Angie’s an Adult Redux

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Angela “Angie” Sloane, a very precocious senior in high school, woke up horny on her 18th birthday. She looked forward to her plans for this Saturday, when she would willingly give up her virginity. This was to be Angie’s birthday present to herself, as she wanted to ensure that her first time would be the best experience possible for herself. She was also convinced that she wanted to lose her virginity to an older man. That also made it necessary to wait until she wasn’t jailbait anymore.

Angie pondered her options in selecting her first lover. There was Sven Gustafsen, her next door neighbor. He was a Swedish immigrant and a rather mysterious bachelor. He might also be gay. Angie’s wasn’t sure. There was also Yasuko Kawashira, a Japanese man with whispered Yakuza connections. Finally, there was Allan Dumont, a milksop of a man whose wife frequently cuckolded and neglected him. Rumors were rampant, but Angie wasn’t sure which ones to trust.

That uncertainty made up Angie’s mind for her. She just had to find out for herself! She hurried through her chores, thinking all of the time about what she might do to both Allan and Charmaine, his wife. She had this fierce desire to seduce both of them, putting them under her spell. All she needed was the right trick to turn the tables on Charmaine, she suspected.

“Well, Angie, you’re up and busy with your chores early! Who are you, and what have you done with my daughter?” Pamela Sloane asked her daughter.

“I have things to do, Mom. I can’t do them if chores are hanging over my head. I don’t want to spend all day here,” Angie responded, causing Mrs. Sloane to shake her head in bewilderment.

It was easy enough for Angie to concoct an alibi, sweet-talk Daddy into giving her the allowance earlier in the day, and head out to the Dumonts’ place. She also made a mental note, reminding herself that Daddy was a future paramour. She would then seduce Mom, since she was bi. For now, however, the incest could wait. She wanted to develop her skills at May-December affairs before she took it to that level.

Knocking on the door, Angie encountered Allan and didn’t waste time asserting herself with him. She kissed Mr. Dumont on the lips, while he still stood there, too tongue-tied to ask her what she was doing on his doorstep. Angie pushed him to the floor, while the door slammed behind her. She then straddled Allan and ground her pussy against his bulge. Angie started making out with the stunned cuckold, who was so starved for female attention that he didn’t even think to resist her.

“Hey, what are you doing with my husband?” Charmaine demanded, having heard the sound of kissing from her bedroom.

Mrs. Dumont wasn’t alone. Ray Lassiter, one of her boyfriends, stood behind her in the nude. He was tall, athletic, and obviously black. He was also well-endowed, as his natural reaction to Angie made apparent. His dick, which started to go limp when Charmaine got off him, grew again. This irritated Charmaine, but she still focused on the intruder, who presented a very real threat to her control of the men in her life.

“What does it look like I’m doing with him? I’m getting ready to fuck him. Allan, baby, do you want to fuck you or leave you alone with this bitch you married? It’s up to you, not her. I can go and leave you as you were, or I can have my way with you,” Angie consulted her victim.

“I surrender. Do as you wish,” Allan submitted to the stranger, feeling some vindication and desire to stick it to his wife.

“Sounds to me as if the man of the house has made his decision. You’d better suck it up. After all, you still have your friend there to take care of your needs while I relieve your husband of his ‘blue ball syndrome’. Knock yourself out. I won’t stop you. I’m too busy enjoying your jilted hubby,” Angie taunted Charmaine, as she removed Allan’s pants and underwear.

“You slut! Leave him alone!” Charmaine screamed at Angie, making the huge blunder of kicking her while she finished undressing Mr. Dumont.

Angie stood up and scratched Charmaine’s face, drawing blood and almost certainly leaving scars. Mrs. Dumont now stood in horror, realizing that her beauty would never return to normal. She wasn’t ugly, of course, but she had a disfiguring mark that she could never forget and others were sure to notice. While Charmaine panicked, Angie aggressively kissed her on the mouth, sliding her fingers into her crotch. The woman of the house was wet, strongly hinting at a state of arousal.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll take it from here,” Ray spoke up at last, pushing Charmaine to her knees and ramming her mouth with his powerful cock.

“So, you’re tired of her crap, too,” Angie remarked as she resumed stripping Allan of his clothes.

“Bitch not know how to shut her trap! I’m shutting it for her now, though,” Ray smiled nastily.

