her legs. And even on paper, the sensuality. Ali, even her image in shades of gray, made Lisa’s pulse quicken, and as Lisa pressed her thighs together and ran a hand across her breast, she smiled and admitted to herself again that she did indeed find the young girl attractive.

And tomorrow, she reminded herself, she’s bringing her boyfriend with her to pose. Ali had initially resisted the term, ‘boyfriend,’ finally yielding to it just to bring closure to the issue of who the young man was to her.

Lisa turned away from the sketches and walked over to the edge of her bench, shrugging her shoulders back as her shirt fell away from her body. She pulled the drawstring on her shorts, and they fell to the floor. If she’d been wearing a bra, Lisa would have shed it, but she wasn’t wearing one. She liked working wearing as little as possible. Her thumbs hooked into the waist band of her panties and she pushed them down from her hips.

She enjoyed drawing and painting nude. It was liberating.

She looked at the sketches again and picked up her pencils.

This one, she thought. In it, Ali lay reclining, her legs spread gently apart, revealing her sex.

Slowly, with concentration and skill beyond what most possess, Lisa applied the points of her tools, and over the next couple of hours, her sketches came to life.

Night fall.

Lisa picked up her clothes and walked slowly across the floor of her studio into the area she claimed as a living space. Throwing herself down onto her bed, she looked out the window at the starry sky as shadows danced across her naked body.

What would tomorrow bring? she wondered. Would Ali’s modeling partner lend himself as well to the sketches? Would they have it? Would they have that magical chemistry that makes mere sketches of couples come alive with sensuality?

Her fingers traced around her hardening nipples and she hoped.

The next morning, Lisa was up and out of bed earlier than usual. In and out of the shower, she waltzed into her kitchen naked and grabbed something to eat before going to get dressed.

And then, nervous anticipation.

Finally, Ali and her partner, Tommy arrived.

He was a good looking boy. Like Ali, his physique poker oyna had not filled out completely yet, but Lisa could see he would be quite handsome when he did.

The first round of posing went well, and all too soon, it was time to call it a day.

Lisa watched as the two young people walked away to their car, and she thought to herself, they’re so at ease together.

She ate a quick dinner and then returned to her sketches. She knew she already had several of Ali’s nudes sold. Tomorrow, she’d move them towards doing nude sketches posed together.

The next morning, Ali and Tommy arrived right on time, and after picking up where they’d left off, Lisa steered them into more personal, intimate poses.

Lisa immediately knew she had a winner. The ease they felt together translated very well into a relaxed presence in front of the easel.

Near the end of the day, she propositioned them. Would they pose nude for her? Together?

They left that afternoon, saying they’d think about it.

They came back the next morning, ready to move forward, ready to pose nude for her pencils.

Lisa started them off slowly, working toward the goal.

Shortly, they stood together, not quite in an embrace, the only piece of cloth between her breasts and his chest her bikini top.

Ali seemed nervous.

And then… what did he say?


Lisa stopped, lifting her pencil from the paper.

Were these two brother and sister?

Tommy said he was just encouraging Ali to relax, and Lisa dismissed her thought.

Later, Lisa pulled Ali to where the completed sketches rested.

She was embarrassed. What girl, especially one on the verge of posing nude with her boyfriend would ever protest him seeing her nude? Yet she’d clearly expressed apprehension about Tommy seeing her nude sketches. Their hands joined, and Ali’s body language indicated she’d relaxed, and then it was time for them to begin posing in a manner that suggested true intimacy.

They exchanged hushed small talk as Lisa sketched.

Her pencil stopped.


That diminutive word again.

As she was about to ply pencil to paper again, Lisa stopped.


She looked up.

Did Ali just call him her brother?

A short while longer and it was time for a change of pose.

The moment of truth?

Lisa wanted them naked.

Out of the corner of her eye, she watched as he untied her bikini top. The young girl’s nipples had been swollen points beneath the cloth for some time now, and as Lisa looked closer at them in this moment of unpenciled intimacy, she couldn’t help but notice the more than noticeable protrusion in the young man’s boxers.

A moment later, both of them were nude, their skin flushed, chests rising rapidly as their breathing quickened.

“You’re going to have to stand closer together than that,” Lisa said. “You two are acting like you’ve never seen each other naked before. Get closer together.”

Lisa walked over to the two of them and with gentle touches, she maneuvered them into the pose she was after.

Lisa left them liked she wanted them, but as soon as she stood at her easel, pencil in hand, she knew something had changed. And then she saw it.

Ali had her hand down between her groin and Tommy’s raging erection. Lisa studied the image in front of canlı poker oyna her for a moment. Was she shielding herself from her partner’s phallus, or was she drawing it to her?

“Okay,” Lisa said. She paused, looking at us. “Great. Ali, I like the way you’re holding his penis, drawing it to you.”

Lisa decided she was seeing a lover touching her partner as she coaxed him in.

“I want the two of you to kiss,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be a full on kiss. Just bring your lips together, not quite all the way, sort of like you’re just coming together to make love.”

