Another Innocent FIL

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Jenny Connor was sliding her soft dainty hand up and down, and thinking to herself what a wonderful cock it was. She was stunned to see her fingers curled around it. Her manicured nails pressing on to the heel of her hand looked the perfect picture. The head was mesmerising her, she had seen several cocks in her time, so she knew what a good cock looked like, and she knew she was looking at one here.

The trouble was, this wasn’t her husband’s cock, the cock belonging to the man she had vowed to keep herself to, above all others, a short 3 weeks ago. She was sat on the side of the bed, watching her hand slowly but deliberately jack it off. He was laid back watching too, he was biding his time before he felt for her right breast, the one nearest to him, and the nipple. If he could get that he told himself, he would get Jenny, and the rest of her exquisite sexy body, of that he was almost certain.

He had been house sitting for them while they were on honeymoon, and they had come back 2 days ago, and this Monday morning her new husband had gone to work after kissing his delicious bride goodbye. An hour after he had gone she was leering after the cock in her hand, she knew already she was going to make love to him, it was too late now to back off. And it was all her fault, he hadn’t made a pass at her, he hadn’t seduced her, Jenny was, and had, seduced herself to him.

He had gone to bed at lunch time yesterday instead of going home to his own house because he felt feverish. He had had Malaria a long time ago, and thought it was that, so he had taken his pills and gone to bed. He had slept right through. Jenny and Mike, her husband, had worried about him. But they knew good rest was the best medicine. They had also turned the heating up to keep the house good and warm.

And that had helped to lead her to where she was now, jacking him off, and about to forgo her wedding vows very shortly. She had knocked gently on his door and gone into his bedroom, he had turned over to see her, and he was topless. He had been so snug and warm he had thrown his top off. That had been followed by his pyjama bottoms too, and donned a pair of shorts.

“Hey there sleepy head, how are you feeling today, better I hope?” she said softly, concern for him in her voice. He looked at the gorgeous tiny woman, he couldn’t believe how someone her size could fill the room like she did. If she was 5ft he might be exaggerating, he thought.

She had beautiful long dark hair, it was like thick ropes of silk as it shrouded her beautiful full lipped face. Her body was perfect in every way, shapely, full, her breasts were high and proud, and her legs looked a mile long when she wore heels with a short skirt, which she loved to. Jenny was as sexy as hell and she knew it, she had had several boyfriends who all, to a man doted on her, trying to get her to marry them. But she had met Mike and married him, breaking hearts all over.

“I’m feeling a lot better thanks Jenny,” he said, “but I’ll have to get up and take a shower, I feel a bit, er, you know?” And then Jenny said the words to lead her into taking his cock in her hand, and towards her marital infidelity, just two days after getting back from her honeymoon, and taking herself to her own seduction.

“No, I’ll tell you what,” she said, “I’ll get some water and give you a bed bath, that way you don’t have to get up, stay right there,” she ordered him. He knew Jenny had done some nursing, so she knew how to give a patient a bed bath.

She trotted off and came back with a bowl of very warm water, soap and a cloth. He protested, and said he would get up. She put her hand on his chest and pushed him back down. Jenny was minutes away from holding and jacking his cock.

“You stay right there mister,” she told him, and fixed him a wide eyed, ‘don’t you dare move stare,’ with her huge dark hazel eyes. He knew not to disobey. Jenny squeezed the cloth, and told him to turn over, she would do his back first.

She started at his neck, and over his shoulders, she noticed his muscular back, his strong shoulders, the definitive line between the muscles down his spine, and his slim waist.

“Not bad for a guy his age?” she thought to herself. He was only 46 years old! Jenny worked her way down his back and around his waist. Then she threw the covers back and started at his feet, and as she worked her way up she felt a tingle of sexual excitement.

“Behave yourself Jenny, he’s the same age as your dad!” she remonstrated in her mind. But she noticed the set of his legs, strongly muscled, “he does look a fit sod though doesn’t he?” she said in her head. “Okay, turn over,” she told him, Jenny smacked his back side lightly, and laughed. He laughed as well, and turned over, not realising she had given him a semi hard on, and it clearly showed in his shorts.