With that action, the conflict was over. Angie put herself into a 69 with Allan, hoping to get both of them to the right point for full intercourse. Since Charmaine never gave poker oyna him head, Allan nearly creamed in Angie’s mouth. She realized what was at stake, so she quickly switched ends to mount his cock with her pussy. While she was a virgin, her hymen was long since torn, so it was much less painful and more pleasurable than it would have been. Having control of the act enabled Angie to ensure that he hit the right spots as she rode him.

Before too long, Angie Sloane came on Allan Dumont’s dick, a fact that she announced in a primordial groan. Determined to help her new lover cum at last, Angie tightened her pussy even more than it already was, which had the desired result in scant seconds. She remained on top of him for a minute or two, allowing her legs to recover from the wobbly effect of sex.

Meanwhile, Ray had switched from Charmaine’s mouth to her ass, not bothering to ask her permission to do so. Despite the instant agony caused by this huge dick in her asshole, Mrs. Dumont didn’t put up a fight at all. She was broken. Something about the way that Angie and Ray handled her had quashed her previously strong will. This whole experience was a catharsis for Charmaine, who now saw things from the bottom rather than the top. She was just glad that Ray used some lube, given how large his cock was in her butt.

When Ray came and pulled out of Charmaine’s ass, he dragged her off to the shower.

“This bitch has more work to do. I haven’t fucked her cunt yet. I want my dick clean first,” Mr. Lassiter chuckled.

Alone together, Angie and Allan stood up at last. Mr. Dumont now knew for a fact that this was no ordinary teenage girl. Ms. Sloane had studied this matter a great deal and learned what she wanted well in advance. She had poise, confidence, and powerful desires which motivated her to take charge of this situation. She was a natural seductress with aggressive drives.

“So, honey, what do you think of me? Want me as your mistress? I would fuck you whenever I please, train Charmaine to be a better wife to you, including your sexual needs, and have your first baby. I’m not always such a bossy type. I just have my moments,” Angie posed the question with her hands on his neck.

Allan didn’t have to be asked twice. Angie had a knack for offering him exactly what he wanted. Charmaine always used birth control, because she refused to have his kids. He didn’t realize that she quit using the Pill last month, as part of a conspiracy to further enslave him and make him raise other men’s children. She was already pregnant with Ray’s baby, though no one knew it yet. Charmaine’s next phase was to be a chastity belt and complete denial, turning Allan into a money slave. Not even Ray was aware of this evil plot, since it was too extreme for a guy like him. The whole cuckold/humiliation thing was already a bit uncomfortable for Ray, since he had simply signed up for what he naively thought was swinging, orgies, and other kinks. Women like that made him nervous and angry.

“There are times when I don’t mind it. Trust me, next to Charmaine, you’re as sweet as a peach. I didn’t oppose a little bondage and discipline, but Charmaine got out of hand. Same thing with the cuckold scene. I was okay with her fucking other men, but she kept taking it further and pushing off the date when I would get some strange myself. I think that she somehow got the idea that I was a wimp. I have been, a little, I guess, in that I didn’t stand up to her sooner. That’s changed now, thanks to you. I owe you a lot,” Allan answered with a French kiss for his adolescent lover.

“Yes, and I’m gonna collect. Count on that, babe. Right now, please fuck my ass,” Angie invited her neighbor, handing him the lube before bending over and spreading her cheeks for him.

Unlike Ray, Allan used more than a little lube, not wishing to hurt this delectable teen. His dick, while not as large as Ray’s, was big enough to cause some pain as he slid into her ass. Angie gasped a bit, but then the pleasure assailed her, a rush of delight that made her shiver with the delicious knowledge of what she did with Allan. He was inside her most private hole of all, exploring what had been virgin territory until just then. Allan moved slowly, giving Angie a chance to collect herself before actively sodomizing her.

There was no longer any doubt in Angie’s mind that she needed this, needed Allan to bury himself inside her colon. The way that he invaded her bottom now completely exhilarated her, as she felt owned by him and connected to him. Their bodies seemed to become a single, seamless body of flesh, and she came messily from the delightful violation of her bowels. At last, knowing what this teenage siren did from excitement, Allan couldn’t prevent his own second release. His gooey seed remained in her asshole as he withdrew from her now gaping butt.

“Honey, thanks to you, I’m not a virgin anymore … in any part of my body. I am your little teen slut. I must warn you, however, that I intend to be very wild and swing with you. canlı poker oyna Think about it. We can start with Ray, since he seems to have switched sides here. I hope that you can go along with this. It should be fun for everyone involved, even Charmaine, though God knows she doesn’t deserve any,” Angie declared, kissing him yet again.

