Anglica’s Desire Ch. 01

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The red LED display of the clock eliminated the room with a red glow, informing Angelina that it was now getting close to 3am.

She let out a big sigh, worry had been slowing fill her up since midnight. Her only son, Trevor, had gone out clubbing and was bound to be pissed. Angelina always worried when he was out drinking, the longer she had to wait for him to return, the more worried she got.

The red glow was beginning to annoy her, so she turned over in her bed, looking to the empty space in her bed where her husband should be sleeping. He had left a few months before; with some slut he had met on a stag night for one of his friends, leaving Angie all alone to raise their son.

She let out another sigh, this time because of the heat; it was stiflingly hot, sweat glistened on her brow. She wiped her forehead with her arm and ran her fingers through her brown, shoulder-length hair.

Finally she gave up. ‘I’ll never get to sleep in this heat’ she thought bitterly to herself, trying to forget her worries about her son. Thoughts of where he could be pestered her mind; collapsed in some ally way or ditch, shagging some dirty slut, maybe even injured from a fight!

She forced these thoughts to the back of her mind and climbed out of bed.

She picked up a grey strappy tank top and some white shorts to put on, as she had been sleeping naked, due to the heat, and walked groggily to the bathroom, her head lolling on her shoulders.

After going to the toilet and dabbing her body with cold water, she brushed her teeth, watching herself in the mirror, proud of her beautiful, slim body. She tied her hair into loose ponytail on the top of her head, loose hair around the sides and front hung down around her face, framing her beautiful brown eyes.

She was just finishing preening when she heard footsteps slowly thudding up the stairs. She paused momentarily, panicking, before she realised it would be Trevor, and then finished checking herself in the mirrors.

After applying her makeup, including a vivid red poker oyna lipstick that she loved wearing, she left the bathroom. She immediately noticed that the light had been left on, as well as the light in Trevor’s room. She clicked the light switch in the hall and sighed to herself again, fed up of doing everything, when Trevor never lifted a finger to help.

She pushed the door to his room open, intending on complaining finally, but he was already asleep, lying on top of his bed covers in grey boxer shorts and a white t-shirt.

Her hand reached for the light, but before she clicked it she paused with shock.

Poking out the side of Trevor’s boxer shorts was the tip of his stiff cock, pink and glistening slightly; it appeared to be nearly fully erect, twitching every so often. Angie was completely frozen on the spot, unable to move, staring at Trevor’s cock.

Deep inside her she felt a heat begin to rise, burning her insides. Inside her head, many voices were all shouting at her what to do; she was confused, more than she had ever been in her life.

She crept forward towards the bed a couple of steps, before doubt shouted different instructions inside her head; she stopped again. Then the voices changed and she took another couple of steps forward.

Within a few steps from his bed she stopped and stared, biting her lip, her eyes travelling from his head, down to his cock and back to his head. Without thinking about it, one of Angie’s hands had slid slowly into her white shorts and began gently touching her pussy slowly; it was soaking wet, and she quivered at just the slightest touch.

After struggling for over 5 minutes, she moved up to the side of Trevor’s’ bed, and perched on it gently, careful to not wake him. She stared at the outline of his hard cock beneath the grey fabric, her hand still gently touching her pussy lightly.

Deciding to test how heavily he was sleeping, she placed a hand on his thigh and gave it a light shake. He grunted and continued to sleep, so she poked and shook his thigh canlı poker oyna slightly more vigorously, but got the same result.

Her hand then slip onto the outline of his hard cock and outlined it with her fingers, Angie letting out a tiny gasp at the size of it. It was at least 5 inches long and 2 inches thick, and as Angie cupped it, she felt sure it wasn’t totally erect.

She continued to caress the cock through the grey fabric, it occasionally twitching, until she couldn’t handle it anymore. She stood up, and walked round to the other side of the bed, so she had some more room, and knelt on the bed beside him.

She carefully gripped the leg of his boxer shorts between her fingers, and slowly peeled it back, allowing his cock to stand up. Now she could see it in its full, throbbing glory, she gasped again; it was even bigger than she thought and was glistened with pre-cum.

She lowered her mouth down slowly, breathing heavily, patiently easing her mouth around his cock. She then gently closed her lips around it and, using her tongue, slowly slid down it, pealing the foreskin back slowly.

She sucked it gently as she began to move up and down it, her tongue eagerly lapping all over it, pausing momentarily when she reach the head, before sliding back down it. The smell of it was intoxicating to her, driving her mad, as the taste made her want to devour the entire thing; she gobbled at it, licking and sucking on every inch of his cock, occasionally slurping loudly on it.

Trevor was dead to the world, even with his mom sucking his cock so expertly, he continued to sleep, grunting and groaning randomly as the pleasure his cock was feeling got too much.

Angie now wanted nothing more than to taste her son’s cream. She pumped her mouth up and down his hard cock, desperate for him to spray his cum into her mouth. Deciding to try and increase his pleasure, she then slid the cock out of her eager mouth and began to pump the long shaft with her right hand, while the left cupped his balls as she began to internet casino nuzzle and suck on them.

Her plan seemed to be working, as his deep breathing got heavier and faster, she took one last taste of his nuts, before paying all her attention to his shaft. She grabbed it with both hands and pumped up and down as fast as she could, panting desperately.

As his cock began to twitch madly in her hands, she knew he was close; she sucked his cock into her mouth again and deep throated it, holding it deep in her throat for as long as she could before sucking up and down as fast as she could.

Suddenly Trevor grunted loudly and she felt his cum spraying deep into her awaiting mouth. Her tongue lapped at his cock as it shot load after load into her mouth.

Angie sucked as hard as she could on the cock, dribbling his cum all over his cock, before licking it all up again off his glistening cock, she then treated his nuts to the same service, before swallowing every drop of it, gasping in please as it oozed down her throat.

She stared at the rapidly softening cock, unbelieving what she had just done. She had just committed taboo, indulging herself in what should have been forbidden to her. This was likely to be the opening of the flood gates for her, she was desperately Horney and now she knew how to get a young cock.

As she sat there, staring at her only child she thought to her ‘I’ve performed a sexual act on my own 18 year old son, while he is asleep, and i fucking enjoyed it. Does that make me sick?’ she knew the answer would not be to her liking, but she didn’t care.

Finally realising she was sitting on her son’s bed, while his cock was out, she slid his boxers back into position, giving his cock a final little lick, and left his room.

In the hall she stood, leaning on the door, letting the images of what she had done fill her mind. The burning inside her was burning every part of her now, she knew she could not resist if the chance came up again, she had enjoyed it too much.

After thinking for a good half hour she whispered out loud to her ‘next time, my son, I am getting that delicious cock inside me.’ She smiled and then walked to her bedroom, knowing that she would not stop masturbating for the next few hours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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