He lay back and locked his fingers behind his head, and waited for her to start washing him again, he was enjoying the attention. She poker oyna worked up his legs at the front.

“You can put your arms down please Cliff,” she told him. He lay them at his sides. She dropped the warm cloth on his face and giggled, then started to rub it, she went around his neck then his shoulders, he was lying there with his eyes closed now thoroughly enjoying himself.

His cock was slowly enlarging all by itself. And then Jenny saw it move in his shorts, she just managed to avoid gasping as it reared up a little inside them. She was doing his upper body, which she had been inadvertently admiring. And it was in her peripheral vision, but her eyes were now glued firmly to the cock in his shorts. She went into immediate arousal, fully worked up into a sexual mind numbing frenzy in a second flat!

She moved down his body, doing his sides as she went, the cock moved and slid out through the slit at the front. He was aware now he had a hard on but kept looking at the ceiling, not daring to move in case it popped out. He didn’t know it already had, Jenny appraised it in another second and was impressed right off.

She was on automatic now, her warm soft hand left the cloth and slid over and onto the bright red and pink head. She lifted it, and it rose out of his shorts to claim her, Jenny was seduced and ready for him. She watched her hand glide up and down, and he lowered his eyes to watch her do it, his cock was as hard as it ever had been. His beautiful newly married, and sexy out of this world daughter in law was doing to him, what every man on the planet would die for.

Jenny knew cocks, she had seen plenty in her time, and she knew this was as good as she had seen, and held. And she knew 100% where it would be heading soon, unequivocally into her now super heated and demanding shaved pussy. That was going to be an unknown delight for him when she slid her bare sheath down on to his cock.

Jenny leaned down and kissed it, he gave out a small moan of appreciation, and that’s all it took from him, a small moan. She was in, no way out, and certainly no way back. He slid his hand inside her blouse, and into her bra, he took her nipple which was harder than she had known it to ever be.

Now it was Jenny’s turn to moan, her eyes closed, her head dropped in unfettered sexual heat. Her mouth opened and took him in, even with her eyes closed she hit it right on, it slipped in unerringly, and Jenny sucked her father in laws cock. It was a cock she shouldn’t be sucking, even holding, but nothing on earth was going to stop her now, it was way far too late for any retrieval.

He knew, they both knew this was a no no, it shouldn’t even have been on the horizon, he hadn’t intended it, he hadn’t instigated it, he had no intentional part in it. But how could any man refuse this, how? he thought. He squeezed her nipple, instead of thinking about anything but her and her luscious sexy body.

Jenny attacked his cock with gentle fervour, her hand sliding up and down it, and on the down stroke it covered his balls too, softly feeling them, her silver painted nails raking over them, making him yield to her. They had not as yet even looked at each other, her eyes were closed as she almost swallowed him whole. He was watching her suck him off with fabulous and fascinated disbelief.

Jenny reached under her short skirt, and she pulled her panties off, he peered to try and see what she was doing. Hoping she wasn’t coming to her senses and stop, not now he prayed. Instead he watched in happy certainty as she let his cock drop out of her full lipped mouth, and climb on the bed, and then over him.

Her hypnotic eyes met his for the first time, she smiled a small smile, got him in her hand, lifted herself up, fed him into her hot pussy, and without any more ado she was sliding down on him. He was being fucked by his brand new beautiful sexy daughter in law.

She leaned down and gave him her kiss, he was paralysed with gleeful joy, a kiss from her was a gift men would go to war for. Jenny gathered his wrists and held them above his head.

“You tell anyone about this Cliff,” she murmured, “and you are dead.”

“Not a chance Jenny, never!” he answered giving her a stare. It was a solemn promise, he would die before anyone knew about this. She kissed him again, let go of his wrists, and he put his arms around her, now he felt like he was her lover, and he was.

Jenny rose up, put her hands on his shoulders and began to screw her father in law. She rose and fell, but this was all hers, she had to cum. He sensed it was her doing him, for her. Jenny’s face crumpled it always did when she came, and then she fell on him, she always did when she came as she screwed her husband.

Cliff watched her cum on him, and was thrilled, honoured and grateful, he thanked his God for doing this for him. He held her as she shuddered and mewled on his chest. Her lips were touching and kissing, as she gruffed and huffed canlı poker oyna her way through her enormous climax. It was so good she felt as if she was floating on water.