“Hey, baby, I trust you. After what you’ve done for me, I don’t worry that you’ll mistreat me, the way I would doubt someone like Charmaine. I think that I need a break for now, though. I’m only a man. Let’s grab a bite to eat. We can invite Charmaine and Ray to come along when they’re done, if you wish,” Allan suggested, feeling a bit famished, since he hadn’t eaten breakfast.

“Reuben’s? I love that deli,” Angie referred to a famous local delicatessen known for their namesake as well as other signature sandwiches.

“Their meatball subs are outstanding, so I’m in,” Allan grinned. He hadn’t been to Reuben’s in months, thanks to Charmaine’s “dietary restrictions”. Things were going to change for sure.

“I like their ‘salami special’,” Ray agreed, indicating that Charmaine and he were done in the shower at last. They were both nude, but happy. Something was in the wind between them, and it was time for Allan to find out.

“Allan, honey, I am very sorry about what kind of wife I’ve been. You don’t owe me any explanations, but I owe you a lot of withheld sex. You’ll get it, too. I have some bad news, however. I’m pregnant with Ray’s kid. I have also learned something about myself that I need to face, and if I had done so sooner, we’d all be better off. The cuckold thing was a selfish way to go about my obsession with size, but I am still a size queen. I care about you and I enjoy sex with you, but I think that I need one of my partners to be a larger man down there and both of you to be very dominant with me. I want a plural marriage, so I can take Ray as my other husband. I’ll remain your first wife, with Angie as your second wife. Ray would marry her as well. It will be a group and open marriage for all of us. You guys gave me what I really needed: being put in my place. The four of us can swing with others,” Charmaine announced.

“I like that plan very well, Allan. But I’d hold Charmaine to that deal about the back payments of sex, not only because she owes you, but it should make things more fun for us. I think that she should put it in writing, in fact. I have other ideas as well. Obviously, Ray should get his turn with me as well. I’ll need plenty of lube, Ray, with a cock of your size, and I won’t make it a daily thing, since I would be too sore to give Allan his due. I believe that a contract between the four of us is called for,” Angie demonstrated just how bright she really was.

“I’m a lawyer. I’ll write it up. What? Didn’t know that? The ghetto talk is only to mess with people. I have a juris doctorate and an MBA from Howard. It won’t be legally binding, but it will bind all of us by honor. We can work on it over lunch, just write everything down on napkins and don’t say it aloud. How does that sound? We can start a club of sorts, a sex club, beginning with our plural marriage. I have to warn you guys of one thing, however: I’m bisexual,” Ray proposed.

“I’m fine with that. So, what was this about Reuben’s? I’m game. I’m also bi, I think. If I didn’t know it before Angie kissed me, I do now. I was wet as a dishrag when she did that to me. Don’t worry about my face. Ray applied plenty of soap, water, and Neosporin to it. I’ll be fine. I just have to accept that my beauty isn’t a perfect 10 anymore, but that may be a good thing. A little less arrogance and vanity would serve me well. Ray’s right about that,” Charmaine winked at Angie.

“No hard feelings?” Angie stuck out her hand.

Charmaine reacted by kissing Angie passionately on the lips, as lustfully as the one Angie had done to her.

“I’ve been a really bad wife. I’ll be a much better one now. Trust me. And if Allan or you want to spank me, that’s fine with me. Ray already did, in the shower, right before he fucked my pussy very hard. I loved it all. Ray does want to have sex with Allan as well, if that’s something that you can accept. He told me that Allan will get to fuck him just as hard as he fucks Allan. It won’t be about humiliating anyone, just two guys exploring their sexuality. I’d gladly eat you out, too. I hope that you would like to eat me as well. Sorry about calling you a slut earlier,” she took things a little further, thinking that perhaps the time had come.

“No, I am a slut now. I’m proud of it, since I’m Allan’s slut. I won’t apologize for calling you a ‘bitch’, since you used to be one. I’d say that you’re making serious progress since this little shake-up we had this morning. I’m cool with lesbian stuff, too. Why do you think I kissed you? I’m bi as well,” Angie reassured her.

“Well, you helped shake me up, more than anyone else, except possibly Ray. I was mad at you for a short time, but if it weren’t for you, I think that Allan and internet casino I would have had a divorce instead of a polygamous marriage. I wouldn’t have gotten to have half the fun that I did, either, since I think that Ray would have dumped me. Alright, are we gonna talk or get some take out?” Charmaine asked impatiently.

