Another Taste of Mom Ch. 02

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The following morning the wife and I were in the kitchen preparing breakfast when Helen entered the room looking a little disheveled.

Deb giggled a little and asked her mom how she felt and Helens reply was that she felt terrible.

I chimed in and told her that alcohol had a way of making people feel that way sometimes and she said it wasn’t just the booze but the events of the previous night that had her feeling the way she did.

Deb spoke up and said she felt pretty good about what happened the night before which shocked and surprised her mother.

Helen looked at us both and said it should never have happened and that it would never happen again no matter how drunk she got.

I told her that she might be able to control her liquor consumption but could she control her passion.

I assured her that we wouldn’t do anything to her that she didn’t want us to do and she said that would be nothing, ever.

Deb looked at her mom and told her that never was a long time to do without the great sex we had experienced the night before.

Helen asked that we quit bringing the subject up and said she wanted some breakfast.

While we ate we convinced Helen to spend the day at the lake with us since she had no other plans she reluctantly agreed but only if Deb and I promised to behave ourselves.

I laughed and told her we would try not to fuck in front of her since she was in such a weakened mental and sexual state.

She said she didn’t find my statements very amusing but that she would feel better after she got some sunshine on her face.

The entire day at the lake I made sure Helen noticed me rubbing her daughters ass and tits when we would get close to each other.

I wasn’t sure but I hoped this might stir some arousal in her that might make her let her guard down again and the three of us could share another memorable night together.

Deb finally convinced her mom to have a drink with her about 4:00 p.m. giggling and telling her she would keep an eye on her so her pants didn’t fall down or anything.

Helen glared at Deb and told her not to be a smart ass about the whole situation and then asked her how she could be so casual about everything.

Deb had started drinking earlier than her mom so her tongue was loose enough to speak her mind so she told her mom that it was just sex and nothing else.

She told her mom that whether she licked it or not she knew that she had enjoyed getting her pussy eaten no matter whom was doing it.

Helen lowered her head and said that she felt so dirty for what had happened and that she didn’t know if she would ever be able to face the rest of her family without them noticing the guilt in her eyes.

I told Helen that she was being way too judgmental on herself and that it was Deb and I who had laid the plans in motion and seduced her.

She said that was true but she had to confess that despite her objections she had enjoyed it and that made her feel worse about it.

Deb and I winked at each other and reassured her mom that it was going to be okay and that no one would ever know our secret even if it ever happened again.

Helen was quick to respond that poker oyna it would never happen again and I pointed out that she probably never thought it would happen the first time but it did.

I lightened the mood by telling the girls to get the food ready to go on the grill and that they could help me with the grilling.

As the two moved around the grill area I blatantly rubbed Debs ass making sure her mom saw what I was doing each time and once she even slapped my hand and told me to be have.

I laughed and asked her what she was going to do, give me a spanking.

Deb laughed and told her mom that she better watch it that I might just like a spanking.

Helen just shook her head and told us that we were both too much for her to figure out.

As we all mingled around the grill area I took every chance I could to brush my body against Helens and touch the bare skin of her waist just above the wrap she wore to cover her bikini bottom.

I was hoping that with the skin to skin contact and her consumption of alcohol that I might get her aroused with enough desire to let the rest of our day and night to become very stimulating once again.

When Deb was close to her mom she would also lean into her letting her breasts press into her mothers arm or back or whatever region she was close too.

I had to move Helen to one side or the other several times and in doing so I would place both hands on her hips and shift her to the side so I could get by her.

She asked me once if she was that much in the way or did I just like getting a hold of her hips.

I just smiled at her and asked her what she thought and she just shook her head and went back to preparing the side dishes to be served with the grilling meat.

When the meat was finished and we gathered to enjoy our outdoor feast I moved around Helen by getting her ass cheeks in each hand and shuffling around her.

She didn’t seem to protest or even flinch as my hands gripped her ass firmly and I thought to myself that she was loosening up a little and that our night could get interesting once again.

After finishing our meal and cleaning up our mess we settled down with drinks to watch the sun set over the lake.

As the setting Suns reflection on the lake was replaced by the huge glow of the moon casting ripples of light that danced off the waters surface we decided we better call it a day and head home while I could still drive.

I asked the girls if they needed to use the restroom facilities before we hit the road and Helen quickly replied they had the entire outdoors to use as a bathroom if they needed.

Deb spoke up and told her mom she had better remember what happened the last time she took her pants down outside and we all burst out laughing, even Helen.

It was obvious that the liquor was taking effect on the women once again and my mind raced with the thoughts of what might happen when we arrived home.

We all piled into the pickup and headed off down the road toward home ensuring I took the long way through the country.

Helen spoke up and said it seemed obvious that she wasn’t going home again tonight and I told her that I didn’t want to be canlı poker oyna driving through town since I had been drinking.

She told me that this whole scenario seemed eerily familiar to her and I told her it must be like the movie groundhogs day and we all laughed again.

