Another Night in a Strange City

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I had been traveling for a month now. The CPU22 had just been installed in 10 of our newest customer’s largest branches, and I was the one who had to make it all come together. It was Friday night.

I went back to my hotel room to freshen up, ordered room service. “It will be up in twenty minutes” the room service operator said. Just enough time to take a shower. The hot water felt good on my shoulders, having been working at the computer all day. I had tried to call my wife, but she was not home. No telling where she was. A month without sex was wearing on me. Soaping my body, jets of water pounding on my back, my hand slid through the slippery soap.

I always got a sensual thrill when I caressed my own skin “Not bad skin for a 55 year old man” I thought. I watched the suds wash down my chest, sluice through my pubic hair and sag down the length of my flaccid and wrinkled penis, dripping from the tip of its head to the shower floor. I chuckled thinking “A far cry from what it can be” I pushed on the liquid soap dispenser and squirted a pool of silky white soap into the palm my hand.

Smiling at the resemblance of the soap to my semen, so often caught in the palm of my hand from my orgasms, I began to slide the slippery emollient down the length of my penis, feeling thrilling shocks run from my testicles to my anus. My fingers closed on my scrotum and tested each testicle, then worked the soap over the wrinkled sac.

Looking down I smiled as the insignificant wrinkled appendage began rising with the flow of blood, which I could hear beating in my ears. My fingers closed over the growing shaft, and began sliding through the water warmed soap. I squeezed gently trying to simulate the spongy walls of my wife’s vagina, closing my eyes, feeling it slipping in and out of her luscious pussy. Soon, my knees grew weak, and I knew that I would be cumming. The soap had all washed off, and it was just my clean hand moving the loose outer skin up and down on the rigid shaft.

I held my left hand at in front of the head, catching the long white stream, as it pooled warmly in my cupped hand. My knees almost buckled, yet I kept stroking, my engorged manhood now extremely sensitive. I turned and let the warm water flow on my shrinking promontory, as I touched my tongue in the pool of semen, which looked just like the soap that had pooled there a few minutes earlier. I loved the taste of my cum, having tasted it this way so many times over the years. But, my mind imagined me licking it from my wife’s blushingly, used vulva.

I longed for the touch, the feeling of softness and the delicate scent of a woman.

I put on a white dress shirt, and pulled my tight levis over my naked ass. I fantasized that I would go out tonight and make eye contact with a beautiful woman, who would be interested in the pronounced bulge in my crotch, emphasized by the fact that no underwear would soften the appearance. I laughed and thought I was crazy to think that way, but my time in the shower was becoming more special, becoming increasingly so as each day went by with no carnal knowledge of my wife.

The steak was cooked medium rare, and the appetizer of New Zealand Mussels, their vaginal appearance, pinkish lips, with a tiny clitoral mass at the top, made my heart beat poker oyna increase. I tasted each mussel, licking my tongue through the groove before sucking the sweet meat into my mouth. Then cutting my steak, I watch the pinkness of the rare meat, its juices seeping downward. It was now 8 o’clock.

Earlier I had driven past a trendy bar, that looked like it might be a place that women might go dancing, or looking. “Friday night” I thought “not a good night for this. Most single women went out earlier in the week to line someone up for the weekend. But, my mind was in a high state of fantasy, and I thought that I could at least go out and see. It beat spending the night alone in my hotel room with my five fingered friend.

The bar was very cozy, and there were a lot of people there. I was disappointed that all the women seemed to be coupled with men, so I sat down and asked the bar tender for a Samuel Adams. The music was good, and I enjoyed the smuddling conversation, punctuated with laughter. The sounds of the women’s laughter aroused me and I could feel myself rising , my pre-sensitized head pushing against the rough denim of my levis.

As I raised the half empty bottle to my lips, I looked into the mirror and saw them come through the door. They were both dressed casually, a young woman with long blonde hair, done in the latest style. She was about the same height as my wife, 5’4″. She looked like an angel. Here companion was an older woman, maybe and inch or so shorter. Her hair, light ash blonde, was shorter, done in a flip, kinda like Dorothy Hammill, the ice skater. But the younger one looked very similar to the other. Both of the women were very attractive, both wearing jeans, and western looking shirts, both wearing cowboy boots.

Glancing at the younger one I noticed that her breasts were very nicely formed, filling her shirt. I could see the points of nipples pressing through the soft fabric of her bra, my eyes darted quickly downward and I noticed the seam of her jeans formed to the contours of her lips. I winced slightly as I felt my erection growing. She turned to talk with the woman next to her—maybe her older sister or mom—and saw the firm contours of her butt, and then the elegant hour glass of her figure.

I finished my beer and ordered another, nibbling and toying with the complimentary nuts and goldfish. I thought of the project I was working on—and about home. I thought about how good it was to masturbate in the shower, and I thought about the girl and her mother. Just then, as I looked into the mirror, I saw the two women looking at me in the mirror.

The older one kept saying things to the younger, and she nodded her head. She didn’t smile. She seemed to be concentrating, and her eyes seemed trance-like. There was no question in my mind that she was staring hard at me in the mirror. I returned her gaze which seemed to intensify, and noticed that her nose was beginning to flair.

I noticed the arm of the older around her back. She seemed to be massaging her gently with her open hand. All of a sudden it seemed that the young girl bit her lip, her nostrils flared widely, and her cheeks seemed to flush. Just then her mother patted her on the back and said something to her. It seemed to me that she mouthed the words “Was it canlı poker oyna good baby?”