“Take out!” was the unanimous answer.

The lunch was a wonderful affair, since the foursome flirted ceaselessly with each other. It was a strange love-lust quadrangle, carried to the point where once bitter spouses and their paramours now played footsie under the table and felt growing arousal from the direction the arrangement took them.

By the time they returned from lunch to Allan’s place, the quartet had agreed to some basic conditions:

1. Charmaine Dumont, having mistreated her estranged husband Allan, owes him at least twenty-five acts of vaginal intercourse, sixty acts of oral sex, and thirty acts of sodomy. She will pay these “with interest” over the next decade, thus compensating him for what he was deprived of during their marriage.

2. Allan Dumont, Charmaine Dumont, Angie Sloane, and Ray Lassiter hereby enter a plural marriage, in which each of them is married to the others. All of the marriages are to be fully consummated as much as possible, as soon as possible. This marriage will also be an open one, inviting others to bed any and all of the spouses.

3. Angie’s three spouses will aid her in seducing Sven Gustafsen, Yasuko Kawashira, Miles Sloane, and Pamela Sloane, as well as any teachers and classmates who might appeal sexually to her. In exchange, her partners will have the opportunity to engage in sexual congress with those on her list as well.

4. No one outside the inner circle signatory to this contract, and any persons intended to be sexual partners of the signatories, shall know of this arrangement.

5. All signatories to this covenant, regardless of any bondage play to the contrary, are understood to be equal partners in this contractual relationship.

6. Sexual intercourse with any persons not referred to within the covenant would require the use of protection, whereas sexual congress within the boundaries of this compact would be unprotected.

7. Both husbands will be regarded as the fathers of all children by each of the wives, and both wives will be regarded as the mothers of all children by each of the husbands.

8. No party to this compact shall masturbate alone to orgasm, except when no other party to this contract is sexually available.

9. All parties to this covenant shall pool their financial resources for mutual benefit, up to and including imminent cohabitation.

Each of the four signed this pact, indicating that they were well aware that they had committed themselves to each other. It was really a polygamous union of sorts. The “nine points” were to be the ironclad rules governing their relationship. Ray copied the agreement four times, keeping the original in his briefcase and a personal copy in the glove compartment of his Ferrari.

“So, I dare say that I have enjoyed both Angie and Charmaine before. Ray has had Charmaine, but not Angie. I think that it’s time for them to fuck. It has been a while since I’ve done Charmaine, so I will collect one of the sex acts that she owes me now. However, I will let her choose which one,” Allan stated baldly, after the four of them stripped to the buff.

“My ass, dear. You’ve had my pussy and my mouth, though not in a while. You’ve never had my ass, if you’ll recall. Butt-fuck me please!” Charmaine urged Allan, while Ray grabbed Angie and took her on the sofa.

“How much lube?” Allan asked, as he got out the warming solution to prepare his wife’s ass.

“As much or little as you wish. I’ll understand any level right now. You have a lot of anger to vent at me, and I don’t blame you,” Charmaine answered, secretly hoping for very little. She was keen on a bit more pain than Angie would like.

Charmaine’s ass was nice and snug as Allan began ramming her forcefully. She loved the penetration, revealing that she was as much a pain slut as a size queen. Angie, in the meantime, welcomed Ray’s dick in her pussy, stretching it as he fucked her with abandon. This swap lasted for a dozen minutes or so, but the exquisite, hedonistic delights of this Bacchanal intensified the urges each of them had to cum.

The sweet agony of anal sex brought Charmaine at last to her release, just before the constant contact between Ray’s cock and Angie’s G-spot resulted in her climax as well. No longer feeling the necessity of restraining themselves, both men came inside their women.

Angie then went down on Charmaine, licking her butt-crack to clean up Allan’s jizz. This naturally pleased Mrs. Dumont, who then spread Ms. Sloane’s legs to eat her pussy and enjoy Ray’s cum as it leaked inside her.

It normally took Allan as well as Ray some time to get a second turn ready, but the Sapphic scenes in front of them didn’t hurt in that respect. Ray couldn’t help himself. Allan’s ass invited him, and he accepted the opportunity. Giving Allan no warning, Ray gratified his lust for his butt, adding the lube in decent portions and easing his dick into his asshole.

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