She lay still, his cock was still hard in her, he hadn’t shot his load yet, now he needed to. But he didn’t want to break the spell she was under for fear of breaking it himself. He let her be for a minute, then he slowly and gently started to roll over so he could get on top and fuck her back.

Jenny slid her arms around him as he did, she was still up in the air and never felt him turning him and her. Then she was looking up at him, his face inches above hers. He kissed her now, Jenny kissed him back, she understood his needs, and went happily along with him. Cliff’s hips rose and he slid his cock back in.

Jenny ‘Ooooh’d’ “Oh, ohhhh hmmmm, oh Cliff,” she softly murmured through her lips, he kissed her again, and again, and again, and with each kiss his cock was picking up speed. Soon he was breathing heavily, as he plummeted in and out of his gorgeous daughter in law’s slick heaven sent pussy.

Jenny came again amid a crying wail of utter glee, her body shook as if it was at the epicentre of an earthquake. It was her own quake, she trembled and shattered her way to another climax. She was holding onto him now, she had had her fun, now he was having his. Then her father in law blasted steaming hot and still fertile cum into Jenny’s fabulous body.

They both slid into a post coitus stupor for a minute or two, Cliff raised his head and looked at her. He kissed her quickly and fully, “If this is the first and last time this is going to happen,” he told himself, “then I’m having one last frenetic kiss.” And he did, moments passed then he felt Jenny’s lips move under his, so he prolonged it, her arms went back around him and she held him once more.

Her husband’s dad was being told by his daughter in law, that this would not be the last time, but that this was the first of many times, now, and in the future. They spent a long time, lips locked, the heat and the tension bringing them back to the boil once more, Jenny felt for him, and found once again his cock growing for her.

She was far smaller than he, he was 6ft, around 185 lbs, she, not quite 5ft, and around 95lbs, maybe less. But Jenny had a power he would never have. Jenny had the attraction, the sexy beauty only a beautiful woman could have. And it was greater than any physical strength a man could offer.

She rolled him over easily, she tucked his right arm under her and lay on it. “Now,” she said, “give me your other arm,” she put her around him, held his wrist and told him blithely. “You are taken, you belong to me, you will do as I tell you, you will obey me, or,” she said. “You won’t get any more of this,” and she waved her hand over her body, and then she grabbed his cock and jacked him of swiftly several times, stopped, looked him square in the eye, and said, “Understood, Daddy?”

Her father in law had no choice, she held all the cards, as well as his now solid cock. Between them, her hand, and his cock, his capitulation was over and done with. “Yes princess,” he said, “I understand,” there was no way he was going to even think of forfeiting this morning into the one off he was praying for it not to be.

Jenny smiled sweetly, the knowing look on her face was a sight to behold, his cock jumped in her hand. “Mmmm, daddy do I excite you that much?”

“Yes you do Jenny, but you don’t need me to tell you that, you already know.” She leaned to him and kissed him on the lips, her hand already at work. Jenny loved a good cock and she had found this one without looking, without intent to do so, it had literally popped up to her.

“This is something we shouldn’t be doing daddy,” she said, “but as we are, and as we have, even though it just happened accidentally. Then I don’t see why we can’t carry on. Mike won’t get hurt, I’ll get all the cock I need, and you will have me any time I’m available to you, how does that sound?” she whispered, as she squeezed his balls and kissed him passionately before letting him and answer. The answer would be the one she expected.

“It sounds like a great fun plan to me Jenny, I agree completely,” he told her. Jenny was more matter of fact about this than he could ever be. It seemed her philosophy was, ‘It’s had happened, so, shit happens too!’ The 24 year old bride was far more sexually aware than either her husband, or father in law knew. She hadn’t ‘put it about,’ in the sense of the words. But she had had a few boyfriends while she was deciding whom to marry.

She had chosen carefully, and she had had no intention of going back to her ‘free’ days. But this uncharted connection with her new father in law, had been an unexpected, and now, an extremely nice surprise. It would also have the benefits of close contact. He lived nearby on his own, so her visiting his house, or he visiting hers, wouldn’t be viewed with suspicion internet casino by any one, not even the nosiest of neighbours.