I was very intrigued. I had heard about women who could squeeze their pussy lips together and compress their clits against the seams of their jeans and have and orgasm, and wondered if she had done that. I could no longer resist the urge to talk with these two, so I got down from my stool and walked toward them. I saw the mother smile at the young woman and she seemed to say “Mom” as if the mother had said something suggestive.

I walk casually as if to pass them and said, “Evenin ladies.”

“Hello” the mother said.

“You two look like you could be related” I said.

“Kind of” the younger one replied and winked, and then they both giggled.

I looked at the younger one and asked, “Is this young lady your mother?”

“Oh you charmer” the mother said, and the young woman said “Yes”, smiled and blushed.

“My name is Marc. I am in town until Tuesday, and just came out to see if I could socialize a bit.”

“My name’s Dotty” the older woman said, extending her hand and shaking mine “And this is my daughter Silk”

“Dotty, Silk, I’m pleased to meet you. Is this ladies night out?”

Silk said “Nice to meet you Marc” and shook my hand. Her hand was soft and warm.

I blushed and said “Your name fits you Silk. Are you doing the town tonight?”

She blushed and said “Well, actually, we are just out for some air, to see if anything is going on in town.

“Grover, Silk’s husband and her daddy(my hubby) are away on a fishing trip for the weekend. And, we just thought we would see if we could find a little excitement.” Dotty smiled at me and continued “And right off the bat, Marc, we found you.” She winked, and then flashed a smile to Silk, who smiled as her cheeks seem to turn a little pink.

“So what do you do for fun when you’re all alone?” I directed the question to Dotty.

“Well, that depends on the mood we’re in” Dotty said “Our men have just upped and left us, so we are in a kind of naughty mood, I would guess you’d say.” She looked at Silk. “right Silk?”

Silk giggled and smiled a wide smile. “Right Mama” she answered “and, Mama, do you think if it would be alright for us to ask Marc here out to the house?”

“Well baby, I guess that would be alright with me.” She smiled devilishly, then looked me up and down. “and judging by the Marc’s body language, and the look on his face, I would say it is alright with Marc. Don’t you agree Marc?”

“Er, yes, that would be fine with me Dotty.” My ears burnt red as I realized that Dotty had looked at the long bulge in my levis

My breath caught in my throat as I realized my fantasy might come true, not with just one woman, but two. I hoped she wasn’t teasing me. And then, not believing my good fortune I heard Silk say:

“I can ride in Marc’s car, and we will follow you, Mama” she said in a voice betraying her excitement.

“Well, baby, I think that I will ride with Marc, and we will follow you. That way I can explain the ground rules to Marc.”

“Ground rules?” Silk asked with a bit of a pout “Oh—ok Mama.”

Dotty held my hand as we walked out of the bar, as if we were out on a date. Silk walked quickly ahead of us, her spectacular internet casino bottom wiggling in her jeans as she walked to the black Lincoln Navigator.

“Nice rear end, don’t you think Marc” Dotty said as she squeezed my hand “I like yours too” she said “Can’t wait to see it out of the package.”

Everything she did just made my erection that much harder. I didn’t think I had been this hard since I was 16. “Well, Dotty, I guess we are all in for a treat” I chuckled.

I escorted her to the passenger side of the green Ford Taurus that I had rented, opened the door as she got in.

“Thanks hon. That’s the mark of a real gentleman. That goes a long way with me” she said.

I walked around to my side of the car and let myself in. As I slid onto the seat and closed the door, I noticed the sexy aroma of her perfume, which caused another tightening of the already taut skin. “Nice perfume I said” as I closed the door.

She slid over next to me, and said “Give Mama a kiss Marc.” The light in the parking lot glinted in her eyes as she looked up at me, her lips parting very sensually.

I leaned over and downward kissing her lips, which were the softest I had ever put my lips on. My heart was racing, and the tight skin on my male organ felt like it was going to tear. Her hand was caressing the back of my head. Our lips began kneading and we began breathing heavily through our noses, her lips parted and my tongue was exploring the inside of her mouth, slick under her tongue, velvet on top with slick ridges on the roof of her mouth. The sound of a quickly pressed horn caused us to face forward. Silk was sitting in front of us, telling us that it was time to get on the road.

I began buckling my seat belt, and said “Better buckle up Dotty.”

She smiled up at me and said “I don’t think so hon.”

Silk pulled out of the parking lot and we followed, stopped at a light, and then continued through town. “How far is your house from here Dotty?”

“Far enough.” She put her hand on my leg, caressing up and down my thigh. “You’re not even wearing boxers are you honey?” She said as her hand felt the girth of my shaft through my levis. “You feel like quite a man Marc. Do you think you are man enough for two hungry women?”

“Well, I certainly aim to please ma’am” I said with a chuckle.

“Mind if I take a peek, Marc?” as her fingers traced my length from the tip of the head to where it disappeared past my pubic hair.

My arms were covered with goosebumps as I felt her fingers fumble with my zipper. I concentrated hard on the tail lights of the Navigator, which seemed to waver close to the center line. I wondered if Silk were masturbating as she drove.

“Oh, baby, you are man after my own heart” she said as she pulled my erection out of my fly “Feels heavenly” she said “and you are much bigger than my hubby. I’m sure lookin’ forward to seeing this thing inside my baby. Isn’t she a doll?”

It was all I could do to keep the car straight on the road. The black Navigator turned left, down a narrow road, and then the stop lights glared as she signaled left, and turned into a driveway. The house, a large one story brick, sat back from the road about 100 feet. I stopped the car in front of the garage, the Navigator having been pulled inside.

Dotty leaned over and kissed the head of my cock. “Mmmmm” she said, you taste sweet.” She patted it and put it back inside my pants. “I think this is going to be a wonderful night.”

To be continued…

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