Ali’s eyes grew big as Lisa made her last statement, but she leaned forward anyway, her eyes closing as their lips touched lightly.

As Lisa sketched the couple, she was sure they were growing more and more aroused.

Was Ali using the head of his cock to stimulate herself? Surely not, but that’s what it looked like.

Lisa took a deep breath, realizing she herself was becoming aroused.

She was. Lisa paused to watch the now unmistakable motion of Ali rubbing the head of Tommy’s engorged penis in the opening of her swollen, wet sex.

Finally, Lisa decided the two of them had lasted about as long as they could without release. She told them to relax and take a break; she’d be at least ten to fifteen minutes as she had a couple of things to do.

That would be long enough for the two of them to take care of one another, shouldn’t it?

Lisa left the studio and made straight for her kitchen counter. She didn’t have anything to do. The voyeur within her was screaming as she reached for her digital camera.

It wasn’t high dollar, and it wasn’t fancy, but it took good, clear pictures. And it was quiet. Very quiet.

Lisa walked around the corner, just out of their field of view just in time to see Ali plunge a finger deep inside her pussy as she pleasured herself.

Tommy’s swollen cock swayed in front of him, long past being ready for intercourse.

Click. Lisa zoomed the telephoto lens in tighter. Click. Perfect.

Lisa hadn’t seen Tommy naked well enough to evaluate him, yet, but she was sure she wanted to sketch him nude. Some thought it strange, but she enjoyed drawing the male nude. Especially when they were alone. She’d often remove her clothing, inspiring his erection. She could usually coax her subject to masturbate for her; vain pride was a powerful motivator. Sometimes, she gave in to desire and either sucked or fucked the subject of her drawing.

Ali reached for him, pulling him to her.


Their mouths pressed hungrily against one another as they contorted their bodies, trying to get it right.


They rocked and rolled against one another, all but deep in the act of intercourse.


Why was their hesitancy?


Ali raised up on her toes, and a moment later, impaled herself on Tommy’s cock as he thrust up into her.


The effect was almost instant.


He pressed her against the wall as he thrust into her.






Sudden release.


Their bodies shuddered together, his thrusts suddenly ragged as he shot his semen into her womb.


Her fingers dug into him as they both went limp and began to sink to the floor.


Lisa internet casino had not noticed her own breathing becoming shallow, and with a brief muscle twitch, she lost balance for the briefest of moments.

Pencils. The box clattered to the floor and they went everywhere.

Pulse pounding, her face flushing with embarrassment, Lisa vanished back the way she’d come, back to her kitchen, where she hid the camera in the cupboard.

Her breath was as rapid as her pulse, or so it seemed.

What had she just seen? Really?

What must they think?

What should she say?

She thought for a couple of minutes as she fought to gain control over her breathing.

She’d play it off as though she’d walked in, back earlier than she’d planned, and she’d comment on what she’d seen only if they brought it up. Otherwise, she’d hope everyone else would let it go.

Lisa walked back into the studio. Their clothes were there; they weren’t.

The bathroom. They must be in the bathroom.

Lisa spread sketches out in front of her and waited.

A few minutes later, they appeared, much calmer than earlier. Ali’s pussy glowed red, her lips still swollen, and even though they’d both climaxed minutes earlier, Tommy’s cock still appeared as though he could be ready for her again quickly. Yes, Lisa told herself, I want to sketch him nude.

But that could wait.

“I need to work on touching a couple of these sketches up and get some canvases working,” Lisa said, looking up at them.

“Why don’t we call it a day,” she said. “You two go home and get some rest. Today was a hard day.”

She immediately wished she’d used other words.

“What I mean,” she said, “is that posing in the nude can be emotionally taxing in some situations. And I think today was one of those days. We can pick back up and go at it again tomorrow. If that’s okay with both of you?”

Did she still want them to pose for her?

“Absolutely,” she said, stepping forward and hugging both of them. “I’m really looking forward to spending more time with you together.”

Of course she wanted them to pose for her some more. Why would she not?

Lisa went back to her sketches as they got dressed.

She closed the door behind them when they left and then watched from the window as they walked to the parking lot. There was still something sweet, innocent, unidentifiable about them together, she thought.

Her mind lept back to the words she was sure she’d heard. ‘Sis?’ ‘Brother?’

Later that evening, Lisa sat in front of her computer, her digital camera hooked up. She’d gotten more than two dozen pictures. The photos would never be shared with anyone; she did have some morality about it, after all. But they were intoxicating.

She was naked, save for the robe that casually adorned her body; it was thrown open, and she sat leaned back in the chair, feet up on the desk, legs spread as she dialed the phone.

As she held it to her ear, the fingers on her other hand were busy between her legs. The slide show, that and her imagination, imagining things to come, they would fuel her orgasm. She slid a finger in between the folds of her swollen pussy and could feel it building within her.

The phone rang a third time, and then the other end picked up.

“Charles?” She waited for a reply. “It’s Lisa.”

A brief exchange of pleasantries.

“Listen,” she said, “the reason I’m calling is this; I think I may have a couple willing to pose for some… special sketches. Are you interested?”

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