Jenny held him down, though both knew he could throw her off without blinking. He was her prisoner and he loved it. He was flat on his back, his gorgeous brand new sexy and very beautiful daughter in law was jacking him off. She had just fucked him, he had just fucked her. And now Jenny was going for round two.

She kissed him, it was a very long languid steamy kiss, his cock was hard, he wondered what she was going to do with him. He didn’t care, why would he. He wasn’t going to mention her marriage at all, not now, not even the fact that it was his son who was her husband now. How could he, this was as unexpected by him, as it had been to her.

Jenny, played with the tool in her hand, dipping her thumb nail into the little pee hole, it made him squirm. Not only because of the feeling of gratifying satisfaction of it, but the fear he felt in case she might go too far. He needn’t have worried, Jenny was a consummate lover, she knew men’s bodies, she had had lots of practice.

She suddenly dived down on him, taking him once again into her luscious mouth, she gave him stupendously hard sucks, his body rose from the bed as she rose up with him in her mouth. Jenny’s teeth were secured behind the head ridge, no escape. She had him right where she wanted him, and she knew she always would have. Jenny would keep him in a place where he would always bend to her sexual will.

And her father in law would happily bend to it too, he would soon learn from her, that where ever she wanted to take him, he would go, and he would follow. This was the first time in his life he would and did surrender all rights to a woman for sexual gratification. Jenny truly did fill a room when she was in it, and Cliff now knew for certain why.

He was so wrapped up in the blowjob now he didn’t care what she wanted or did. He could not be a happier man than this. Being blown by this beautiful sexy girl like this was beyond comprehension. And to cap it all, she was his brand new daughter in law, only back off her honeymoon by two days. And he was in any man’s sexual dreamland, manufactured, built, and managed totally by her.

His body tensed, there was no way he could keep in check the build up in his balls that she herself was building. He was going to cum very soon.

“Jenny,” he gruffed, “Jenny,” he gruffed again, she knew he was about to blow and Jenny took him expertly over the edge and point of no return. Her father in law blew his cum and Jenny took it all, she savoured him, drank him, and emptied him. It was slightly salty just how she liked it, it was thick and creamy, again just how she liked it. It was also hot and sticky, especially the way she liked it. Jenny was looking forward to more at a later date, and she knew she would be getting it whenever wanted it, and however she wanted it.

Her father in law lay back to rest, his hand in her soft silky hair, he pondered today’s events and made a definite silent prayer to God for this most wonderful of days, even if she was his son’s new wife who had made it for him.

“Jenny, that was, it all was, and you are, absolutely magnificent,” he said, “I am totally stunned by you, To be as beautiful as you, and as sexy as you are. I know you have your many admirers, me included. But I never saw this, never expected it either, but I am deliriously happy it has.”

She sensed his words were as sincere from him as he could be, she was happy too. This had been a big surprise, unheralded, unannounced, but she had taken the bull, as it were, by the horns, and she had tamed him too, she giggled at that thought. She had two men in her life now instead of the one she had thought would be her last one.

And both men were besotted by her, and she had the control, carefully managed she told herself, over them both, she would never lack for love, lust, or sex. She would have it in abundance for the very foreseeable future, and into the long distance future. Training both men would be a walk in the park, soon they would be fucking her with every ounce of their being to keep her happy and satisfied.

There was a possible fly in the ointment, she was intending to get pregnant as soon as possible. But with her new loving Daddy in law blowing his cum into her fertile womb, it would be a toss up, as to who her babies father would be. She put it to the back of her mind, both her men would be, but her husband’s name would be on the birth certificates.

“Right daddy, enough for today hey?” she said, and kissed him so he didn’t feel as if she were tossing him aside. He smiled happily, she dragged him off the bed by his balls and into the bathroom, “Shower,” she told him, she smacked his ass, and sent him on his way. She went to sort his bed out. The linen had to be changed and the windows opened for obvious reasons.

“Tomorrow,” she told the bed when she had finished, then patted it.

She herself showered and made her way down, her father in law was sat on the sofa, she went straight to him and climbed into his lap.

“I thought you might like a cuddle Cliff…”

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