As we drove I massaged Debs legs from her knees to her inner thigh, ensuring Helen saw every stroke in the hopes of stirring desires within her that she could not contain.

A few miles down the road Deb said she needed to pee so I pulled over to the side of the road and let the girls out to do their business.

When they got back into the truck I noticed Deb no longer had her bikini bottom on and her neatly trimmed pussy was visible in the light from the instrument panel.

I told her that this was a pleasant surprise and when her mom asked me what I was talking about Deb reached over and took her moms hand and placed it on her bare pussy.

Helen gasped and asked her what she was doing and Deb just laughed and told her mom that we rode back from the lake naked all the time.

She told her mom that by the time we usually arrived home we were both so horny we fucked like monkeys.

She then pulled her top off and threw it into the dash area and started rubbing her tits exclaiming they felt better since they weren’t bound up anymore.

Deb urged me to get rid of my shorts and I quickly obliged her and the two of us sat there stark naked looking at Helen.

Helen looked at us both and said she was not taking her suit off and I told her we weren’t moving until she showed some skin and that she would be embarrassed if someone came by and caught her with two naked people in a pickup.

Although she was grumbling her disapproval she untied her top and let her ample breast swing free of their confines rubbing them and stating that it did feel better to have them free.

Deb told her mom that she had to lose the bottoms too and with a little reluctance Helen slipped her bikini bottoms off from under her sarong wrap and the untied the sarong and placed all her clothing items in the dash area.

Before we pulled away I jumped out and retrieved three more drinks for our naked ride together.

It wasn’t long before I felt Debs hand on my cock causing it to stir even more than it already was from riding next to these two beautiful naked women.

I heard some mumbles from Helen and glanced over to see what was happening when I saw her trying to get Debs hand out of her crotch and then she exclaimed that she had told us she wasn’t doing anything with us again.

I told her that her mouth might be saying no but her actions of undressing with us and responses to our conversations were telling a different story.

Deb told her mom to just close her eyes and enjoy the experience because it was inevitably going to happen again.

Helen stated that it wasn’t going to happen if she could avoid it and I told her it had went to far already for her to stop it now.

I told her to just relax and enjoy the teasing on the ride and if she still felt awkward by the time we reached our house we would respect her wishes and leave her alone.

She mumbled a few more internet casino protest but let Deb rub her hand up and down her leg, which came ever closer to her beautiful pussy with each stroke.

Before long I heard soft moans coming from Helens area and I noticed Deb was teasing her moms clit causing Helen to squirm under her daughters touch.

Deb removed her fingers from her moms crotch and placed her fingers to my mouth allowing me to taste Helens sweet pussy.

Deb asked her mom if she had ever ridden a guys cock while he drove a vehicle and she admitted she hadn’t so Deb told me to pull over which I immediately did.

Helen was protesting as Deb climbed over her mom putting her in the middle between the two of us then she instructed her mom to slide over onto my lap facing the steering wheel.

Helen said she didn’t know if this was a good idea or not but Deb told her she had gone this far she might as well relax and enjoy the ride so to speak.

Helen rose up and slid onto my lap and I could feel her hot moist pussy lips laying over my cock as it throbbed with anticipation of being buried inside her.

Deb scooted over and started to lick her moms clit causing Helen to squirm on my lap increasing my desire to bury myself inside her.

It didn’t take long for Deb to guide my cock up into her moms waiting pussy and as her velvety lips engulfed my cock I momentarily lost my train of thought that I was actually driving a 2000 lb. vehicle nearly running off the road.

Deb once again started licking her moms clit and pussy and every now and then I would feel her tongue trace across my cock as her mom slowly rode up and down my shaft.

I was driving with one hand and caressing Helens tits with the other and as she ground her ass into me her breathing increased and I knew she was going to cum.

I heard Debs muffled words encouraging her mom to cum all over me and that she would lick us both clean.

These words from her daughter coupled with the fact she had her son in laws cock buried deep inside her brought Helen to a grinding thrashing orgasm that almost put us off the road again.

After she caught her breath she slid off my cock into the seat again and right onto Debs hand, which surprised her and made her gasp.

Deb told her to slide her ass toward the edge of the seat so the cum didn’t get on the interior.

When Deb removed her hand from her moms pussy it was covered with our combined juices and Deb held it to her moms face and Helen eagerly licked her daughters hand clean.

Deb brushed her moms hair back away from her face and said she thought her mom might have enjoyed her first nude ride home and her mom agreed that it had been pretty stimulating.

To my surprise Helen leaned down and planted a passionate kiss on her daughter and even in the dim light inside the vehicle I could tell their tongues were swirling together in a lustful dance of taboo between mother and daughter.

When their mouths parted Helen removed her hand from her daughters breast and stroked Debs face ever so gently and told her she couldn’t wait until we got home so she could show her daughter that she didn’t think she had any inhibitions about sex any more and she was going to prove it to both of us.

We rode the rest of the way home with Deb and I both caressing Helens thighs and lightly rubbing her pussy to keep her ready.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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